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Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Male / Female, Non-consensual sex

Author: ForbiddenScroll

Published: 05 October 2018

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I’m Aron 40 years old, due to some luck and my hard work I made good investments and buyed few properties. So to sum things up I don’t need to work If I don’t want. As you know money open many doors that you don’t even know that exist. On some business party I met interesting person who invited me to his online shop on Dark Net. I thanked him and said I will gladly check his shop at home. When I asked what he is selling he just smiled and said that as single I will love his merchandise.

I didn’t think to much into it, just decided to check this later.

After party I went to my house on the suburbs of the city. Next morning I remembered about this unusual invitation to online shop. Curious I went to my laptop to check it out. I had little knowledge about being anonymous in the internet so, all my apps where on before I went on this website. What I saw at first was only space for password, I had it from that person yesterday. I rewritten it and clicked enter. What showed next was many young looking people. At first I was thinking that he sells sex dolls but more real looking ones. But after I clicked on one of the photo that grabbed my attention and started to read deion under it, I was shocked. They were selling real people not dolls. She was very pretty brunette girl, all her background was also there. You had two options. Buy trained or Buy raw.

I must say that I was little scared but also excited, so many possibilities opened in my mind. I was checking what they have to offer, of course only girls and woman.

I closed the website and after some thinking. I started to look for some construction company that will rebuild my basement. After I found one I contacted them and made appointment. Next I contacted company that will help me to soundproof my walls and install some security stuff.

After few months my basement was rebuild now there was three big rooms with toilets. All rooms had metal doors that only I could open with pin and my iris. Inside room was big bed, small fridge, desk, tv, console, books reader, mp4 etc. all stuff you need if you can’t leave room plus bathroom with no doors. Three rooms had the some design and stuff inside. Now at last I could start my buying, to my regret each slave was really expensive so for now I could buy only one. But for the start it is more than enough.

I choose 18 years old Nataly. She was spectacular 167 cm and 55 kg, long blond hair, slim figure, long and shaped legs and fantastic C cup breasts. I was drooling only looking at her photo. I was excited that she will be mine in short time. After some thinking I decided to buy her raw, I’m not sure what this training is all about. And I don’t like waiting. I don’t want to spoil my fun.


They delivered her two weeks after I placed order. Van drive to my driveway, we done all formalities and then they opened the doors inside was chest with small holes. Two guys grabbed it and pulled up.

-Where is it going?

-To my basement if you can.

They followed me to the house, downstairs they put down the chest and left.

-Good bye, we hope you will be happy with our service sir.

I followed them back to car and was seeing them off.

I couldn’t wait anymore, I locked the gate, doors and went to my basement to visit my angel. She was still lying in chest unconscious, I bent down, lifted her and went to Nataly new room. I put her on bed and for a moment I was admiring her beautiful, young and tender body. She was dressed in skirt and top that ended above belly button. Next I started to undressing her, first I took of her skirt. She really had long and beautiful legs. Next was her top I lifted her with one hand and other was taking it off. Now she was only in bra and panties, what a view mmm.

I was already hard in my awaken lust I started to take off her bra. As for her breast they were fabulous, almost perfect size in my hands and so tender ahhh. I played with them for a while.

I stopped playing with her breasts and took handcuffs that were attached to wall with D ring and put her hands inside them. Next I slowly took off her panties, under them were puffy pussy lips, smooth and velvet with no hair. I knew she wasn’t virgin but she also wasn’t experienced in sex. I knew from curier that in few minutes she will start to wake up.

I took under control my lust and went to other room waiting for her to wake up. I think it will be more fun if she is awake.

She started to wake up I heard her groans. I went back to her room.

-Hi, how are you feeling?

-Where am I?! Why I’m handcuffed and naked!?

-Oh, dear. They didn’t tell why you were kidnapped?

-No! They said I will be released after my family do them favor!

-How long you been with them?

-About two weeks. (Scared of being naked and bind, she started crying)

-Then I’m sorry to tell you that you been sold as slave to me. (Saying this I was really hard at the moment)

-No! It can’t be true there is no slavery! Release me please! ( She started to cry even harder and struggle. She was bruising her hands but I didn’t mind. I don’t need her hands for now she can do what she wants. If it will help to release her emotions a little.)

-I know it’s hard to believe but now it’s yours reality you better accept it. You now belong to me and I can do with you anything I want.

I started to undressing my 6 inches penis was standing straight like never before.

She started to crying and shouting even more, upon realising what I wanted to do.

Naked I sit down on the bed, I bent and started to grope and kiss her breasts. She was shouting to stop and kicking with her legs but with not much success. I didn’t like her high pitch scream near my ears but I didn’t want to spoil my fun so I let her be. I was not a sadist so I didn’t have any torture chamber and the likes. I wasn’t going to punish her. I just wanted her to be my sex doll, so I can do with her whatever I wanted.

Still kissing and groping her C cup breasts, I started to take under control her legs and lying down on her body. I started to caress her pussy with my right hand, she was dry but so smooth and nice in touch. I put one finger inside her, ah so tight.

-No! Stop! Don’t to-uch ah! My ah! Vagina! Ah!

I was slowly putting my finger in and out, in and out, still kissing and licking her breasts.

She started to kicking me really hard. So I stood up and tie up her legs to bed, now she was wide open and could only scream and cry.

-No more kicking my baby doll.

I said as I took lubricant from her desk. I put some on my penis so it will be easier for me to penetrate her. She was totally dry, well no surprise there.

Again I lie down on her, I grabbed my penis with right hand and I aimed at her pussy. Slowly inserting head.

-Stop! aaaaa! You can’t! aaa-stop!

Ignoring her I was going deeper in her tight tunel, I was in heaven. After all of it was in.I waited for few minutes to adjust. Next I started pumping with no care about her comfort.

-Aghh! n-o aaa! no! aastopaa! please aa no aa stop!

She was groaning in rhythm of my pumping. In -ugh! out, in -ugh! out, in -ugh! out

-please, in -ugh! out -stop! in ugh! ugh! ugh! aaa! ugh! ugh! ugh! ugh!

In meantime except for listening to the music of her groaning and please. I put one of my hands on her breast and started to grope and pinch her nipples. She was screaming even louder. Her voice was starting to go hoarse from all that screaming.

I stopped groping her, focusing on pumping inside her as I was close to my orgasm.

I started moaning and going faster and faster.

-No! ugh! stop ugh! don’t ugh! come ugh! inside ugh! me ugh!

She started crying again and groaning. Out, in. -Ugh out -no!, in -Ugh! ugh! ugh! uugh! ugh! no! ugh! ugh no! ugh! ugh!

-Ahhhh ( I stopped moving as my cum sprout inside her)

-Noooo! Stop! Take it out! (And she started crying again)

Well she was just eighteen and in new situation so I wasn’t angry. Just satisfied with my new doll. She was great fuck, I lie on her for few minutes, my cock still twitching inside her.

After some time I untie her legs and lie down with her on bed to get some rest and grope her little more. I must say that having woman breast in my hand is my favorite thing. She just quietly cry, no more strength in her after all things that happen to her.

After some rest I started looking at her, she has lovely face so small and beautiful.

I started to rub my cock on her legs, it will be round two shortly. Groping her breasts, kissing her face and rubbing myself against these long legs. She tried to crawl away from me but with hands still handcuffed it was impossible, crying she said.

-Please sniff stop I have sniff enough.

-I believe you angel. It’s just that I don’t have enough. And your words have no weight here. You are just my sex doll. Accept this meaby it will be easier for you. Who knows?

-I’m not any slave!

-Ok, honey.

My penis come back to life. As she didn’t have anymore strength. I untied her legs and then I raised them with my hands under knees and pushed them back so I can have better access to her pussy and more comfortable position. I didn’t care about her comfort, who cares what slave thinks. I started second penetration of my little doll.

I inserted all of my penis inside, waiting moment and then started pumping in and out, in and out. Because her throat was sore from all the screaming and crying, she was just groaning with tears going down her eyes.

In -ugh! out, in ugh! out, in ugh! out. ugh! ugh! ugh! ugh! ugh!

I was sure this time it will take me little longer so I started to lick and groping her breasts. I think she will not let me kiss her, for now anyway. So I skipped this part.

She had so firm and pointy breasts and they were looking so big on her small frame. Perfect sex doll. I was still going inside her.

In -ugh! out -aaa! (ups I bite her nipple to hard) in -ugh! out! in -ugh! out -aaa! in -ugh! ugh! ugh! ugh! aaa! ugh! ugh! ugh! ugh! ugh! ugh!

Knowing she don’t any more strength I put down her legs, uncuffed her and turned around. I grabbed her waist and put her up. She was now on knees, her small bubble ass towards me. Face down, her hands numb. I took her from behind.

-Ughhh! (Her pussy opened for me) in and out, in and out, I grabbed with my both hands her breasts and used them as handles. This time I didn’t hear her to much because of her face in the pillow. But she was shaking, this excited me little bit.

I started to go faster, mauling her tits. In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out.

-Ahhhh. ( I cumed inside her for the second time)

I fall on her, my penis still inside. My hands on her breasts. She lie prone under me.

I think she started to have problems with breathing because of my weight on her.

I rolled beside her, grabbing one of her tits I started to rest. Who cares about her, in worst case she just need to lie down on bed I do the rest.

After twenty minutes I stood up and started to dress myself. I took all her clothes, so she don’t have any more in the room. Before closing doors I told her.

-You have toilet here, in fridge there is something to eat and drink, watch is over there now is evening. You can do in your room whatever you want, there in the corner is camera so i can see you all the time. Don’t do something stupid I will come back in the morning. And I must say you are great fuck we will have many exciting days before us. Good night.

She didn’t seem excited about this as I was.


After I wake up next day first I checked Nathaly on my laptop. She was still sleeping. Next I opened record from all night and fast forwarded to check what she was doing. For almost hour she spend under shower, well ok I’m no miser. If it help her then feel free. No that I care to much but I don’t want any mental breakdown now. I temporary don’t have money for a second slave. Next she drink some juice. And was struggling to fall asleep for about two hours. After that she is sleeping until now, almost six hours. She is still not adult so she needs at last eight but I’m not sure if I will have patience to wait for her to wake up.

I ate breakfast and also done one for her. Still only in my boxers I went to living room, I took big t-shirt that I buyed specially for Nathaly and special collar that I ordered. Next I went downstairs to wake up my kitten, she slept only seven hours but well…

-Hey baby doll time to wake up, it’s beautiful morning.

She didn’t even budge. I took off quilt, she was sleeping naked in fetal position.

My morning wood wake up again. Hmm do I have desire now? Well some sex before work out in gym may be good idea. I took off my boxers, my penis stood straight.

I grabbed her by hips and took her on edge of bed. Bed was high by my design.

I took lubricant from her desk and put some on my cock.

I aimed at her pussy and slowly entered inch by inch. She was still sleeping.

After full lenght of my penis was inside, she wake up.

-Aaah Aaa! Leave me!

She was struggling like crazy. I just stood in place holding her hips with my penis still inside.

-Put it out! aaaa!

-Baby just stay still, after I finish we can continue this beautiful day. No point fighting me in the end I will still come inside you. You just making it longer and more tiring for yourself.

She stopped moving but started crying and wailing like crazy. I pat her head few times. After that I started to slowly pumping her.

In -ugh! out -aaa! in -ugh! out -aaa! in -ugh! out -aaa! in -ugh!

I started to caress her back with one hand the other still on her hips.

-ugh! no ugh! more ugh! please ugh! ugh! ugh!

-Shh just enjoy.

I grabbed her breast with both hands and started to going faster.

In -ugh! out -aaa! (her breast must be sore) in -ugh! out -aaa! in -ugh! out -aaa!

After another ten minutes of this I came inside her. I fall on her, still inside. This was heaven. I was regretting that my penis will need some rest for at last day, because otherwise I can go like this all day. Meaby I should by some pills for erection so I can go all day long . I will think about this later. Groping last time her breasts I stood up from her. I put my boxers back.

-Are you awake now?

Quietly crying she didn’t answer me. Sighing I hit her ass with my hand, to get her attention.

-Ummm! What do you want!?

-There on your desk you have breakfast, I will put t-shirt on bed. That is all what you will be wearing today. After you eat, go take shower I will come after to take you out.

This grabbed her attention. Heh she can dream about escape but it will never happen.

I locked her room and went back to my own. I put some sport clothes and waited until she finish her shower.

Looking on my laptop I saw her dressing in big t-shirt, it ended in the middle of her thighs. I went back to basement, took collar from the wall and unlocked door.

She jumped scared when I went into the room. This to big piece of cloth looked sexy on her, she even had cleavage.

-I will put now this collar on your neck, after I will walk you upstairs with me. Don’t move if you want to go.

Trembling but not moving she let me to put collar on. Next I took leash from my pocket, this surprised her.

-No, what is it for!? ( She moved back)

-Well it’s for your collar of course, you know my small fetish. If you want I can handcuff your hands behind your back. Then it will no be so comfy for you? (I moved towards her)

-So are gonna move again?

-No (She whispered)

I put leash in place and started to walk her upstairs. With shame on face, she followed me. I took her to my private gym.

-I usually start day here. From now on you will also start your day here. We want you to be in shape right?

She didn’t answer but I didn’t mind. She started to train with me, I must say that it surprised me that she didn’t complain. Meaby she had hidden agenda but I didn’t care, as long she is doing what she is told. She don’t know that collar have installed mechanisms that don’t allow her to leave house or scream to loud. Otherwise she will be shocked by electricity.

After one and half hour I send her back to room, took off her collar and gave her new t-shirt.

-You can do now whatever you want now. I will come back in the evening.

After shower I went to do some work related stuff. In the afternoon I had meeting with friends, we had good time until evening. I bid farewell to them and come back home. I checked camera in Nathaly room, everything seems alright. I started to cook dinner for her. After I finished I went downstairs. Unlocking door I stepped in.

-Hey, how was your day? I have some dinner for you.

-Please, I will not tell anyone what happened. Just let me go home.

-Oh, dear. Do you know that you are on other side of country. How will you return?

And besides I paid big money for you why would I free you I’m not philanthropist.

Now don’t think about this anymore and eat. I will choose some film for use to watch.

-You are staying?!

-Don’t worry I don’t have strength for sex tonight, we will focus only on you.

Worried what I mean, she started to eat her dinner. I undressed to my boxers and lie down on bed.

When she finished her food.

-Take off t-shirt and come lie beside me, we will watch some film.

-No! Meaby I can’t leave but I will not do what you want!

-Why the screaming can’t we be nice to each other. Do you really want me to stand up and handcuff your hands. If I do that you will sleep like this all night. Well?

She is easy to manipulate, meaby young age plus fatigue. Who knows, it’s good as long she listens. Crying she took off her only one piece of clothing. Naked she come under quilit that I put up for her. I took her on my left arm, groping her breast. Ahh so firm I can go like this all day plus her heat on my body fantastic experience.

After I was comfy, I played film that I wanted to watch some time ago.

Ten minutes in to the film I opened drawer with my right hand as left was still occupied with my doll breast. I pulled egg vibrator and lubricated it, I started to push inside her pussy. She grabbed my hands stopping me.

-No, please!

-Baby doll I said that tonight we are gonna focus on you. I need to hold myself until tomorrow but you didn’t have even one orgasm until now.

I stopped groping her and grabbed her hands in one of mine. Then I started to insert vibrator. After all was in I put in on medium.

-Ohhh! no no no no! Ohhh! sniff please! stop! ohhh!

Seeing that it may be to intensiv for her I changed on slow mode.

Again I put my hand under her and on breast. Now I could focus on movie.

She was wriggling and moaning. I don’t think she watched film with me but well you can’t have it all.

After twenty minutes she had orgasm, but it wasn’t happy one for her. As she was crying ashamed.

-Please pull sniff it out off me sniff.

-Ok, baby doll enough for today. Now we can focus on film or if you want you can go sleep.

-Can I go to toilet?

-Feel free honey just come back to me after. (No that she had other choice)

After film plus some more groping and kissing (well me kissing her all around) we went to sleep. Emotionally drained she was out in a minute.

The next morning I wake up, my doll still sleeping. We were on ours sides my hand still on her breast. Heh even in sleep I know what I want. My penis hard, rubbing her ass. I decided to wake her up in unpleasant way. It’s not that I’m angry on her or something. Just she need to learn how to give head, better faster than later.

I rolled her on back, pull off my boxers and sit down over her head. I pinched her nose, mouth opened for me. I aimed and slowly started to insert my penis inside. When half was in I grabbed her head and started to move it up and down.

After two times of this she wake up startled.

-Mhhmmm! Stommhhhp!

-Calm down, wait until I’m done. Then we can talk. Ah If you want this to end faster then hide your teeth under your gums.

I still moved her head up and down, but because it was her first time I went only half in so she will not choke.

-MhhmmNommm! MmmhhPlm! Mhheasehhmm!

Up and down, up and down. Really beautiful and fruitful morning.

After five minutes I came. One shot inside and then I pulled out and covered her face with my sperm.

-Ahhh, that was great my baby doll. I hope next time you will not need my help.

She clenched knees and started crying.

Resting besides my doll I was groping her ass. She was just shaking but didn’t protest in any way. Good sign I think.

Fifteen minutes later I put my boxers on and said.

-I’m going to make us some breakfast, just wash your face. Afterwards we going to gym so no need for shower. Will be back shortly.

She didn’t answer, so I smacked her ass.


-Did you hear what I said?

-Yes sniff.

-Then what are you waiting for?

She stood up reluctantly and went to bathroom not looking at me . Satisfied I locked her and go to make our food.

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Comments (2)
Charmbrights — 05 October 2018 15:40
Clearly English is not your mother tongue. Go to a site which has Volunteer Editors and use one. My novels (don't buy they ase free on other sites) a1adultebooks.com slope ebooks slope s_51.htm
Thepost — 06 October 2018 14:24
Nice plot and all but I think it would be even better if you use proper punctuation. Lot's of misspelled words through out the passage. No real character
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