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Fucking my mom's sister

Categories True Story, Cheating, Teen

Author: YASH BHA12

Published: 01 October 2018

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I am Sami and iam 20 years old. This is a true story after reading many story here I am posting my own . This is the story me and my mother's sister {Mohini }. I am narrating how sex life between me and her started. When I was 16 years old and she was 34 years old. She had a huge ass that giggled and very large lemon like boobs or tits. Her huge cleavage was often displayed.

My mom was out of town due to some work and she was there Mohini was there in her place to do the household. She visited us once every month usually. This time she was here for 3 to 4 days. The first day when she came after eating we all slept . Me , my father and my brother in one and Mohini in another .

When all slept around 2 a.m. I woke upand saw that my father was not on the bed . I thought that he would have gone to washroom and then I again slept without thinking much . But before sleeping some bad thought were coming to my mind. I trying to forget them slept. Next day when I woke for school I saw Mohini preparing our breakfast and saw my father in her room . After coming from school I waited for my father to come when he came at night. I asked him why were you sleeping in the massi(mohini)'s room. Then mohini replied that he came there after waking up early as he couldn't sleep there. She then said that I told him to sleep there as I was waked up for preparing lunch. Then they both smiled each other. After eating they were having drinks and then talking adult jokes and laughing on the same.

Then she slept in her room and we in our. I thought that there is something suspicious I pretended to be asleep . Then my father woke up and moved out of the room. After sometime I followed him . What I say I can't believe I saw my father's cock in my massi's mouth. She was licking his cock like wild . I then watched it and jerked by cock . After this next morning I pretended to have headache . I took a leave from school where as my brother went to schooland my father went to office. I was alone at home with my massi. When my massi was sitting next to me and using her phone. I mockingly asked her that are you watching porn ? She said what do you mean? I said are you not missing your husbandand her cock ?She said shut up. I then replied why would you miss her.you have found a sex partener in my dad.Am I correct? She said quickly what are you saying. I said don't act as you don't know what I am saying . I saw you sucking my father's cock . She said I am sorry , don't tell anyone about this ? I then confidently said I wont but if you do what I would tell you to do . She said okay I will do anything , you want Sami . I said I want you to do sex with you Baby. She not having choive accepting after thinking fir 5 minutes. She was undressing herself when I stopped her by kissing her . We lip locked for 5 minutes. Then I undressed myself . She then whispered wow why you not ask me before for sex. I would have agreed. Then she opened her t shirt and her lower and was now in panty and bra . Then I pressed her boobs and licked her boobs and then kissed her naval . I enjoyed her back and then her milky thighs . I hen unhooked bra and saw her 34D boob and played with them for about 10 minutes . She was horny by this . Then she opened her panty and I saw her shaved pussy . I then inserted my penis in her asshole , she began ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh . Then I inserted my penis in her pussy and then I began to cum she then took my penis and began sucking my cock. I was moaning softly . She took all the cum in her mouth. After the fucking session she and I wore our cloth. Then we once again kussed her lip to lip.

After this I asked her from when you and my dad are together She said that the first day she came here She was trying to sleep at night when my DAD came in her room and then rubbed her hand across her milky legs . She said oh my darling I want to fuck you but you won't except it . She then rubbed her middle finger over her lips. She was turned by this. Then he was going back to his . When she stopped her by holding his hand. Then she said I also want to fuck you . Then he undressed her. And she undressed my father . After seeing her cock , she said this the biggest dick I have seen ever. Then he pressed his boobs and then fucked him in the Doggy style . She was moaning loudly. He then began to cum and mohini took all the cum in her mouth .

Then she narrated the next day's story she said she was waiting for him . When he came , this time he first kissed every part of her body and licked her pussy and then she licked his dick while shaking it . He then inserted his penis into her pussy and asshole . Then he like last night then slept in her room only . She then me that even today morning they had romance they pressed her boobs , enjoyed her back and kissed her thighs.

From that whenever we meet we do have sex . She always says me to use condom . As that day she had to do absorption

So that it don't happen again I always use condom for fucking her. She has become a sex doll for me , my father and her husband.

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Fucking my mom's sister

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