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  1. SPACE FLIGHT (The Projects)


Categories Fantasy, Erotica, Romance

Author: James Dylan Dean

Published: 02 October 2018

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Inspired by a song by Jim Stafford.

I was at my favorite beach by the bay one day and realized that I had forgotten to call to make an appointment to have my Suburban serviced. So, I had noticed several times in my walking around in the park that there was still a public phone booth at the coffee shop there. It is one of the few in the whole city that is still operable.

So, I got out my coin purse with my emergency stash of change, to be used if I should be stalled somewhere without my Suburban being available, and moved inside of the phone booth to make the call. Before I dialed, I noticed that the inside walls of the booth were covered with a whole bunch of comments and names with numbers attached. Some of it was rather crude, and a few were actually very funny. But, one stood out on its own.

It had a name recorded, evidently her number and under it a whole long list of things she reportedly would do for the right guy. The list was very impressive and listed every sexual act that I knew of and then some. I know for sure that anything that I could actually want was included on the list. The name at the top of the list was, Petty Poop. So, with more time than brains on my hand, I decided to give this a call before my other mundane one.

When it was answered on the other end, a female voice offered, “Who is this and what is the purpose of your call?” Not the most friendly response that I had ever gotten.

“This is Curious Frank and I was wondering if you were actually the person attached to the name in the phone booth at the bayside park?”

“Oh, that is still written there, huh? I thought that they painted over that some time ago. You wouldn’t believe how many calls that I have gotten because of it.”

“Yes, I can surely appreciate the likelihood of that. By the way, is the list under the number accurate? It seems very inclusive to me.”

“If it is the same one that was there before, ‘Yes,’ it is! And I have added a few things since that the person that posted that notice might not have known about.”

“Interesting! Is there any way that we could get together so that I could verify that?”

“Just rent a motel room in the city and let me know when you can be there and I will confirm the time if I am able.”

“Sounds good. Does your phone accept TEXT messages?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Good, our next communication will be of that type.” And then I hung up to make the call that I had originally intended to do.

Since I had heard the song that Jim had sang and the consequences that it observed with the hero of his rendition, and also because I am not actually totally dumb as a rock, I made security provisions in anticipation of this proposed meeting.

I mounted a camera with a transmitter in a tree across the parking lot from the room’s entrance to record what was going to happen. And I rented the room on a day of the week that she had suggested. Then I moved my vehicle to the small café just three blocks away and then called her number and texted her the motel name and said that I would give her the room number when she arrived and verified that she was present. She texted back, OK and I sat and awaited the results of my little drama.

Thirty minutes later a small car, like what a small lady would drive pulled into the parking lot and parked on the outside just under the camera, so I couldn’t see much of her car or her. But, I could see motions in the car and then I got a text on my security phone that she was in the lot. So, I gave her the unit number and she didn’t move an inch, but two black and whites pulled up in front of the unit and two guys ran around to the back and two moved up to the front door, which turned out to be unlocked.

Evidently the two that went around to the back were there in case I tried to escape through the foot by foot bathroom window, or the only lightly hinged twin windows outside of the main one over the combination heater/air conditioner in the room. The two in the front were inside long enough to determine that I wasn’t in the closet or under the bed and then came out to confer with their partners from around the back. Then after a few minutes one of them came over and talked only briefly with the lady in the car and then they all drove away. As the lady pulled out I got a good view of her car and license number, so I wrote that down and the next morning while still dark retrieved my camera.

Having a very good idea of where she worked, I waited for five days and then went to the police station and found her car parked in the lot. So, I went to the front desk and faked my way through a profession that I thought that I had nicked the door of a car in their lot and wanted to report it to the owner. I heard her name as they called her and before she could come down, I was out the door and away from the premises.

Being patient, but curious, I mounted the camera on a building across the street in the late evening and after several days retrieved it to find that she evidently worked five weekdays a week and got to work at eight-thirty each day and left at five thirty in the evening. And from someone that I knew that was a janitor in the police department offices, I found out that her name was Mona Golinkly. I have no idea at all, where such a name could have been from.

Several days later I laid down the pattern to follow her for a partial distance over several days to find out where she lived. And then when I had found out, I pondered over this for several days to think of what I would do about it. I was very curious still about the list in the phone booth. But, I didn’t want to endanger her, either.

I consulted with a really creepy friend of mine, yes even more creepy than me and he suggested that I put a bug under her car and record over a couple of weeks where she would go to. And so I did, and when he unraveled the info, I found out that she regularly appeared at a neighborhood pub and café not far from her home.

So, I began to eat out there, too. And I dressed in an easily recognizable fashion, so that if she noticed me at all, she would remember me. I totally ignored her the first two times that I came in and shot the breeze with some of the other guys and gals that hung out there. I got a one night stand with an only mildly plush Milf one night out of it, too. She was clean and enthusiastic, and well worth the effort to play with. After that night, she told me that it had been a lot of fun and might be repeated some time. I agreed with that in a jovial mood and left it at that. A couple of guys hit on me too. But, I let the down gently to know that I don’t fly that course. They took it well and still shared in conversations with me when a topic of mutual interest rose up.

I had never been into the pub scene before and found that this broadening of my social activities was a blessing even if nothing worked out with Miss Mona. But, on my third visit, I briefly registered her in my sight long enough for her to notice and then broke off the eye contact to eat my meal and listen to the game on the monitor.

I was eating there two or three days a week with no pattern to the nights to not arouse any suspicions with her and on the third week, I finally got my chance. It was a busy night and every table was full, except for hers. She was alone in a three person table, three person because of the foot traffic pattern. So, I approached her table and nodded at the empty seat and she looked up to me and nodded back. I took the seat next to her, with a good view of the nearest monitor and was confident that no one would take the one on the other side of her, because it had a terrible view of any of the monitors.

She was nursing a cup of tea and as I perused the menu, I asked if I could order a freshening up of her drink and a snack for her with my order for myself. She arched her eyebrows and evidently because I didn’t sound aggressive about it, she politely agreed. So, when I got my meal for the night: meat loaf, mac-n-cheese and a green salad with thousand island dressing, accompanied with a Thomas Kemper root beer, I settled in for the game and my eating. I did nod at her once in a while to let her know that I knew that she was there. But, she was very quiet, but comfortably so.

I had just finished my meal and was contemplating a dessert, when a key play of the game that we were watching manifested itself. She made a very observant observation of it, and I congratulated her for being so knowledgeable. She just smiled and offered that her father had been a semipro and so she was by his training quite knowledgeable about this sport and sports in general. And so I remarked, “Very Cool, by the way what is he doing now?”

“He is the Chief of Police for this town,” she offered with a smile. Then I without flinching offered, “Double Cool,” with the knowledge of why she had always been left alone when she ate here. ‘Police father fear syndrome,’ I thought. PFFS, for short. And it explained a lot of things to me. Especially the scene at the motel. The notes on the phone booth were probably an enemy of her father’s or a disgruntled ex-boyfriend. But, I made it a purpose to continue to treat her exactly as before and see what would happen. She noticed my lack of stressed response and relaxed with me even more then.

We then carried on a back and forth discussion of the game as it progressed and when it was over, she asked if I would like a night cap in the lounge within the building, and I said that I would cover hers, but that I didn’t drink, and especially if I was going to drive. While I watched her enjoy her mixed drink, she asked if I might drop her off at home and save her a taxi ride. She said that she only lived about eight blocks away, and so I acted if I was unaware of that and said that I would be glad to do so.

After the drink, she reminded me that it was a week day night and would have to get home to sleep and prepare for the next day. When I stopped in her driveway, she asked my name, Michael Monroe, and thanked me for the ride. With a pat on my hand, she left and moved to her door, with a wave behind her. Then she disappeared inside and I drove off, wondering what my status was with her after that.

Over the next couple of times at the pub, I on purpose acknowledged her when we caught each other’s eyes, but I avoided appearing to be forward in approaching her again. I could see uncertainty in her face over this, but I had decided to let things percolate for the present. In fact, I the second night of this, took the lady of my previous bedtime adventure home.

She was more than a little inebriated and when she invited me in from taking her home, took me by the hand and directly led me to her bedroom and bed. With me standing there mystified as to what was in order, she shrugged off her party dress and lowered her panties. And then she gathered up two pillows to the side of the bed and laid with her tummy down on them with her legs spread apart. She then looked over her shoulder and invited me to take my pleasure and then get out so that she could sleep till morning to get to work in some kind of workable shape.

So, with her well-shaped and firm booty right in front of me, and her legs splayed so that I could directly see her target zone, her pussy with the lips opened and her cum leaking out, I opened my trousers and moved up to engage myself with her loins. It was a very pleasant trip for me and I quickly got my jollies off and then she rose up and gathered me into a warm embrace and kiss and dismissed me for the night. As I closed up my trousers she suggested that we needed to do this on a weekend night some time so that we could get into a much more entertaining time together. I nodded my support for that idea and left for the night.

The next time that I ate there, it was on a Sunday and the teams were in the playoff season. Our local team was doing fine and was favored to win that night. So, I came early and took one of the prime seats for the night. I paid the seating charge, so that I could delay ordering and accepted a plate of nachos and some root beer to listen to the talking heads get most of it wrong in their pregame comments.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Mona come in just before the game was to start, and with all of the other tables full, she asked if she could sit with me. I said sure, that she had favored me in a similar situation. But, instead of taking one of the seats on either side, she moved the chair around to my side and motioned for me to move over, so that she could get the same great view of the game as I was getting. And she then also began to share my nachos and even took a taste of my root beer, which she showed no little enthusiasm over.

I then ordered for the two of us after conferring with her as to her desires. While I looked away to see when our meals would come, she sneaked a ten under my plate and played innocent for the rest of the meal. Our team was playing especially well that night and she in celebration of that fact, cuddled up to me as the game proceeded on.

When the waitress came to clear our table of the now empty dishes, the ten was exposed, I smiled and looked at Mona and then suggested that it was an early tip for her for her wonderful service. That got us a refill of the nachos and iced water in frozen glasses to enjoy them with.

The game finished with our home team winning big and the door open for them to move on to the championship if things broke well for them. I wondered how things would break for me too, since she had again asked to have a night cap and a drive home.

While in the lounge, we danced a bit and she felt outrageously fine in my arms. I am not a great dancer, but she moved in a manner that made me seem much better than I would normally be. During a waltz, she firmly molded herself up to me so tightly that I could feel her nipples and mons on my body. My body responded dramatically and I felt that she recognized that, too. And soon after that we broke off to return her home.

When we moved to her driveway, she moved over in the seat and engaged me in some super fine kissing. And after a few minutes of that, she kissed me on the cheek and left me in the ‘sub’ wondering what I had done wrong. But, came to the decision that she was just measuring me out with a longer relationship in view. And so I smiled and drove home with my enlarged member gradually easing off.

Over the next few weeks, he was very friendly to her, with smiles and pats to her hands when she wandered by, but he didn’t seek to sit with her and just kept himself busy during two more playoff games talking shop with the other guys there.

Gracie tried to engage him to take her home a couple of times, but he playfully declined, due to other plans and so she soon backed off to see how things would go from then on. Mona noticed this and recognized that Michael was giving some of her treatment of him back to her. So, the ball was in her court at this point.

The championship game was coming up the next Sunday, so she invited Michael to watch it at her home, with another couple from the pub in attendance, too. Michael gladly agreed and offered to bring chips and root beer. She smiled and agreed. Between the four of them, there was no meal, except for the pizzas that came at halftime, but a totally fine snack spread out before them.

The other couple brought some beer, but managed to not get too far gone with it. Mona drank the root beer with Michael.

It was a very close and competitive game, but the home team lost the game with an ill advised pass at the goal line, and the two girls collapsed in tears on the couch in the guys’ arms. The guys were a bit teary eyed, too.

Nobody could watch the post game show, and the other couple left soon to work out their grief at her place.

Michael offered to help clean up the mess and then leave, like he expected her to ask him to do. But, instead, she let him help clean up and then turned on a comforting show on the T.V. and gathered herself up into his arms to smooth out their feelings about things.

One thing led to another and they found themselves in her bed both naked and him up into her pussy vault, feeling like the top of the world. Her face below him was florid, but smiling and her body was thrusting up to meet his thrusts coming down. They were in no hurry to climax and so avoided it with a number of delaying tactics, including a very long side by side 69 session. She seemed to enjoy him and he certainly did enjoy her.

A half an hour later, they were both ready to finalize this love making and so let themselves proceed to each climaxing, him with his member up inside of her. Then they gathered each up into their combined arms and fell asleep for the night.

She woke up at about one in the morning with the realization that she would have to be up by seven in order to get to work. He mumbled that he was off for the week, as he was a teacher. And this was winter break for school. This was the first time that he had mentioned his occupation she recognized. She hadn’t mentioned hers to him, and so far he had shown no interest in knowing of it. But, she told him to go back to sleep and the alarm would go off at five and they could play and talk a bit then until she had to rise to meet her day.

When the alarm went off, they rolled up together and took each other into their arms and just kissed and caressed for some time. Then they got up and took a hot shower together highlighted by oral on each other, with him filling up her mouth. And then he dressed and left her to get herself together for her job that day.

Three months later, they became engaged and six months after that they married.

During the preparations at the wedding, Mona’s father the police chief, took a few minutes to talk with his upcoming son-in-law. After nodding at each other, the father remarked, “A long way from a park side phone booth, huh?”

“You Knew?”

“Right from the very beginning!”

“Why did you react that way at first and then let things develop?”

“We at first were worried that you were some kind of weirdo, like the others that had called her from the public phone with those scurrilous assertions. But, after the motel and our digging into who you were, we found out that you were almost normal and inoffensive. So, we let your little oddball courting manner proceed. You see, the guys on the force consider Mona as their little sister and are very protective of her. You were never alone with her over the months without one of them nearby. In fact the guy at the game at her home was one of them, too. They got a considerable amount of humor over how things developed and were very impressed with your patience in pursuing her. Especially when you gave up a pretty good thing with Gracie to continue with Mona on a more patient course. In the end they were pulling for you when they came to know that you were a teacher.

After the vows, you two will be on your own, but they will be alert to you two whenever you cross any of their paths.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

The Chef, just smiled at that. And he smiled even more when he escorted his dear daughter up to the altar to give her over to me.

And we have been busy crossing off the list in the phone booth. The only one not a candidate for success (the bottom one,) is her eating ‘shit.’ But, I know that I will if I should ever misuse her. The chief and all of her police big brothers would insist on it.

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