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We don't have time for this

Categories Fantasy, Incest, Masturbation, Male / Female

Author: mikedionne

Published: 04 October 2018

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It was another one of those inopportune erections that you get at the worst moment. The ones you know you don’t have the time to take care of but also the one that rubbed the tip of his hard cock against his zipper and the kind that is intensified by the pain. “Fuck it I have to” Zach said as he unzipped his pants and put his hand on the now throbbing dick that laid in waiting under his underpants. He caught a glimpse of it in the mirror and he gazed at it for a moment; the bulge. The sight of his hard cock almost tearing through his tight fitted boxer briefs got even him a little more excited. “God damn” he said his palm started to rub his shaft down to his tip. He pulled his shorts down to his knees, sat on the edge of his bed and looked down at his leaking dick. Using his thumb he caressed the head, swirled around his urethra and collected the pre-cum that eased out and gave himself a taste of his warm, creamy liquid. “Not too bad” he thought as he started slowly stroking himself, not even taking the time to draw up the blinds because even in his young age Zach knew he liked (loved really) to be watched, and reached under his bed to get his favorite magazine. He took a moment to look over a few pages, starring at some of the pictures and glancing at others, until he found a few of his favorite pictures. He didn’t have much of a collection but this was definitely his favorite. Zach held up the magazine and started to really move his hand up and down his cock as he looked at all of his favorite pictures of nice, hard, fat cocks ramming hairy pussies. He leaned his head down and spit on his hand to offer some more lube for himself and turned the page to see a really big dick crammed down the throat of a big-titted mature lady and pictured himself as the man in the picture. He thought how great it would be to be the man with his fat cock down the mouth of a hot older lady. He thought about how her throat would contract around his dick and wondered if that “gag spit” spit felt any different than his own when it ran down his hard cock and dripped from the bottom of his ass to the floor. He spread his legs, leaned down and really let a large amount of spit leave his mouth and land on his hand and dick. He wanted to get even the slightest sense of what it felt like to have a nice cooling puddle of body fluids under him as he pictured being underneath that same mature lady with the big tits. He again thought about his hard cock sliding in and of that beautiful hairy pussy and seeing the juices run from her lips, down his balls and puddle up under his ass. Zach stroked himself faster and faster with one hand and rubbed his hand on the inside of his thigh and against his ass; even tickling his asshole. He twitched at that because even in his advanced sexuality he had never done that before.

Outside Zach’s room and down the hall, Jane had begun to wonder what was taking her son so long to get ready. She herself was in no mood to get anything done today let alone do any of this useless family shit but she had to. Even though she was frustrated as ever with how her supposed date, Phil from her work, stood her up and left her at the bar alone to drink herself into a pretty bad hangover today. She was sure that a woman like her, although a little advanced in age (30s or so to the people she met for the first time) could attract someone in that little red dress she had on last night. That little number that was too short in length and cut too low in the bust almost always seemed to get the boys boned up and ready to go. The key word was ALMOST and last night it was never more true and she came home just as let down and alone as ever before and had to resort to using one of her toys on herself. It wasn’t a good thing that she had a collection that was getting bigger every week and last night she used her newest edition and this one might be her favorite. The mere memory of using it was causing her to get very wet in the panties and she reached her hand down to her warm pussy and rubbed her lips her vagina and she tickled her clit for a moment as she thought about what it felt like. “Oh the hell with it now” she thought as she knew she was going to have to change her panties anyway so she might as well use him again. Rex was his name and she rubbed her breast and thought of that purple beast sliding inside her. Jane finally made it to her room, ripped her own panties off the bed, sat down and got her new toy out from under the bed. It wasn’t that long, about 7 or so inches but it was wide at the base. This new favorite toy of hers was a dildo shaped like a big, fat dog dick. She knew it was dirty and that’s why she liked it. This was not anything her friends would like but they’re all stuck up yuppies who didn’t even realize that they haven’t had a good orgasm in years let alone have the nerve to try something like this. Jane wasn’t sure if she would ever really let a dog fuck her with one of those big knots she’d seen on the internet but it was nice to think about. To have a beast like that just fuck her to fuck her and not care about dinners, texts, returned phone calls or any of that bull. Just something that would dig their claws in and fuck her tight little pussy until IT filled her up with that thin and drippy dog spunk. As she laid back and closed her eyes that hurtful cunt in her brain that always seemed to remind her of what she HAD to do when she was in the middle of what she WANTED to do called her name loud and clear. “Uggghhhh” she said as she put Rex away and left the room to fetch her son from his oddly quiet room….”hmmm” she thought as she slowly and slightly opened the door.

Inside his room Zach was nearly finished as he turned another page closer to the end. He was close to cumming he didn’t feel it deep and he feared this might be one of those times when he has to cut bait and get on with what he HAS to do today. He didn’t notice the door creak open and definitely did not see his mother’s beautiful blue eye gazing in on him. She noticed how his pants were on the floor but his underwear stopped at his knees. He was so much like his father because when he was ready, he was fucking ready. Jane took paid close attention to how delicate and sensual Zach was as he licked his palm and stroked his hard cock really slowly. Most of the people, in fact all, that she had watched do this jerked off really fast and almost frantically but not her son. She could tell that he wasn’t doing this just to do it and she also found herself touching her wet pussy in the same slow manner. “Oh my god” she thought as she was watching her son masturbate that wonderful cock of his. “No no” she said to herself as she noticed his size and girth for a young man like him. Zach was still going but instead of looking at the magazine he had his eyes closed and pictured that older lady now licking his asshole up and down. He thought about what that would feel like to have an experienced tongue against the soft skin of his asshole and started to rub his own. “Do it, do it Zach” she said a little louder as she looked at her son play with his big veiny dick and loved how he wasn’t afraid to put a finger around his asshole. “Stick it in if you want” she said a little louder, covering her lips with two hands when she realized that he may have heard that. That woman in Zach’s head asked him if he wanted a finger and in his mind’s eye he saw her take that long finger and put it down her own throat. Jane could see that Zach didn’t hear her and she opened the door a little more and just watched as her son stick his finger down his throat and go up his ass. She was very impressed that he went right up and didn’t seem to hesitate at all. Her pussy was a little wetter as she realized just how sexual her own son was and she started to spread her pussy lips with one hand and tickle her clit with the other. She could feel herself start drip from inside, just under her vulva and she started to go a little faster as she watched Zach start to life himself up and down on his own hand before he put another finger in. She took her own finger, long red nail and all, and slid it up her own ass. She thrust the air with her hips as she watched her son, Zach, with that fat cock starting to swell up. She knew he was getting close because the top half of his cock was starting to grow just as his father’s did. She almost came and thrust herself hard enough to open to the door all the way and now she could see her beautiful boy with that excellent cock so close to cumming. She couldn’t help but drop to her knees in front of him and watch with a much closer view. Zach was so close yet he thought that he couldn’t do it but something suddenly changed and he could feel himself grow. He kept his eyes shut because he could feel himself ready to cum. He could sense that hot and creamy white liquid running through his balls and starting moaning out. At first Jane wanted to close her eyes and leave the room but she knew that she would only be letting herself down. She stayed in front of Zach, her son, her boy with the nice fat dick no more than two inches from her face and watched him jerk off like a wild little beast. He pulled his fingers out of his ass and she watched as it closed up, something she hadn’t seen before, and could feel her fingers again reach her dripping pussy lips. She rubbed herself faster as Zach was now going faster too. She knew it was coming, she knew she was going to watch him finish and she moved another inch closer to his fat cock. She loved the feeling of the spit spraying off his dick and onto her face and this only reminded her to stay right where she was. Zach was going to cum now and raised his hand to cover himself but she pressed her lips together and blew his hand down. That was enough to make sure her face and open mouth were unshielded from his hot cum as it shot out with one burst then a second and finally a third smaller burst. She watched him catch his breath but then she realized that she had to leave and as quickly as she’d gotten into his room, and this mess, she was out in the hall behind a closed door. Zach opened his eyes and pulled his pants up as his mother called in from outside “Zach.” “Yes” he replied and he wiped his spit off his hand but couldn’t see where his load went. “We have to leave in a few, okay” she said as she breathed heavily outside his room. “Okay” she heard through the door and thought of two things the first being that she still didn’t have panties on and second was her wondering if she would clean her face off or let him see…

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