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Can the mirror see the moment?

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Female solo, Gothic

Author: The Thundercloud

Published: 27 September 2018

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With a smile on her face nineteen year old Mia Nordberg pushed the door open. With some difficulty she managed to drag her three suitcases inside and the door closed. The hallway was not very warm but it was still much better that the cold autumn weather outside. The building was close to a hundred years old but careful restoration had kept it in perfect condition. Mia studied the old fashioned ornaments on the pillars of hallway until her gaze fell on the board just inside the door.

At the single apartment at the third floor she read the name Lisa Larsson. “Seems they have not had time to remove the old name,” Mia thought as she felt some discomfort.

It was a blessing that she could move to this apartment instead of living with her aunt but the way the apartment became empty was not pleasant. At first the morning paper had only included a small notice that 22 years old Lisa Larsson had gone missing. The police had treated it as an ordinary disappearance until a journalist found Lisa's diary in a public trash can.

The diary described how Lisa Larsson had been afraid of a stalker. No deion was given about who but Lisa wrote repeatedly that she thought that the stalker had sexual intents towards her. The newspapers saw the possibility for selling extra copies and started investigating what Lisa had done the last hours before her disappearance.

In truth the reporters didn't find much evidence, but there was enough to spin a tale about a sexual scandal. The last evening Lisa had been out dancing on a nearby pub. A number of people had remembered Lisa because how flirtatious she had acted when she literally started to make out with some males on the dance floor. Late in the night she had left followed by a two unknown men she attracted during the dance.

The police continued the investigation and finally concluded that it sounded likely Lisa had been abducted on her way home, but the search had so far turned unsuccesful. Mia had only been following the events with minor interests but when she was offered Lisa apartment she had recalled what she had read.

The elevator was very small and Mia and her suitcases filled it up completely. “Aunt Helen would not have been able to fit herself with all the suitcases with her,” Mia thought and imagined her aunt trying to squeeze her round body into the elevator.

Aunt Helen was very fond of cooking and had constantly been trying to make Mia eat more. Mia on the other hand was very fond of her slim nicely trimmed body and had found the constant bickering about her not eating too much a real bother. It was a great relief to get a place of her own.

With a bit of annoyance Mia for the second time pushed the button for the top floor but the elevator refused to move. She twisted around and realized her mistake.

“The elevator was designed for four floors but the house got only three,” Mia thought and pressed the right button. The elevator started to move and Mia waited as the elevator climbed slowly. Finally the elevator came to halt and she looked on a door with the name Lisa Larsson. The layout of the house was a bit unusual since the elevator and stairs were in different parts of the building. Thus there were no hallway in front of the door. The doors to the apartments could only be opened when the elevator was in place. Mia had heard about this when she signed the contract for the apartment but it still felt a bit weird when she opened the door and stepped directly into her new apartment.

Just like Lisa had done Mia rented the apartment with furniture and she was thus very curious when entered. Gunnar Westerlund, the builder of the house, had in his final will stated that the small apartments should be rented out to students of the university and thus a foundation kept the apartments furnished and ready for students.

Mia's impressions when she saw the furniture was a bit mixed. Surely the old fashioned pieces fit with goth style of the house but it did not make it did not make the apartment feel cozy.

The apartment had only a small kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom but it was surely a bargain at the low rent cost. Mia pulled her suitcases into the bedroom and placed them on the bed. Except from the closet and the bed the only furniture in room was a huge mirror that filled most of the wall. The whole room could be seen in the mirror and it did thus make the room feel a lot larger than it really was.

Mia spent the evening unpacking and checking that all the listed furniture and equipment listed on the contract really existed. Everything seemed to fine and now when she was more at home in apartment it didn't feel so weird.

“After all I will do the studies at the universality and mostly sleep and eat here,” Mia thought as she entered the bedroom. She stopped in front of the large mirror and did a slow turn.

Mia like many others always did dream of becoming a model but she was a practical girl that realized that the chances for that were slim. She was tall and slim but her hair didn't really cut the mark. It was in a nice blond color but curled up too much. Without tying it up or using a ridiculous amount of hairspray her hair would stand out in all directions. Mia also had to admit that her breasts looked a bit small. It was slightly unfair since she used a size b-holder but combined with how tall she was her breasts did look small.

As Mia looked at her vision in the mirror she felt a rush of excitement. Normally you only encountered full length mirrors in stores and there you could never really relax. It was great to have such a mirror in her bedroom. She slowly went back and forward like she had been doing some model job. It was quite fun but her clothes seemed much to mundane to suit her fantasy. She paused and thought for a few seconds and then started to remove her clothes. She knew that she and her mother had not packed any daring clothes since she was going away to study but in only her lingerie with lots of skin exposed it would still look slightly erotic.

With a smile she repeated the slow walk forward and back. Her white cotton underwear looked very nice together with her sun tanned body. Mia tried to move a bit more erotic and was very pleased with the result. If the boys looking at her body imagined visions as this one she could understand that they were looking.

“I bet I could practice in front of this mirror here so that I could learn to turn any boy crazy with lust,” she thought but then noticed the time and understood that it was time to sleep.

She made the bed with her bed linen and a couple minutes later she was in her bed. She could not see the mirror in the darkness but know it was there. As she tried to sleep her imagination kept returning to practicing in front of the mirror.

“I will buy some more suiting clothes tomorrow,” Mia decided before she fell asleep.

* * *

Mia felt great when she came awake the next morning. She had slept only in a white nightgown and when she got up she could not resist dropping the nightgown. She stood totally nude in front of the mirror and covered her private parts with only her hand.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall am I not the most sexy teenager you ever have seen?” Mia thought and pretended to be rubbing her pussy.

It was nothing she normally did. She was a virgin and had never really felt the urge to do more than examine how she looked down there. Still she had to admit that her image in the mirror looked even more erotic when she did this.

“I will late for class if I don't start moving,” she reluctantly realized and rushed away to the bathroom.

The day went painfully slowly but finally it was over. Finally she arrived home and entered the elevator. She pushed the button and was momentary confused when nothing happened until she recalled that it was not the top button she was supposed to use.

Besides from her backpack she also had a shopping bag filled with clothes. It had felt very weird to buy such lingerie and clothes but she could barely stand waiting to try them in front of the mirror. The fact that she had used most of her spare cash for the month was a potential problem, but she felt it was worth it.

When she came inside the rushed to bathroom and changed her clothes. She wanted to see the combined impression the new clothes would make as soon as possible.

With anxious steps she entered her bedroom.

“Will the mirror like my appearance,” she wondered and then dismissed the silly idea, “How could an mirror have thoughts?”

A large smile filled her face as she saw herself in the mirror. She had a red miniskirt and a black top and it did just convey the image she had intended.

“I could picture myself dancing daring in front of the boys in these clothes,” Mia thought and tried some dance steps. This made her return back to reality as she realized how novice like her dance steps looked.

She liked the sexy image she could see in the mirror as her hands rested on her hips but she had not the skill to really dance. She had never been interested in such things.

She felt joy over the improvement her clothes did to her appearance, but then she reluctantly looked towards her backpack filled with books that lay on the floor in the hallway. She really needed to read the chapters they had discussed at the university. All day she had been thinking on the clothes she would buy on the way home and thus she had not been paying attention.

“I can save that for later,” she thought and started to practice in front of mirror.

She let her hands slide over body and seductively moved her hips. Slowly she invented new dance steps and even while she sometimes stumbled she noticed that she was improving. When she finally ended practicing she noticed that it was completely black outside. After eating she could not find her nightgown and she decided to sleep in her underwear.

* * *

The next morning Mia slowly woke up. In her sleep she had kicked the bed cover of and thus the first she saw when she woke up was her semi nude image in the mirror. She giggled with delight as she saw herself. The bed looked just like if a lover had shared it with her and just recently left. She recalled the erotic pose she had done yesterday morning and decided to do some posing.

With trembling fingers she let her hand slide inside her panties. With a smile on her lips she looked towards the mirror to see how she looked.

“Surely erotic but it looks kind of dull since my hand is still,” Mia realized annoyed. Slowly she started to rub her pussy and was very satisfied with the result. The stretched cloth of her panties looked very suggestive as her hand moved under it.

She continued this for a while. Carefully she let a finger slide inside to feel her maidenhood.

“I wonder what the big deal about masturbation is,” she thought. Her body was filled with tinglings and she continued her slow rubbing. As her fingers passed over her slit she noticed that it had become slightly moist.

“Is this how sexual excitement feels?” Mia wondered and moaned. Her whole body trembled as her inexperienced fingers played with her private parts. Suddenly Mia thought that she heard somebody crying out something and sat up with startled expression on her face. She had no idea what the voice had said but as she looked around she saw the watch beside the bed.

“I will be late for class!” she realized and this broke her mood. She jumped into her clothes and picked up her backpack and ran.

Mia arrived to right room at the university at the last possible moment and sat down at same moment as the teacher started talking. She had hoped that the material from yesterday would be repeated since she had forgotten to read it but soon found out that this hope was unfounded. The day dragged on and Mia struggled to keep up with the others. With annoyance Mia also noted that the guys didn't seem to see her at all. Two other beautiful woman had all the attention from the males.

“I bet this would change if they saw me in my red miniskirt or knew what I did a few hours ago,” Mia thought blushing as she recalled her masturbation. She wished that she was back in front of the mirror and could finish the task.

Finally the day was over and Mia hurried back home. When she came to the elevator she for once remembered to push the right button and elevator started it's slow climb. When Mia came inside she didn't even think about reading her books, instead she rushed inside to change clothes and a few moments later she was standing in front of the mirror.

All the worries from the long day melted away as she practiced to dance. If there had been a watcher both days he would have noticed that Mia dance was growing more and more erotic. Her hands would slide over her hips and seductively pull her skirt up. She throw kisses towards the mirror and giggled in joy as she saw how much her skill had improved.

“I bet no boy could resist me,” she thought and this made her sex tingle with anticipation.

She noticed that she was hungry and went to the kitchen to find herself some food.

“I need to get out and to see if all my practice has paid of,” she decided. After she was finished eating she exited her apartment. Out on the street she danced forward without caring about the cold autumn weather.

The street was completely deserted and it was a relief when she saw an open pub. As she walked closer her hand drifted under her top and started to play with her left nipple until it became erect.

“Time to show the guy how erotic a woman can be,” Mia thought and danced forward with a smile on her lips. It was a shame that she bought such a modest skirt, why had she not got one that made it more easy to flash her underwear?

As she approached the door she eyed the sign of the pub and in some strange way it disturbed her.

“I have never been hear before, and that is a good, would be kind of embarrassing if the guys knew me,” she thought.

She was just on the way to enter when she suddenly froze as she remembered why the name felt familiar.

“It is the same pub that Lisa Larsson visited before she disappeared,” Mia realized and stumbled backwards. She still felt a longing to go inside and dance but was she not just now exactly repeating what Lisa had done before her disappearance.

With an effort of will power she gathered her strength and walked back towards home.

She entered the small elevator and pushed the top button. As the elevator climbed upwards she closed her eyes and tried to calm down.

“Something weird is going on, why else would a shy person like me doing the same thing as Lisa did,” she thought.

The elevator came to an stop and Mia opened her eyes. It was nice that the landlord had removed Lisa Larson's name from the door, but weirdly they had not put any new name there. Mia frowned at this but then noticed this since the door was ajar.

“What was I thinking when left earlier, leaving home with an open door?” she wondered as she entered the apartment.

It took a couple of seconds for Mia to register the truth. The layout of the hallway was identical to hers but it was not her apartment. The wall was covered with photos of nude girls and the clothes hanging there was not hers. With a red face Mia turned back towards the elevator and pushed the button for floor three. Nothing happened, confused she looked around but then recalled that the doors to the apartments must be closed if the elevator should move. She closed the door but elevator would still not move.

“Wait a second, how could the elevator get here in the first place if this door was ajar?” she wondered. She tried a couple of more times but the elevator would not move and thus there were no option but the enter the apartment again. She looked into the kitchen but except the remains from somebody's breakfast it was empty. She knocked on the door to the bedroom but there were no reply.

She pushed the door open but found it empty. In fact the apartment was sparingly furnished. Only the large wall mirror and a chair was standing there. The chair captured her attention since somebody had attached a huge dildo at the center of it. Mia stared in disbelief at the huge dildo, it was almost as wide as her arm. She could not believe that a girl could take such monster inside her.

As she looked on the rest of the room she felt the familiar tingling when she looked at the mirror, how sexy she would look like in front of the mirror. With an effort of will she looked away from the mirror. Something about the chair looked familiar and Mia suddenly turned towards the pictures on the wall behind her. All the girls on the pictures was doing the same thing. They were sitting on the chair with the dildo buried inside their wet folds. With fascination Mia studied the look of incredible lust that could be seen in their faces. Suddenly she felt dread as she recognized the eleventh picture from the papers, it was without doubt twenty year old Lisa Larson that had gone missing a few weeks ago.

“I must get out of her as soon as possible, I don't like this place,” Mia thought with dread in her heart and returned to the elevator. She didn't become surprised when the elevator still refused to move but suppressed her fear as looked for another exit.

She felt a strong urge to go and practice in front of the mirror but she suppressed this feeling too.

“I can use the stairs,” she realized but where the door out should have been there was only a flat wall. She walked through the apartment looking for some option she had missed at the same time as she without any conscious decision started to rub her breasts.

“Perhaps it is possible to climb down on the outside of the house,” she thought and walked to the open bedroom window.

As she looked outside she noticed with surprise that not a single sign of the autumn could be seen. It looked like it was in the middle of the summer. Mia looked down and cried out in fear. Halfway down to the ground an body hung in the air suspended by nothing. It was an man clothed in old fashioned clothes. His face was frozen in incredible concentration as his hand seemed to point back towards the window. Mia stumbled backwards in fear.

She turned and as her gaze fell on the mirror she felt her fingers moving to remove her clothes. With a deep sigh Mia managed to break free and she ran out into the kitchen. Away from the mirror the longing was easier to handle. She looked around the kitchen and noticed a small notepad on the dinner table. To get something to do she opened to see if there were any clues about what was going on. From the handwriting she guessed that the writer must be a woman.

"I am afraid. Something weird is going on. I pushed wrong button and the elevator moved to fourth floor but there are only three floors in this building," she read. The text continued but was turning more and more to be only be about thoughts about masturbation.

Mia turned the page and found that there was a new person writing. "In some way I have become trapped here too. I don't know if the previous girl me made it out. The longing to do dirty things in front of the mirror is driving me nuts. I think that I must resist or else something bad will happen. I will be right back, must take a second look at that big dildo." There were no more entry's with the same handwriting.

Mia continued to turn pages but there was just random thoughts from confused girls. In the tenth handwriting she again found some interesting information. "It seems I am the tenth victim of this magic trap. I have never believed in such things as magic but the evidences are impossible to ignore. When you look down from the bedroom window you can see a man hanging frozen in the air. Is the real trap that you should use the dildo in the bedroom or is that you try to climb down past that man. He is hanging so close to building that you need to touch him if you want to get down. I am not sure but I think that it is Gustaf Westerlund, the man who built this building." With dread Mia turned the page and found a last entry. "I am sure now. The stalker I thought was following me is not a living being. This whole building is intended to trap girls like us. I don't know about the reason but I intend to find out before I loose my willpower."

“The last one writing must be Lisa Larson. Her diary talked about being afraid of a stalker,” Mia thought and picked the pencil up to write herself. She thought about dropping a note from the window or shouting for help but it sounded unlikely that it would do any good. All the world outside was frozen except herself.

“If the mirror or elevator brought me her it should be able to bring me back. I just need to figure out how they work, “she thought but it was growing harder and harder to think. Her panties had become soaked and all thoughts returned back towards masturbation.

“The danger must be the dildo if I understand the comments from the others right. Thus if I avoid using that but masturbate in front of the mirror I will get relief so that I can think straight again, she thought and after writing this down she walked towards the bedroom.

With haste she dropped her clothes and looked at her tall nude body in the mirror. Without hesitating she started to play with herself. She trembled as her fingers played with herself. She was so moist that it was dripping down her long legs. It felt unreal as she saw herself masturbating without abandon. She was panting with excitement now but she was still not there yet. A couple of fingers was inside her trusting but even while it felt great they didn't do more than bring her to the edge.

“I need more stimulation!” the thought as she trembled with lust.

“Perhaps it is prolonged used of the dildo that is dangerous,” she thought and this thought was enough to make her walk to the chair. Without any real hesitation she guided the gigantic dildo inside her. She felt it rip through her virginity at the same time as she screamed in sexual excitement. Her whole body trembled as feeling of intense lust ripped through her being. She opened her eyes to see her image in the mirror. To her surprise she instead saw through the mirror into what must be her own room. Her own stuff was gone and on her bed an unknown nude girl lay masturbating.

“The next victim,” Mia thought and this was her last thought before everything went black. The last thing she saw was the girls confusion as she thought that she had heard somebody calling out to her.

The End

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Can the mirror see the moment?

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