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Categories Fantastic, Blackmail, Body modification, Violence

Author: pars001

Published: 19 September 2018

  • Font:

Killjoy group


Ruslan (short blonde hair, 6'7'') - Leader

Serafima (dark red head) - support/medical

Karina (blonde Hair) - Sharpshooter sniper

Timur (Dark hair 5'2''} - computer/hacker expert

Egor- Electronics expert

Stas - Explosives expert

Pibald group


Evelyn (Auburn hair) - Leader former wife of General Gance/sniper

Christine/Chris (blonde) - personal combat expert- Evelyn's daughter

Trina (red head) - Tall muscular, armed combat, Chris's lover

Betty (Dark brown hair) - Recon/explosives expert, sister of Cathy

Cathy (Light brown hair} computer/Electronics/hacker expert

Diane (Dark brown Hair) short, mistress of deception/assassinations


It was some two hours later when I felt Sheila start to slow. I had fallen asleep the fact that I was sick wasn't sitting well with me.

{All units report on situation of viral infestation and solution.} I asked as soon as I got my thoughts clear.

{Affirmative control. Eradication of viral infection has proceeded as ordered. Well over sixty percent are now deleted. Warning, warning! Elimination of all non-living viral components suggested. All non-living viral components are now in corporeal waste center. All need expulsion before more waste center becomes backed up.} I heard the nanomites reply to me.

{Sheila?} I thought to her.

{Yes, Doctor Gance? Are you experiencing pain or numbness?} Came her reply.

{I was just informed that I need to pee.} I told her then felt her confusion. {I need to excrete liquid waste. The nanomites informed me that my bladder has become full of non-living viral components.}

Sheila suddenly stopped putting me down. "I apologize Doctor Gance I thought we could make it further. We are on the outer city limits of Edmonton. I had hoped we could make it all the way into the city."

Trying to stay up on my half numb legs wasn't helping the situation either. Finally, I was able to stand with Sheila's help. Zipping I fished my flaccid penis out then waited. Shit I thought, I hoped I was in time.

I looked up to see Sheila staring at what I had in my hand. what in the hell I thought. "Is something wrong Sheila?"

"I am receiving strange sensations throughout my chassis, in the upper section. Also, in my lower section I am also experiencing odd pulsations throughout. The emotion program also seems to be fluctuating greatly also." Sheila told me with what I could swear was a look of deep concern on her face.

Worrying about her relieved whatever tension I had in my body. Even as I started I noticed an almost rancid odor that rose from my urine. Then I noticed a greenish tinge to the color of it. Even though I knew what was causing it I was still a little concerned.

"Your urine waste is normal for your condition Doctor Gance. I am reading well over seventy percent eliminated." Sheila told me still staring at my penis.

I nodded then I had a thought. "The color and smell may be normal Sheila though I hardly think that urinating for almost five minutes is. I'm going to be dehydrated if I don't stop soon." I told Sheila a little testily. I regretted it almost immediately when I saw the hurt look that flashed across her face.

"I apologize Doctor Gance, it appears you are almost clear. I have already found several locations for us to disappear." She replied.

"I'm sorry Sheila, I forget sometimes that you don't know the human body as well as a human does. Well, the internal feelings that we get." I told her with my head a little low.

Sheila suddenly brightened up, "Thank you Doctor Gance. The information you provided will help me to ascertain your needs far better in the future."

I could only shake my head as she again picked me up over her shoulder. {Urine center now clear of non-living viral components. Now commencing extradition of remaining components. Production of replacement units now proceeding. First critical mass has been re-established. Second critical mass will take another twenty hours, thirty-three minutes to re-establish.}

I was nodding, then felt foolish as I knew they wouldn't know. {Report understood, continue to replicate and monitor the corporeal body.} Letting out a sigh I thought, ‘At least we were almost there. We'd be safe for a few days.’ Well, I thought we'd be.


On the extreme outskirts of northern Edmonton, a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III was on final approach. The Air Force transport was bringing much needed supplies. It also held a surprise; one of a lethal variety. Landing them at the Canadian Forces Base Edmonton must have cost the General a few favors, Evelyn thought. Good, it served the bastard right.

As soon as the plane stopped all six women sprang into action. Grabbing several bags, they made their way to their vehicles. Within another twenty minutes they were at the extreme boundary of the base.

A Lieutenant-General and a Major-General were there at the gate. As they drove through both men saluted the vehicles. Evelyn's blonde daughter decided that now would be a good time. Leaning out the window she shot both men the bird. Then adding insult to injury, she laughed uproariously at their discomfort.

A moment later the radio went off. Ah Christ. What did that old battle axe of a mother want now? "What!!" The blonde barked into the mike.

"Bitch, unless you want to go back to the stockade you'll start showing something I know you are sorely lacking in." Evelyn's voice informed her. "A little tact while we are here won't hurt. Don't think I'm playing bitch, I'll separate you and your bed mate in a heartbeat!"

Swallowing hard she looked over to the muscular red head. Damn, guess he crawled up her ass further than I thought. "Alright mother I will try to refrain from having fun." The blonde said with all sincerity.

Evelyn's eyes were wide a moment when she realized her daughter had been serious. It was about damn time she thought as they drove into the city.


The Killjoy group had just passed into the Alberta province. Serafima was still driving though she'd almost wrecked several times avoiding the Mounties. Still she was the fastest they had though not the safest. The rest of the crew was asleep it was going to be a few hours before they made Edmonton. God, how he missed having helicopters.

Hmmm he thought looking at Egor getting a chopper wouldn't be that hard if they had their way about it. They would make a move when they got to Edmonton. Settling in he watched as the miles were quickly eaten away.

Picking up his cell he placed a call. "I was wondering when you'd call, if at all. You and your team have seriously screwed up this time." The general's voice said low but menacing. "The only reason I haven't ordered a search and destroy mission on you is your past successes. Though against my better judgement I have called in another group."

"Another group?" Ruslan growled. "We are nothing if not loyal to you General. We will complete the mission."

"Good," the general replied nonchalantly causing Ruslan's anger to rise momentarily. "Then a little more incentive won't matter that much. The first of the groups to eliminate the bastard will be made my first special situation group. You can also dispose of the rest of the other group as you see fit."

"Da general I see. Anything else we need to know?" Ruslan replied.

"I want civilian casualties to an absolute minimum. The more there are the more inquiries there will be. Your team's zealous actions there cannot be tolerated nor repeated." The General calmly stated.

"Understood General. We are heading to Edmonton at this moment. I had thought to acquire a helicopter there to add support in hunting him and it down. Now though, I feel that the action itself would cause undo notice." Ruslan told the general.

The General was quiet a moment, "I'll set something up. Along with fueling arrangements. Fail again Ruslan this will be the last, understood?"

"Da General very understood." Ruslan replied grimly.


Sheila and I were walking into the warehouse district in the northeast section of Edmonton. Unlike many I had seen in America this was rather clean almost none of the buildings empty.

"I have managed to rent a building using the finances of several high-ranking Canadian government officials. I have set up a number of false corporations to hide the trail. It would take a great deal of time to find that I had done this. With this diversion we should have maximum time here to plan strategy." Sheila told me as we stopped at a rather small warehouse.

Opening the door, I saw that it was indeed small though more than adequate for what we needed to do. "I just hope it is enough for the nanomites to rebuild in my system." I told Sheila as she closed the door.

"You still have a little over eighteen hours before they are where they were before you were infected. For now, you can rest, I will acquire nourishment for you. I will also do a search of the University of Alberta: Department of Computing Science." Sheila relayed to me.

My eyes opened at the mention of the school. It had an elevated cybersecurity course that several of the techs that had worked with me had taken. "They have a better than average cyber security Sheila. I know that you can infiltrate almost any system, can you get in without much detection?"

Sheila flashed me a smile that any other time would have alleviated my fears. This was a top-notch program. "With the many upgrade that I was able to implement, there shouldn't be many problems at all."

Taking a deep breath, I wasn't so sure, at least not as secure in the idea as she was. We had an obvious high-tech hacker from the group after us. Then there were the people that were running the system we were actually breaking into. Then there was the Canadian government who would probably get involved as soon as we started. I shook my head, I really needed to be at a higher level before we tried this.

"I'm still not sure about this, at least not 'til I can assist you while you are in there. I don't want to lose you Sheila, not now when we are as close as we are." I told her with a slight blush warming my face.

Had I not known better I could have sworn that I saw a look of surprise, then absolute happiness flash across her face. Damn it, without the second level of nanomites in me I wasn't able to determine like I had before. Turning away from her I had a momentary bit of anger at myself then rapidly pushed it down.

"Might I suggest that we both shut down for a time? I need to adjust my internal energy signature. I can see that they were still able to track us through it. I'll be back momentarily." She told me then was gone in a flash. I sat trying to get comfortable when she reappeared two minutes later. "I think that this will help to refill your energy."

I looked up in surprise as she handed me a sandwich, or rather what appeared to be several on top of other. My mouth dropped open as I stared at the piles of ham, turkey, sliced beef, corn beef and roast beef. Layer after layer with generous amounts lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions.

I could only sit there staring in amazement she'd only been gone two minutes at the least. "I was about to ask, though now I know better."

Sheila nodded as I saw her sit on the floor sitting back against the wall. Then I heard a whirring as she suddenly slumped. Even as I saw the light go out in her eyes I heard the whirring slow then almost stop. Now it was barely audible.

Yawning I suddenly realized that I was more tired than I had at first thought. Laying down I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.


Well over three hundred kilometers away Timur cursed when the signal he'd finally found faded.

Ruslan looked up at Timur's cursing. "What is the problem Timur?"

"The robot, its signal suddenly went dead." Timur's head snapped around to stare at Ruslan. "Leader you don't think another group has terminated it do you?"

Ruslan sat back thinking as he rubbed his chin. "Nyet, the General would have notified me had this happened. At least I think that he would." Leaning forward he spoke quickly to Serafima. "Though I am sure I am going to regret this, we need to get there as soon as possible."

Serafima's mouth dropped open in surprise then she squealed like a little girl. Her foot jammed down on the accelerator as the Humvee suddenly leapt forward. A look of almost sadistic glee on her face she started to drive even more crazy than usually.

Ruslan again shook his head she was going to be the death of all of them. Well she would if he didn't keep a tighter rein on her. Sighing he belted in looking over the rest of the crew.


In the lead jeep of the Pibald group, Evelyn was oiling her rifle when she heard the light brown-haired woman of their group starts cursing. "Son of a bitch!" The woman was yelling at her laptop, she already had it in the air about to smash it when she noticed that Evelyn was watching her.

"What in the hell is going on Cathy?" Evelyn asked.

Taking a deep breath Cathy calmed placing the laptop back in its holder. "it's that monstrosity that the General mentioned. Every signal that I was getting from it has disappeared. It's almost as if it stopped operating. Whether it was turned off or destroyed I'm getting nothing from it. Shit, shit. shit!"

The small dark black-haired woman suddenly slammed on the brakes as she turned in her seat. "What the hell Cathy!? How in the hell do you expect me to find the asses if you shut down the shit!"

A smirk came to Cathy's lips as she stated, "You kiss you mother with that mouth Diane?"

Diane's face twisted into a mask of extreme rage. "No, I killed the bitch before it got that damn far!"

Cathy suddenly clamped her mouth shut as the woman had more than a volatile temper. Feeling the scar down her leg she should have known better. Taking a deep breath she stated, "I was telling leader that I lost the signal. Almost as if the monstrosity was turned off or destroyed."

Diane's face showed shock then it twisted again into rage. Slowly in a low voice she stated, "I will personally gut each and every one of the Killjoy group if they got ahead of us. This is the first time I've been out in almost a year. I refuse to go back to that existence."

‘Oh shit,’ Evelyn thought, ‘I better defuse this.’ "We're going nowhere, from all recon the General sent us the other group is still well north of us. I suggest we get a move on though, they are already in Alberta province."

This of course made Diane's eyes twinkle as she started to smile. "Sure thing, boss as soon as Cathy gets the damn tracker back up."

A moment later the door was almost ripped off the hinges as first a rifle, then the over six-foot red head stuck her head in. "Is everything ok boss?" She asked a look of true concern on her face.

"Yeah mother, what the hell gives?" Her blonde daughter asked. "We lost telemetry a minute ago I was about to call you about it when your ride suddenly stopped.

Evelyn smiled, not even a full minute had passed, good they were still in battle readiness. She was about to say something when Diane broke in.

"Yeah no shit, I was telling Cathy the same damn thing." Diane said.

Letting out a long breath when she saw her sister on the other side looking in, she explained. "As I was telling the leader and as she was telling me. The signal went dead as if the monstrosity was turned off or destroyed. Since the only other group capable of destroying it is far behind us I can only assume that this Doctor Gance has turned her off. Whether for repairs or maintenance I'm not sure."

"Alright we know that it's in the city. The last reading was somewhere in the northwest section of the city. That eliminates a hell of a lot of territory. At least we won't have to search through over nine hundred thousand people. Christine," Evelyn said to her blonde daughter, causing her to produce a large knife.

"It's Chris you damn shit bag!" Chris almost screamed at her mother.

Smiling slightly, she restarted, "Chris, there's at least five hundred thousand men here. You are not to engage in no way, unless you are attack." Thinking a moment, she continued, "you are allowed to break bones not skulls nor balls. Well, unless they deserve it, I mean it, I will review any and all altercations."

Chris's face dropped as she stated, “Damn mom you sure can kill a good mood! Alright, alright, I'll behave as much as possible."

Evelyn smiled though she knew inside, this could go badly if her daughter lost control.

"Trina, I want you with her every second!" Evelyn sighed when the other red head snapped to attention saluting with a huge smile.

"Yes Ma’am!" the woman said with a little more enthusiasm than Evelyn thought she should.

Evelyn pointed at the red head, "This is a mission not a god damned sex party! The stockade can await you also."

Trina started to tremble as she stood at attention. "Yes ma’am, I will treat it as such."

Evelyn then turned to the last member of the team. "Betty, I want you on Recon. See if you can find out anything. That section of the city has a huge warehouse section. See if the locals have heard or seen anything. Keep in constant contact with your sister."

Betty snapped to a salute then was gone. Looking at the rest of them she had a bad feeling about this. "Chris, I want you and Trina to take the west side opposite Betty. No heroics, we've seen just what this machine is capable of. I don't want to start losing members before we actually start to hunt."

Both women smiled wickedly then snapped to a salute. "Yes Ma’am! They both said as they both vanished.

Looking at the dark black-haired woman Evelyn thought a moment, “We'll take the jeep to the southwest part of this quarter of the city. With any luck we should have them in a few hours."

"Oh goody, we get to hunt!" Diane squealed out in delight.

It was twelve hours later when they all reformed up with the leader. Shaking her head when none of her team had found anything. Then again, they had only covered half their area. Disgusted she told them to start again in six hours as they all went to sleep.

An hour later I awoke with a start. What in the hell had awakened me? Looking around I really didn't see anything amiss, I really need to see better in the darkness I thought.

{Order understood command.} I heard the nanomites say. What in the hell had I said now I thought? I frantically searched through my sleep fogged brain for what I had thought. Even as I was looking for what I'd thought I noticed that the interior of the warehouse was starting to light up. What the hell? I backed up into the wall as it appeared as if the sun had rose lighting the inside light noon time.

Looking around I finally understood. {All units will this night vision impair my regular vision?}

{Negative control. Night vision will only operate when light falls below tolerable levels.} The Nanomites responded.

Three hours later the sun was just starting to rise when I heard a noise. Jumping up I tried to grab Sheila to move her only to find that without her servo motors she felt as if she were a ton.

I ran toward the door not noticing that I was far faster than I had been before. I saw what appeared to be a dark brown headed female stick first her rifle then her head inside. Far faster than I could believe I not only had her rifle she was on the ground unconscious. Damn, I hadn't meant to hit her that hard.

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Comments (3)
Doozy woof Hunter — 19 September 2018 21:48
Amazing story so far! Please keep posting
Doozy woof Hunter — 19 September 2018 21:47
Amazing story! Thanks and keep going :)
Hickml — 21 September 2018 06:29
Thanks pars001 for this story it just keeps getting better and better. Always enjoy all your on going series. Take care
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