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Once licked, twice remembered

Categories True Story, Blowjob, Cheating, Cum Swallowing

Author: mikedionne

Published: 03 October 2018

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“Ssssshhhh” she said as he took notice of how her legs laid over the side of the bed. “Relax” he heard after he clenched his buttocks tight into the mattress. Connor knew he needed to calm down and catch his breath for a minute but he missed her touch. He missed how her fingernails slid up and down his leg, taking their time to get to where he wanted them to be. He missed how she’d slide her wet body out from under his and sit up at the end of the bed and he really missed those eyes starring back at him like he was a dog who earned a treat. This time was different though because her eyes were flat, slient and dark. They were the evil eyes he needed in her for as long as he could remember. “What?” she asked as her hand cupped his balls, still dripping, still twitching and still full. “Nothing” he said as he guided her hand to himself, his hard throbbing member dripping with excitement. “I told you the cock ring would work; are you ready?” “Yes” he said with a stutter. He watched her sit in the center of the bed, lay back and spread open her pale legs. His mouth watered as he moved closer, licking his lips and taking his last breath of fresh air. This is what she missed. She missed how his stubble could tickle the side of her thighs. She missed how his perfect white teeth, resting on her slightly bushy bulge between her legs, could tickle her clit and she really missed how his tongue moved. His lips sucked on her clit before two fingers slid inside of her. “More, more, more” she begged before he put another one in and twisted his hang around. “Like that?” he asked as he licked the cum from his lips and slid his pinky finger inside. She looked down at him noticing the creamy fluid on his lips and she couldn’t help but be even more excited. She tried to push more of his cum out and into his mouth because just as he noticed her eyes she now noticed a new Connor. This man was now giving her the proper cleaning she had wanted because only a true slut, a real skank would ever have cum eaten out of her. This whore, cumbucket of a woman is now the person she was and she didn’t care. She didn’t have to work hard to impress anyone and she knew it. She could wiggle her walk and glide her ass a certain way and all the men would – POP! Just as she was building up her own ego Connor had quietly stuck two of his long boney fingers in her ass. He looked up at her expecting a subtle tap on the hand which meant she wasn’t in the mood for that today but his twitching cock dribbled more because she was liking it. “Put one more in, okay Connor?” He slid his pinky finger in and her deep sigh told him she was comfortable and her eyes told him he could do whatever he wanted. He pulled his fingers out and his tongue to continue to slop up every last drop of his warm, white semen from her wet pussy. He knew what he was doing and he was no longer afraid of the that dirty demon deep down inside of him telling him what to do and he was finally giving into him and himself. He worked his tongue faster and faster, sucking on her lips and clit and swallowing every ounce of what his big, hard dick put inside of her. “Please, please, please” she moaned “Do it Connor.” He knew what she meant and gave her a wink she would never see and finger at a time slid his whole fist into her tight pussy. He loved seeing her spread like this, looking at how he was wrist deep into her just hairy enough cunt, seeing those nice tasty lips of hers hug his hand like a glove. “Fuck….” she gasped feeling a small but pointed rush of air between her lips. He could tell she was close and slowed his tongue down to an almost crawl and was barely easing his hand in and out but she clenched her muscular thighs together and pulled his head up. “Faster!!” Her yell reminded Connor just how angry this woman could get and the fear that instilled caused his tongue to move faster, slide deep inside her while her hands gripped the already messy sheets. She took a deep, guttural breath in and shook before that gush of warm fluid left her and splashed over his face. He stayed there with his mouth open to get as much as he could and couldn’t help but notice how hard his throbbing dick was now. The vein was pumping and his balls were tight to his body as he got up and walked around to the other side of the bed without drawing attention from his near passed out lover. Her head hung over the side of the bed and made sure to stay quiet as he thrust himself deep into her mouth. Connor ignored her gags, spits and gasps as he wrapped his hands around her throat and fucked her head deeper than any pussy he’d seen. She could feel his hardness spreading her throat and felt his grip loosen with each hard pulse that gaped her throat more and more with each pounding. She felt his thighs hit her head and she wielded what control she had left to slide her fingers up and down the front of his thighs before reaching around to hiss clenched butt and caressing him there; it was that spot she knew he liked. Connor couldn’t hold back any longer and called her name as she pumped belly full of his hot fluid, thinner now but still better than the other pond water she’d been filled up with. He stayed down deep in her throat and watched it pulse with every throb of his still hard cock before he pulled himself out. Connor barely gave her a moment to catch her breath as he swirled himself around her lips, gathering up all that thick throat spit and cum. Instinctively she opened her mouth and accepted the fluid and moaned with satisfaction when it was in her belly. “You remembered how much I love that; Thank you” he told her. Her head bobbed in an approving motion as she was able to sit up and see her secret lover standing before the bed, still hard and still ready to fuck. There was a lot she missed about this man and thankfully his girlfriend wouldn’t be home for a few hours. “Connor don’t forget to change the sheets before she comes home…”

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Once licked, twice remembered

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