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  1. Humiliation at school
  2. Humiliation at School part 2

Humiliation at School part 2

Categories Fiction, Anal, Domination/submission, Humiliation

Author: Eoinmojolner

Published: 14 September 2018

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The weekend was long for Orla. All she could do was sit in her chair with chalk up her ass and panties in her mouth. Finally monday came round. The bell to start school was what woke her up from a deep sleep. She began to panic as she realised students would be arriving soon. Sure enough shortly after the bell sounded she heard the clatter og footsteps heading towards her. There was nothing she could do but brace herself for the humiliation to come. A younger class began entering the room, unsure of what to make of the naked girl tied to a chair in their biology lab. They began chuckling at the older girl and some began taking pictures.

"What do we have hear" an older man's voice chimed from the door.

It was Mr Morris the science teacher. The strong man strolled across the room admiring the naked student. Tears formed in Orla's eyes as the intimidating man drew closer.

"Class, it seems as though we may have a practical class today."

He leaned down to look Orla in the eyes.

"Do you want us to help you"

She nodded frantically. He chuckled.

"Then you have to help me in return".

He reached behind Orla and undid her bindings. She slumped to her knees on the floor. He grabbed her by the chin and pulled her panties out of her mouth.

"Thank you" she gasped trying to regain her breath.

Mr Morris began undoing his belt and let his pants fall to the floot reveling his massive cock. Orla eyed it up and shook her head. She had been dgraded enough.

"You don't have a choice" he said grabbing Orla's head and forcing his cock down her throat. She gargled in protest to the new intruder in her mouth. Students with camera's began moving around her to get better angles. Two girls took multiple selfies next to Orla. They made duck faces and kissed Orla's cheeks as she chocked on cock. Mr Morris finally took his cock out of her mouth and she struggled to regain her breath. Mr Morris slapped her.

"Fucking suck bitch!!" He yelled and jammed his cock even further down her throat.

"I'm not pulling out until I cum" he taunted.

Orla began sucking like her life depended on it (cause it did). She massaged his cock with her tongue. He grabbed her head again and began brutally face fucking her. Wit each thrust his cock inched further down her throat. Finally her lips were pressed against his ball sake. She could smell the sweat of an ungrommed public region. Public hairs got in her eyes. She could also see the world going black and white as her air supply was cut of by penis.

Thankfully, Mr Morris let out a loud moan and emptied buckets of cum down Orla's throat. He pulled out of her mouth and came all over her face. Her body dropped to the floor as he continued to cum over her body. She lay there in an ocan of his come buy he was nowhere near finished with her. He grabbed her foot and dragged her through the cum towards him. She lay on her stomach with her ass facing towards him.

When she felt his member at her ass hole she realised what he wanted. But he stopped.

"What in the world" he shouted.

He had just spotted the chalk, jammed up Orla's ass hole.

"It's chalk" Orla whimpered.

"Who did this to you" he demanded.

Orla gave him the names of the three girls who had humiliated her last friday. Mr Morris sent a student to Grace them. Orla explained what they had done to her. 5 minutes later, Emily, Grace and Amy entered the room.

"Girls" Mr Morris bellowed. "We have a problem. When I was about to use this WHORE I discovered something displeasing inside her."

He grabbed Orla and bent her over with her ass facing the girls.

"Now I need one of you to get this out of her before I can use her. When I count to three whichever one of you isn't making love to another will help me with my problem. One Two THREE"

Before three had even been uttered Emily and Amy began making out. There lips pressed together furiously. Grace desperate to get in on the action dropped to her knees and began kissing Emily's ass. The sound of kissing filled the room. Mr Morris laughed and grabbed Grace by the hair dragging her across the room. Orla was an all fours infront of her her ass perked up. Grace could see the chalk stuck in her.

"To late your it" Mr Morris laughed.

"Please no" Grace pleaded "I'll do anything. I'll take you up my ass just don't make me do this."

Mr Morris slapped her

"You'll be doing that anyway, but this is your first punishment"

Grace let out a squeak of fear as he grabbed her head and forced her lips against Orla's ass. Grace kissed her ass cheeks for a minute trying to find the hole.

Finally she reached her mark. She sucked furiously at Orla's ass hole as the class jeered her. Emily and Amy were removing each others uniforms by now and we're feeling up each others fantastic bodys. Although Orla, Grace, Emily and Amy were all straight the were all being strangely sexually stimulated by the other girls actions.

Orla began moaning as Grace sucked harder. She felt the first piece of chalk slipping out of her and entering Graces mouth. When it was fully inside her mouth Grace spat it on the floor. The taste of shit was revoulting. Mr Morris picked it up and stepstepped behind Grace. He ripped her skirt and panties of leaving her ass exposed. With all his strength he pushed the chalk as far up Graces ass as he could. She screamed louder even then Orla had when the chalk entered her eyes. She lay face down ass up crying her eyes out with chalk in her ass. Emily and Amy had now stripped down to there underwear when Mr Morris called to them.

"Ladies, both these girls now require assistance removing chalk from there asses. Get to work."

Amy lay behind Grace and Emily behind Orla. Amy was rough while Emily was gentle. Amy wanted to get this over and done with. She stuck her tongue in Graces ass as she tried to fish the chalk out. Emily's lips gently caressed Orla's ass hole as she carfully remove the chalk. This was as slower process to Amys. Mr Morris stood behind the girls spanking them with a ruler. Grace and Orla began moaning at the feeling of there classmates mouths working wonders on there asses.













Grace felt the chalk slowly sliding it's way out of her ass. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head in both pleasure and pain. Finally it entered Amys mouth and the school girl spat it out. Amy went to stand but was stopped by Mr Morris.

"Make her cum". He demanded.

Grace gulped, contemplating the humiliation of climaxing infront of a class. The students were already giggling excited. Without warning Amys tongue

re-entered Graces ass. She was slurping and sucking even harder than before. All sense if shame left Grace as she began passionately moaning at each hard suck Amy left.

Emily had just successfully removed the last piece of chalk from Orla's ass. She knew she would be required to make Orla climax now. Instead of continuing her assault on Orla's ass like Amy she rolled the girl over and straddled her. There she picked up a slow pace of grinding on top of Orla. She leaned down and began making out with Orla.

Graces moans grew louder and louder as Amys tongue slipped deeper inside her.Finally with a long drawn out moan she came. Her body slumped down and Amy retracted her tongue. Emily was kissing down Orla's neck and began fingering her at the same time. Orla panted as she climaxed on Emily's hand. The four girls lay in front of the class in a pool of cum.

Mr Morris lifted the exhausted body of Grace away from the other girls. All she could do was groan in protest as he ripped her shirt and bra off.

"Shut up. You did say I could use your ass." He cackled.

Grace didn't even care as he slipped his cock into her ass. He pulled her long golden hair back as he fucked her but she still didn't care. All fight had been fucked out of her. Before he came Mr Morris pulled out and lined Grace up with the rest of the girls. There he hosed them down with his cum. The 4 schoolgirls were completely humiliated at this stage. None of them even new how to react as the man came on there young faces and bodys and in there mouths.

Finally the bell rang and students began leaving the class, slapping the girls asses as they left. Mr Morris picked up the girls clothes and put it in his bag. "Have a nice day girls. You better not be missing for any classes or I will have to punish you again" he slammed the door behind him.

Amy and Emily were lucky. They still had something on even if it was there tiny underwear. Grace and Orla were not so lucky. Aside from being more brutally violated, were also left completely naked. The girls lay down, cum dripping of them, as they came to terms with what had just happened. They were also fearful for what the rest of the day had in store.

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Humiliation at School part 2

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