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Never to be seen again

Categories Fantastic, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing

Author: sundownerboatfish

Published: 20 September 2018

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I never went to the bathhouse during the day but it was cool out, I did not have anything to do so I thought what to hell I was horny, so I headed down, it was a Saturday afternoon, there were a few cars there, I walked in paid and stripped, showered and hit the hot tub. There were a few guys trolling around, looking for someone to play with, the glory holes were busy, the steam room had quite a few guys in it also. I went and watched some porn in the sitting area, a couple guys walked by, not anyone I wanted to play with.

I got up and walked around, there seemed to be some activity in one of the large rooms, three guys standing at the door, two guys inside one guy who looked quite handsome, from the back, was sucking some guy, they were on the bed, the cute guys ass for all to see. I continued on, I was not one to watch I liked to be a participant, when I came around the next time the hall was empty, the door was ajar, the handsome guy laying in his bed with only a towel to cover his sexy parts, he really was a handsome man even from the hall I could see he was a looker.

I poked my head in, “Want some company?” “Sure I could suck one more.” I walked in shut the door, I did not want an audience this time, I got on the bed beside him, he was tall I would say six foot two, one hundred and sixty five pounds, beautiful eyes, and a handsome face, full lips, beautiful white teeth, his nose was perfect on his face, but his eyes are what drew you to him he could make me submit to anything with just a look. We lay there for a few minutes, neither of us moved, finally I rolled on my side, I pulled his towel off, he had a beautiful cock, perfectly trimmed bush, shaved cock and balls, his legs were hairy, his chest was also hairy but trimmed down I ran my hand over his chest, dam he was so hot.

I got on my knees, I had him spread his legs so I could kneel between them, I grabbed his cock in my hand, he was semi erect, with a ball of precum at the tip of his cock. I stroked his cock to get more precum to the surface, a nice long line of it slowly dripped from the tip along his cock, I leaned in and licked it clean, he let out a moan, I took his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his knob, the velvety skin on the knob was incredible, I used the tip of my tongue to get under the rim of his knob, I then took it into my mouth, right to the base, I held it there, and swallowed over and over, he could feel my throat stroking his cock and knob, my tongue was lapping the underside of his huge tool. His balls were rolling in my hand,my middle finger at his hole, he screamed out “Fuck I'm Cumming,” just then the door flew open and one of the guys that was looking in came the door.

He shot rope after rope of cum down my throat, I swallowed every drop, I would not waste such a good load of cum. His body was pumping my mouth, he wanted to fill me full of his glorious seed, once his body stopped, he fell back, he was spent, his balls drained his energy gone. He looked me in the eyes, “That is not what I expected, most guys want their cocks sucked, they don't do the sucking.” “I like to surprise a guy, and I like to suck a nice cock.” “Your a dam good cocksucker that is for sure.” “Thanks I like to practice, like they say practice makes perfect.” We both laughed, “I too like to practice, may I practice on you as well?” “I never refuse a blow job.” I laid back and he got between my legs, the guy was a great cocksucker I learned a few things from him, he could do this thing with his tongue that I had to know how he did it, he would swirl his tongue when your cock was deep in his mouth, it made the underside of your cock instantly blow a load.

I laid there I was spent, I thanked him for the blow job, he and I chatted for a bit he was from out of town, he used to live in the city but moved a year or so, he had some health issues that he had to move closer to his parents home, he was a great guy, he was single, and very sexy, his partner had left him after his illness, we were laying there and I turned to him, “I need to kiss you right now.” “You need to do you? Well then kiss me you fool.” I grabbed him and kissed him, my tongue was in and out of his mouth, I held the kiss his eyes opened then closed.

“Dam you're a great kisser.” “Thanks, I like to practice that as well.” He grabbed me and pulled me into another kiss, the man was awesome, I could kiss him for hours. With all the kissing we were both hard once more, we opened the door, and got into a sixty-nine, we gathered quite the crowd, some of the guys came in the room and had their hands all over our bodies, Carl and I shot another huge load into each other's mouths, I swallowed every drop, all he could produce.

Carl and I promised we would stay in touch and play when he was in town, but alas I never saw him again, I miss him and his wonderful kisses, and his blow jobs. I continue to look for him at the local bathhouse but I have never ran into him again. Some nights when I can't sleep I remember his wonderful kisses and great blow job, I long to have him in my bed and arms. I swore if I found him I would not let him go.

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Never to be seen again

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