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What Happens In the DR.....

Categories Fantasy, Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex

Author: Tina_Kerr_36

Published: 05 October 2018

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My husband, Brian and I were planning a trip to the Dominican Republic to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. Most of our conversations leading up to the trip ended with us having very hot sex.

At first, I naturally assumed the prospect of him getting to see tons of naked boobs on the tops-optional beaches was the catalyst for him getting so turned on. He kept telling me I was wrong—that it was the prospect of seeing me topless in public that was driving him crazy.

Brian was a wonderful man. As the operations manager of a small security company, he didn’t make a lot of money, but when combined with my salary from the bank where I was a teller, we did okay.

At thirty-three, he wasn’t an overly handsome man, but he kept his five foot ten, hundred and fifty-five pound body fit. He had medium brown hair, blue eyes and a smile that melted my heart. To top it off, he was a wonderful lover.

He’d been throwing out hints for almost a year about me showing off my body a little more. Physically, I hadn’t changed since we first met. I was twenty-one then, and now at twenty-seven my body hadn’t changed at all. I was five seven, one twenty-five, with long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a nice ass. Of course, it didn’t hurt that my DD boobs stood out proudly. They were the first thing everyone noticed about me, regardless of what I was wearing.

Brian’s company had a bowling night once a year. It was always a lot of fun, and I looked forward to going. He shocked me by laying out what he wanted me to wear. He’d never done that before. It was a white tank top and beige slacks with a black sequined belt. Obviously missing from the ensemble was underwear . . . no bra or panties.

“Really?” I asked in a shocked tone.

He just chuckled and left the room.

The day we got married, I’d given myself to him, body, mind and soul, so if this is what he wanted, I wouldn’t deny him.

When we got home that night, he was so horny; he couldn’t wait to get me naked. He fucked me longer and harder than he had ever done. Wow! If I’d known it was that easy, I’d have strutted my stuff in front of his friends a long time ago.

* * *

About a month before our fifth wedding anniversary my husband, Brian and I had a strange conversation.

Some people may find it weird to learn that married people engage in mutual masturbation, but that was a regular practice for me and Brian. We did that once a month or so, us sitting in the den in stuffed chairs facing each other, both of us masturbating while watching the other do the same. We found it hot as hell, and it always ended in us having hours of extremely hot sex.

On this occasion, after we’d both had great orgasms and we were just sitting there having a drink, I asked him, “What were you thinking about that time?”

Brian shrugged, “Same as always; my fantasy slut.”

I chuckled, “Now that’s a shock.”

My husband didn’t have to explain. I knew all about his fantasy. He had mentioned it often over the years. I’d even played the part when the situation was right, flirting with his friends, bending over a little more than necessary when serving them drinks, letting them see down the front of my blouse or tank top. I did have the body for it, after all.

To that point, our conversation didn’t vary from those we’d had many times in the past, but then it took a turn. My husband came right out with, “I’m hoping she’ll show up when we get to the DR.”

“They are tops optional beaches, so she may go topless for you.”

He shocked me by showing me a rather “bla bla” look, so I raised an eyebrow, “You want more than that?”

“I was hoping for more, yes.”

My brain started spinning. I knew his fantasy went way beyond that, so I needed clarification, even though I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. “Oh? How much of the fantasy are you hoping for?”

He looked right at me, “All of it . . . and then some.”

I didn’t know how to take that, “And then some?”

My husband nodded, “Yeah, I’m hoping she won’t limit herself to only the things I’ve shared. She should use her imagination.”

Oh wow!

* * *

That night and the next day, and every minute of every day after that conversation, I kept trying to imagine myself being Gina, my husband’s fantasy slut.

During the plane ride to the DR, I leaned close to Brian and asked him, “This trip . . . if I do it . . .”

He grinned, “What happens in the DR, stays in the DR.”

I was naturally skeptical, “You won’t throw it in my face later?”

“I’ll never ever bring it up.”

“You’re that sure?”

“Yes, I’m that sure.”

* * *

I was nervous as hell when we got to our bungalow. Brian mixed himself a drink, and I went in to take a shower.

When I came out of the shower, I could see my husband on the small patio. There was just a thin netting separating us, and it was blowing in the breeze. I began drying and brushing my hair in front of the large mirror.

“Mary?” He called to me.

“Sorry, but Mary isn’t here. It’s only me, Gina.”

I could hear the joy in his voice when he asked, “Gina, will you bring me another drink?”

I mixed both of us a drink and then carried them out to the patio. I was still totally naked. When I handed him his drink, he simply grinned and nodded. There was a fairly constant stream of couples walking by on the path that led to the beach. Some of the women showed me a scowl, and the men pretended not to look. They definitely did look though.

A few minutes later, a group of young boys came by. They were perhaps in their twenties. They were laughing and joking amongst themselves. I was a bit shocked when Brian called out to them, “Hey, guys. How’s it going?”

The boys all turned toward us, and that’s when they saw me. There were a couple of whistles, and they were elbowing each other. “What’s up, dude?” The boldest one and the first to approach the short wall of our patio asked.

“Nothing. We’re just having a drink before heading down to the beach.”

“We look forward to seeing you and the lovely lady down there.” The boy said in a somewhat sickening tone as he looked my nude body up and down.

“Enjoy the views.” Brian said with a chuckle.

“I already am.” The brazen young man said with a snicker.

I turned to look at my husband when the boys were gone, “Well, is that what you wanted?”

“That was a great start, Gina.”

* * *

I had been frustrated over the whole “imagination” thing. I was afraid I didn’t have one good enough to satisfy my husband. If he’d have just told me what he wanted me to do, I would have gladly done it, but he was leaving it up to me to come up with things.

Brian seemed to really enjoy the attention those twenty somethings gave me, so I thought I might be able to use that. I put on my bikini bottoms and told him, “I’m going to go see if those boys could use a little female company.” And then I kissed him on the lips, grabbed a towel, and left our bungalow still topless.

It didn’t take me long to locate them. They’d chosen a spot in the middle of several topless women. “Hey guys. Mind if I join you?”

I spread out my towel in the middle of them and lay down on my back. One of them, the boldest of the group asked, “So, what’s up? Where is your old man?”

“Probably still sitting on the patio having another drink.”

He looked right at me, “So what’s really going on?”

I was surprised at his directness and his perception, “He hasn’t been paying me the kind of attention he used to. I’m using you guys to make him jealous.”

He chuckled, “I have no problem with that.”

“Me either” one of the other boys said.

The first boy looked around, “I don’t see him.”

“I don’t care. I’m going to have some fun if he’s watching or not. Do you guys want to go for a swim?”

A couple of minutes later, I was waist deep in the water with five horny boys around me. We were just frolicking in the water. Of course, they took every opportunity to feel me up. Before long, they pulled me into a little deeper water. I put my arms around the neck of one of them and wrapped my legs around him. And then I kissed him passionately. The whole time, I could feel several hands roaming over my body.

“Fuck me” I purred into the boy’s ear.

Seconds later, I felt him pulling my bikini bottoms aside and poking me with his hard cock. It took him several tries, but he finally managed to get his cock inside me. I could only hope Brian was watching.

“OH FUCK!” I screamed out when I felt the boy’s cock shooting inside me. That was for their benefit. I wasn’t even close to cumming. I gave the boy another passionate kiss and then said, “Whew! I need to go lay down.”

* * *

When I got back to our bungalow an hour later, Brian was still sitting on the patio. I mixed myself a drink and then joined him on the patio. Once there, I slid my bikini bottoms off and tossed them to him. They were soaked with that boy’s cum. “One of them fucked me in the ocean. The evidence is in your hand.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes when my husband lifted my bikini bottoms to his face and licked the crotch. And then he grinned at me, “Yes, I can taste it.”

* * *

Later that evening, Brian started trying to get me in the mood to have sex with him. I couldn’t go there. “You can stand over there and jack off if you want to.”

Again, I was surprised when he got off the bed, took off his shorts, and began stroking his already hard cock. “Tell me about it.” He practically begged.

“There’s not much to tell.” I told him.

“I don’t care. Tell me about it anyway.” He said with some urgency in his voice.

“Okay, well, we were just fooling around in the water. All five of them were feeling me up. Finally, I picked one, wrapped my legs around him, kissed him, and then I told him to fuck me.”

“Was he good?” My husband asked in a strained voice.

“No, he was too young and way too eager. When he finally got his cock inside me, he came in less than a minute.”

That’s when Brian began spewing his cum all over the floor in front of him. When he was finished, he got some tissues from the bathroom and cleaned up his mess.

Just before we fell asleep, he purred in my ear, “Next time, you need a real man—not a boy.”

* * *

“Which one was it?” Brian asked me while we were sitting in lounge chairs and the five boys walked by.

“The one in the red trunks.” I told him honestly.

“He looks like he can handle himself.”

I chuckled, “Trust me, looks can be deceiving. He was short on the Wham and the Bam.”

We both burst out laughing, and then it hit me; my husband and I were both laughing about a guy not fucking me good enough. I never dreamed anything like that was in our future.

* * *

Later that evening, Brian and I entered a cabana just up the beach from our bungalow. The band had just started playing, so we sat at one end of the bar and ordered a drink.

Only a couple of minutes after bringing us our drinks, the bartender returned and slid a second drink in front of me. I questioned him with a look, and he tilted his head toward the other end of the bar. “Courtesy of Mr. Jaree.”

When I looked that way, there was a very large dark-skinned man smiling at me. He was wearing a white shirt with the top three buttons left unbuttoned. It showed off his dark muscular chest. I raised my drink in toast to him and then took a sip.

The next song was a slow one. The man the bartender referred to as Jaree, got up and made his way over to us. He addressed Brian, “Wife dance with Jaree?”

Brian shrugged, “That’s up to her.”

Jaree looked me in the eyes, “Dance with Jaree?”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I sat my glass on the bar and put my hand in his. He helped me off the barstool, and then escorted me to the dance floor with his arm around my waist. In any other situation, I might have slapped him for being so familiar.

When we got to the dance floor, he immediately pulled me firmly to his huge frame. I guessed him at six-four and something over two fifty. One thing was for sure; his body was all muscle.

And then Jaree blew me away, “Wife fantasy or husband’s?”

How could he possibly know that? My brain whirled trying to come up with something Brian or I had done to give our game away, but I drew a blank. I felt my face grow hot with a blush. “What makes you ask that?”

He pulled back enough to look down into my eyes, “If Jaree mistake, please my apology accept.”

“You’re not wrong.” I finally mumbled. “His.”

He smiled and showed me a brief nod. “Jaree will help.”

Jaree was nothing if not blunt, “He watches?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“No matter, this way or that.”

I found his English endearing, even if he didn’t always get the words in the right order or a saying just right. It was rather refreshing. He was obviously not Dominican, but I couldn’t place his accent. But he was concise and to the point, and I loved that.

When the song ended, he told me, “We go sex now.”

I showed him a smile, “Okay, we go sex now.”

* * *

Ten minutes later, Jaree and I were sitting on our patio having a drink. “Maybe he no watches.”

“I don’t know” I said as I stood up and pulled off my halter and shorts. And then I sat across Jaree’s lap.

As we sipped our drinks, Jaree kept running his strong hand up and down the inside of my thigh. Now and then, his fingers would brush against my shaven pussy, but he didn’t linger there.

After mixing us a second drink, I straddled his lap facing him. Almost immediately, I began kissing him. I’d never kissed a black man, but other than his size, the firmness of his huge body and his full lips, it was no different than kissing any other man—not that I expected it to be, but one can never be sure until they experience it for themselves.

“He watching now.” Jaree whispered.

I looked around, but I didn’t see Brian. Obviously Jaree had seen him lurking in the shadows. He picked me up and carried me inside, but he didn’t close the curtains. There was still only the mostly transparent netting separating the bedroom from the outdoors. Especially with the lamp on, anyone walking down the path could clearly see inside . . . and the bed.

“You undress Jaree now.”

When I stole a glance toward the patio, sure enough, Brian was there. He must have climbed over the short wall. He had turned around the patio chair and was just sitting there looking through the netting.

After unbuttoning Jaree’s shirt and pulling it off, I knelt down and unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his shorts. I gasped when I got my first look at his cock. Only semi hard, it must have been nine or ten inches long and as fat as a Red-Bull can. I knew there was no way I could take it into my mouth, and I was sure it would split my pussy open.

When he stepped out of his shorts, he lifted me up and kissed me passionately. I instinctively put my legs around him and my arms around his neck. I felt like a rag doll in his arms.

When he broke our kiss, he whispered something to me. I almost let a laugh slip out. He wanted me to give Brian what he called “The Test” and then he said, “We know then.”

Jaree let me slide down his body to my knees, and then he stood there with his hands on his hips. I lifted his heavy cock and began licking up and down its length. Just getting the head in my mouth stretched my jaws, but I finally managed to get the head and two or three inches in my mouth. I used both of my hands to stroke his shaft while I sucked on the huge head.

It took me what I assumed was over ten minutes to get him ready to cum. He warned me with a moan and put one hand on the back of my head. He wasn’t pressing me onto his cock, or even restraining me from backing off. He was simply using his hand in a show of support.

When Jaree began to cum, and even though I was expecting it, the sheer power of it took me off guard. Within seconds, I was gagging. Cum was spilling out onto my chest. After swallowing, I went right back to sucking on him.

When he was finally spent, I immediately got up and mixed a drink. I carried it out to the patio and handed it to my husband. And then I pulled his mouth to one of my tits. He didn’t hesitate. He licked and sucked Jaree’s cum off of my bare flesh. When he was finished, I leaned down and kissed him, opening my mouth and sharing with him the mouthful of cum I’d been saving. Brian didn’t protest at all.

When I got back inside, Jaree had me mix two more drinks. I was a little shocked when he led me out to the patio where Brian was sitting. “I sex with wife soon. You watch.” He told my husband.

The whole time we were on the patio, Jaree was hugging me up tightly to him. It was obvious he was just flaunting it in Brian’s face, almost daring him to protest.

When we went back inside, Jaree lay me on the bed and crawled up between my legs. He started eating my pussy like a professional. Over the next fifteen or so minutes; I came hard two times, my loud moans piercing the silence of the night.

“Husband, come.” Jaree commanded in a stern voice.

When Brian stepped up close, Jaree moved up on the bed and positioned his massive cock in front of my pussy. “Put cock in wife.” Jaree ordered my husband.

I was shocked when my husband reached between Jaree’s legs and guided his huge cock to my opening, moving it over and around my lips until it was slick with my juices.

When Jaree pushed forward, I screamed out, “OH MY GOD!” as the huge head split me open. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” I panted as he pushed a few inches of his huge cock into me.

Fortunately, Jaree stopped and gave my pussy time to adjust to the large intruder. “Okay” I managed between my panting. Jaree pushed forward only a little more before he withdrew a little. And then he began fucking me slowly, still only using less than half of his gigantic cock.

Little by little, he pushed more and more of his cock into me. When I assumed over half of it was inside me, he started fucking a little faster. I started cumming like a machine gun, over and over and over. “Oh Fuck! Oh God! Oh fuck . . . fuck . . . fuck.”

I have no idea how long Jaree fucked me or how many times I came. All I knew was at some point; he scooted up, taking my legs and lower body with him. My shoulders were barely touching the bed. I think he was pulling me onto his cock more than thrusting it into me. Once again, I felt like a rag doll, unable to move on my own, unable to resist, and unwilling to pass out.

“FUCK!” I screamed every time I was impaled on his massive cock. By the time he finally grunted and came inside my pussy, all I could do was whimper.

It must have been ten minutes before my breathing began to return to normal and I could open my eyes. I looked over Jaree’s shoulder and locked eyes with my husband. He was just standing there with his eyes the size of saucers. “Holy Shit!” I said.

What happened next was the most shocking thing of the evening. Jaree got off the bed and grabbed Brian behind his head. He pushed him down on his knees and said, “You clean Jaree.”

It wasn’t like Brian had a choice. He was almost as helpless to resist Jaree’s strength as I was. I watched in total shock when my husband began licking Jaree’s softening cock.

When Jaree was satisfied, he grabbed Brian by the hair and pulled him onto the bed. “Clean wife,” he commanded.

Without any further prodding, my husband began eating my pussy, licking and sucking Jaree’s huge load out of me. I was put off by it, but Brian seemed to be taking it all in stride.

While Brian was cleaning out my pussy, Jaree began dressing. “I go” he told us, and then he was gone.

That night, I snuggled up against my husband, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know he was going to make you do that.”

I was shocked again when Brian asked me, “Do you think he has some friends?”

* * *

The End

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What Happens In the DR.....

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