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  1. — Mom would do anything for her sons.
  2. — Sexy revelations from my sister
  3. — A mom looks to her son for answers
  4. — Daddy and Daughter

— Sexy revelations from my sister

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen

Author: tonysex23

Published: 04 October 2018

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My older sister Madison called and said we needed to talk about our mother. We met for coffee halfway between her house in Northwest Indiana and mine in Indianapolis. Madison told me that Mom was getting to the point where she needed more help than any one of us could give her at home. Mom didn't need a nursing home, but she did need to go into assisted living.

Madison had done some research and found that Dad had contributed enough to one of the fraternal organizations to which he belonged that Mom was eligible to enter their home at minimal cost to us. The problem was that we need to bring her and her stuff back from Florida. Madison did not want Mom in a car for all those hours.

"Would you mind driving you and me down there in your van and packing Mom's stuff up and then driving back? I would bring Mom back on a plane. You'd be driving back alone." Madison explained her plan.

"I've got no problem with that" I replied. "When do we go?"

"Would next Thursday be too soon?" Madison was almost pleading.

"No problem, I can be ready" I assured her.

That's the way we left it.

The next Wednesday evening I met Madison and my brother-in-law, Rob, at the same coffee shop. We loaded her stuff into my van and said our goodbyes.

We left my house at 5:00 the next morning. We got to Louisville and I asked Madison if she wanted to go through Nashville or Knoxville.

"I love the mountains and there are more on the way to Knoxville" she responded.

"OK, Knoxville it is" I said.

We had gotten just past what I found out later was the last exit in Kentucky on Interstate 75. The traffic stopped dead. Both lanes, no movement. We figured it would be no problem and not last very long.

After about an hour we realized this was probably going to last awhile. We started talking about different things, but, after some time the conversation turned to sex. I still don't know how that happened; this was my sister for Chrissake.

My side of the conversation was very limited, as was my experience. I had married young and had sex with one other girl than my wife. While my wife was not frigid, the rules were very distinct. I would eat her, but, she would not blow me. Sex was very regimented, I would rub her back until she sensed I was at a boiling point, then she would roll over and I would eat her to orgasm and then, and only then, was I allowed to fuck her. I would go as long as I could and then she would invariably say that I was too heavy and grab my balls. She would then massage my balls until I came and then she would push me off her. I was then expected to get a towel and bring it to her so she could clean up, all while not dripping on the carpet. Then I could clean myself up. She would be asleep by the time I got back into bed. Thrilling.

Madison, however, was a revelation. Madison's husband, Rob, apparently was a sex maniac. Shortly after they got married Madison caught him cheating. He came home very early one morning and he smelled like sex. When she confronted him he told her that he couldn't help himself. He loved women and he had to have as much variety as he could get.

Rob told her that he loved her and would understand if she left him. But, he really wanted her to stay and maybe try some different things.

"Different?" I asked.

"Yeah, he wanted me to go with him to swing parties. Evidently, there were some that he could not attend without me" she explained.

"Did you go?" I asked.

"No, I didn't, not right away. Do you remember when I 'Went back to school' a couple of years ago?" Madison asked me.

"Yeah" I answered.

"I needed to get away from Rob and think about it, so, I moved in with Tricia and Cole." Madison explained. "I asked Tricia and Cole not to say anything to anyone."

Tricia's our sister who is halfway between Madison and I in age, Cole is Tricia's husband.

"After I had been at Tricia's a while, I decided I really loved Rob and would try to do what he wanted. So I moved back home" Madison was explaining. "We went to our first party shortly after I returned home. I was really nervous and I didn't know what to expect. Rob told me to put on a short, light dress with no underwear. That made me even more nervous. Rob told me not to worry; there would PROBABLY not be anyone that we knew."

"Probably?" I asked.

She continued, "Yeah, that's what I thought, like 'uh oh'. Rob explained that all the people there would be married couples. It would not necessarily be straight swaps."

"What do you mean, 'straight swaps'?" I asked.

"Oh, that's where I would go with a guy; let's say Gary, and Rob would go with Gary's wife." Madison explained. "We would just hook up with whomever we wanted. The couples would then usually go to the man's house. It wasn't sexist; it was just a means of keeping uncomfortable situations to a minimum."

"Oh, I guess I understand" I said.

"Anyway, we got to the party and it seemed like just a normal party. I didn't see anyone I knew and there didn't seem to be anybody fooling around that I could see." Madison said. "Rob saw this redhead and took off and left me standing there."

"That was cold" I said. "He couldn't wait to get his cock going, could he?"

"Yes and no. He knew how these things went, and he wanted to get to that redhead early before she left with someone else. Apparently, she only went to these couples only parties and Rob had been lusting after her for some time." Madison explained, only now she was hanging her head.

I began to think that Madison realized how bad this sounded, once she said it out loud.

"Have you ever told any one about this before?" I asked.

"No" Madison answered softly.

"Is this embarrassing you?" I asked. "I don't have to hear it, you know."

"Again, yes and no" Madison said. "I think I need to tell someone and I have already started and I want to get it out."

"OK" I said.

So she told her story.


We were getting ready for the party and Rob was suggesting things for me to wear. Just about everything I took out, he would frown and shake his head. I finally took out a short frilly dress that bounced when I walked.

Rob said "That's cute and REALLY sexy, wear that."

I started to get some different underwear out and again Rob shook his head.

"You don't want to wear any underwear. It just gets in the way and then more than likely you will lose it." Rob explained.

"But this is so short it will show my bare ass." I complained.

"That's the point. Do you have a garter belt and stockings? That would top it off great." Rob grinned lewdly.

"Look, I'm doing this to try to save our marriage, don't try to make me into a slut. This can stop, right here, right now." I said.

"OK, OK, sorry." Rob mumbled.

We left and went to an expensive part of town and stopped at a house that I didn't know. There were maybe fifteen to twenty cars outside. Rob was a gentleman and opened my door, but he nearly ran up to the house and inside. He was gone with the redhead before I knew it.

I walked around this house and there were all kinds of people there. It seemed like most of them knew one another. Several men came up and tried to talk to me but I would just shake my head and walk away. I sat down in the corner by myself and just watched. Pretty soon this guy came over and sat down.

He commented that I looked scared and wondered if it was my first time at one of these parties. I told him it was and I wasn't sure I could do anything so he probably wanted to look for someone else.

Then he surprised me and asked "Are you Rob's wife, Madison?"

"Why did you guess that I was Madison?" I asked.

"The redhead is my wife Victoria. We are here tonight because you and Rob are here" he explained.

Apparently, the redhead, Victoria, wanted Rob as much as he wanted her. The problem was that Victoria had a deal with Barry, that's his name, that she would not go alone to the parties. Just like us.

"Do you want to leave here?" Barry asked me.

"I'm not sure I'm ready for any of this" I responded.

He just smiled and told me not to worry; he just figured I would not want to see Rob and Victoria together. He was right, so we left.

We went to Barry's house to be alone. We went into the family room and Barry lit a fire and lit some candles.

"Barry, are you trying to seduce me?" I asked.

He just laughed and left the room. I sat down on the leather couch and stared into the fire. Barry came back and handed me a glass of wine.

"So, you ARE trying to seduce me!" I said.

He laughed again and sat next to me but didn't touch me. We sat there quietly for a few minutes and then he put his hand on my bare leg. I jumped a little, but, didn't stop him.

He pushed the hem of my skirt up a little and then leaned over and kissed my thigh. He was so gentle; it was like he was barely touching me with his lips. He sat up and kissed me on the lips the same way. While he was kissing me he moved his hand so his fingers were just touching my belly next to my thigh. He left his hand there while he continued to kiss me. His tongue parted my lips and I let it in. He lifted his hand to my breast and just gently rubbed the nipple. I was getting wet and didn't realize that I had opened my legs. My hips were slightly humping and he dropped he hand down.

His fingers dropped down to my pussy and I was dripping wet. He slid a finger in and I threw my head back and gasped. I put my wine down and grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it over my head. I was completely naked.

I don't know why I did that. I had never been naked in front of anyone other than Rob. I was just crazy. I grabbed Barry's hand and pulled it up into my pussy and started grinding on it.

When I did that I started cumming like I had never come before. I pushed Barry away and stood up and faced him. I dropped to my knees and started fumbling with his belt. I looked up at him and the look on his face was priceless. He was half aroused and half amazed.

Barry grabbed my hands and pushed them away. He then unbuckled his pants and stood. His pants fell to the floor and then he pushed his underwear down. I pushed him to the couch and grabbed his cock. He was hard and had pre-come dripping off the end. I took him in my mouth and all the way into my throat. I had NEVER done that before. I closed my mouth and sucked his dick all the way as I backed off. I pushed my head back down and his cock went all the way into my throat again. I didn't gag and it felt wonderful.

I stood up and spun around. I sat down on his lap and his wonderful cock slid easily all the way into my cunt. He reached around me and grabbed my tits. I screamed as I was humping his cock. I grabbed his hands and twisted my nipples with his fingers so he would know what I wanted. I was like a madwoman. I was banging him as hard as I could. I started coming again. I heard him say something against my back, so I stopped and asked him what he said. He said 'don't stop, don't stop, I'm coming'. So I went back to fucking his and my brains out.

Madison stopped talking at that point. She threw her head back and started shaking all over.


Holy shit, she had just talked herself into an orgasm. My cock was so hard it hurt. I sat there and watched my sister have an outrageous orgasm. She just shook and shook.

She finally stopped and got herself under control. Her head was down and she sat quietly for a few minutes.

She finally looked up at me and kinda grinned. "Sorry about that. I got carried away." She was giggling.

"Has that ever happened before?" I questioned her.

"Sure, I've had orgasms, silly, I was just telling you about one." She looked at me like I was a moron.

"I'm asking if you've ever talked yourself into one before." It kinda pissed me off that she was making fun of me.

It was then that she realized what had happened.

"Oh my god, I can't believe that" she exclaimed "I've never done that before! I never touched myself, did I?"

"My point exactly" I muttered. "Could you finish your story, now that you're done coming and making fun of me?"

"I'm sorry, you're right" Madison apologized. "Where was I?"

"Barry's coming and you're fucking your brains out" I prompted her.

She started again.


Oh, yeah, after he told me he was coming I tried to fuck him even harder. I started coming then and I drenched him. I ran out of gas and stopped.

I turned and looked at him and he said "what the fuck was that?"

I told him I didn't know I had never done any of that before.

I stood up and then he stood and kicked his pants off. He picked me up and carried me into the shower. He turned on the water and set me inside. He took the rest of his clothes off and joined me.

He washed my hair and my back and then turned me around. He washed my chest and started working his way down. He took each of my nipples in his mouth and bit them. I was getting turned on again and I was squirming. He kept going down until he was licking my pussy.

I had never felt anything like that. Rob licks my pussy but I think it's just to get me wet, not to make me come. Barry licked my clit until I thought I couldn't take any more. Then, he kinda snaked his finger into my pussy, really slowly. I was trying to move down to get it in faster and deeper, but he kept moving away. When I stopped trying to help he started again.

He slipped his finger into my pussy and must have found my g-spot. I was going crazy and trying to get his whole hand into my pussy. Then he pulled his hand away and I just held my breath. He slid his hand back up between my legs and started teasing my asshole. I spread my legs wider and he slid his forefinger into my asshole and his thumb into my pussy. He rubbed his thumb and finger together and I came again. I think I passed out because I woke up in his bed the next morning.

Madison seemed exhausted from telling me this story.


I was speechless. This was my goody-two-shoes sister telling me about an incredible sexual experience with a total stranger.

"So, what do you think?" Madison asked, shyly.

"Wow, I mean WOW!" I exclaimed. "How did you go from 'I don't think I can do this' to that experience in a couple of hours?"

"I still don't know. I have come to love sex. It really doesn't matter who I'm fucking, I just can't come enough." Madison said quietly. "I think it would blow your mind if you knew some of the people I've fucked."

"OK, that may be true, but you've really blown my mind already, so why don't you try me?" I taunted her.

Madison looked kind of sad and said "OK."


She started with a new story.

We had been going to these things about once a month for a couple of years. I had never seen anyone I knew from our regular lives.

Then one night Rob said "The party we are going to tonight might have some people we know."

I said "OK, we know a lot of people from the parties so what's new?"

He said "Not from the parties, from real life".

"Like who?" I asked.

"I don't know if you're gonna like this" Rob said.

"Just tell me, for cryin' out loud." I said.

"Tricia" Rob said.

"Tricia who?" I asked.

Rob just looked at me.

"OH MY GOD -- MY SISTER?!?!?" I screamed.

"Yeah, Tricia and Cole." Rob answered.

"I can't do this, not with my sister there" I replied.

"OK, but, I'm going anyway." Rob wasn't giving in.

"What?!?! So you can fuck my sister?" I asked, "I don't fuckin' think so, asshole!"

"It's not like it would be the first time" Rob replied.

"What?!?! What the fuck do you mean, not the first time?!?!? When, how.....MY SISTER ....you are such an asshole." I was screaming at him.

Rob stood there calmly and listened to and watched my fit. "Are you done? Do you want to hear this or not?"

"Yes, I'm done" I said miserably.

"I went to a party at Jakes. You remember Jake?" Rob asked.

"Yeah, I remember Jake. He's the one whose parties ALWAYS turn into orgies." I said.

Rob went on to tell his story.


I was late and the party was well underway. I walked through the house and there were naked bodies and people fucking, everywhere. I went out onto the deck and there were six or eight guys standing around a blonde who was hanging over the rail and being hammered by some guy from behind. Her head was down and her hair was covering her face. There was something familiar about her but I couldn't see her face. I was standing well back against the house watching.

He apparently came soon after I started watching because he pulled out and another guy took his place. The new guy was pretty well hung and he slowly pushed his big dick into her cunt. It must have been hard for her to take because she started grunting and moaning. This guy took a little while and finally got all his cock into her. He just stood still for minute and then the girl nodded. He pulled out so everybody could see the head of his cock and then slammed it home.

The girl screamed and begged him to do it again. He pulled out really slowly and the drilled her again. Now she sounded familiar but she wasn't somebody I knew from the parties.

She started moaning "Oh, oh, oh, faster, hurry, faster."

The guy started going really fast and hard and she looked like a rag doll at the end of his dick. He pulled out and she moaned.

He flipped her over and jammed his cock back in her pussy. He shoved his thumb down between them and was furiously rubbing her clit. I could not take my eyes off them because I now knew why she looked and sounded familiar. It was Tricia.

She started screaming that she was coming again and started shaking like she was possessed. He was still fucking her hard and finally she stopped shaking.

He pulled out and pushed her to her knees. When she was down there he shoved his dick down her throat. I heard her gag but he didn't stop fucking her mouth.

The only thing he said to her the entire time was "I'm coming, you better swallow it, bitch."

Apparently she did because he pulled his cock out of her mouth and left her there.

The guy turned and looked at his buddies and said "Man, she was great; I'm glad you got her going for me."

They all laughed and walked away. Tricia and I were alone on the deck. She had her face in her hands and was sobbing. She was naked and kneeling on the deck. I don't think she had seen me yet.

There was a big towel laying there and I picked it up and took it over to her. I put it around her shoulders and asked if she was OK. She nodded but didn't say anything and pulled the towel tighter around her shoulders. Neither of us said anything and she just knelt there and cried.

The door from the house burst open and 'Big Dick' and his buddies came spilling back out onto the deck. From their comments they had not found another willing participant inside so they were back for a second round with Tricia. When they reached her she shrunk from their touch and turned away. They pulled off the towel and stood her up.

She said "Please no more!"

'Big Dick' said "You liked it the first time; you can't say no, can you?"

She repeated "Please no more!"

"Hey guys, I think she's had enough." I said.

'Big Dick' looked at me and said "Who're you? Her pimp? What's it to you?"

When he started talking I knew it was trouble. I pulled out my cell phone and speed dialed Jake's emergency cell number.

He answered "I know you're not calling to chat, what's up?"

I replied "Deck, now" and hung up.

Jake came barreling through the door. "Let her go, now!"

The guys looked at all 6'-6" of pissed off Jake and started backing away and stumbling and stuttering all over themselves. 'Big Dick' really did not have much to say.

"You guys knew the rules when I let you talk me into letting you come tonight." Jake yelled. You're done here, you will not be back!"

'Big Dick' said "Jake she was into it, she fucked us all; I don't know why you're pissed!"

Jake turned to me and raised his eyebrows.

"Jake, she may have been into it the first time, in fact I know she was, but when they came back she said no and they didn't want to stop. That's when I called you." I explained my side of the story.

Jake looked at Tricia and said "Well?"

She nodded and said "I liked it the first time but I didn't want any more and said no. I can say no, can't I?"

"At Jakes anybody can say 'Yes or No' any time they like." Jake said.

He looked at the other guys "Get the fuck out and don't come back. If you do I will be happy to assist this young lady in filing attempted rape charges."

The guys were gone in the blink of an eye and Jake looked at me.

"I've got two very hot young ladies that have been saying yes, please and thank you for the last two hours, you got this?" Jake asked.

I laughed "Yeah, I got this, go give them more to be grateful for."

I turned and looked Tricia who was staring at me now.

"Tricia, what the fuck are you doing here?" I asked, stunned by the whole scene on the deck.

"Like you say, Rob, fucking" Tricia responded calmly. "I can't thank you enough. You didn't know it was me when you came out?"

"I didn't at first. I thought you looked familiar, but I couldn't see your face and then I thought I recognized the voice, but I didn't make a connection that it was you until he turned you over." I answered.

"You want to know what I'M doing here, but, what the fuck are you doing here?" Tricia asked with a little smile. "Does Madison know where you are?"

"No, and you're not going to tell her either. You owe me." I said.

"OK, fair enough, but I want to get cleaned up, dressed and go home. Will you take your little sister-in-law home?" Tricia asked sweetly.

"OK, but, where is Cole?" I was feeling a little more confident, now.

"He probably has Tallie, that girl that looks like Halle Berry in the back bedroom again. Every time we come here and they are here, her husband chases some 'skinny white bitch', Tallie's words, not mine, and Tallie and Cole spend the night fucking their brains out in the back bedroom." Tricia explained.

"Follow me to the dressing room, would you?" Tricia asked. "I'll tell you the rest of it."

As we walked and then as she cleaned up and got dressed she explained the situation in which she found herself with Cole.

"Cole has been coming to Jake's for a long time. At first I thought it was card games. Then, it became obvious he was having sex here and I confronted him. He confessed and asked me to come with him. At first I refused, but the more I thought about it the more I got intrigued. So I came with him. I didn't have sex with anybody the first few times, I just watched. But, as I watched I would get hornier each time. So about a year ago I fucked somebody other than Cole for the first time. So now, it's no big deal. Until tonight." She paused to wash her face.

"I had never participated in a gangbang and I thought it might be fun. The sensations were great, but, when that last guy fucked me and made me suck him off and deep throat him I realized how awful it made me feel. Then you were nice to me. Of course I didn't realize it was you and just like you I kinda recognized the voice but didn't connect it to you." Tricia continued.

"I'm curious; did you come out there to join in the gangbang?" Tricia asked.

"Truthfully, I thought that might be fun, but, when 'Big Dick' treated you so badly I wanted no part of it." I answered.

Tricia smiled. "OK, fair enough, I'm ready, can we go?"

"Sure, but don't you need to tell Cole?" I asked.

"He won't come up for air until tomorrow morning at the earliest." Tricia laughed. "He'll look for me and then think I went home with somebody. I'll see him sometime tomorrow morning."

"OK, let's go." I said.

We drove to Tricia's house and talked about everything except what had just happened. I pulled into the drive and did not shut off the car.

"It's still kinda early and I don't want to be alone. Could you come in for a little while?" Tricia asked.

I shut off the car and ran around to open her door. "I await your command my lady." I said in an awful English accent. It was probably Australian, but who's checking.

She laughed and got out of the car. We went in and she said she wanted to take a shower. I went and sat in the family room and put on a Bruce Willis film and promptly fell asleep.

Tricia came down sometime later and woke me. She was leaning over in front of me and I could see her beautiful tits down the gaping neck of her nightgown. My cock took notice and jumped.

I thought "Oh great, you save your sister-in-law and now you want to fuck her. Rob, you are an asshole."

"Rob, are you awake?" Tricia whispered.

"Yeah, I'm awake and liking the view." I said.

Tricia gasped and stood up. She had on a silky nightgown that barely covered her pussy and ass. She must have been cold because her nipples were standing straight out.

"Madison's right, you are an asshole." Tricia snorted at me.

She turned and looked at the TV. Bruce Willis was blasting the shit out of somebody.

"We're not really going to watch this, are we?" Tricia whined.

"Hey, it's your TV, watch whatever you like. I was just killing time." I defended myself.

"OK, find something we'll both like." Tricia was smiling.

I really hate chick flicks, but, I thought Tricia had a rough night and I would try to soothe her. I found a Harrison Ford romantic comedy where he's stranded on an island with a barely dressed Anne Heche. I could live with this.

"Do you want a beer or something?' Tricia asked.

"Nah, just a diet Coke." I said.

Tricia came back with two diet Cokes and snuggled up beside me. She immediately sat up and pulled a blanket over herself and snuggled back in. I put my arm around her shoulders and she picked up her arm so my arm slid down and my hand was draped on her tummy.

We sat there for a while like that and I started idlely stroking her tummy through the silky, sheer nightgown. At some point my brain registered that she had on some kind of panties because I could feel the waistband. Again, with no real purpose in mind I started running my fingers along the waistband, occasionally sliding my fingers as well as the silky material under the waistband. I would pull the material out and started the whole stroking the waistband thing again. I did this a few times and then just after I had pulled out the material Tricia excused herself to go to the bathroom. I paused the movie.

When she came back I just raised my arm and she snuggled back into position, covering us with the blanket. My hand came to rest on her tummy again. It took a few moments to register that my hand was on naked skin. I jerked my hand back like she was on fire. I looked down at her and she was just watching the movie. She didn't acknowledge that anything had changed.

I softly put my hand down on her tummy and felt her naked skin. I started stroking again, but, I started making larger circles. I reached down and found that she was shaved. I realized I hadn't noticed that earlier. I dragged my finger through her cunt and she was soaking wet. I pulled my hand out and stuck my finger in my mouth.

"Oh, that tastes great, just as sweet as your sister." I said.

Tricia giggled and pulled my hand back down. I reached around to cup her tit and found the nipple to be rock hard. I gently rolled it around and pulled on it. Tricia started squirming and grabbed my hand. She pushed my hand between her legs and pushed my fingers as well as hers into her cunt. She started rapidly rubbing both our hands up and down on her clit. Her hips were thrashing opposite to our rubbing. At this point I was just holding on for the ride.

She was moaning and kept saying "Oh, oh, oh." I thought it was kind of cute.

I reached my head around to her chest and sucked in one of her nipples. I bit down on it a little and she started thrashing harder and started shaking like she had earlier. Suddenly, she slumped down and just lay there breathing heavily.

I was still fully dressed and I just sat there with my arms around her. I was dumbstruck; I had just fingered my sister-in-law to an orgasm and had a raging hard-on.

Tricia lay in my arms and pretty soon was still and breathing softly. I figured she had fallen asleep so I reached over and covered her with the blanket. She mumbled something and shifted on the couch. My hard-on was subsiding and I went back to watching the movie.

Pretty soon I felt light touches on my crotch. Tricia was definitely not asleep and was gently rubbing my cock through my khakis. I didn't move. I didn't want to disturb what she was doing. OK, part of me moved but that was without any active help from me.

She reached up and undid my belt and the button and unzipped my pants. I was commando so my dick sprang out of my pants.

"Oh" she whispered.

She was still again and I thought she wasn't going to continue. Maybe she was having second thoughts about her sister's husband.

Then she started grazing the skin with her fingertips. Oh my God that felt wonderful. My cock lurched as if trying to meet her fingers. She kept gently touching and stroking my hard cock. Back and forth, up and down repeatedly stroking. Her touch was feathery light and was driving me crazy. She stopped and tugged at the waist of my pants. I lifted my ass and let her pull them off. Other than raising my ass I was not actively participating in this.

She went back to touching and stroking. My cock was now painfully hard. This went on for what seemed like hours, but, I'm sure was just a few minutes. I now felt a new sensation, the tip of her tongue on the tip of my dick. Just a gentle tentative lick. Just one, then back to the touching and stroking.

I was now the one panting, but I did nothing to break the spell. Then her lips encircled the entire head of my cock and she swirled her tongue around the tip. It took all of my self control to keep from grabbing her head and shoving my engorged cock down her throat. I was determined to let her set whatever pace to whatever conclusion she was seeking. I was sweating and all of my concentration was split between the sensations she was providing my cock and my self control.

She slid her hand to the base of my cock and gently squeezed so I couldn't come too soon and then slid her mouth all the way down my cock.

The feeling was incredible and nearly indescribable. She gently scraped her teeth along the skin on top of my cock so there was no doubt I was in her mouth. Her tongue bathed the bottom of my cock and wiggled back and forth, again so there was no doubt I was in her mouth. I felt my cock touch the back of her mouth and she didn't hesitate, she took my cock into her throat. She stopped with my cock there, breathing through her nose and then swallowed. Her tongue rippled along my cock and then her throat closed on the head. If she hadn't been squeezing my cock I probably would have drowned her.

She pulled back and looked up at me. "I have other plans for this" she cooed as she gently squeezed my cock.

Whatever plans she might have, she had my attention and approval. Tricia stood and held out her hand to me. Naked, with perfect small, round tits and pink hard nipples and her pussy, slick and shiny, she looked good enough to eat, and I intended to.

I stood, just in a golf shirt, and took her hand. I let her hand go and she looked at me with curiosity. I pulled the shirt off and was as naked as she was. She laughed and took my hand again and led me to the bedroom.

She lay on her back in the middle of the bed and smiled. I crawled between her legs and stopped at her glistening pussy. I had never been one to eat much pussy, but, hers looked so inviting. I dipped my head and took a long lick. Tricia shuddered and grabbed my head and pushed me back into her pussy. Since I didn't do this very much I wasn't real sure what I was doing. I just licked all over the place and slid my finger up into her pussy. I must have been doing OK because she was moaning and pushing her pussy in my face.

Then she grabbed my head again and started pulling me up towards her. "I need you in me, now!" she exclaimed.

I got to my knees and placed the head of my cock at her pussy. She was soaking wet. I grasped my cock and rubbed the head on her clit. She moaned and pushed her pussy towards the head of my cock. I pulled back and didn't push in.

Then I leaned in and rubbed her clit with the head of my cock again. Up and down, up and down. She was squirming and trying to catch my cock with her drooling pussy.

"You asshole, fuck me already!" she growled.

With that I pushed my cock in to the hilt in one smooth move. "All you had to do was ask, sis." I grinned.

She just grunted and started fucking back at me. It was like she was on fire, her cunt was so hot. I leaned down and sucked her whole tit into my mouth. I pulled out to her howls of protest. I flipped her over and grabbed those narrow hips and drove my dick into her from behind. I grabbed a tit and squeezed and teased her nipple.

She moaned, once again "Oh, oh, oh"

With that the load of cum that had been building since I got to the party was unleashed and I coated the inside of her molten pussy. We collapsed on the bed, huffing and puffing.

I rolled off Tricia so I would not crush her. She lay still on her stomach for a few minutes and then finally rolled over. She scooted over to me and I put my arm around her.

"Wow" she said "I didn't expect that, that was awesome!"

"I know; where did you learn those tricks with your mouth?" I asked. "That was the best I've ever had and it took all I had not to throw you on the floor right then!"

She giggled "I've had lots of practice and you're the first guy that didn't throw me on the floor in the middle of it. That's partly what made it awesome."

"I wish you could teach Madison that technique. But, I don't know how you would get started on that. 'Hey Madison, your husband really loves this, let me show you how to do it.'" I said.

Tricia laughed "That would make Thanksgiving unforgettable, wouldn't it?"

I looked at the clock and said "I would love to stay the night and maybe do this again, but I need to get home."

She kissed me and said "I understand, go."

I went home and that was the night you met me at the door and said you knew I was cheating.


Madison sat with her head down again, waiting for me to ask questions. I had none and she continued.

"So you mean that the night I caught you cheating, you had been with my sister?" I screamed.

Rob said "Yeah, that's right."

"Asshole, I'm not going." I said.

"Yeah, I figured, but I am." Rob answered.

"Asshole." Was all I had to say and went to the bedroom. I heard the front door shut and cried all night.

Rob stayed out all that night and the next night and came home Sunday afternoon. When he came in I didn't talk to him, I just looked at him and went to the bedroom.

He knocked and asked if he could come in and talk.

"I guess" was all I said.

He sat on the edge of the bed as far away from me as he could get. "You're really pissed at me, aren't you?"

"No, I'm just really hurt that you would fuck my sister and then the both of you carry on like there's nothing going on." I said.

"It's just sex" Rob tried to explain.

"IT'S MY SISTER, YOU MORON" I screamed. "Because of this, at family gatherings if you and she are gone at the same time I'm going to be thinking that you've got her bent over the sink in Mom's room. Because of this I cannot trust you around any woman that I know. I will always be thinking 'Has he fucked her? Does he want to? Will he fuck her tonight while my back is turned?' You're such an asshole."

Rob was stunned. "I, I, I, really didn't think of it like that. I'm really sorry."

"Of course you didn't think of it like that. To paraphrase Robin Williams, when your dick is inflated there's not enough blood to operate your brain." I answered.

Rob hung his head "What do we do now?"

"I'm not sure, but to start, if you're going to stay here, you're going to stay in the guest room. We will see from there. Do you think you can avoid the parties for a while?" I was on a roll.

Rob said "I can't have you or go to the parties?"

"I want you to TRY to be, not necessarily normal, let's say more traditional for a while. We will see how you do with that. For the time being, I am going to assume that if you are not at work or with me and you are gone for more that 15 minutes that you are fucking something and we're done. If you can stand that for a while, we'll see about us. That's what I've got for you, take it or leave it. If you leave it, I want you out of the house tonight and you will hear from a divorce attorney inside of a week." I stated flatly.

"One other thing" I said "and there will be no negotiation on this point, you WILL tell me EVERYONE that you have fucked, so I am not wondering if every woman that makes eye contact with me is laughing at me behind my back. This is a one time 'Get out of jail, free card'. The first time after this that you say, 'Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you about that pretty Pakistani girl at the sandwich shop' you're out on your ass. So take all the time you need to compile your list."

"So the parties are gone forever?" Rob whined.

"I didn't say that; let's take one step at a time." I sighed.


Madison had stopped talking and was looking out the window. She had been talking for a long time.

I was speechless. We just sat there for a few minutes and neither of us spoke.

I finally broke the silence. "Why didn't you just tell him to give up the parties and stay home?"

Madison didn't look at me and just smiled sadly. "I didn't, because I had gotten to the point that I enjoyed them, too. I wasn't sure that I wanted to give up that excitement. I just wanted to be sure whatever we did from then on, would be by mutual understanding. Our lifestyle was difficult enough without the added baggage of secrets."

"I'm not trying to pry, but, were there any surprises on the list?" I asked.

"None of my friends were on the list, if that's what you are asking." Madison said, giggling. "But there was one shocking name on the list."

She stopped and looked at me.

"Oh, come on, you've got to tell me now" I insisted.

"OK." She said "but you're going to be shocked and you cannot tell anyone."

I just looked at her.

"Promise" she said.

"What're we, five?" I asked.

"Promise" she repeated.

"Jesus, OK, I promise." I said finally.

"OK, now that's too funny that you said Jesus.' Madison said laughing.

"What?!?!" I was getting frustrated.

"OK, OK, OK, Suzanne Stockbridge" Madison revealed.

"What?!?! The pastor's wife? Oh My God! I knew she was too hot for that little dweeb! The dreams all the guys had in Sunday school were not out of reach? Holy shit!" I was beside myself.

Madison was laughing. "You promised. You can't tell anybody from home."

"I know." I said, shaking my head in disbelief.

"Anybody else?" I asked.

"Nobody that you know, some of his friends or coworkers wives." Madison said.

"How many? How long did he take to fill out his list?" I couldn't give this up.

"Somewhere between 35 and 40" Madison said. "He said he thought that was all of them, but, he didn't want to be blamed if some woman told me sometime that he had fucked her in an orgy. I think he sincerely tried to get them all, so I told him that unless one of my friends someday was to come to me and tell about her and Rob, that we were good. He swore he had stayed away from my friends, if only to keep me from finding out. That made sense to me. He really took his time; he didn't give me the list for about two weeks."

I could see that the traffic was starting to move a couple of miles ahead, so we would be moving soon. I asked Madison how she was feeling and she said she was OK.

As we started rolling I asked if she and Rob had started going to the parties again. She sat very still and quiet for several minutes before nodding.

I asked if she wanted to talk about it and she nodded again.


After a couple of months of Rob behaving more traditionally I invited him back into my bed. The sex was good and he was far more attentive to my needs than he ever had been before. I could tell he was getting itchy, so, I asked him if he wanted to try a party.

I had to hand it to him, he really tried not to jump out of his skin when I asked him, but he was like a kid at Christmas.

When the time came to go to the party, I told him there were new rules. He looked worried. I told him not to be.

I said "OK, here they are, 1. I want to know when you leave and with whom, 2. I will tell you when I leave and with whom, 3. We will BOTH use protection; we've been too careless in the past, 4. You will stay away from my sister. That's it; can you live with the rules?"

"Yeah, no problem. But what if Tricia starts with me?" Rob was whining again.

"I don't care; tell her what you want, including the truth. But, YOU WILL NOT TOUCH HER, ARE WE CLEAR?" I was firm.

Rob looked like I had taken his favorite toy, but he agreed.

We went to the party, we did not see Tricia and Cole, but Victoria and Barry were there. The four of us decided to come back to our house for kind of a straight swap. I wanted to go to the bedroom but the three of them convinced me to stay in the family room.

Rob and Victoria started fooling around, but, I was nervous with Rob in the room. Barry was as gentlemanly as ever and made me feel more comfortable. As everybody started to take their clothes off, Victoria stood and started walking towards the bathroom.

She stopped and looked at me and asked "Are you coming?"

I just nodded and stood up.

Then she looked at the men and said "We want a fire and candles by the time we get back."

I was really uncomfortable as I was just in panties and nothing else. Victoria was dressed, or undressed, the same as me. She took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom.

I had no idea what was going on, I just allowed her to lead me. When we got into the bathroom, she took her panties off and lit some candles and turned off the harsh bathroom lights.

She said "I just want us to get in the mood for the guys, OK?"

She then started the shower and stepped in. She looked at me expectantly.

"Come on, don't you want to be fresh?" Victoria asked softly. "Let's use this huge shower."

I just nodded dumbly and walked towards the shower. Victoria smiled and pointed at my panties. I looked down and giggled, embarrassed. I peeled my panties off and stepped in the shower.

I looked at Victoria and felt very intimidated and backed into the far corner of the shower. She was very tall, apparently a natural redhead and very beautiful. She had very pale skin with a blush of freckles across her body. She had trimmed herself so there was a very small red patch of what looked like downy, soft hair just above her pussy. Her pussy looked like it was a very pink flower ready to burst. Her breasts were a perfect B-cup and tipped by very light pink nipples.

My eyes drifted up her body and looked at her beautiful face. My gaze stopped at her emerald green eyes that were twinkling in amusement at my staring at her.

"What?" she asked.

"Wow, you're really very Irish, aren't you?" I asked.

She laughed and said "Yes, my full maiden name is Victoria Mary Cathleen O'Shaughnessy. I have two brothers that are priests and an aunt that is a nun."

I asked rather stupidly "I don't mean to be a twit, but, why is a good Catholic girl standing naked in my shower with me, getting ready to fuck my husband? Which I might add will not be the first time."

Again she laughed "Who says I'm a GOOD Catholic girl? I am like any Catholic girl. I like to fuck and while most good Catholic girls don't give in to their urges, I enjoy almost all of my urges. While we could talk about this all night there are two very sexy men out there ready to fuck us for all they're worth. Let's get cleaned up. Come here."

She reached out to me and I stepped closer. "Let me wash your hair." She whispered.

I got under the shower and turned my back to her. My hair was wet and I felt her dribble some shampoo on my hair. Victoria started massaging the shampoo into my hair and it felt wonderful and I closed my eyes. The shampoo was running down my body and making me slick all over. Victoria slid a little closer to me and I felt her nipples on my back. She gently rinsed my hair and her breasts were bumping and sliding on my back. I thought this seemed a little erotic, but I had never seen any evidence that she might be attracted to women; I just stood there and enjoyed the attention.

She whispered in my ear "I am going to use a little body wash on you now, OK?"

I just nodded, still luxuriating in the feeling of being pampered. I felt and smelled my scented body wash being drizzled down my body. Again, Victoria stood close behind me and I felt her nipples against my back. This time, though, I thought her nipples felt harder. I dismissed the thought as my imagination. As she washed my shoulders her hands drifted down to wash my breasts. Her hands seemed to linger on my nipples for the briefest moment then were gone. It felt so good I stopped a moan from escaping my lips when her hands were gone. Her hands returned and didn't touch my nipples but circled them and slid to the bottom and cupped my breasts. As she was cupping them, her long fingers stretched up and started teasing my nipples.

This time I didn't catch the moan and she heard it. She pulled me back into her and held me there as her breasts made circles on my back and her hands made circles around my nipples. My nipples were harder than I could remember and my hips began grinding my ass back into her pussy. Her hands started to slide lower on my body and she approached my pussy. She slid her hands on either side of my weeping pussy and just framed it with her fingers. She leaned down and kissed my ear and licked my neck. I moaned without trying to stop it.

I was grinding back into her and moving from side to side trying to get her to touch my aching pussy. She avoided my attempts. I tried to turn around and she stopped me.

"What do you want?" Victoria whispered.

I hesitated, I wasn't sure I wanted to say it out loud. Again, I tried to turn around and again she stopped me.

"What do you want?" Victoria repeated.

"Touch me" I whispered.

Victoria said "But, I am touching you." She moved her hands to my hips as if to show me she was touching me, but also to move her hands away from what I wanted.

I moaned when her hands moved away.

"What do you want?" Victoria repeated.

"Touch me. Touch my ppppussssy" I panted.

I could hear the smile in her voice when she said "Who do you want to touch your pussy?"

I was confused and stammered "Yyyou."

Victoria licked my ear and rubbed her breasts with the hot, hard nipples in my back. "What am I? Who and what do you want to touch your pussy?"

I was desperate and tried to get her hands to my pussy and she laughed and kept her hands away from me. I tried to turn and she held me firm.

"You must know what you want and you must tell me." Victoria was firm.

She was rubbing her little bush on my ass and I was getting crazy. "I ddddon'ttt know whwhwhattt yyyou wwant mmmmmeeee tttooo ssssayy!" I wailed.

Victoria took a little pity on me. "Am I a man?"

"Nnnooo" I said.

"Am I a woman?" she asked.

"Yyyessss" I hissed.

"Then, who and what do you want to touch your pussy?" Victoria repeated.

I understood then and said "I want a woman; I want you, Victoria, a woman, to touch my pussy."

Victoria slid her hands from my hips down to my pussy and stopped short of touching me. I could feel my juices running down my leg. I had never been so aroused in my life.

"Are you sure, are you absolutely sure you want to have a woman touch your pussy?" Victoria whispered in my ear. It felt like she was in my head with me.

"Yyyyyessss" was all I managed to say.

Her long fingers slipped down and for the first time in my life another woman touched my pussy. I was so on fire that a wave of orgasm washed over me as soon as she found my clit. It was so intense that my legs got wobbly and I almost fell. Victoria held me up and kept the pressure on my clit. Small aftershocks of orgasm kept spiking in me. I turned and found her lips and kissed her. It was tender yet passionate. My tongue found hers and somehow she tasted like a redhead. I can't explain it. As soon as I realized that her taste was so different another orgasm took me. I just kept kissing her and held onto her until the orgasm passed.

"Please, I want to touch you" I gasped.

Victoria smiled and kissed the tip of my nose and stepped back. She was so beautiful. I just dran in her aa.

"Why don't we get out of the shower now?" she asked.

I moaned "But, I want to touch you."

She gave me a wicked little smile and said "You will, but, I think we should share this with the guys, don't you? If we give them a little show, they will do anything we want them to do, won't they?"

I was shaking I wanted her so badly. I nodded because I would have agreed to anything just to be with her. We got out of the shower and Victoria continued to pamper me. She wrapped a towel around me and told me to wait while she dried herself. She quickly dried herself and turned to me. She gently took the towel from around me and I shivered.

"Are you cold?" She asked with concern in her voice.

"No, just looking at you makes me shiver." I whispered.

She smiled and started patting me down with the towel. She gently tousled my hair so it wasn't dripping and then knelt in front of me. First she patted my pussy with the towel then licked my bald pussy from bottom to top. I almost fainted.

She stood and laughed a little "Just so you don't forget me."

"Never happen" I managed to say.

She took my hand and led me back out to the living room. The guys had either found every candle I had ever bought or had gone to the store or gotten some more. It seemed like there were thousands of candles, everywhere. The fire was roaring and it was toasty warm in the living room. There were blankets in front of the fireplace and there was wine chilling.

Rob started to get up and to talk and I saw Victoria put a finger to her lips and then pointed at the couch. Rob and Barry sat down and were quiet. They both had undressed to their boxers and the TV was on and a game was on. Victoria pointed at the TV and Rob turned it off.

I felt like I was in a trance. Victoria led me to the fireplace and lay down on her back. She reached her arms out to me and I knelt beside her. I leaned down and kissed her deeply and I heard the guys moan.

Victoria giggled and whispered "See; I told you."

I sat back and lightly trailed my fingertips across her freckled tits and pink nipples. I circled her nipples with my fingertips, but, did not touch them. Victoria moaned a little. My fingers found her soft belly and circled her navel. Then I went back up to her tits and circled her nipples again. My own pussy was drooling again, so I could imagine that she was feeling the same. I wanted to touch her, but, I wanted a little payback, too. My hand would roam to her hips and lower belly, but I did not touch her sex, even though I wanted to so badly.

I leaned over and lightly kissed her and then moved my lips and tongue to her nipples. I lightly licked around the areola but did not touch my tongue to the nipple. She twisted around to get her nipple to my tongue but I was ready for it and withdrew my tongue. She moaned again as she missed her target. She lay still again and I continued my ministrations to her magnificent breasts, again avoiding the nipples. My hand was still teasing her by just touching the silky soft red triangle of fluff above her pussy but not going any further.

She hissed "You little witch, you learn quickly!"

I just smiled and continued my journey. Before I left her breasts I licked each nipple and sucked it to its full length. I licked her upper belly and circled her navel. I dipped my tongue into her navel and her hips jerked off the floor as if she'd been shocked.

"Ooohh, have we found something my little Victoria likes?" I cooed.

I heard Barry quietly say "That's her secret spot, which REALLY turns her on."

"Good to know" I murmured.

I dipped my tongue in again and got the same reaction. She was panting and moaning all the time now. I slid my hand through her little bush and found my prize. I was a little surprised to find her as wet as she was. As I slithered my fingers though her pussy, her hips bounced off the floor. The main effect of the bounce was that three of my fingers were driven deep into her pussy. The result of my fingers deep in her pussy after all the teasing was that her body was overtaken by a massive orgasm. She was balanced on the floor between her shoulders and her feet. Her pussy was seeking additional depth from my fingers and she sounded like she couldn't catch her breath.

I withdrew my hand and she settled to the floor gasping for breath. First, I put my fingers under her nose and told her to smell herself. She did and a shudder passed though her body. Then I put her fingers under my nose and inhaled deeply. Again, her scent was strangely, uniquely redhead. I then slipped a finger in my mouth, Victoria's eyes following my hand. She and I moaned at the same time as I tasted her. My first taste of a woman was delightful. I decided I needed to taste her from the source. I licked her remaining juices from my hand like an eager child with a dripping ice cream cone. I leaned and kissed her again, our tongues swirling around each other.

I was becoming frantic to get to her pussy. I pulled myself away from our kiss and dove to her pussy. I really didn't know what I was going to do when I got there, but, I had to get there. Her legs were slightly spread and I burrowed my way between them, throwing her legs over my shoulders. Now that I was looking up close, Victoria had freckles everywhere. The freckles flowed down her tummy, under her silky bush and stopped at the edge of her pussy.

It looked like the freckles were feeding the pink petals of her flower-like pussy. Like everything else about her, Victoria's pussy was beautiful and I had to have it. Photos http://uii.io/iJQO8 I saw her clit peeking out through the top of her petals and I touched it with my tongue. She jerked and shivered. I placed my hands on either side of her pussy and pulled her apart. She was glistening and I could see her throbbing excitement. I slithered my tongue out again and laved her from bottom to top and she bounced off the floor again. Again, that intoxicating taste, I just couldn't get enough. I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go and was rewarded with a gush that covered my face. I lapped as quickly as I could so I wouldn't lose any of it. Victoria was squirming and moaning and trying to push her pussy into my face. I reached up with both hands and teased her nipples as I was licking and gently chewing on her lips.

"OH, FUCK, OH, SHIT, OH GOD, I, I, I, I'M CUMMING AGAIN" she screamed.

I was again drenched in her lovely juices. I kept licking and licking until she started pushing at my head.

"Please, no more, not right now, I can't take it" she moaned. I scooted up her body and kissed her again and her arms encircled my back and hugged me tightly to her. As I lay on top of her, our breasts were crushed together and I lay my check against hers and I felt really, really good.

Victoria caught her breath and whispered in my ear "Are you sure you've never done that before?"

I giggled and said "Yes I'm sure, but, I hope that I can do it again with you."

She giggled too and said "Oh, there's no doubt about that." We lay there snuggling and kissing and stroking each other for a little while.

After a few minutes, we heard someone clear their throat and say "Uh, are you guys done?"

I rolled off Victoria and we both sat up and looked at the guys. I knew I had forgotten them, and I'm pretty sure Victoria had also.

I reached out to Rob and he just looked at me. He looked at Victoria and she smiled and shook her head and reached out to her husband. Victoria and I hadn't talked about it, but we each just wanted our husbands for some love.

It really wasn't hot sweaty sex with our spouses that night after that, just sweet lovemaking that left all of us satisfied. We fell asleep in our spouse's arms that night, but, Victoria and I held hands as we slept.

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— Sexy revelations from my sister

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