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  1. Amelia
  2. Amelia (reworked)

Amelia (reworked)

Categories Fantasy, Anal, BDSM, Domination/submission

Author: behindabigrock

Published: 20 September 2018

  • Font:

Nevadae was a town Amelia never want to visit if she did not absolutely have to. This over populated town housed the largest black market in all of human land, Anthros. Lost treasure, drugs, poison of all kinds, illegal seals, stolen goods and even terrorborne could be bought here. Shady business attracted shady people so it was no surprise that the streets were filled with unpleasant sorts. Prostitutes and brothels lined dark corners of the town as Nevadae visitors tended to have heavy purses and usually in need of someone to keep them warm at night. Nevadae used to be a small village, located far south from the capital of Rondel. The small community was slaughtered by terrorborne and the houses were burned or abandoned. Smugglers and thieves began using the vacant location to make business dealing soon after. Then a treasure smuggler named Salbeth Almund saw an opportunity. Since this village was only a day detour when travelling from east to west across Anthros, he could smuggle goods everywhere through this town instead of the capital where there were strict checkpoints. He merely had to bribe inspecting officers instead of spending weeks and a lot more gold to carry out a successful operation. The village grew bigger over time as muscles under his command, criminals who tried to escape the law and even people who wanted to start a new life moved in. Salbeth seized control of the blooming town with thugs and assassins. He changed its name to Nevadae and demanded a cut from all illegal dealings within his playground. This crowded mess of a town expanded with no plan or layout design. Buildings would line up in jagged rolls along the streets with uneven gaps between them. Amelia walked into one of these gaps, thinking it was a street, only to find the back of another building at the end. The unavailability of road signs only made matter worse. Finding a particular place in this town was like trudging through a maze. Due to the lack of defensive wall, Nevadae suffered constant terrorborne attacks. Though the monsters in this area were small and weak, Salbeth had to employ hunter's services occasionally when his muscles failed to take care of terrorborne threat and Amelia was unfortunate enough to take the job a few years ago. The young hunter spent over two hours on the street just to locate the tavern that the hunter's guild had prepared her lodging. On top of all these mess, Nevadae was a graveyard of garbage. Sanitation was a myth here. People opted to pile their waste and trash at the end of alleys and left it there to rot. Reek of fault odor blanketed the town like never fading fog. The young hunter could never get use to the stench even after staying there for a week on her previous mission.

Lust and desire stabbed at her mind as Amelia pushed through crowded street. She had to force her gaze from men's crotches several time after the yearning seeped into her thoughts. Ever since Dremot 'corrupted' her, lustful desire had plagued her mind. A lingering need that cloud her thoughts. A growing crave for 'male seed'. The murky white secretion, pungent and bitter. The young hunter bit her lower lip after gulping down drool. More than a week had past since she had her fill of the grotesque fluid and sated her lust. Now the 'corruption' had grew to an bearable desire that weaved in and out of her conscious thoughts. A 'corruption' by any terrorborne would fade over time depending on their magic level but Dremot was not any terrorborne. He was the demonic lord of these monsters so his 'corruption' never fade. Amelia gritted her teeth as a new desire melded into her thought. In her current predicament, the young hunter had avoided any close contact with men and Nevadae was the worst place to be. Aside from over population, men in this town tended to treat all like whores because most of women here were whores. Warm night air filled with musky scent was like potent poison that corrode her mind. Amelia could barely keep coherent thoughts when she noticed men stole glances at her. She scowled back and they dispersed. The last thing she need was for men to notice and approach her. The young hunter wondered why they would be interested in someone covered in dust from a week of traveling. A wisp of short hair fell over her eyes and she froze in realization. Her short hair was bright red, a color no one else possessed. Red yes but not as bright and shiny. Then her round eyes were the unique shade of amber which accentuate her delicate nose and soft pink lips, on a heart-shaped face. Even in her most unkempt state, she would still garner a glance from men. Another set of eyes leered at her and she saw hunger, deep lustful hunger, in their gazes. Amelia felt a shiver coursed through her as she realized her next mistake. Her attire, while not revealing, were snug fit which inadvertently emphasized her dainty breasts, slender waist and round voluptuous butt. The reason no one approached her was probably due to the two daggers strapped to the small of her back. They were mementos of her late mother. One of the strongest hunter and the only person she knew who could use magic without the help of seals. Her mother was the reason Amelia became efficient with daggers and wind magic. She wanted to become the best hunter and made her mother proud. Sadly, her mother would never see that day. She sacrificed her life to drive back Dremot's army in a war two years ago. Her father gave her these precious blades after hers were lost in her own failed attempt to stop the demonic lord's army as the terrorborne prepared to invade Anthros again. One of the blades were made with a strange translucent metal that looked almost as clear as glass. The other purest of white which glowed with brilliant aura. They were her invaluable treasure. She would kill anything or anyone who tried to take them from her. Now, the young hunter was thankful that they acted as ward against men approaching her. Leather breastplate, boots and bracers could have play a part too but she was pretty certain the daggers were the cause. People who were afraid to get cut would not play with knives. Under normal circumstances, she would not mind some that took their chances and approach her. Amelia enjoyed socializing and a chance was the least she could offer them. However, most of those were overconfident men who thought they could overpower her or attract her with their masculinity and achievements. They were beaten bloody or rejected then beaten bloody after they tried to force their way. However, a hand full of them turned out to be nice people and she enjoyed her time with them. It could just be long conversation about life which, more often than not, escalated into a night of intense sex. At this moment, she did not have time or energy to socialize and weaved through the mass of people with unfriendly scowl on her face. Focusing was already an exhausting task with all the lust and yearning storming her conscience, the last thing she need was a man trying to get in her pants. Amelia forced herself to Nevadae to find a man. An information dealer to be precise. One of the most credible. She needed information about the city of dragon, Braghom, and must not be distracted before she found him. Once she learned about Braghom whereabout, then maybe she could chance a long night of bed-breaking sex. Lust was not a foreign desire to her. Amelia lost herself in lust before and enjoyed it more that she dare to admit. Sex was not her problem. It was the choice. She chose who and when it happen. Dignity separated her from animal in heat and she intended to keep it that way.

Amelia stumbled upon a man and a woman in one of the dark alleys. The woman was on her knees in front of him and the young hunter thought she was being rob and pleading for her life. Rage erupted and she rushed in to rescue the poor woman. A few steps in, she heard strange slurping noises and slowed in confusion. She ducked behind a wooden crate to observe and found the woman was smiling. She held a rod that protrude from the man's crotch in one hand while licking at the bulbous head at the end. It took Amelia a moment to realized that the woman was a prostitute and she was servicing her client. A tingle coursed up her back from between her legs while the young hunter felt her skin burned with feverish desire. Lustful yearning seized her instantly and glued her eyes to the long delicious cock. The distasteful bitterness with a hint of salt rose to her tongue. The gooey texture that made her skin crawl. Then nauseating pungent odor filled her senses. Wetness began to seep between her legs and she swallowed the overflowing drool. The man stood with his back against the wall with his pants pooled around his ankles. The woman knelt before him with the top of her dress dangled around her waist, heavy breasts exposed in dim light. With one hand on his shaft, she kissed at the mushroom head of his throbbing cock. Precum strung on her red lips when she pulled back to lick oozing gland. She swallowed the droplet of clear fluid with a savoring smile and Amelia swallowed with her. She could taste the bitter salt in her mind. The woman proceeded to devour the succulent head and probably did something with her tongue because the man stiffened and moaned hungrily. Then inch by inch, she took in the thick shaft that seemed too large and long for her mouth in until her face planted in his crotch. She did not struggle, merely slid gracefully forward. Amelia swallowed again and found herself wondering how it would feel like to have a cock in her throat. Even though she found the act degrading and shameful, the young hunter could not deny the budding desire. The woman's tongue lashed out to lick his testicles before the man combed his fingers through her black hair as he groaned with satisfaction. She began to bob her head slowly coaxing another stiffening and louder moans. Glee sparkled in her eyes as she stared into his shuddering gaze. The woman took his hand from her head to her swaying breast and, without a word, the man started to knead her large mound which spilled between his fingers. She purred in her throat before quickening her pace. The man grunted then pushed against the opposite wall for support with his free hand. Amelia could hear delicious slurps echoing in the tight space and licked her lips in a daze. The woman had made a penis, of all things, look tasty. She swallowed again feeling her body burned with growing desire. In the fog of lust, her hand slipped down to caress the dampening mound between her legs. A loud groan startled her back to senses and she saw the woman gobbled down something with the entire cock still in her mouth. Streaks of white fluid gushed out of her nose and corners of her lips but she continued to drink. Her eyes smiled with enjoyment. Once the man ceased to quiver, she released his now limped cock and stood and pulled her dress up to cover her voluptuous mounds. The woman wiped cum off her face with the sleeve of her dress then took coins from his shaking hand. Amelia slipped back into the shadow just before the woman brush passed her out of the alley as if she just finished a little chat with a friend and now decided to head home. Her gaze darted back to the man after the woman disappeared into the crowd. His softened cock still wet with drool and cum when he fumbled to put it back in his pants. Amelia salivated at the sight and felt heat rose between her thighs. She nearly forgot to hide when the man shuffled his way out of the alley. A shudder ran through her as he passed as flesh scent of cum struck her. Shapely legs turned to rubber and she needed support of the wall behind her to stand.

A stomp came from behind her followed by loud whoosh. Amelia ducked reflexively then rolled to the side as she heard a deafening smack of wood on stone above her. Daggers came free from their sheaths as soon as she landed back in a couch. However, her movement had slowed drastically and the large figure of a man had already pulled his club back for the next attack. Her first thought was to leap into a back flip but the surge of desire from earlier had taken that option away. The attacker swung low and she had no choice but to advert its course or take the club square in her jaw. The young hunter pushed left while tilting her body right the moment her blades made contact with hard wood. The club whooshed by her side as planned but the impact jarred her hands and blew her guard open. She watched in a split second of terror as the man stepped in with a fist aimed at her stomach. It connected and she felt like the impact turned her organs to pulp and broke her spine at the same time. Amelia flew through the air before crashing into a wooden crate. The box shattered upon impact and her petite body hit the cobblestone with a loud thud. Daggers slipped free from her grasps and disappeared into black shadow of the dark alley. Noise echoed through the narrow walkway as splintered planks flew in all directions and bounced off the walls and cobblestone. She rolled reflexively back into a crouch and planted one hand on cold stone floor for support. Pain reverberated through her back and midsection. She glared at her assailant whose dark form moved slowly into the alley. Amelia cursed her luck. The attacker would not be strolling so casually if it was her normal night. Amelia scowled before taking a glance over her shoulder to try and locate her weapons but massive frame of her attacker blocked the only shaft of light into the alley, plunging everything into near complete darkness. Her heart thundered with panic as the attacker crept closer, his face masked by darkness.

"No so brave no, aren't ya?" Raspy voice rumbled as her assailant approached confidently. A large club in one hand and a fist in the other. He towered over her couching form with a board grin. Even poorly illuminated, Amelia could see a hollow space between rolls of deep yellow teeth. Being close to him fanned her lust into raging fire and the thought of begging him to fuck her even crossed her mind.

"Y-you're breath stinks…" Was all she could manage before his musk brought another onslaught of desire. Amelia fought down a shudder before adding "get a---" The man slapped her across the face before she could finish. Her petite body blown off the ground by tremendous force, crashed into the wall before crumpling on hard stone. The world spun around her as she groaned with burning pain on her cheek. Consciousness fading.

The man reached for her slender neck and squeezed before pulling her up to face him again. "Don't yer dare mock me, bitch!" He growled through gritted teeth, bits of saliva spattered on her face but she was not coherent enough to notice.

Amelia came awake with uncomfortable weight on top of her. Hot and humid, she felt her body slick with sweat. Her eyes fluttered and flickering yellow balls faded into her blurry vision. The world spun when she tried to focus and she closed her eyes again. Large hand cupped her chin then roughly shook her head. The young hunter groaned in frustration and tried to push the hand away only to realize that her wrists were bound together behind her back. Panic set in and she forced herself awake. A massive figure loomed over her when she managed to see clearly again. Beads of sweat rolled off his brown bald head down the side of his round face. Black bushy brows casted shadows over his dark eyes adding animosity to his hungry gaze. His large pig-liked nose bent unnaturally. Most likely from not being set properly after it was broken. A smile tugged at the corners of his thick chapped lips when he saw fear in her expression. Rolls of crooked yellow teeth with a hollow in the top revealed themselves when his smile turned into broad grin. A shiver ran through her when his name bubbled up. Dex. He was one of Salbeth's thugs. This detestable being was the one who handled her payment when she was here a few years ago. He tried to re-negotiate terms of the mission after she had taken care of the terrorborne threat. Aside from purging the monsters, the new term would include having sex with him for the same amount of payment. Amelia voiced her disgust with insults and threatened to make him clear like a little girl. The thug became violent as she expected so she had to make good of her word. The missing tooth and the broken nose could have been her doing but she was not be sure since he was face down on his office's floor when she left with her payment.

"Wake up." Dex muttered before leaning in. Hot breath blew over her face and she shuddered when the stench of his breath filled her mind. Lustful yearning exploded and her head swam in whirlpool of desire. "Imma fuck yer up real good." He whispered in her ear, making her convulsed with uncontrollable quiver.

Amelia had bit her lower lip to stop herself from begging. The vulgar words sounded like sweet melody to her wild desires. Her gaze darted around the small windowless room for an escape route as wetness began to seep between her legs. Flicker of light caught her eyes and she followed it. An oil lamp stood a few feet away near a pile of clothes and a set of stairs leading up, which was the only way in or out. The young hunter swiftly came up with an escape plan during a brief moment of clear mind. She must topple the lamp to distract the thug and use that opportunity to knock him out. Then hoped that there would not be any lock door at the end of that stairs. How do I reach the lamp? She thought before callus fingers dug painfully into her flush cheeks to demand her attention. Amelia met the dark ravenous eyes with scowl.

"Y-you will pay for this!" She growled while trying her best not to show the pain. Her act only lasted a measly second while enveloped in his smothering musk. Another spike of lust shook her turning growl into grimace.

"Yer not gonna do shit after Im done with ya."

His hand released her jaw and slid down her neck to her bare chest. Chills prickled her skin when she realized that she could feel humid air on every inch of her body. Panic gaze darted down to where his callus hand cupped her pert breast. Pink tip of a mound not large enough to fill his grasp erected between thick fingers. Light tan of her skin contrasted with his sun-burned hand as it kneaded on her soft flesh. Pleasure coursed through her as he rolled her hard nipple and she had to grit her teeth to stifle a moan. Amelia tried to squirm and kick but the thug pinned her completely with his massive weight. Wetness leaked out between her legs which were forced to spread out under him. Wet tongue licked on her other nipple caused goosebumps to run up the back of her neck. Thought of escape dissolved as her clenched jaws parted. Moans of pleasure broke free in soft whispers while loud slurps filled the cellar. Amelia arched her back to press her petite mounds against his touch but the thug stopped abruptly and pushed away. She blinked in confusion.

"What? Were yer enjoying it?" Dex asked with feign surprise. He straightened up before stroking a large hand along her shapely thigh. An opening to escape had appeared. The weight that pinned her to the floor was gone when the thug sat back on his heels. Amelia could launch a forceful kick up his chin and wipe that smug off his ugly face. He could pass out from that attack or at least give her a chance to rush to the oil lamp. She knew what would happen if she did not react and yet she wavered. The tingles on her aching nipple reminded of the sweet taste of pleasure. Her body screamed to be released from this dreadful craving. She felt it. Heat radiating from a stiff cock only inches away from her drenched pussy. Amelia swallowed before dropping her gaze past his fat belly to find the thing that could set her free. It was enormous, like an over-sized black serpent but covered in pulsing veins instead of scales. A drop of precum oozed from large throbbing head and streaked down its monstrous length. She gulped down overflowing drool as yearning to taste the foul fluid returned.

"Why, aren't yer just a little whore." Dex chuckled before digging two fingers into her gushing pussy.

"A-ahhh…" Amelia failed to hold back her voice from such sudden assault. It felt like eternity since anything had explore her depth. Thick fingers roamed uncontested and bath in her warm juice. Pleasure surged when he pressed hard against the pliable wall coaxing her back to arch reflexively. "S-stop…" The young hunter protested weakly as if unsure whether she meant it or not. To her surprise, the fingers drew back and a pang of disappointment stabbed at her.

"Acting all high and mighty but just dripping like a bitch in heat waitin to be fuck." The thug sneered before pinching her nipple with wet fingers then pulled hard until the pink knob slipped free, reddened. Amelia groaned in agony as tear rolled down her flush cheeks. "Don’t worry. Imma fuck yer real good."

It came in one powerful thrust. She anticipated a hard penetration but the tidal wave of pleasure that came was beyond her wildest imagination. Amelia gasped loudly as her eyes darted wide. His massive cock penetrated her cervix and bulged her belly while pliable wall of her pussy stretched uncomfortably to accommodate its monstrous girth. Toes curled, back arched and her breath caught. The intoxicating taste of ecstasy drowned her in its unrelenting current.

"Nnnnn! Ahhhh!" Lustful cries of euphoric pleasure bellowed from her when Dex pulled back, ever so slowly. She felt the bulbous head rubbed against every crease of her fold. Shudder after shudder wreck her as nectar of lust pooled the floor.

"That's right. Scream like a whore that yer're." His slick shaft drove back inside the petite body and he let out a satisfied moan. "Yer got tight cunt for a whore." The thug drew then rammed back in again with a loud slap of his sack against her drench butt.

"Ahhhhh!" Amelia screamed again and again with each forceful thrust. Lecherous thoughts filled her mind as pleasure built at rapid pace. Another thrust came and she erupted. Every muscle in her body convulsed. Hot cum gushed from her stuffed cunt while the young hunter squealed long and deafening.

"Look at that." Dex hummed, slowing to a stop with his cock fully buried in her. "Yer just a whore acting like hunter. Did yer let terrorborne fuck ya to kill them?" He laughed at his own joke before reaching for a handful of her red hair and pulled her to face him. Amelia could barely focus as the orgasm robbed of any coherent thoughts. "Imma fuck yer real good until yer can't live without a cock inside yer at all time."

He pressed his chapped lips against hers and shove his thick tongue in her mouth. Amelia winced at the stench of rot and decay but powerless to resist. Their saliva mixed as nauseating scent filled her mouth. She shivered. Somehow the stench had heightened her crave for his seed and she no longer has the strength to fight it. The thug dropped her seconds later and she watched him begin thrusting again. Her flat belly swelled every time he hilted. A mix of fear and excitement filled her after Amelia felt another climax peaking rapidly. She feared that it would be the end of her once sweet ecstasy gripped her again but the young hunter also could not hold back the yearning to embrace it. Her head jerked back when the second orgasm came. More intense than she thought possible. Amelia wailed with thunderous cries of lust as her channel clenched his monstrous girth. Dex did not stop this time. He fought her tightened wall with hard and forceful thrusts.

"Oh yes!" The thug croaked. "F--fuck!" Squirts of hot cum flooded her womb as he roared with satisfaction.

Amelia felt her womb filled then stretched. Each throb of his cock sent shiver through her as more seed jetted out. Her stomach ballooned up even though copious murky fluid leaked out the side of her stretched pussy. She laid shuddering with euphoric high. Sweet ecstasy was upon her and Amelia smiled as it washed away all her fears and worries. Dex finally spent a few minutes later and let his limp cock slipped out of her. Without anything to plug her pussy, cum gushed out from her gaping pussy and pooled between her thighs. A loud thud reverberated through the wooden floor and Amelia saw Dex sitting an arm's length away.

A loud clang of metal rang from top of the stair drew her attention. Heavy foot steps followed. Amelia stared in a daze as a tan chubby man with thinning grey hair and full beard appeared at the foot of the steps. He was naked to the waist and wearing only a short underpants. Thick curls matted his chest and ran a trail down to the underside of his round belly. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of another man. A twinge of frightful excitement crept in.

"Can I fuck her yet?" The bearded man asked as he took a few stride to stand beside Dex. He took glances at her naked body and Amelia could see a tent forming in his underpants.

"Yea…" The thug replied curtly. The chubby man hooked his thumbs inside his underpants and pulled it down at the word. A ravenous grin spread on his lips. "Dammit! Royd take yer damn cock off my face!" Dex scowled which cause Royd to startle and take a step back.

"Sorry." He said sheepishly before turning back to Amelia.

Royd knelt down beside her then licked his lips. He reached pudgy hands to her heaving breasts and touched them delicately, like a child holding a new toy. His fingers ran gently over her dainty mounds and hard nipples. A sharp tingle surged from between her legs and she arched her back reflexively. Soft caress ran over her flat stomach to her shapely thigh then fade. A short ragged breath was all she managed before the fingers returned. They traced along the outside of her breasts then brushed past the hard knob of her nipples. The tingles on her skin was more torturous than any deep cuts she had suffered. Her desire raged and her pants became ragged. An unbearable ache burned between her legs and she could feel hot nectar pouring out. Her thighs pressed against each other in a vain attempt to ease her need. As feel knowing what she wanted, Royd ran one hand over her shivering abdomen. He circled her navel for a brief moment then continued slowly. Amelia parted her legs, eager for his touch. The chubby man traced fingers softly down the slit of her drench cunt then back up after a slight pause. She groaned with aching need when his fingers left her.

"Just fuck her already!" Dex demanded.

"Where's the fun in that? Gotta make her want it so bad, she begs for it." Royd retorted.

"Nnnnn…" Amelia squirmed and moaned as Royd continued to tease her hot skin with soft caress.

"I told yer she's a whore. Give her a few good fuck and she'll be begging for yer cock like a bitch in heat." The thug said before pushing off the floor. "Get her on top of yer. Imma fuck her ass."

"Fine. Fine." Royd gave in and helped Dex lifted her from the floor before laying down on his back.

Her heart pounded with a strange mix of fright and excitement. Whores negotiated with their clients over the price of such sex in taverns. The young hunter felt a surge of disgust every time she overheard them. Amelia sworn to break every bone of any man who dare try such thing on her. Now the words rang alluringly in her ears and not a hint of anger was present. Hot juice overflowed between her inner thighs as the thug straddled her over Royd's fat cock. He lowered her a few inches just to let the monstrous cock slipped inside her with a squish. Mixture of cum streaked the long shaft as Amelia stay suspended in Dex's grasps. She yelped in surprised when he dropped her to let the hot bulbous tip rammed into her cervix. The young hunter purred as the feeling of fullness filled her. With it came the mind-numbing lust. She collapsed on Royd's hairy chest and began pumping her hips to sate her raging need.

"What did I tell ya?" Dex chuckled as he dropped to his knees behind her rutting ass. "The bitch will fuck anything with a cock."

"S-so tight!" Royd croaked after the thug held her hips down with a firm grip on her round butt cheeks. Soft flesh swelled between his fingers and he gave it a hard squeeze. Amelia groaned in frustration as she fought against powerful grips. Dex's thumb spread her doughy mounds to reveal the pink bud of her virgin anus. She stiffened as the thought of anal sex returned. Her watery gaze pivoted around to find the thug guiding his monstrous cock to the cum-glistened entrance.

"N-no…" The word came in a trembling whisper as if she was not sure of its meaning. "I…c-can't…"

"What?" Dex asked with annoyance in his tone then his eyes widen at the realization. He licked his chapped lips as his dark eyes ignited with carnal hunger. A shudder ran up her spine as he began to push.

"Nghhhh!" Her teeth clenched reflexively when the enormous head broke into her tight virgin ass. The pink ring of her anus stretched out to accommodate his massive girth and the sensation overwhelmed her. It was foreign yet familiar. Amelia collapsed back on Royd's broad chest as she shivered from growing pleasure.

"Agh! Damn tight!" Dex sneered when he stopped to take a breath. Her unexplored channel cramped down in protest but did little to deter him. The thug pushed another inch of his monstrous length in then pause before taking another.

"Hahhhh! Nghhh!" Amelia gasped. Her body shuddered with aching need as the desire to be filled by all of him dictate her thought. She pushed against his advance and purred with satisfaction.

"Look at her. First time in the ass and she fuckin like it." The thug chuckled.

"You're right. She really is a bitch in heat." Royd laughed before pulling her in for a deep kiss. His tongue slithered into her gaping mouth. The stench was unbearable but it tasted so sweet now. Amelia sucked greedily at his drooling tongue. The reek of rot intoxicated her and she swallowed gulp after gulp eagerly. The desire was too strong, the lust was so alluring and the pleasure was unimaginably addictive. Pudgy fingers fumbled around her dainty breasts and Amelia arched her back to grant clear access to her soft mounds. She moaned into his mouth when he rolled her hard nipples then pushed into his hands until her supple breasts spilled around his fingers. Her head jerked up abruptly when Dex rammed the rest of his length into her. An unforeseen orgasm erupted and Amelia squealed a deafening cry of pleasure. Hot fluid gushed from her stuffed cunt. It was beyond anything she could imagine. The incredible ecstasy gripped her in many long seconds of intense spasm before letting go and the young hunter fell limply on Royd's broad chest.

Amelia felt like her inside was being gouged out when Dex drew back. The ridge on his monstrous cock caught and pulled on every crease in her tight channel. She groaned in the staggering waves of pleasure until he paused then began to push. The intense sensation was enthralling but the slow pace was excruciating. She craved the forceful unrelenting rut. Desperate for release, she turned toward Dex with pleading eyes.

"F--fuck me…" Amelia croaked.

"Now that's not how you as a favor, does it?" Royd teased while rolling her nipples around in his finger coaxing a series of shivers to rupture her.

"Yer better do it proper…like a whore that is." Snarling yellow teeth appeared through her watery vision. "Beg for my cock. Say, please fuck me like a whore."

"P--please…" Amelia paused, unsure of why her stomach knotted at the plea she was about to say. "Please…f--fuck me like a w--whore." A twinge of guilt stabbed at her for a reason she could not recall.

"Say it LOUDER!"

"…PLEASE FUCK ME LIKE A WHORE!" The young hunter nearly shouted after barely a brief reluctance. A sense of relieve washed over her as the words rang deep in her ears. This was the end of her struggle. Lust and pleasure filled her mind while everything else faded away.

"Told ya this one's a whore. Horny little bitch!" Dex spat before both man exploded with laughter.

Without another word, the thug gripped her waist with both hands and slid her small body forward along two massive cocks before abruptly pulling her back again. A lustful yelp escaped her gasping lips as her voluptuous ass cheeks rippled from the impact. Another explosion of pleasure came but she could only whimper as the thug threw her back and forth like a weightless doll. A rhythmic claps of wet flesh echoed the cellar as melody of moans and cries became the only sound she made. Her body jerked with every forceful pull of Dex's strong arms. Her belly swelled with cocks when they hilted and a quiver of satisfaction prickled her skin. She wished it would never end.

Another orgasm erupted soon after and she screamed with delight. Cum sprayed as her mind overflowed with euphoric satisfaction. Dex released her waist then began to pump his hips with a hand on her shoulder. His friend followed by driving his cock upward. Mind numbed with lust and body tingling with pleasure, Amelia felt new climax peaking even before the previous calmed. Another simultaneous thrust was all it took. She writhed with agonizing ecstasy and cried into the damp forest of curly grey. The men did not relent. They continued to impale her with powerful thrusts. Another burst of pleasure came only seconds later and she was left with merely coherent consciousness. Before long the men tensed up then with one last shove they exploded. Hot seed flooded her channels and she felt goosebumps ran up her back. Their warmth filled and pushed at her pliable walls for accommodation. White murky streams gushed from her stuffed ass and pussy before forming a puddle on the floor. She milked them. Their throbs slowed then ceased after her stomach swelled with their cum. They did not move away. Instead, Amelia felt their cocks stiffening.

"Im not done yet." Dex whispered from behind her ear. His rotten breath sent shiver of desire down her spine. "Imma fill yer up good until yer stink of my cum everywhere yer go so people know who own yer."

"Y-yes…" Amelia replied reflexively. Her heart pounded with excitement as their monstrous penises returned to full hardened size inside her.

"Are you sure she was a hunter?" Royd asked incredulously before pulling her in for another deep kiss.

"Like I said, she probably fuck those terrorbornes til they died." The thug replied and both men burst out laughing.

Sloppy slap broke out from behind her as she sucked greedily on Royd's thick drooling tongue. Dex broke their kiss when he pulled on her damp hair and turned her head so he could pressed his chapped lips to her mouth. His tongue slithered into her gaping lips before foul smelling saliva poured in and Amelia drank with eagerness. The thug released her a moment later to resume his rut. As intense and powerful as before, wet claps of their skins filled the cellar. An intense orgasm struck her after mere seconds and she screamed with delight. The men chuckled but never slowed. They pummeled her as if their lives depended on it. Beads of sweat rolled of her flush body as she tried her best with restrained wrists to meet their thrusts. Ripples rang through her soft butt cheeks upon impact. She tensed up with another explosion of euphoric pleasure as the cocks in her channels began to jerk. Gushes of hot cum sprayed her insides and Amelia thought she smelled Dex's pungent seed in her throat. Pliable walls of her channels stretched out even further to accommodate the on slaughter of intense flooding. She could feel fluid rushing in further than she thought possible. Murky white cream jetted from her filled pussy and ass as the men continued to pump their seed.

"Nghhh! She still milking me!" Royd chuckled. His cock growing limp in her pussy as darkness crept in from the corners of her vision.

"Oh yeah…This whore got great holes" Dex purred before pushing Amelia to the floor next to his friend then dropped to his butt with a thud. Gooey cum sloshed inside her when her back hit the floor and she groaned at the strange sensation. Murky fluid poured out of her channels as she laid heaving for breath. "Be a waste to put her on the street…" The conversation drifted through her semi-conscious thought without any coherent meaning.

"Why not one of those whorehouses?" The chubby man interjected. "More money there."

"Yes. Gotta train her real good first." The thug said with sinister growl. "Maybe a few days…"

"Do you want to tell Salbeth?"

"Nah! The old bastard gonna want her to himself." Dex scowled. "Yer know he hired assassins as his bitch…no need to add hunter to his guards."

"True, true. Then can I fuck her ass now?"

"Fine…Just don't bruise her…Can't sell damage goods." Low chuckles reverberated through the musky air as Amelia felt her heart skipped a beat.

"Talking about bruise, shouldn't we untied her already?"

"Yeah…Don't see why not." Dex replied after a moment of contemplation.

Amelia opened one eye to see Royd rolling her over. A slight tug then a pull and her wrists came free. "Get on your hands and knees." The chubby man ordered.

"Y-yes…" She obeyed and moved into the ordered position with her head bowed low with compliance. A shiver ran through her as cum streaked down her inner thighs from her ravaged channels.

"Good. Now spread your ass and invite me in."

Amelia pressed her flush cheeks against the floor then reached for her round butt cheeks with both hands and with a quivering voice she said. "Please fuck me like a whore."

"No no…Be more specific." Royd demanded after shifted behind her. "And don't forget to add sir at the end. Always nice to be respectful to your client." He added as he rubbed the head of his cock against the spread out ring of her anus.

"Please enjoy fucking my ass with y-your…magnificent cock, sir." Amelia said after a brief gathering of thoughts. The teasing of his bulbous tip only made her more desperate to be filled.

"Excellent!" Royd sang. "Here is your reward!" His pudgy fingers gripped her waist before a powerful thrust followed. The impact rippled through her body as a surge of pleasure erupted.

"A-ahhhhh! Nnnnnn!" Amelia moaned delightfully as rhythmic clashes of their flesh bellowed out.

"Now…w-what do y-you say?" The chubby man asked between pants while impaling her mercilessly.

"Nghhhh! Th-thank y-you…sir!"

"V-very g-good!" Royd praised her before pulling her hands from her ass. "Now I can't be the only one doing all the work, can I?" He coaxed then slowed down to a stop.

"Y-yes…" Amelia pushed her upper body up with her hands and began to roll her hips into him. Ripples ran through the soft cheeks of her ass with each impact and she felt copious cum splashed around in her newly explored depth.

Royd hooked an arm underneath her and reached a finger to her clit. He rubbed intensely on the swollen bud and a burst of pleasure flooded her. Hot fluid gushed from her pussy while she screamed with ecstasy. The climax lingered at its peak as the chubby man continued to massage her overly sensitive knob. Another wave of orgasm wrecked her only seconds after and her arms buckled. Amelia collapsed on the floor still feeling the throes of her climax.

"Who said you can stop?" Royd demanded as he continued to roll her throbbing clit.

"I-I c-can't…s-s-sir…" She pleaded as another climax struck. Amelia writhed under pleasure and felt every muscle in her body convulsed painfully. "P-please…I c-can't c-cum any-anymore…"

"That's not good. This is your training. I won't stop rubbing your clit until you make me cum." He replied with feign disappointment in his voice.

"Nghhhh! A-ahhhh!" A flood of pleasure shook her after she managed a weak roll of her hips and she struggled to move again.

"I'm still waiting." Royd urged.

"Nghhh!" Amelia rolled into him again. A little more forceful this time. She took shaky breaths then pushed back in. A sudden burst of climax rocked her but she grunted through it and hilted him.

Royd reached a free hand to her swaying breast and massaged her supple flesh. The assault multiply in intensity and Amelia was forced into another mind-shattering orgasm. She nearly lost her rhythm as her hips bucked and her clit ached from overuse. Amelia managed to hold on. She rolled into him as hard as she could then again and again. Ripples rang through her supple ass cheeks as their flesh crashed in sloppy mess. Drool dripped from her chin while her head swam in clashing waves of ecstasy. Countless climaxes rocked her before she felt swelling on Royd's massive girth. With her vision blurry from tears, Amelia grunted and groaned with exertion to bring the chubby man to his climax. He erupted after what seemed like the longest minutes of her life and, true to his words, released her clit and nipple. Royd grabbed her waist and pumped his hips into her some more as squirts of hot cum sprayed her overflowing channel. Amelia dropped to the floor like puppet with broken strings, still shuddering from onslaught of pleasure. Royd slapped her butt and muttered some word of praise before withdrawing from her exhausted body. White murky fluid poured out of her gaping anus and spilled down her inner thighs to pool on the floor. Her ballooned up stomach slowly reverted back as her round butt drooped down from its upright position to rest on her heels while her knees folded under her. Another shudder came and she let out a soft moan. A shadow came over her and Amelia saw Dex massive frame standing over her with his black cock full erected. Shiver prickled her skin as tingles of yearning grew between her legs.

"No time to sleep. I ain't done with yer yet." The thug said before squatting down to pull her up by the hair.

"Y-yes…" Amelia replied with a slight smile tugging on the corner of her lips.

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Amelia (reworked)

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