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  1. Isabella: Part 0: Babysitter
  2. Isabella: Part 1: Mom
  3. Isabella: Part 2: Vacation
  4. Isabella: Part 3: Slave
  5. Isabella: Part 4: Double Penetration

Isabella: Part 1: Mom

Categories Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Authoritarian

Author: sandstorm3636

Published: 14 September 2018

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Isabella stopped just before the steps that let up to the second floor patio of her apartment. She could already see Stuart's truck in the parking lot. She did not like him very much and was not sure why her mom always invited him over. Reluctantly she scaled the steps and shuffled to the corner apartment.

"Oh, you're home late, Isabella." Her mother was standing in the small kitchen next to the entrance. There was a boiling pot on the stove and the smell of food cooking.

"Dad called, so I stopped and talked to him for a bit," Isabella explained.

"Isn't that sweet of him," her mom was completely understanding.

"Hey kid," Stuart's gruff voice emanated from the couch in the living room, which made up the majority of the apartment space.

Isabella made a face at her mom, silently asking why he was there. She made a similar one back, warning her daughter not to be rude. Wanda was a small Latina woman with tan bronze skin and an hourglass figure. Her daughter, Isabella, was slightly less shaped but still quite slender. Only half Latina, her skin was much lighter but still held a glowing sheen to it.

Stuart was a large hairy man in his thirties who often never shaved and was usually without pants from the moment he stepped into Wanda's apartment to the moment he left. Isabella confirmed this suspicion when she walked past the couch on her way to her room. "Hey now, give us a kiss." Stuart grabbed her hand.

She turned around and showed him a giggling face, hiding her dislike for him completely. She kissed his bearded cheek lightly before continuing to back toward her room.

"Don’t hole yourself up in there," her mother scolded her. "Just drop your bag and take off your shoes. We're gonna be eating soon."

Isaabella did exactly as she was told. She did not even bother changing out of her white blouse and beige skirt, which served as her school uniform. "Aren't you adorable," Stuart eyed her greedily as she exited her room again. She laughed nervously as she sat down on the floor on the other side of the coffee table. Apart from the couch there was almost no furniture.

Wanda came from the kitchen holding a pot in one hand and several bowls in her other one. She had a towel tucked under her arm that Isabella took and laid on the coffee table so Wanda could set the hot pot down without damaging the table. "Oh boy, what did you make?" Stuart rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

"I just threw some stuff in a pot. It's mostly rice and beans," Wanda admitted.

"Man, Isabella's father really doesn’t give you much to live on, does he?" Stuart laughed.

"He pays for rent," Isabella muttered. She had not seen her father in a while but she certainly preferred living with him rather than her mother. He was well off and always spoiled her; though she did not like his wife. She always seemed to be glaring at Isabella. The only time she smiled was when she was teasing her, which she actually did quite often.

"Oh, he gives us plenty," Wanda assured Stewart. "I just like to save it for the good stuff." She returned to the kitchen and came out again, holding two large bottles of tequila.

"That's my girl," Stewart laughed while taking one and opening it. Isabella was shocked when he took a long swig straight from the lip. Stewart was the textbook definition of an alcoholic.

He offered some to Wanda, who used a cup but still drank it plain. She eventually went to the kitchen a third time to get some juice to mix with it though. "Go on, eat up." She pushed a bowl toward Isabella.

"Aren't you going to eat, Mom?" Isabella was very considerate.

"If I fill up too fast, I won't be able to drink." Wanda waved her cup in front of her daughter's face. Isabella reluctantly began to eat from her bowl.

The two adults talked and laughed as they drank, forgetting to eat entirely. Isabella tried to get up and head to her room several times but neither one of them would hear of it. "Sit your pretty little ass down," Stewart would yell at her. "Don’t be rude. Keep your mama company."

"Yes, Stu," Isabella referred to him by his short name, just like her mother did.

After Wanda was thoroughly drunk, she began to get overly warm, as she always did. Stuart clapped loudly when she pulled her own shirt off over her head, exposing her bare chest. She almost never wore a bra. "I'll never get tired of seeing that." Stuart reached over and pinched one of her exposed nipples, more specifically he pulled on the studded piercing that was sticking straight through it. In a drunken daze one night, Wanda had let one of her boyfriends pierce them and had never bothered to take the studs out.

Isabella waited until Stuart had pulled her mother into his lap to try leaving again. "Don’t move a muscle," he shouted at her. "You need to stay and watch how your mother does it. I'm gonna do this to you one of these days."

"Mom?" Isabella pleaded with Wanda to intervene.

"You can't fuck my daughter," Wanda muttered drunkenly. "Mr. Blancher would kill you."

"It's hilarious that you still call him that, even after the relationship you two had," Stuart laughed.

Wanda frowned as she recalled how her life used to be. She was a babysitter for Mr. Blancher until her mother discovered that they were sleeping together. She kicked Wanda out and she had to move in with her employer. That lasted until Isabella was born. Mrs. Blancher could stand living with her husband's mistress when all she was doing was fucking him but she could not stand watching her raise her daughter in their home. She claimed it confused her own two children. Wanda moved to this apartment and received an allowance from Mr. Blancher which she used on alcohol to lure in men like Stuart.

"Who cares what I call that man. Quit wasting time," Wanda snapped back to her senses. Isabella watched through the spaces in her fingers as Stuart pulled her mothers shorts and panties completely off. She was now completely naked except for her piercings. Stuart gave Wanda's ass a loud slap, causing Isabella to wince. "Oh you'll know how it feels one day," he taunted her.

Wanda was not pleased with Stuart's teasing of her daughter. She sat down on his lap with enough force to hurt his penis. "Goddamn bitch." He slapped the side of her face. He seemed to regret it immediately but Wanda simply smiled.

"You know I like it rough," she moaned while biting her fingernail suggestively.

Stuart took that as an invitation. He pushed his fingers into her mouth and to the back of her throat. She gagged but did not throw up. He scrapped the inside of her mouth and made her Adam's apple bulge slightly as he played with it from the inside. His other hand found its way to her crotch where he pinched her clit painfully. She tried to swallow but just hurt her throat against his fingers. He also bit down on one of her nipples, sucking on the piercing until her tit was purple and bruised.

After getting her extremely wet, he pulled his fingers out of her mouth and used them to guide his cock into her tight cunt. She sucked in a large breath as the feeling of being stretched and filled washed over her. "You're so much bigger," she moaned.

"Bigger than who?" Stuart laughed.

"Mr. Blancher," she gasped.

"I noticed I was still stretching you despite how many times he must have fucked you," Stuart laughed. "I wonder if he has done anything to this hole." He pushed his saliva covered fingers against her anus.

"Please don't," she moaned. She did not care for anal much. Mr. Blancher's wife had never let him fuck her ass so she was his first and he did not know to be gentle. He thought it felt just as good as her cunt for her and fucked the tight hole just as hard. She spent several nights crying in the bathroom, rubbing anything soothing against her torn asshole. Of course, whenever Mrs. Blancher found her she would tell her to suck it up before shoving any item she could up Wanda's ass. She loved tormenting the younger woman.

One time Isabella had stumbled upon an album filled with pictures Mrs. Blancher took of herself or her husband abusing Wanda. They liked to strip her naked and force her to walk outside with a collar on and several items protruding from her cunt and ass.

Other times they just tied her hands and left a vibrator on her clit for hours. Wanda once admitted to Stuart that she had more orgasms than she could count at the hands of the Blanchers. Since leaving them she had never really been satisfied with any of her boyfriends. Even Stuart had never pushed her as far as that depraved couple.

Today, Stuart wanted to see if he could though. He pushed his fingers into her asshole and pried it apart. Wanda whimpered and pleaded with him to stop but he just smacked her again, jarring her head and nearly knocking her out. She went silent for the moment, letting Stuart fuck her tight cunt as he played with her ass and tried to keep the ever closing hole open. Finally he gave up and pulled out of her cunt so he could slam his cock into her ass.

She shrieked louder than he had ever heard her. She abandoned all pretense of enjoyment at that moment. "Stop!" she shouted. "I've never liked it in the ass. I only ever let Mr. Blancher do it because I was afraid of his wife. Get it the fuck out of me."

"So much for liking it rough." Stuart punched her hard in the stomach, causing her to keel forward. When she regained her breath, she prepared to start yelling again. "Shut up already, slut." He grabbed one of her nipple piercings and pulled on it as hard as he could. Her tongue stuck out, muffling her screams. Drool gurgled in the back of her throat as her eyes crossed.

Her anus clenched around his cock, bringing his fucking to a grinding halt. "Hey, let go," he growled. "This kinda hurts." He heard Wanda snort through her gurgling and knew she was laughing at him. She thought he deserved a little pain.

Stuart's face turned red with anger. He punched her in the back, more specifically the kidney. Once, twice, three times and she passed out. Finally her anus relaxed. Stuart sighed with relief and began to fuck her again. It was not long before he got bored though. She was no longer resisting but watching her squirm was half the fun, as no doubt the Blanchers had found out long ago. The enjoyment that came from fucking Wanda was only ever equivalent to her suffering.

Trying to wake her, he slapped her several times, harder and harder. He pinched her nose and held it, preventing her from breathing properly. She went purple and limp. She would definitely die before she woke up at this rate. Finally he recalled the reaction he got from pulling on her nipple. He gripped the piercing in his teeth and pushed her chest away from him. Her eyes shot open as she felt her flesh tearing. Her nipple split in half to allow the metal piercing through.

Her pained screams filled the apartment; partially from her nipple being torn but also because Stuart had not yet stopped ramming his cock deeper and deeper into her now thoroughly destroyed asshole. Blood was running down her thighs. "Shut up," he shouted at her. When she did not, he punched her again, cracking her jaw. She must have bit her tongue because blood poured out of her mouth.

She was now sobbing and sputtering. "Jesus, you're just not gonna calm down, are you?" he grumbled. "Fine, I got something in my truck that'll do you just fine." He tried to stand up but could not. He struggled for quite some time to pry the woman off of his cock. When he finally did, her hole shrank and closed up immediately. He was definitely far too big to be fucking her ass. If his dick were longer he might have damaged her internal organs.

He made for the door of the apartment. When Wanda stood up he somehow knew she planned to lock him out. Rather than let her, he grabbed her hair and pulled her out with him. He threw her at the stairs and watched her tumble down them. She stayed in a crumpled heap at the bottom as he retrieved a hypodermic needle from his truck. "This is some good shit. Seems a shame to waste it on you," he sighed as he injected it in her arm.

Her groans weakened into moans within minutes. She started to laugh and even stood up on her own. She was completely high on heroin. He dragged her back up the stairs by her hair and threw her into the apartment again. Isabella was curled up in the corner, still covering her face.

Stuart smirked as he got an idea. He approached her cautiously and pried her small arms away from her pretty terrified face. She somehow knew to open her mouth when he brought his cock close to it. He pressed the head against her teeth but she could not open it wide enough for him to slip inside.

Suddenly, he screamed as he felt teeth sinking into his arm. Turning to look, he found Wanda biting him. He tried to shake her off but she only clamped on harder. Finally he smashed the back of her head against the coffee table to get her to open her mouth. "Son of a bitch. You shouldn’t be able to tell what's going on let alone protect your slut of a daughter," he spat angrily.

Wanda just laughed. Blood was filling her eyes. He must have damaged something in her head. "Fine, you'll do for now." Stuart tried to push his cock into her mouth. She tried to bite down but he quickly stepped back. "So that's how it is." He stormed across the room and into the bathroom. He returned a moment later with a pair of pliers Wanda always used to adjust a leaking faucet.

Wanda was still laughing. She did not understand what was about to happen. Stuart grabbed her by the hair and held her still while pinching one of her front teeth with the pliers. Somehow it was easier to pluck the tooth out than it had been to pry her ass off his cock earlier. She screamed and laughed at the same time, unable to comprehend that she was in pain due to how high she was.

Stuart's cock hardened as he watched her flail. This was too enjoyable for him. He set to work pulling out the rest of her teeth. It was slow going so he eventually gave up after only pulling out her top front teeth. If she tried to bite him now she would only press his cock against her bloody top gums.

Satisfied and extremely hard, Stuart pushed his cock into his new sloppy bleeding hole. It slipped in easily while also scrapping magnificently against her remaining teeth. He pushed all the way to the back of her throat and further. He saw his cock bulging on the outside. She struggled and kicked as she realized she could not breathe. He whacked her on the back of the head a few times to help impale her further. Only when she had passed out did he release her.

"Damn it," Stuart cursed as she fell to the floor in a bloodied crumpled heap. It was getting harder and harder to enjoy himself. The more he did to her the less it excited him. He had to keep outdoing himself or he would never stay hard.

Looking around the apartment his eyes fell on a lamp in the corner. His mind flashed back to a porn he had watched of a woman getting poked with cattle prods the entire time she was being fucked. With a sly grin he unplugged the lamp before ripping the cord out of it. He used the pliers to strip the plastic and expose the copper wires. Then he plugged it back in.

Sparks flew out whenever he brought both sides of the cord together. He smirked as he pressed one to each side of Wanda's cunt. She leapt to life, jerking and screaming. A sizzling sound filled the air and her cunt began to bleed and blacken. He pulled the cord away so he could laugh at her pain.

She stared at him in complete confusion. The pain faded into her high like everything else. With a frown Stuart returned the cord to her thighs. She began to jolt and piss herself immediately. As soon as the liquid touched the exposed wires, black rippling lines shot up her body. The electricity was now coursing inside her. It traveled up her cunt and into her womb, destroying her blood vessels as it went. Dark red liquid seeped out of her bellybutton and her nipples. Eventually it reached her mouth, nose, eyes and ears.

She kept spasming long after Stuart unplugged the cord. Finally, after nearly three minutes, her body fell limp. Stuart did not even bother checking for a pulse. He stood up with an extremely sober expression. He donned his pants and left the apartment immediately.

Isabella did not uncover her face until she heard his truck's tires squealing in the parking lot. Cautiously she stood up and walked over to where her mother lay. Wanda was almost unrecognizable. Blood obscured everything. Her beautiful bronze skin was streaked with black electrical burns. Every exposed part of her cunt had been burnt. The remaining piercing in her nipple had shattered, splitting her breast like a peeling orange.

Liquid ran down her legs and pooled on the floor. Her tongue hung out limply. Her eyes were wide and terrified, also filled with blood. Her face was still pretty despite the missing teeth. She had finally found someone able to fuck her rougher than the Blanchers had.

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Isabella: Part 1: Mom

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Comments (4)
Impax — 15 September 2018 00:28
Holy shit, and I thought I was a sick fuck!
Impax — 15 September 2018 00:27
Holy shit, and I thought I was a sick fuck!
sandmanbm — 16 September 2018 08:02
This is amazing. I can't wait for more.
falseprofit — 18 September 2018 07:19
Not bad. I gave you a positive rating but it felt very rushed. It would have been a lot better if you took your time. You do have a sadistic flare though
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