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Daughters satisfy dad's needs

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Authror: tonysex23

Published: 03 October 2018

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My name is Rick. I am a 42 year old widower. My late wife, Diane, was killed two years ago by a guy high on drugs when he crashed into her car.

The bastard survived and was given too short of a sentence as far as I was concerned.

I was faced with bringing up our twin 16 year old daughters alone now.

The law firm where I am a partner has been terrific, giving me time off as I needed it.

Now, my daughters are graduating high school and are going to spend the summer with me relaxing before going to a local college.

My firm gave me the summer off, with pay, and told me to enjoy my time with the girls.

My kids, Dee and Kim are the spitting images of their mother. They are 5'6", about 110, blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic shape from gymnastics and big tits.

Over these last two years, I have tried to be mother and dad to them and I guess I have been successful as both kids graduated with honors and are good kids.

Their grandparents helped as did some of my friends and neighbors, so in that respect, I have been blessed.

We live in a ranch style house in Clermont, Florida on five acres of private land. We have a pool and hot tub as well.

Many a time we relax by the pool, working on our tans.

Whenever the girls are out, I sunbathe naked as it just relaxes my entire body.

One day, at the start of our summer time off, I must have fallen asleep while I was naked by the pool.

I was woken up by people's voices coming from the house. I realized the sounds were my daughters talking and heading my way.

I panicked and tried to hide my nudity but the girls caught me.

"Daddy," Dee said, "Sorry we woke you. We didn't know you were out here."

I must have turned a beet red from embarrassment as I realized they saw my erect cock, which was about 12 fully erect.

Kim continued by saying, as she was giggling, "Dad, don't get up on our account. We aren't prudes, you know. Mom told us everything."

Then both of them laughed and headed back into the house.

At dinner time I apologized to the girls and told them it wouldn't happen again.

Kim said that seeing me naked and with an erect cock didn't bother them at all.

Dee chimed in and said they were jealous of mom and smiled.

After everyone had their laughs, we finished dinner and then went out to the movies.

I was tired when we got home and told the girls I was heading off to bed. They both said they were going to shower and go to bed.

I tried to fall asleep but couldn't. I kept picturing myself when the girls saw me naked and with a hard cock.

I soon found myself with a huge hard on as I started to jerk off.

I must have been making sounds as all of a sudden my girls opened the door and saw me jerking off.

"Daddy, are you ok?" Kim asked.

I couldn't hide what I was doing so I yelled for them to leave.

Instead of leaving, they came over to me and said it was ok if I was jerking off.

Dee said, "Dad, we understand. It has been a long time since mom died. We love you."

As I looked at them in their bathrobes, I just smiled and told them that I loved them.

I then told them to go to bed and that I was fine now.

They looked at each other and in an instant, their robes hit the floor and they stood naked in front of me.

I told them to put their robes back on but they both came towards me and joined me in bed.

I told them it wasn't right that they were naked in my bed with me.

However, my cock was on the rise and Kim said, "Daddy, mom told us to always take care of you if anything ever happened to her. We are just doing what she wanted us to do."

Then Kim kissed me, just like her mom used to.

I knew I shouldn't be doing this but I couldn't stop or help myself.

My cock was rock hard and I felt Dees hands around my shaft.

My gorgeous daughters were really taking care of their father now.

Kim's kisses grew more intense and soon her tongue was exploring my mouth. My hand grabbed her tit as my other hand roamed over body.

Dee moved down to my cock and I felt the warmth of her mouth on my cock head.

Dee tried to get my cock in her mouth but it was too big for her so she just sucked my cock head while jerking my shaft.

Then Kim got on top of me and straddled my cock.

Dee guided her cunt over my cock and Kim slowly took my cock in her cunt as she slid down my shaft.

Dee watched as my 12" cock was fully seated in my daughter's cunt.

Kim started riding my cock as Dee and I were kissing.

It didn't take long before I told Dee I was going to cum.

She started riding me faster and I shot a huge cum load into my baby's cunt.

When I pulled my cock out, my cum flowed out of her and all over me.

As I laid in bed, spent, my daughters hugged and cuddled with me as the three of us fell asleep in each other's arms.

As the sun peeked into my bedroom, I eased myself out of bed and headed to the shower as the girls slept.

As I started showering, the shower door opened and both my daughters joined me.

I kissed them both and thanked them for last night and told them that it was a one time event.

Dee and Kim looked at each other and laughed.

Then they told me something I never knew.

Dee told me that when their mom was in the hospital, the girls said that their mom made them promise, as she knew she was dying, to be her replacement as a wife to their dad and completely take care of all his physical needs.

Kim then said that is exactly what they were doing and will be doing for him.

I was in shock. I couldn't believe my ears, that my wife told her daughters to take care of my physical needs.

As the water ran down our bodies we all hugged and my kids started to feel me up. Photos http://uii.io/ftSj6T Soon my cock was rigid and the girls were playing with me.

Their breasts felt so good on my body that I had to fuck my girls.

We got out of the shower and we headed to my bedroom.

Dee laid down and spread her legs. I lined up my cock to her slit and slowly inserted my cock into her tight cunt.

With Kim's help, I filled Dees cunt with my cock. As I started fucking my daughter ever so slowly, Kim started kissing her sister then sucking on her nipple.

Seeing this, I started ramming my cock harder and faster into Dees cunt.

As she was fucking me back, I told her I was going to cum and then I shot stream after stream of cum into my beautiful daughter's cunt as she continued sucking her sister's nipples.

I finally pulled my cock out and moved to the side as Dee and Kim embraced. Kim mounted Dee and they started rubbing their pussies together.

It wasn't long before the girls were writhing in pleasure. I watched as they both had multiple orgasms.

I joined them and kissed them.

I told them I loved them.

For the rest of the summer the three of us grew closer and closer.

I thanked my late wife every night for giving our daughters to me.

My daughters became women that summer.

I promised them that we would take a trip to the Hedonism resort in Jamaica as soon as our schedules would allow.

They kissed me, smiled and said they couldn't wait.

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Daughters satisfy dad's needs

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