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Don't leave me... Please (Yandere F Garchomp x M human)

Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Blowjob, Cruelty

Author: Adramelech

Published: 03 October 2018

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Felix couldn't sleep, the toughts in his head were tormenting him. "How was I going to tell her that she can't be here anymore? I understand that Erika was a little problematic, but kick her out of the house was too much". Felix turned his head and look at her garchomp, she was still sleeping, so calm. It was incredible the difference when Felix was near and when not. That attitude started long time ago... when she was a gabite...

The day that he meet her for the first time was a rainy one... Felix was returning home after visiting a friend, he doesn't have a umbrella to protect himself, because of that he need to use the fastest route to get home, a cold was the least he wanted, and that route was through the forest.

*Splish-Splash* Felix was running in the direction of his house, his parents had told him how dangerous that forest was but he doesn't care, in a rainy day like this all the pokemons would be hidden in their homes, probably, so he wasn't worry for a wild pokemon trying to attack him. Everything looked clear, everything except a lonely pokemon that Felix had never seen before. What was that? Absolutely wasn't from here. The pokemon seem so scared, confused, desperate, Felix couldn't leave without doing something. He approached calmly, Felix dosen't wanted to scare the pokemon even more, and when the boy was close enough he try to calm it down, the pokemon just look at him, shaking, and suddenly hugged him. What should he do? Search for his parents? if they are around here... and the what? No, no... Mmm... if he capture it he could undestand what happend, but he has never use a pokeball before, because he doesn't like the idea of capturing another living being, but this time was a exception. After he fell a little pain in his body he realize that the pokemon was hugging him with more strengh. When they arrived at his house. the first thing Felix did was to look for a pokeball, when it was in his hands the boy looked in the pokemon eyes and say "If you let me catch you I could help you even more so please, just calm down... Okey?" The pokemon seemed to understand. The pokeball fly thought the air and hit the pokemon, in a moment it was capturated. Rapidly it quickly left his pokeball and started to talk.

- "Please... help me... my trainer told me to hide in that forest saying that... that he would find me... but..."

- "Calm down what it's your name? Let's start there"

- "My name... It's Erika"

- "It's nice to meet you Erika! My name is Felix. Now... about that trainer what did he exactly told you?".

- "We were playing... He told me to hide in that forest, we were very deep, saying that he would find me, and... the hours passed and I was starting to worry... I wait... and wait... and wait until the night... It was too much I left my hiding place and went to look for him... I was so scared... -crying- I run and run... but I couldn't find him... I run ultil I faint from fatigue... the rain wake me up in the morning... I hope it was a nightmare, but I was still there... alone... and then I doesn't know what to do anymore... I was so lonely...then you appeared... you seem so calm..."

After Felix heard her story he hug Erika and told her the most probably thing.

- "Erika... it's almost sure that your trainer wanted to release you there".

- "But why?!".

- "I don't know...".

- "What I'm going to do now...".

- "Don't worry Erika... You can live here with me".

- "Really?".

- "Yes. No problem at all".

After that I discover Erika was a gabite and then she would evolve into a garchomp, a very scary pokemon. The only problem with Erika is that she only obey me... She was so hostile with everyone that my friends and my family couldn't believe that she can be so calm with me. It wasn't that bad so they will have just to bear it, but the day that Erika evolve into garchomp was the limit, her attitude was so terrible with them, that in one opportunity she attacked my father, it wasn't nothing serious but my parents told me that she need to live in other place, because here they wouldn't accept her anymore.

And here I am... Thinking... She was going to get angry... very, very angry without any doubt.

- "You can't sleep Felix?".

- "Wha-? Erika I'm sorry for waking you up".

- "Hehe don't worry I'm not mad... with you".

- "(That's strange... she get always mad) Erika... I need to tell you something".

- "What's it Felix?".

- "You...Eh...you need to..."

- "Need to what?"

- "Need to... leave".

- "It's because of your parents right?"

- "Yes but..."

- "Fine then"

- "What? Really? I was thinking in a place near the forest, but don't worry I promise that I'll visit you every day"

- "I know you would. -giggle- I can't wait"

That last phrase leave Felix thinking. "She can't wait to leave? Why? She need more space?" Without thinking anymore he try to sleep again a little more relaxed.

The next day Erika woke me up in the morning, something odd for her, she was really excited.

- "Come on, let's go. I can't stand these people anymore"

- "Are you sure you want to go right now? We can eat something first"

- "Pff... fine let's eat" - Leaving the room -

I tell my parents that we would leave after having breakfast, their faces were like make a dream come true. Did they really have such a bad time? We had a hard breakfast and we leave the house. Erika seemed very happy. Why? I didn't understand it.

- "I hope that place is really deep in the forest"

- "Well... for your luck it is"

Erika didn't say anything, she just smiled sinisterly. I was starting to fell a little uncomfortable. After almost half an hour walking we arrived at the place. It was like a cave, but a very special one, on the roof there was a hole, where you can see the sky and some trees.

- "It's a really nice place"

- "Hehe. I knew you would like it!"

- "So now I will live here"

- "Yes..."

- "And you will live with me"

- "Exactly... Wait... what?"

- "You heard me"

- "Erika I don't want to live here. Not because of you of course..."

- "I wasn't asking you"

Erika's look totally changed, she started to approach Felix slowly.

- "Erika... I'm not going to stay here!"

- "You are going to leave me! Just like my old trainer..."

- "Of course not! I told you, I'll como back every-"


Erika cornered me with a nerby tree. She was furious, but in a strange way. I could feel her breath in my face. Her look was like a predator catching a prey. I had never been so scared in my life. This was what my family and friends felt? No... This even worse. I was frozen. I wanted to say something but... the words didn't come out.

- "Go inside..."

I did what she asked me without putting any resistance, slowly I enter the place. She carefully followed me closely. Once inside Erika stare at me for a moment and suddenly she hugged me.

- "I don't want you to leave me... You are the only one that care for me. I can't let you go. I don't want to remember that feel again!"

Erika began to hug me so hard that it started to hurt me. After hearing that I felt relieved knowing that she can count with me. What am I supposed to do now...?

- "If this is what you feel... I will stay here with you" -Hugging her back-

- "Why... Why you are so kind? I have only brought pain to your life... Even now..."

- "That's not true"

- "I don't deserve you... but I can't help wishing you to my side. I need you so much"

Finally I stay the night there. Erika couldn't be more happy. She chatted with me the rest of the day, and of course Erika showed me how strong she was, she was always training to prove me that she was the most powerful pokemon. I guess she thought doing that would make me happy? I don't know... and I don't care, I would love her anyway.

The night come. The sky looked beautiful. We finally fall asleep, everything seemed "fine", but suddenly...

- "...Felix!..."

Who was calling me? D-Dad?! Oh no... Erika go out in a second. How could she be so fast?! I ran as fast as I could.

- "Get out of here! Felix is going to stay with me!"

My dad couldn't undestand anything that Erika was talking. Only I can do it, I'm her trainer.

- "Where is my son?! Where?!"

I was behind Erika trying to explain the situation to my dad, but my garchomp make it all harder.

- "Felix! You are alright! Come back home. We were wo-"


- "Dad! I can't go... Erika want me to stay and-"

- "I knew it! You fucking bitch! Give my son back!"


Fearing the worst I put myself in the middle of the two.

- "Erika wait please!"


- "Dad run!"

- "But-"

- "Run or you will die!"

- "I- I'll be back!"

- "No please..."

I hugged Erika trying to calm her down, while my dad was escaping her fury.

- "Erika calm down! I'll stay here! To your side!"


- "I know but it was because he was very angry! But he leave! Don't kill him please..."

- "ARRGH... FINE! -*pant*- but only because of you..."

- "Thank you..."

Erika push me back into the cave. We sleep again. Erika slept on top of me. I felt warm but a little crushed. In the morning everything seemed more serene. While we were looking for something to eat I was thinking about what happened yesterday. What would happend the next time? And when...? It's almost sure that today... Could I try to persuade her? Mmm... Let's try...

- "Erika?"

- "What?"

- "If someone appear again..."

- "If someone appear again I'm gonna have no mercy!"

- "But-"

- "Even if it's your family"

This was looking bad. Think dammit.

- "I what about me? They are important to me. You don't care how do I feel?"

- "I'll do anything to protect you... So I care about you."

- "But Erika I-"


My blood freeze, she say it for real. I didn't dare to say anything more in hours. How she can be so cruel? I understand that she love me but... that was... extreme.

This night I expected the worse. I couldn't sleep, thinking in the person that will come in my help... And I can't do anything to save him. I hear a voice.

- "Felix?! Answer please!"

And like the first night Erika was out there in a moment. I would have wanted to stop Erika but... I was so scared.

- "One more step and you are dead!"

It was the captain of The Guard, the closest thing to a police group that we have in here...

- "So this is garchomp... it's really scary. Come on glaceon!"

From a pokeball a glaceon come out. Erika was desperate for fighting.


In a second glaceon started to shake. And me too...

- "Use Ice beam!"

But just when glaceon started to charged the beam Erika was close enough to hit him with her tail. Glaceon crash with a tree and before he could open a eye Erika was on top of him biting his neck with such brutality that he looked like a simple doll. And the next was the captain... Who was looking how his partner was murdered. Erika stop destroying glaceon body and walked slowly to the captain, and with a precise cut she slice his throat. The blood fall in Erika's chest. They were both death trainer and pokemon. After that garchomp started to laugh.

- "It's done... I made it..."

She looked at me and approached.

- "I'm the strongest here! Now we can be together... forever"

I tried to run but she hugged me before I could. The blood in her body touch mine. Blood... of a death person.

- "Together... Now I want my prize!"

- "Prize...?"

- "I want you Felix..."

I didn't like how that sounded. Erika clean the blood and took me back to the cave. Then she get really close to me.

LEMON PART (Scroll down if don't want to read)

- "We are going to have fun tonight"

- "What do y-Hey! What are you doing!"

Erika tried to lower his pants but it was to hard for her.

- "Arrgh... Put your pants down..."

- "Erika I don't-"

- "Down I say! I have waited too much for this."

I didn't want to upset her so I take a deep breath and mentalise for what could came next. We were really going to... do it? I put my pants down. Erika put her face in my underwear.

- "*Sniff-Sniff* Hehe... You are someone dirty Felix... but not as much as me -giggle-"

With her mouth Erika put my underwear down, revealing my cock. Slowly she started to lick it, her tongue felt soo... warm. It was incredible hot. She continued for some minutes ultil suddenly stop.

- "*pant-pant* Are you enjoying?"

- "Ye-"

- "Well now it's my turn!"

Erika sit down and show me her cunt. I couldn't belive I was smelling it from here.

- "Well? Come on start licking."

- "Erika I felt-"

- "If you don't want to I could force you to do it. So it's your choice"

I slowly put my face between his legs and look at her private parts. The smell was so fucking intense. It was driving me crazy.

- "Hehe... are you loving my essence? I told you I was dirtier. Just for you!"

- "Yeah... thanks"

- "Less talking, more licking."

I started to lick as she had commanded. The taste was so... salty. In a moment Erika started to moan, she was enjoying this without a doubt. I feel her arms behind my head, pushing me more and more into her.


- "Mmmph!"

In a moment a lot of fluids started to come out, and Erika was still holding my head with her arms. I felt my body flooded with her juices. Her inside was soo warm, and sticky.


Erika reached her climax with a heavy moan. My mouth was full in a moment. I kneel and just before I was going to spit it out Erika stopped me.

- "Wait! Don't you dare"

I was trying to say something, but my mouth was full.

- "-*giggle*- Open your mouth"

- "Mmmph"

- "Open it I say"

I opened my mouth in shame. It was full of a sticky, transparent, smelly and dirty liquid.

- "Mmm... looking you like that it's so fucking hot! Now... Drink it all!"

Without any other option I drank the liquid. It leave such a strong taste in my mouth, that never left until the next morning... With some water.

- "Aww... You really know how to make me happy. It was delicious?"

- "Yes... wonderfull"

- "I'm glad that you love it! Then I'll make sure to do it every time! And be even more dirty than before!"

Arceus help me, please.

- "Now relax, I'll do all the hard work for the next part."

I lie in the ground, watching how Erika was approaching. She sat on my crotch, carefully putting my penis in her vagina.

- "This feel... it's amazing"

Then she started to go up and down, Up and down. Each time harder and for soo many time... It was a little painful at the beginning but after some "jumps" it was pure pleasure. It didn't take too long until I reach my climax, her insides felt soo good, that I couldn't resist cum inside. She stand up after the climax, leaving a tiny white thread between our privates parts. After that we were both tired and felt asleep.

END OF THE LEMON (You are safe now)

It was morning, Erika was still sleeping, and I... I couldn't felt my legs. In my movements I wake up Erika.

- "Good morning Felix. Did you sleep well?"

- "Like a log..."

- "Haha."

There was awkward silence.

- "Felix... Are you happy?"

- "..."

- "Tell me that you are happy and you will never leave me"

- "Erika please..."

- "SAY IT!"

- "I'm happy!"

And once again, Erika was furious, but in a strange way.

- "I'm Happy living here with you!"

- "And you will never leave me..."

- "And I will never leave you..."

- "If you are happy here... I'm happy too... Happy... happy... you... and me... together... forever..."

- "Yes..."

- "Don't leave me Felix, no one care about me. Only you... If I lost you, I would be alone... again. I don't want to be alone..."

- "I know... I know"

The days passed and Erika is more calm, but her trauma sometimes come back and force me to say things again. What would happen if she doesn't find me anymore? I don't want to know.

I hope you enjoyed. If you have any suggestion let me know!

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Don't leave me... Please (Yandere F Garchomp x M human)

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