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This is How Life Turns Out

Categories Fiction, Asian, Ass to mouth, Lesbian

Author: Harley Raven

Published: 01 October 2018

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This is How Life Turns Out

* * *

Chapter One

* * *

She walked off. Dammit. My first girlcrush, now she was walking away. God, I was stupid.

I had had a crush on Emma since the time I became a lesbian. She was a really pretty girl. She was from Japan originally. She was short, about five foot two, with black hair dyed pink at the edges, and big brown eyes. Oh yeah-- she also had the prettiest butt on Earth.

"Hey!" I shouted, "Wait!"

Emma turned around.

"What?" She asked, hands on her hips.

"I... Um... I wanna show you something," I replied.

She rolled her eyes.

"Oh, fine!"

She followed me back into the hotel room, shutting the door behind us.

"What?" she asked, once we were both seated on the futon.

I blushed. I had no idea how to say this. So I didn't. I just charged onto her.

"What the fuck?!" she screamed.

For a second I was just on top of her. I looked into her eyes and smiled.

"You bitch," she said, "You fucking bitch."

She ripped off my shirt and tied it around my neck, pulling it tighter.

"Huh?" she asked, "Like that?"

She ripped off and threw it onto the bedside table.

"You know I want this, you slut, come on, you want it to. Come on!" she screamed.

I lowered my head down and we started making out. She reached her hand down, under my shorts, into my panties, and she forced a finger into my pussy. It was a huge shock-- I don't know why. I slapped her across the face.

"Bitch," I said, "FUCKING BITCH."

She laughed.

"I love that. I love being a bitch," she giggled.

She turned me over, taking off all her own clothes except for her bra. She put her hands over my tits and squeezed hard. She played with them for a second and then moved up, putting her dripping wet cunt over my face. I heard her unstrap her bra.

"Go!" she shouted.

She started rubbing her pussy across my mouth, and as I licked harder, she screamed, putting her hands down over her clit.

Soon I knocked her forward and shoved my chest over her lips. She sucked on my nipples, at one point shoving her whole fist up my ass.

"Emma! Oh, yes, come on... Yesss..." I moaned, "Oh yeah, keep going! Oh, fuck yess!"

She looked up at me and wrapped her legs around mine, us both sitting up. We exchanged glances, and then she layed me down onto the mattress.

"I don't know how you got me into this," she muttered, and dove for my neck, sucking it madly.

"I don't eiter."

She straddled my body, interlacing our legs, then bouncing on me. Lightly at first, then it turned to a more back and forth motion. I could feel everything mixing together down there and I loved it.

"This is best part," I said eagerly.

I put one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her juicy ass. I tumbled over her, on top again. I distracted her by playing with her hard nips, then, with the other hand, reached under the futon and pulled out the strap-on that I'd hidden there. I lifted my cunt above us and strapped it on, moving up so that it was over her mouth.

Without asking, I shoved the dick in her mouth. I could tell it was hurting her, filling her up, going down her throat, and I loved it. Dominating another girl. I bounced up and down, pushing all 10 plastic inches down inside her throat.

I finally took it out, moving down her body so that I could look her in the eyes. At first I teased her, sliding in and out between her thighs.

"Do it," she finally said.

I looked down at her pussy. The futon was ruined. She was squirting everywhere, still now. *Yes!*

I entered her, hard. No prep.

She screamed at first. I went harder, really digging into her. I pushed her hands onto my hips, holding her down.

"Want me to stop?" I asked.

"No!" she cried, "Keep... Going!"

She was moaning and screaming, but enjoying it all. Exactly what I liked. I collapsed on her, clasping one hand tightly on her neck, choking her, the other clamping her mouth shut.

There were muffled noises from her mouth, but I didn't stop.

"You like that, Emma? Yeah?" I asked.

I took my hands away, slowly pulling out.

"Oh my God," Emma said, "That was great. Like, I literally couldn't breathe, but it was great."

"Good," I replied. But before I could continue, the door cracked open.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE?" a voice shouted. A man's voice. Oh shit. We were deeeeeeeead meat. I flipped the covers over us, like, just napping! Yeah right. It was one p.m.

"I heard screaming..."

Although my eyes were shut, I heard a stomp in front of us.

I opened my eyes.

"OMG!" I fake screamed, "What the hell?"

I pulled the sheets closer over us.

"I know what was going on in here. As you know, Paradise Retreats is a kid-friendly hotel chain, and therefore, loud sex during the day, except in the presidential suite, from 7 am to 11 pm, is forbidden."

"I didn't know!" I screamed, which was true.

"Yeah, sure you didn't. I know who you are, Mina. I believe you do too, Emma."

"What?" Emma asked innocnetly, "No."

We both did, obviously. Some kid, well, he wasn't really a kid now, Andy, from our middle school. And then I noticed" We were both naked.


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This is How Life Turns Out

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