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Menage a Twist

Categories Diary, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Erotica

Author: Adultwriter

Published: 01 October 2018

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I walked into the kitchen wiping the sleep out of my eyes as I made a beeline to the coffee maker. As soon as I reached for my cup, I heard the front door shut, and lock. I looked at the clock: 7:05 AM. I walked into the breakfast room, and looked through the living room to the front door. Brando, my old and faithful “Pit Mix” dog was sitting at the door staring. He turned his head around and looked at me with a sad face. “Yeah, I know, buddy. She left again without saying goodbye.” He flopped down on the floor, behind the door and gave a big sigh. “I know how you feel, old friend.” I walked back into the kitchen and fixed my coffee. I stood at the counter, staring off into space, sipping and thinking. Thinking about Cindy, and how she has changed over the last year. Thinking of how she used to love for us to take her to the airport on the mornings she flew out for business trips, which was every other week. Now, she just used her smart phone to have some random person pick her up, and take her.

I got dressed and headed out to work. Brando was still sleeping. Traffic was thick as usual. I sat down at my desk, and started the morning ritual of checking e-mails. I looked over at Cindy’s picture, and tried to smile at it, but couldn’t. Right about that time, Kim, out new marketing director appeared in my doorway. “She certainly is pretty,” said Kim. “You’re a lucky man.” I looked at her, and smiled. “Thank you, Kim. Yes, I guess I am.” What can I do for you? “Well, I have a project that I’d like to run by you later. Can we meet in the conference room after lunch? Say, 3:00?” I looked at my schedule. “Sure. 3:00 works for me.” She smiled and said “I’ll see you then. Bring your A game, mister.” She smiled, turned, and walked off very slowly down the hall. I found myself staring at her the whole way down the hall. She had long legs, and obviously took very good care of herself. The phone rang, and interrupted my mini vacation on the “Island of Kim.” Back to work.

My head was killing me. I had been staring at numbers, and pointless e-mails all morning. I looked at my watch, and it was 11:15. I’ve got to get out of here for a while, I thought. I grabbed my phone, and headed out to the car. It was a beautiful day, and I was glad to be out of the office. I thought about where to go for lunch, and then thought of poor old Brando back at the house. He looked so sad. I headed home. I’d play with him in the backyard, and grab something quick for lunch, and be back in time to prep for my meeting with Kim.

I pulled up to our house to see a car in the driveway. It was my mother-in-law’s. They had recently moved to town to enjoy retirement. They moved into one of those communities that offers everything from golfing and tennis, to wine parties, and concerts on the lake. They joked about how it was like being back in high school again with all of the gossiping, and dating. Lots of couples enjoying their twilight years, but lots of singles, as well. Linda, and Hal were young, compared to most of the community residents. I found it odd for them to move into a retirement community at their age, but they seemed to really enjoy it.

I parked and made my way to the front door. “What was Linda doing at the house?” I thought. We told them they could stop by anytime, as they didn’t live far, and our place was between their condo, and their favorite watering hole. I opened the door and walked in. I called out “Hello? Linda?” No answer. I walked through the living room, and looked for Brando. He was nowhere to be seen. I walked through the entire downstairs, but no Linda, and no Brando. I looked out in the backyard, and didn’t see them out there, either. Then I heard what sound like muffled voices coming from upstairs. I walked over to the stairs and made my way up to the second floor where our bedroom was located. As I stepped into the upstairs hall, I heard voices at the end of the hall coming from our bedroom. I slowly walked down the hall listening intently to the voices. I heard three distinct voices coming from the room. More precisely, I heard three different people making noises: two women, and man. The moaning and groaning got louder, and more intense as I made my way down the hall. I could tell that the intensity was rising, and building. One of the women sounded more, and more labored. Her breaths were becoming more shallow, and frequent. It sounded like the man, and the other woman were really working on her, and giving her lots of pleasure. She sounded like she was about to be brought to a climax at any time. My cock was beginning to rise, as I listened to the sounds of ecstasy.

I stopped. Wait a damn minute!? “This is my house! My bedroom,” I thought. What did Hal and Linda do? Have one too many cocktails at lunch with one of their community friends, and couldn’t wait to get back to their condo, so they stopped off at my house while I am at work for a Menage a Trois?! In my bed?! Erection now gone, I walked to the doorway, and braced myself for whatever lay beyond the threshold.

I peeked around the corner. I felt disgusted, and a bit mad, but also a little excited at the same time. The erection started back again. What I saw made my jaw drop. I was staring at Linda, lying naked on her back on our bed. Legs spread wide open, and fingering herself. Her left hand was caressing, and pinching her left nipple. She was squeezing and pulling it hard. Her legs were moving in rythym with her right hand fingering her twat. Her pussy was glistening with juice. She was moaning, and groaning louder and louder. The other voices I heard were coming from the television. She was watching a XXX flick on satellite. I looked at the screen and some couple was banging like nobody’s business. Meanwhile, Linda was right in tow. I looked closer from the doorway to see that Linda was wearing one of my dress shirts that she must have fished out of the laundry hamper.

My head was spinning. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was numb. I just stood there staring at what was unfolding before me. Then, Linda opened her eyes, and saw me. She was definitely startled, but not like I would have expected. She clearly saw me, but didn’t stop pinching her nipple, or rapidly fingering herself. It almost looked like she sped up the process. She stared at me for what felt like an hour. I couldn’t move. She finally broke the silence: “Hi, baby. I didn’t expect you to be home, but I’m glad you are here. Don’t just stand there staring, help a lady out, why don’t ya?” I was speechless. I couldn’t say a word. “Cindy. Wha, wha, what about Cindy?,” I said. Linda stopped pleasing herself and sat up. “Rob, I know my daughter. I know her far better than you. I know what you two are going through right now. You are the last thing on her mind right now, and that is a shame. Let me help you, baby.” Right as she said that, my phone went off. A text. I looked at the screen. It was from Cindy. “Rob, my trip has been extended for another day or two. I’ll call later. Also, Mom said she may stop by the house today. She said she needed some ‘Me Time,’ whatever that is. C.” I stared at the message and remained numb. My head was a rush of thoughts. Anger, confusion, and lust. I looked up, and Linda had stood up and was walking toward me. Her body was amazing. Her natural breasts were still firm, and shapely. Her waist was slim, and her legs were slender, and inviting. She smiled at me, extended her arms straight out to me, and fluttered her fingers at me, inviting me to reach out and take her hands. “Come on, baby, come to Mama and enjoy some ‘Me Time.” I looked back at the message, and thought about how badly our relationship was going. I looked at Linda, and her naughty smile. She licked her lips, and cupped and caressed her breasts before me. She backed up to the bed, and sat down and spread her legs. Her moist pussy looked so inviting. I stepped forward. The numbness went away. I tossed the phone onto a chair, and stood before Linda.

She looked up at me and smiled approvingly. She reached up and began unbuckling my belt. I started unbuttoning my shirt. Each button faster than the one before. My cock was growing harder, and harder. Linda unbuttoned, and unzipped my pants and pulled them down. My dick had slipped out of my boxers and was pointing right toward her mouth. I practically ripped off my shirt. She pulled down my boxers to reveal my throbbing cock. Linda grasped my dick with her right hand, and placed it to her lips. Her tongue slipped out of her mouth, through her lips, and licked the underside of my shaft from my balls to the head. Once at the end of the shaft, she pulled my swollen, purple head inside her mouth and gently, and lightly sucked. She reached up with her left hand, and caressed, and pinched my nipple. I so love having my nipples pinched, sucked, and licked during sex. Linda somehow new just what buttons to push on me. After several minutes of her licking, and sucking my cock, she looked up at me and said: “Well, now. You are catching up to me. I did start without you, you know. Now, get to work.” I looked into her eyes, and said: “I brought my A game.” Linda giggled, and shook her breasts a little at me.

Linda leaned back on the bed and spread her legs wide. I kneeled before her and positioned myself between her thighs, and placed my face close to her glistening pussy. I started licking, and kissing her inner thighs. They were so soft, and warm. I licked, kissed, and sucked from the inside of her knees on each leg all the way up to, but not touching her neatly shaved pussy. Every time I would get close, I would retreat back down her leg to the inside of her knee on each leg. Each time, I would get close to her pink pussy lips, she would arch her back in anticipation. Finally, I took my fingers, and spread her luscious pink, wet lips wide, and inserted my tongue down as deep as I could. I licked in and out. In and out. I made circular motions all around the rim of her pussy. I would then make my way up to her clitoris, that sweet “love bead.” I would lick, flick, and suck it. I would then flick my tongue faster, and faster from left to right, and up and down. I took my time. Methodically I worked my tongue all around her pussy, and in and out of it. I would periodically reach my hands up and caress, and pinch her nipples as I tongued her. She would grip my head and face with her thighs. She continued to moan, and groan. She gyrated her hips and met my rythym at every turn.

Finally, I pulled back, and stood up. My cock was about to explode. I normally last a long time, but this was almost like a first time. The extreme thoughts going through my mind were similar to those I had in college experimenting with young co-eds. Exploring boundaries: mine, and theirs. I felt re-born.

Linda looked at me and sat up. She smiled at me and then turned over, and got on her knees before me. She put her ass up in the air, and looked back at me. “Don’t hold back, baby!” I reached up, and grasped her hips. I took my cock, and slid it into her surprisingly tight pussy. It was so wet that I went balls deep on the first thrust. I slowly pulled out, until my head was almost completely out. Once at the brink of popping out, I thrust my hips forward, and pushed my cock deep into her, balls deep again. I repeated the thrusts over, and over. In and out, in and out. Her body, and mine were in perfect timing. She met every thrust I gave her. Harder, and harder I thrust into her. I took my right hand off of her hip, and smacked her ass. She threw her head and and screamed, “Yes! Fuck me harder! Fuck me, baby!” I continued fucking her harder, and harder. Every few strokes, I would smack her ass.

Linda started gripping my shaft tighter and tighter with her muscles. I could tell that she was getting close. She HAD to be getting close! I was about to blow my load any second. Linda looked back and said “Do it, baby! Give it all to me now! Deep, baby, deep! I want to feel your warm cum inside me!” I started pumping her harder, and faster. I was on the brink of explosion. I was sweating like crazy. I gripped her hips, and shoved my cock as deep as I could. Harder, and faster. I felt her body start to quiver. That’s all I needed. As soon as her body started to quiver and shake, I cut loose. I shoved my dick as deep as i could and shot my load deep inside her. We came at almost the exact moment. We both quiverrd, and shook with ecstasy, My cum, now deep inside her, and hers running down her thighs, and coating my balls.

Linda collapsed beneath me and laid flat on her stomach, legs still spread wide. I slowly pulled out, and collapsed beside her. Our bodies were glistening with sweat, and the sweet nectar of sex. She rolled me over on my back, and took my dick in her mouth. She sucked, and sucked every last remaining drop from my rapidly shrinking cock. Once she was satisfied, she leaned up on her arm next to me and smiled. “So, not bad for an old lady, huh?” I smiled at her, and replied, “not bad at all for an old retiree.” She playfully swatted at me to show my her disapproval of my comment. “Beats the hell out of playing cards in the community day room!” We laughed and laid there for a while drinking in the moment. I looked over in the corner of the room, and there was Brando watching it all. I looked over at him and put my finger to my lips and said: “Shhh - not a word to mom about this, buddy.” Linda and I laughed.

I walked into the conference room a few minutes before 3:00 for my appointment with Kim. She had her back to me and was bent over the conference table looking at some charts. I leaned against the door frame, and cleared my throat. She turned around and looked at me without standing up, and smiled. I smiled and said, “ I brought my A game.” Right about that time, my phone vibrated. I looked down, and it was Cindy calling me. I stared at the screen, smiled, and turned it off. Kim said, do you need to get that? “Nah. I’m good. I’m real good.” She smiled and motioned for me to take a seat next to her.

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Menage a Twist

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