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  1. I Had Sex with Mom
  2. Sex With Mom
  3. Sex with Mom and Aunt

Sex with Mom and Aunt

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: tonysex23

Published: 19 September 2018

  • Font:

I leaned back in the big club chair and looked happily at Mom and Aunt Rae snuggling together on the sofa. Both naked and so very different, they looked perfectly wonderful together, their arms holding one another, eyes closed but not asleep. Aunt Rae sat up a little and looked carefully at my naked self all sprawled in the chair.

"Baby, you really need to get some more ointment on your poor dick. It looks so red and swollen; go look in my carry all and get out the little jar with the purple top. After you spread that on, just keep the jar, it's gonna' be a couple of days before you can put your pretty cock to good use. Be sure and use the ointment three times a day, understand?"

"Yes ma'am. Just as soon as I'm sure I can stand and walk without falling down," I said.

Mother stirred and laughed quietly then sat up and threw me a kiss, a nice little puckered pop of a kiss. It assured me I was loved, one of the nicest feelings one might ever know.

As Aunt Rae began to move in anticipation of getting up, she leaned down and placed a short, sucking kiss on each of Mothers beautiful, pointy nipples then said, "Honey, I wish I could stay but Clyde will be home in an hour or so and he'll want some supper."

"I'm sorry to see you go, but I know you need to ... it's a shame we can't have Clyde over here too."

Aunt Rae looked away for a moment and said, "Yeah, but it's for the best ..."

Then she stepped over to me dropping her big, lush breasts into my face as she leaned in pulling my mouth to hers giving me a soft, wet mouthful of tongue as she sucked me into her mouth. Finally, she said, "Jimmy, you are indeed your father's son, a big beautiful cock and such a talented tongue. Thanks for the sweet lovin' baby boy it was real nice."

She walked into the kitchen gathering up her clothing and returned to the living room tossing the parts and pieces onto the sofa arm. Then she leaned back, drew herself up to her full height of 5'10" and asked, "Before I get dressed take a good look. Now Jimmy ... tell me the truth, do you like what you see?"

"Oh Lord Yes! Aunt Rae you look spectacular and your pussy tastes as sweet as Mom's. I love your big tits, thanks for letting me fuck'em that was a dream come true; in fact, having sex with you was just wonderful .. Thank you, thank you!"

"Well you're as good a liar as your Dad and if your poor dick had any skin that we didn't nearly rub off, we might have a go again right now."

Mom said, "Rae, get your clothes on and get on home; come back tomorrow, we love you."

It was young man's dream watching her dress, softly swinging her large breasts into her bra, then settling them in place, carefully redressing until she looked every inch the professional Physical Rehabilitation Therapy professional she was. She grabbed her bag, reached in and tossed me the purple top ointment jar then wiggled her fingers at us saying, "Just remember, you are both too sore for more ... find something else to do together."

As the door closed, Mom patted the sofa seat next to her and I stepped over and sat beside her feeling her sweet warm flesh next to mine. I slipped my arm around her and we snuggled together for a nice little while.

"Come on, let's go to bed and get a good night's sleep," Mom said and we wandered into her bedroom. The bed was such a mess she pulled the sheets off, tossing them in a corner while sending me to the hall closet for fresh sheets. Once we had the bed remade, I carried the soiled sheets to the laundry bin and climbed into bed with Mom. As I settled in she pulled my head onto her chest and I began to gently nuzzle and suck her left nipple as we fell into sleep.

I awoke stiff, just where I fell asleep. Stretching and looking around I saw Mom looking at me intently. "Hey Mom, Good Morning," I said.

She leaned in and kissed me softly on my forehead then said, "Good Morning to you Sir!"

"Whatcha' thinking?"

"Oh, I was just remembering how much you remind me of your Dad. You've grown up so tall and handsome, he would be really proud of you."

I reflected on my recently behavior and sighed a little, saying, "You really think so, given everything I've done?"

"Well, our family has never been what you might call normal, no matter what you may have thought while you were growing up. I'm sure your Dad would not approve of us having sex if he were still alive; but, he was no prude and being gone I suspect he would be Ok with us being together. After all, he always wanted us to be happy and safe. You've sure made your old Mom very happy and a whole lot safer than if I was out in the bars looking for sex."

"Well, I'm still a little uneasy about it, maybe it's just my guilty conscience."

Mom smiled and said, "Probably. Now, how's you pecker this morning?"

I tossed back the sheet and stood beside the bed, my cock hung still swollen but not so red. Mom scooted over and sat on the edge which put my cock directly in front of her face. She reached out carefully and lifted my cock, looking it over closely then said, "Its some better but still not in the shape it should be, let's get a shower and then put more ointment on."

"You know Mom, I think that most of the damage was due to your pussy hair wrapping itself around my cock shaft when we were doin' it."

"So, what do you propose?"

"Well, maybe we could trim it back from your hole a little?"

"I've read that showgirls, models and people like that actually shave the hair completely off; what would you think about that?"

"Does it hurt?"

"No silly boy ... the nurses shaved me when you were born, it's no more painful than you shaving your face," she said.

"Ok, let's give it a try ... you want to do it now?"

She giggled like a girl and said, "Sure, but you have to help!"

She went over to her sewing kit and took out small pair of sewing shears then into the bathroom where she placed a small bath towel on the toilet seat and then slid the wastebasket out into the middle of the room. She positioned herself directly over the wastebasket and carefully began to trim away her bushy pubic hair. Typical of Mom it fell directly into the basket; once she was pretty much finished she called me over and instructed me to get down and very carefully trim away as much as I could safely.

I confess I was nervous and excited to see her bare puss emerge from the bush. Once I'd done as good a job as I felt possible she stepped to the sink and washed the stubble thoroughly while I was sent off to get my shaving cream and razor. Once she was satisfied, she put a light layer of shaving cream on her pussy and sat on the towel spreading her legs widely.

"Ok son, take your razor and shave from the outside in, but be very careful."

I worked like a surgeon; the idea of nicking this wonderful pussy was terrifying so I was very focused. It took quite a while as I was so careful. Once I got close to the hole it was necessary to lift and pull her labial lips up and away so that I could get it all. Next she stood and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart so that I could trim away the errant rectal hairs ... just a few, not many. It seemed so naughty and so exciting.

Once I was satisfied, she ran her fingers all over then pronounced me her official pussy shaver. We laughed and stepped into the tub shower. After lots of soap and cleaning we finished. My dick was still quite sore. Once dried and powdered, it was back to the bed where Mom carefully creamed my cock.

I started for the kitchen as she straightened the bed sheets. She stopped me saying, "Not so fast buster." I watched her crawl up onto the bed and position herself in the middle, slipping a pillow under her hips she spread her legs wide and began softly rubbing her beautifully bare pussy. "I think you need to get over here and eat my pretty pussy, don't you?"

What a wonderful idea, after all it was breakfast time and what could be better than fresh pussy?

I lowered myself between her legs spending a few moments just enjoying the new view. She smelled sweet and fresh of skin cream and baby powder, no longer the acrid swampy pussy smell I had so enjoyed before. Being gentle I spread her labial lips with my fingers and looked into her vaginal vault. Her hole was bright pink and very wet; her little clit was standing so tall seeming to call to my lips and tongue. Using my hands I grasped her butt cheeks lifting and spreading them, exposing her little brown button anus. I slowly licked her from the button to the top of her slit, softly, not pushing in too far.

She sighed and hissed and lifted her hips, pressing her pussy up to my mouth, after a few licks I allowed my tongue to probe deeply into her hot flesh as she began to seep fluids. I lapped up her nectar, using the soft tissue underneath my tongue to stimulate her clitoris and soon she began to buck up into my mouth, her fingers clutching my hair, her legs clamping me in place as she rode out her orgasm. We lay together, my face resting in her pussy for a few minutes; I savored the sweet musty scent of her wet sex.

Then she said, "Your turn."

"I don't know Mom, I'm still pretty sore," I said.

"I'll be careful," she said. "Let me sit up and you stand here by the bed."

Although my cock was very hard, I was nervous, but Mom shushed me as she carefully took hold of my cock at the very base next to my pubis. The she repositioned herself on her back, her head off the bed under my ball sack. "Squat a bit," she said.

As I did so she took first one ball then the other into her mouth, sucking gently, the fingers of one hand softly jacking my cock using just the first inch of so from its base and with the other hand she probed my anus easing first one then two fingers into my butt massaging the sweet spot. The sensation was amazing, and after a few minutes of constant stimulation the burn began way down low; it seemed that a flood of steaming hot cum was flowing upward from my toes.

I began to move my hips in a primal fashion as the need to cum increased and I heard myself moan and groan with pleasure; finally, "Mom I'm gonna' cum ... holy shit here it comes!"

She let my balls slip from her mouth and shifted so that she could direct the head of my cock against her soft lips so that when my cum rocketed from my cock slit she could suck it directly into her mouth ... it was wonderful.

When the flow ended she sucked a little more and then rolled on her side patting the bed next to her. I gratefully sat down beside her and she pulled my face down to hers as she swallowed my cum she pushed her cummy tongue into my mouth and powerfully sucked my tongue, then allowed us to part. My whole body was tingling with a warm glow and I said, "Oh Mom, I love you ..."

She smiled widely and said, "I love you too baby; and see, I didn't hurt your sore dick did I?"

"No ma'am, it was just great ... so, great, wow," I said with a sigh.

"So Big Guy, are you ready for some breakfast? I know I am; I'm starving!"

As I stood, I pulled her into a full body hug, mashing her soft body against mine; then we took our naked selves off to the kitchen for a really big country breakfast. She whipped up a skillet of sausage gravy, sliced fresh tomatoes and baked a batch of quick biscuits - three and four biscuits split and buttered on each plate then drowned in gravy with tomatoes on the side and big mugs of coffee, it was outstanding. I still don't know where my sweet, soft, trim, with not an extra ounce of flesh Mother puts all that food.

After we cleaned up Mom said, "I hate to get dressed, it's so lovely being naked with you; but, I need to go over to Grandpa's and be sure he has plenty of food to eat and gets cleaned up. Rae told me yesterday that he was going sort of slow but Ok."

"Do you want me to go with you Mom; I'm happy to help, maybe mow the yard while we're there?"

"That's a fine idea, I'd appreciate the help," she said.

So we dressed and drove the 6 miles to Grandpa's farmhouse. Everything seemed quiet, only the chickens were making much noise, once we were there I headed around back to the barn to check on the chickens and put out the day's feed, scratch and fresh water. It was a pleasant job, when I finished I gathered half dozen speckled eggs slipping them in my pockets. Next I checked on the big mower and saw that it needed gas. Sure enough the gas can was nearly empty so I went up to the house, to put away the eggs up before I crushed them and to get the truck keys from Mom.

The house was unusually quiet as I walked into the kitchen, rinsed the eggs and laid them on a small kitchen towel on the cabinet top. As I stepped into the living room; I saw Mom sitting quietly on the edge of Grandpa's footstool. I could see that she was holding his large hand in hers; at first I thought he was asleep but it quickly became clear that he was gone. The big man sat comfortably in his favorite chair, he looked like he was asleep but his silence and gray pallor belied that. I knew that Aunt Rae had been here early yesterday afternoon so I guessed he must have died last evening. I had the urge to shake him just to see if he'd wake and give me his big welcoming grin. Mom rested his hand on his leg and came over to me. I wrapped her up in my arms and held her as she cried quietly. We stood like that for some time and then went into the kitchen.

I pulled out a chair and sat at the big round table watching Mom plug in the coffee pot, fill it with fresh water and coffee. In no time it began to perk, while it did she leaned against the counter and looked out the window toward the little apple and pear orchard beside the barn. The distant look in her eyes told me she was thinking back about this life. As the coffee finished, she opened the big blue cookie jar and placed a double handful of her homemade Chocolate Chip cookies on a small plate, setting them on the table. Next she filled two mugs with fresh coffee giving one to me and placing the other next to her chair at the table and sat down; she was very quiet and I thought it proper to keep still myself.

After a few minutes she reached over and patted the back of my hand saying, "Drink your coffee while it's hot; be sure and have a cookie, Daddy always loved cookies and coffee."

So we did, we both ate a couple of cookies and drank our coffee, in a small way I suppose it was a bit of a memorial to Grandpa and it gave us more time with our memories. Then Mom got up and went to the wall phone. I listened as she called the Rival Plant where Uncle Clyde worked and told the operator she needed to speak to Uncle Clyde about a family emergency.

After a few minutes she said, "Clyde, this is Livy. Rae's over in Easton County today so I thought I should call you directly. Yes, yes, that's right; Daddy's gone, probably happened last night around bedtime. No, it doesn't look like he suffered; he just looks like he's sleeping. No, you don't need to worry about that, Jimmy's here with me and once I hang up I'll call Joe Morton. We'll take care of everything here; have Rae call me later tonight when she gets in ... and Clyde, thank you."

After hanging up she leaned against the wall causing me to ask, "Mom, are you alright?"

"Yes baby, just a little tired it seems."

Then she called Joe Morton's Funeral Home. Grandpa and Grandma were good planners and considerate of their families; many years before they both went to the undertaker and spelled out what they wanted for their funerals, negotiated the price and paid in full so this would be a simple process.

When Joe came to the phone, Mom explained that Grandpa had passed and arranged to have the funeral home come pick up the body. They arrived about 30 minutes later and took Grandpa away. The next day the Funeral Home would call the County Coroner and have a death certificate issued; three days later the Viewing would be held and the following morning the Funeral would be conducted at Mount Olive Lutheran Church.

During this time life was simple and so very, very quiet; whispered conversations were the standard. Apparently the dead can still hear you talking until the funeral. I called school and arranged to take my final exams week after next, went by and got all my books and study materials so I would have something to keep me busy. My experience with Dad and Grandma's deaths told me that the odd empty sinking feeling in my stomach would pass and life would return to normal.

And that's how the time passed for the next few days. Mom was quiet and kept to herself; I studied and talked to family friends. We held the wake at Grandpa's farmhouse and it went very well. Once every one started to leave, I began the business of taking out the trash, washing casserole dishes, platters, cups and saucers and more like that while Mom and Aunt Rae sat together in the living room talking. The place was pretty much tidied up and clean by 6:00 in the evening and I decided I would like a cup of coffee. Once the pot began to perk Uncle Clyde came into the kitchen and sat at the table, "Cup of coffee Uncle?"

"Yes please," he said.

Just like Mom taught me, I put a pile of cookies on a small plate and served up two cups hot and steamy. Uncle Clyde cradled the hot cup in his hand and looked thoughtful. I asked, "How is Aunt Rae doing?

"Oh pretty good I think, after all your Granddad was 78, nearly 79. That's a long life by any standard; what is it they say, "four score and ten years is a full measure" he had another 8 years after that. He was sure a good man, made me a great father-in-law."

"Yes Sir, made me a pretty great Grandpa too," I said.

"So, Jimmy, what's going on with you and your Aunt Rae?"

I was swallowing a coffee soaked cookie and nearly strangled to death. After a coughing fit I managed to say, "What do you mean?"

"Are you taking over for your Dad or was this just a onetime thing?"

"Uncle Clyde, I'm confused ... what do you mean?"

"Never mind, I guess I'm mistaken," he said very quietly and looked away with sad eyes.

We sat together awkwardly for a few moments and then he excused himself and called Aunt Rae asking if she was ready to go. Following hugs and kisses they were off to their home; Mom looked around the kitchen at the stack of clean bowls and platters and said, "Oh my, I didn't mean to stick you with all this work, I'm so sorry."

"Nonsense, it was a pleasure and something to keep me busy, no problem."

She sighed and instructed me to lock up and we drove slowly back home. Once there I ran upstairs to trade my suit for shorts and a t-shirt, when I got downstairs I was surprised to see Mom standing there stark naked; man she sure looked good. Putting her hands on her hips she said, "Son, we've been sad enough for a good man, it's about time for a good time, I think we both can use it. Take off your clothes and come with me."

I hurriedly tossed my shirt and shorts on the stairwell and waved my cock at Mom. She laughed and knelt down to inspect me; after looking me over she declared me healed and took my growing cock firmly in hand, kissing it softly on the shaft.

"Are you limber enough to show me how you suck yourself?"

"I'll need to stretch a little, but then I'm sure I can; but I thought you wanted me not to do that?"

"I talked to Rae about it and she said if she could get her face in her pussy she'd never stand up and fussed at me for being so, ah so ... what did she say ... so "provincial" about it and since I've never actually seen you do it from start to finish, I'd like to watch, do you mind?"

"No, just surprised," I said.

I began slowly stretching this way and that; after 10 minutes or so I went to the sofa and lay down, putting a pillow under my neck to help raise my head. Next I carefully lifted my legs and tipped them over my body until my stomach folded toward my chest and there it was, my nice hard cock. A little pull here and a wiggle there and I took that silken steel shaft into my mouth, loving it as only I could. As my tongue worked its magic around my cockhead and shaft, the slow burn began.

I felt her hands softly caressing my butt cheeks, her fingers gently stimulating my anus and caressing my balls ... "Oh honey you look so happy." Her hands and fingers continued to encourage me, then she spat on my rectum and began working two fingers into the hole seeking that sweet spot that stimulates my ejaculation - it was breathtakingly exciting as my cum rocketed up and out the slit into my waiting mouth, I sucked harder and harder, my cheeks hollowing from the pressure.

I savored the taste and swallowed it down with satisfaction; then began unrolling myself until I was flat on my back again, my cock still stony hard and throbbing.

Mom slipped into the kitchen to wash her hand then hurried back to me saying, "That was beautiful baby, I wish I could do that too! Honey now that I've seen everything I think understand, but the more you tend to yourself the less there will be for me, so can you forgive me for wanting to save you for me?"

"Mother, there is nothing better than your pussy and your mouth; as long as I have you there is no need for me to suck myself ... I love you so much."

With that she stepped over me onto the sofa, positioning her wet pussy over my cockhead, slowly impaling herself until her pubis was nestled firmly against mine. Her pussy was wonderfully hot and wet, snuggly holding my cock in place. She smiled at me through sleepy eyes and rocked her pussy back and forth for a little while, then chuckled saying, "Damn boy, your cock feels so good filling me up!"

"Mamma, your pussy feels like heaven ... Oh Lord, I love it," I said heatedly.

Soon she began to lift herself up and down, grunting and moaning, rocking her clit hard against me until she leaned forward pinning my shoulders while I lightly pinched and squeezed her sweet soft breasts. "Damn, damn, damn, that feels so good!!"

I felt her pussy clamp and spasm as she climaxed and I squirted a long rope deep into her vaginal vault. We lay together for a long time, napping from time to time, kissing and touching each other, my cock remained deep within her. Finally, we arose and went to bed to cuddle and sleep.

Bright and early the next morning I was up and out to school. Two final exams and finally I would have my Associates Degree in Engineering Sciences. If you listen to what the community colleges tell you, you might believe that a 2 year degree takes 2 years. What a load! In my case this 2 year degree took 3 years and a summer session primarily due to class scheduling problems. Well Thank God it's over; if I can get into State I can get to work on my Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering; at least that's my goal.

I finished both exams well before the 3 hour limit for each; apparently that study thing really works. Despite the problems of the last few days I felt elated, freed from my worries. As I left campus I aimed my truck up the highway toward State University about 2 ½ hours away, I decided on the fly to see if I could get all the necessary paperwork. Yeah, I know, I should have done all that already; but, hey basically I was still a kid, it was the 9th of August on a beautiful summer day ... why the hell not!

The road was clear, I dropped the hammer and to the extent that my old truck would fly, we flew. The countryside was green and rich as we'd had plenty of snow in winter and good rain so far this summer. Outside of Carson City I pulled over and got "Ted's World Famous Hamburger" with all the fixings and a coke, life was good. Twenty minutes later I drove onto the campus and a few minutes after that I was in the Registrar's Office feasting my eyes on a pretty girl.

A medium tall, slender, busty, ash blonde Scandinavian girl was sitting at the reception desk and her blouse was open a little too far so that I could see a nice slice of her soft round, pink breast.

"May I help you?" she said.

Two months ago I would have been tongue tied and embarrassed to have seen even this little piece of her breast, and since I knew she saw me looking I probably would not have been able to speak. However, confidence is an astonishing thing, these last two months I'd had sex with two grown women and each one of them got their rocks off with me and told me how good I was ... talk about confidence, I sure had some of that.

The room was empty this hot summer day as she slid her arms forward leaning toward me, her blouse gaping open even more, giving me a better view of the inside of her breast. I smiled and said, "Yes you can, but that's going to have to wait until I have more time this fall. Right now I'd like to see the Registrar please."

She said, "Well aren't you full of it." But, she did not lean back in her chair and I kept looking down her blouse.

"What's your name?"

"Jimmy Braun ma'am" and I smiled. She smiled right back, a nice big smile.

She stood up and said, "Follow me Jimmy Braun."

She lead me down a small hall, her bottom bouncing and swinging very nicely in her jeans, then into an Assistant's Office, "Mr. Evans, I have a Jimmy Braun to see you."

He called, "Come on in Mr. Braun, nice to see you." As she walked out past me she winked and smiled; yup, confidence is a wonderful thing.

He motioned me into a chair in front of his desk, we talked for a few minutes, I told him about myself and my interest in studying Civil Engineering, then handed him my most recent tran. He studied it for a time and I explained that I'd completed the last two courses today and expected A's in both of them. He smiled saying, "If that's the case I can see no reason you won't be able to start next month for the Fall Semester. So do this, complete all of our paperwork and get it back to me next week along with your confirming exam grades, if everything is as you expect I can formally accept you then."

"Thank you so much Mr. Evans, I was really concerned with it being so late in the year."

"Mr. Braun, every school should always have room for an excellent student like you. Thanks for coming by, I look forward to seeing you next week."

Walking back into the reception area I saw that it remained empty; the busty blond was bending over filing papers in a 4 drawer metal cabinet. I stopped to enjoy the scenery, when she turned around she said, "So Mr. Braun, do you see something you like?"

"Yes ma'am" I said and walked around the desk, putting my hands on her hips I pulled her into a kiss, a nice soft kiss with just a little tongue. I sort of expected to be slapped, confidence only goes so far; but instead she kissed me back, a nice soft kiss with just a little tongue. When we stepped apart I said, "Well thank you ma'am, but don't you think we ought to be introduced?"

She laughed the nicest laugh, stepped back a little more and stuck out her hand, "Darlene Murphy Sir."

"James Daniel Braun, at your service" then I screwed up my eyes, turned my head a little and said, "Irish?"

She laughed that same nice laugh again saying, "Dad's Irish, Mom is Norwegian" then she fluffed her light ash blond hair with one hand and said, "Got all this from Mom."

"Be sure and tell your Mom what a great job she did, you look fantastic."

Then this bold girl blushed, I swear she did ... at least she went a little pink.

"So Mr. Braun will you be attending State?"

"Yes I will, I'll be bringing all this stuff back next week for Mr. Evans."

"So what day will that be Mr. Braun?"

"How about Wednesday, will that fit into your schedule?"

She made a pretense of looking at the wall calendar, saying "I believe that'll work, try to be here about 4:30, Mr. Evans never leaves early and I get off at 5:00. Maybe we can go for a coke or something stronger."

In spite of all the confidence I had, I think it was my turn to blush or at least turn a little pink. I cleared my throat and excused myself saying I had to get back as it was a bit of a drive. She smile a nice smile, leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek saying, "Just until you get back, be careful now."

I smiled saying, "Bye" and then I am fairly sure I floated all the way out of the building, into the parking lot and my truck ... at least I don't remember my feet touching the ground ... thank God for confidence, in truth, thanks to Mom and Aunt Rae for their many lessons in sexual self confidence.

I stopped by a Convenience Store at the edge of town, topped off the gas tank, got myself a big mug of hot, black coffee and called Mom telling her where I was, what I'd accomplished and that I would be home by 8:00 or so. She fussed like all mothers do, admonishing me to drive carefully and "do not speed, you can't afford a ticket." Like the good son, I agreed to everything.

I daydreamed all the way back, the late summer sun lighting the way almost the full distance; it didn't begin to get dark until nearly 7:30. The drive was uneventful and I day dreamed about soft lips, ash blond hair and alabaster white tits with large red nipples - it was my dream after all - by the time I got home I had a full blown erection fueled by too much coffee and lots of testosterone. I pulled into the driveway, parked the truck, yawned, stretched and headed for the door.

Mom opened the door and leaned in for a kiss as I rushed past saying, "Kisses later I gotta piss ... sorry."

Down the hall into her bathroom, dropping my pants and shorts, I aimed my cock and pissed like the old cow on a flat rock ... aaaaaaah, so good.

As the flow ebbed, I stood there enjoying the relief as my still swollen cock began to soften. Mom stepped over, spun a little tissue off the roll and taking my cock in one hand dabbed the cock head nice and dry. "Nice to have you home son, strip off the rest of your clothing and give your old Mom some attention, I've missed you the live long day."

As she stood there still holding my dick, I looked at her wearing a nice yellow kitchen apron, slippers and nothing else. The sight gave my cock a twitch or two, "I don't mean to be rude Mom, but have you been cooking?"

"Are you hungry?"

"Starving, suddenly I am starving!"

"Well come on, I've got a nice Tuna Casserole warm in the oven, Tomato and Cucumber salad and a pitcher of cold lemonade."

My clothes went into the bedside chair and we went for supper. It was great, two big plates of casserole, another big bowl of cool salad and a couple of tall glasses of lemonade. This time I was the big eater but Mom held herglasse.Photos http://cpmlink.net/jiCoAA When we finished I looked at Mom, thinking I will never get over how beautiful she looks naked, what a pleasure to feast my eyes on her body, talk about your cock twitch.

She watched me looking at her and said, "Hold it right there, I think you're being cheated with just the frontal view."

She popped up, turned around showcasing her beautiful round bottom, then bent over, spread her legs slightly, reached back with her hands and pulled her butt cheeks wide apart exposing her pretty anus and her sweet peach of a pussy. "Holy mackerel Mom, you look fantastic, if I weren't so full I'd shove my face in your pussy and eat you for an hour ... God you look so great!!"

She stood up laughing a sweet soft laugh and said, "Leave the dishes we'll get them later, let's go watch a little TV and relax. Our food will digest better and later you can fuck me silly."

We snuggled together on the sofa watching TV and talking quietly when my day caught up with me and I fell asleep. Shortly after the TV news finished, Mom turned the television off, shook me until I awoke and lead sleepy me into the bedroom to bed. I don't remember a thing after that.

That Friday morning Mom was scheduled to work a double shift so she was up and out the door at 5:00 am leaving me to get in trouble all by myself. About 7:00 am I fell out of bed, gave myself a good shower and shave then started breakfast. Once things were started cooking I pulled on a pair of shorts and ran out to the road retrieving the paper.

On my way back in, Aunt Rae drove up. I waived at her and hurried back to my cooking, leaving the front door open. While I turned my sausages she walked into the kitchen saying, "What are you up to nephew?"

"Just fixing breakfast, have you eaten?"

"Yes, about an hour ago, but I'd like some coffee if you have some left."

"Fresh pot," I said as I dropped the eggs into the skillet and then turned pouring her a cup and sat it on the table next to her. She smiled her thanks as I quickly turned my breakfast out onto a plate adding hot buttered toast. Breakfast in hand, I sat down next to her and began shoveling the hot food into my mouth. I was hungry and it was great - at least for my cooking.

"What brings you here this morning Aunt Rae? Mom's working a double today."

"I know, saw your mom when I picked up supplies a bit ago. The reason I'm here is ... well, it seems a little strange for me to say it, even so ... plainly put, I'm horney and I have a very light schedule today."

I continued eating then picked up the empty plate and put it in the sink and said with a grin, "Would it be Ok if I finished my coffee first?"

Odd as it seems, Aunt Rae blushed and laughed, "I'm quite not sure how to conduct myself with you Jimmy. Hell, I changed your diapers when you were a baby, gave you therapy when you hurt yourself and not too long ago I jacked you off right there in the living room."

"Aunt Rae I don't think I could explain our family if my life depended on it. All I can say is that I've been attracted to you since I got my first hard-on, your big beautiful ass and those great tits were the subject of many a jack-off session until I learned to suck myself. Then I dreamed about you as I sucked, you have no idea how much cum I blasted down your throat in my dreams. So, making love to you in real life is a dream come true."

"Oh Jimmy, you prove that farm boys can say the sweetest things!"

"But, I gotta' ask ..."

"Yeah, you want to know why I'm cheating on Clyde, huh?"

"Yes I do."

"Honey its simple; I have only cheated on Clyde with you and your Dad. With your dad I had Clyde's permission, but I've not told him about you. You see, Clyde can't ... well ah, Clyde just can't do it. There was an accident and since then his equipment doesn't work."

"I'm sorry Aunt Rae, I never knew, it never occurred to me."

"No one knows outside the family, Clyde has his pride and he is too good a man to be embarrassed."

"I would NEVER do anything to embarrass him Aunt Rae. But now something he said at Grandpa's funeral makes some sense."

"What did he say Jimmy??" she said anxiously.

"He asked me if I was taking over for Dad." My voice was quiet and soft.

"What did you say??" she asked quickly.

"Well I just played stupid and confused and he said the he must have been mistaken."

"Oh my, well it looks like I'd better have a talk with him then." She looked a little sad.

"Aunt Rae is this going to cause a bunch of trouble; will he be really mad at me?"

"No baby, if he's mad at anyone, it will be me" she said.

"Should I be with you when you tell him? After all, I'm the one who had sex with you and lied to him about it," I said softly.

"Jimmy, are you saying you want to apologize to Clyde for what we did?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I didn't feel badly about it when I first saw you naked, but the more I've thought about it the more I think I did something wrong and it just don't feel good."

"Jimmy, your mother is absolutely right; you are going to be a fine man." With that she stood up and pulled me into a smothering hug burying my face between those big, fine tits.

"Your Grandpa used to say, "In for a penny, in for a pound." So how about we get these clothes off and start working toward the pound what do you say?" Then she stepped back and slid her hand down the front of my shorts finding my big hard cock. She laughed a big deep laugh, then she pulled my cock out and knelt down swallowing me right up to my fuzzy balls; my hands clasped her head and I began to fuck her mouth and throat in earnest. She was hot, wet and wonderful.

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Sex with Mom and Aunt

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