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Making Mom Happy

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: tom231002

Published: 04 October 2018

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He was sitting on the couch playing Madden 2005 on Playstation 2. His 18th birthday was last week and the game was a gift from his parents. He had been playing it nonstop since he got it and was now in the Super Bowl playing against the Green Bay Packers with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was trailing by five points and needed a big defensive play to keep his hopes alive. On the next play, he got what he needed. Joey Porter intercepted a pass and returned it to the Packers’ 35 yard line. He heard a door slam and keys crash onto the table. Turning to look at the commotion, he saw his mom coming into the room. She looked upset. He knew his parents were having problems, but he tried to stay away from it as much as he could. He looked back to his game. His offense was set in the shotgun. He had Tommy Maddox throw towards the endzone for Plaxico Burress. A leaping grab gave the Steelers the lead. He took a big chug from his Coke and kicked the extra point.

“You must really like that game,” his mom said.

His mom was a beautiful woman. She had just recently turned 41 but looked nothing like it. She looked more like 29. Her hair was died blonde and came down to the middle of her back. She stood about 5’5” and couldn’t weigh more than 130 pounds. Her breasts checked in at 38C. She never needed much make up and always kept herself tanned. She was wearing a red low-cut dress that ended at the middle of her thighs. She had red knee-high boots on as well. She sat down on the couch next to him.

“The game is great mom. Thanks,” he took a drink of Coke and looked back at her. “Where’s dad?”

“Being an asshole,” she snapped.

He knew better than to ask any more questions. Bret Favre had put up a hail mary pass and Troy Polamalu knocked it away for the Steeler win. He finished his Coke and got up to get another one. On his way to the kitchen, he asked his mom if she wanted anything. She asked him to bring her anything with alcohol. When he returned, he had a six-pack of his father’s favorite beer. He knew it would cheer her up a lot. He twisted a cap off for her and handed her a bottle. She looked at him and smiled.

“Stop drinking the sissy stuff and have a beer with your mom!”

He looked at her and shrugged. After he had his bottle open, his mom made a toast.

“To the first night of the new version of your mom!”

The bottles clinked and they both took a drink. He sat back down next to her and saved his game.

“How about some music?” she asked.

He grabbed the remote from the coffee table and clicked on the stereo. Rammstein came on. The lyrics were in German but he could catch the gist of most of the songs. He wasn’t sure how his mom would react to the music.

“This would be great music to fuck to!” she said as she reached for another beer.

He spit a mouthful of his out.


She was laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe. Finally she caught her breath and looked over at him.

“Sorry if that was too much information, honey.”

He just shook his head and took another drink of beer. She set her empty on the coffee able and reached across him for another one. As she brushed against him, he could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. He shifted uncomfortably.

“Would you hurry up and finish that beer?” she teased him

She opened her second beer and took a big drink. He chugged the rest of his first beer and let out a big belch.

“Anthony!” she yelled, laughing.

He opened the new beer and took a long drink.

“Why aren’t you out tonight?” she aked.

“Jeff is grounded, Mike has his daughter and Francesca is on her time of the month.”

“That sucks. You can help me drink your dad’s beer if you want.”

He held up his bottle for a toast and they clinked and took a long drink.

“Francesca did something interesting with a bottle once,” he said and took another drink.

“Oh, really? What was that?”

“We were playing truth or dare and someone dared her to get off with a bottle. So she put on a show for us.”

“I bet that was fun,” his mom said with a smile.

“Not as much fun as fucking her.”

After he realized what he had said, he blushed and looked down. His mom laughed.

“What’s she like?”

He took a drink and sat back in the couch,

“She’s lots of fun. She’s very active and she’ll try anything.”

They were both ready for another beer. They toasted to great sex but afterwards she mumbled something about not having any in awhile. Being a smart-ass, he hands he an empty bottle and starts laughing. She looks at him and can’t help herself and starts laughing too. She reaches over and tickles his ribs, making him laugh even harder. After the laughing subsides, they finish off their beers. He gets up to go get another six-pack, shifting his pants casually. He returns with the beer and sits back down on the couch. They each open one and continue drinking. She looked over at him and smiled, her green eyes twinkling. It amazed her how much he had grown up.

Anthony stood six feet tall and weighed about 175 pounds. His hair was black and came down to his shoulders. He had her eyes and a nicely trimmed goatee. He was wearing a Korn t-shirt and his favorite lounging pants. They were black and had a lot of pockets.

“What other CD’s do you have in there?” she asked.

“Korn,” he answered.

“What’s it like?”

“Like this, except in English.”

“Put that on.”

He clicked the remote and the disc changed. She let her head sit on his should and put a hand on his leg. He put an arm around her and gave her a hug. Her hand slides up his leg and up to his stomach. She brushed past his crotch, confirming her suspicions that he was hard. She let her hand settle on his waist. He hoped she hadn’t noticed his erection and shifted again, slightly. She laughed silently and looked up at him.

“I know about your situation,” she said smiling like he never saw her smile before. “Relax. We have the house to ourselves. Whatever happens, happens.”

“Mom… you’re drunk aren’t you?” he said, sliding a few inches away.

“I’m not even close to drunk, sweetie. I can drink beer all night.”

She pulled him back to her and rested her head on his shoulder again. Her fingernails slid over his shirt, but he still got chills. She hiked his shirt up and ran her nails over his stomach. He looked down at her, obviously nervous. She just smiled.

“So, what’s the craziest thing Francesca has asked you to do?”

“She asked me to pee on her once.”

He expected his mom to get grossed out. Instead she told him she’s always wanted to try that but has been too afraid to bring it up. She kept asking about what he’d done with Francesca, sliding in some of her own exploits as well. He couldn’t believe he was having a conversation about sex with his mother. But it made her all the more cool to him as the talk went on. He had just finished telling her about a quickie in the locker room at school when she made the move. Her hand slid into his pants and began stroking his cock.

“Oh. I can see why she likes fucking you. Want to see what our little chat did to me?”

She took his hand and slid it up her thigh to her pussy. It was soaking wet. She smiled at him and kept rubbing his hard dick. He took a deep breath but made no attempt to pull his hand away from hers, or to remove her hand from his stiff sausage. She slid off the couch and onto her knees at his feet. With a quick, hard tug she had his pants down far enough to allow her easy access to his fantastic member. A breath of astonishment escaped her lips when she was the package her son had hidden in his pants. Her lips turned into a smile. She was happy he had inherited something good from his father. She hoped Anthony would know how to use it better though. After looking up at him, that smile still fixed on her lips, she lowered her head onto his hard cock and took the tip into her mouth. His entire body convulsed as the warmth of her mouth spread over his dick. He looked down and saw his mom hiding his entire penis in her mouth with no trouble at all. He never would have guessed the best blowjob he’d ever get in his life would be from his mother. His body started to relax and he could think of nothing else to do but lean back and let her perform.

After minutes of working hard on his shaft she removed his impressive staff from her mouth and yanked his pants the rest of the way off. She smiled at him and stood up and let her dress fall off her body. For the first time, Anthony realized just how beautiful his mother was. He gazed at her perfect tan and streamlined body. Her breasts showed no sign of aging. Leaning down to kiss him, her hand returned to his cock, stroking it slowly. Completely on instinct, he placed a hand on her pussy and began gliding his fingers along her wet territory. As his mother’s tongue made its way into his mouth, he slid a finger effortlessly inside of her. A stifled moan sung from her mouth as he began flexing and unflexing his finger inside of her. He felt her draining onto his hand almost immediately. The rhythm of his fingers caused her to bite down on his lower lip. He let out an excited gasp and gave her a sharp smack on the ass.

She pulled away from him, smiling and positioned herself in an arrest-like pose on the coffee table, legs spread wide. Looking back at him, she winked and wiggled her ass. He took the hint right away. Standing behind her, he eased his young, hard cock into her pussy. He watched with awe as her hole stretched with the girth of his dick.

Grabbing onto her thighs, he began to pick up the pace. His cock plunged in and out of her hot wet pussy, each thrust bringing a greater moan from her throat. Holding her thighs tight, he eased himself backwards and sat down on the couch. She knew it was her time to perform now. Starting slow, she began to grind on his pole, moving first back and forth, then in circles. Anthony reached around and cupped her breast, giving them a hard squeeze. As she began to ride him harder, he played with her erect nipples, pinching them and tweaking them. They both were breathing hard, both very close to cumming. Her hand reached behind her head and wrapped around his neck. She arched her back and grinded on his cock, tightening her pussy as much as she could. After a few seconds, she felt his body tense and his hands providing a firm grip on her tits.

She knew she had him. As the first wave of cum shot into her body, she let forth a tremendous yell and her own body quivered with orgasm. She squeezed his dick with her pussy, rocking back and forth, draining every drop from him. Only after she was sure every bit of his jizz had made it inside of her did she dare slide off of him. She remained on his lap, playing with the head of his cock as she softly kissed his mouth. Her head fell to his shoulder, but she continued teasing and rubbing the head of that wonderful cock that had just given her the ride of her life.

“Mmmm… that was just what I needed,” she purred into his ear. Feeling his cock becoming limp once again, she knew it was now or never if she was to fulfill her fantasy.Photos http://uii.io/e8YsAl She slid to her knees once again and gave him a nervous grin. Leaning back, arching herself, her long hair hanging behind her, she made the request. “I want you to piss on me.”

He looked at her, not with surprise, but with excitement. Right then, she knew she was in for one hell of a shower. Moving her eyes forward, she saw him standing over her dick in hand. Taking a deep breath, she waited for it to start. She watched as the hot, golden stream was released from his hose. After the initial sensation of his fluid splashing her body, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the urine bath. The feeling of it splashing onto her tits and running down her stomach was awesome enough to her. But when he turned his attention to her face, she completely lost it. Another wave of orgasm rushed through her body. She opened her mouth to get the words “oh God” out of her throat, but she was stopped by a mouthful of piss. She came even harder. After swallowing what made it into her mouth, she waited for the shower to end. The length of her piss bath wasn’t surprising to her, considering how much they had drank. The final drops fell from his cock and he collapsed onto the couch. Completely out of breath, she leaned forward and gave his dick a kiss. She looked up at him and smiled her fantastic smile. He smiled back and helped her onto his lap. She pulled the blanket off of the back of the couch and wrapped it around them. Closing her eyes and laying against him she smiled again, knowing they had only made it to halftime.

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Making Mom Happy

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