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  1. Reduced to ashes (Chapter one)
  2. Reduced to ashes (chapter two)

Reduced to ashes (Chapter one)

Categories Fantasy, Bestiality, Cruelty, Monster

Author: Adramelech

Published: 03 October 2018

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In the remote city of Kaera lives Lissa, a young woman who has spent most of her life working, due to the fact that during her childhood she was abandoned by her parents in the outskirts of the city, if not for a guard who was still in hours of work, Lissa would have frozen to the bone. When Lissa found a family that adopted her she was pressured to work as early as possible, so at a young age Lissa began to work, this cold treatment led her to have a distant contact with her "family", and that it wasn't biological didn't help at all. Once she became independent, she focused on healing magic due to the violent day to day life in Kaera.

In her world everyone was born with magical powers, but each one decided how to use them. Once she got the necessary resources she opened a little clinic, one that her remote city needed very desperately, for her luck it went wonderfully, little by little it became more recognized and at the same time, there was less suffering in Kaera. Lissa had never been so happy in her life, everything went as smoothly as possible, in a short time she could get a house and be able to separate from her family, not that she don't want it, but she needed a real break from her dealings. Unfortunately for her, everything would collapse in a couple of days.

Near the city an immense figure prepares to fly in the darkest night, looking for a certain young expert in healing spells, even for them rumors run at great speed. With a great view he could see how his plan began to march, he could see with his big yellow eyes how two people carried a stretcher with a person quickly through the city. That same person he seriously injured in the outskirts of the city and who was now wondering why he wasn't being digested by the creature. Once they enter a relatively large building the dragon makes his entrance. He had found her.

When Lissa was preparing to inspect the injured man, a rumble sounded throughout her office.

- What the hell...?! (Altered)

It was at that moment when one of the walls of the building collapsed and bright eyes could be seen among the rubble. From the clouds of dust a great head appeared, which without much effort he identified the healer and spreading his arms he caged her between his claws. They were all screaming in panic.

- No! - Stop...Stop! Help! - Someone help me! Please...! (shrugged in fear)

- (Approaching his head) - Don't be afraid little human... I will not harm you ... I need your services. (Opening his wings)

Lissa without understanding anything, because of the panic, is strongly embraced by the dragon and taken away from the city, to a place so far away, that she can no longer recognize where they are. Finally faints for so much adrenaline.

Once the girl opens her eyes she sees the dragon in front of him, she let out a small cry.

- Quiet little creature. I already told you that I wasn't going to hurt you.

Lissa was stunned, in front of her was a dragon, a beast feared by everyone, had black and blue scales, and bright yellow eyes.

- Why...Why did you bring me here? And who are you?

- I'm sick, tired and overwhelmed, that's why I need your magic to get my energy back. And my name is Kraurem, but please call me Krau.

- My name is Lissa, and I'm sorry to let you down Kraurem, but I will not help any dragon who has destroyed my clinic and kidnapped me. And I do not care if you threaten me with death, I have suffered so much that at this point I don't care about anything anymore.

- So you don't care about your life? Mmm ... that's a problem... But what about others? If you don't help me, I'll reduce that city to ashes.

- I...I don't care, there's nothing there that could interest me. (liying)

- In that case ... (opening his wings and prepared to fly)

- One moment ... thinking it again... I...

But Kraurem was already in the sky. Lissa screamed with all her strength, but nothing she said could reach him, what had she caused? The girl still had some true friends, and despite her distant relationship with her family they were still that, family.

Lissa could only watch as the beast moved away towards the town, put her head on her arms and began to cry inconsolably in a window of the place.

She cry for long minutes until Lissa felt the sound of huge wings. Was everything over already? They were all ... dead? Oh no...

Lissa raised her head and looked at the dragon's arrive. Seeing the face of Lissa full of tears he asked.

- You regretted ... right?

- I ... I ... (breaking down again in tears)

- Lissa ... Your city is still there. I did nothing.

Lissa without believing what she had just heard is happy as ever.

- Re...Really? (not beliving it)

- Yes... I'm telling the true.

- Oh... (relieved) - You win Kraurem, I'll help you with your illness.

Kraurem was glad that his new plan worked, took Lissa, with whom he had developed a deep attraction, to a large hall of the old castle of the that had taken over a long time ago. Once they arrived Kraurem laid down in the room and let Lissa do her thing.

Once Lissa found what he had, the girl explained the materials she needed to cure him. Kraurem started at once, leaving Lissa alone.

- Aren't you afraid of me escaping?

- If that happened, I'd just have to go and look for you again, now if you want me to chain you, I can do it, in fact it's not such a bad idea, there's something about you that attracts me. (with lustful eyes)

- That will not be necessary, I'll... I'll wait you here.

The night arrived and Kraurem didn't appear yet. Lissa, lost in her thoughts, was thinkg what she was going to do, she was stuck with Kraurem until he decided otherwise, but it wouldn't seem like that would happen soon.

There was a heavy blow through the rooms, it was Kraurem with everything the healer needed for his illness, some fruit and also an animal to eat.

- I see you're still here- smiling - I've brought everything you asked for, and I brought something to eat too, I thought you'd be hungry.

- In that case, let's finish with this. (motivated)

- "Finish? - Oh Lissa, this is just the beginning my little gem" (thinking)

Returning to the great room Kraurem lie down in the room again. Without much delay Lissa prepared all the ingredients and channeled a powerful spell that left her knelt on the ground because of the much energy that she use. Kraurem on the other hand felt how his strength was returning, it was something incredible, even his scales were brighter than before.

Kraurem couldn't help freeing a little of his energy, spitting fire above his head. Once he finished contemplating them, the dragon stared at Lissa who still couldn't catch her breath.

- You're unique Lissa. I need you in my life. You're...perfect. A perfect gem and so, so special. None of my riches has given me as much satisfaction as you.

- What... What are you talking about Kraurem? You are healthy and I plan to return to my city. (scared)

- I'm afraid that will not happen. Now you are mine... Lissa. Soon you will realize how happy we can be here. (hugging her)

- Get away me! I don't plan to stay! (resisting)

- Come on Lissa, don't make it harder, I don't want to hurt you, but if I'm forced, I'll do it for our own good.

- No! Let me go! Damn spit-fire lizard!

Those words were the limit of Kraurem's patience.

- If that's how you want it. (angry)

Kraurem went in search of some big chains and took Lissa by force to another room in the castle, one with an incredibly large bed.

- Welcome to our lair Lissa. (Throwing her into the big bed) - You'll stay here with me forever (chaining her to the bed with the heavy chain)

- Stop Kraurem, please! I beg you! (pleadding)

Kraurem: Excuse me Lissa, but you forced me to do this. It's your fault for being so perfect... (leaving)

Done this Kraurem closed the door and left Lissa begging him alone in the room. After many hours Kraurem carries some food to Lissa.

But before give it to her he asks something.

- Will you obey me and behave well from now on? I don't want to punish you again ...

Lissa hated everything, her enormous hunger, her new prison and Kraurem for treating her like an object.

- I ... (sighing) - Ok ...

Lissa accepted Kraurem's food and began to eat with a voracious appetite. When she finish they both lies on the bed.

Finally Kraurem prepares to sleep, but not before hugging Lissa, who resists as best as she can, but the only thing she achieves is strengthen Kraurem's grip.

- You smell... so delicius... (whispering)

Kraurem sticks his tongue out and licks Lissa's neck slowly until it reaches her right cheek. Lissa uncomfortable can't do anything to the respite, more than praying that Kraurem stops at that. For her luck Kraurem doesn't plan to do anything else. Nothing but stick to her body.

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Reduced to ashes (Chapter one)

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