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St Trinians Chapter 1 - Arrival

Categories Fiction, Domination/submission, Erotica, Female solo

Author: xxemityobxx

Published: 05 October 2018

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The alarm clock rang. Sophie stirred still half asleep in her warm bed trying to ignore the continuous, bullying sound of the beeping alarm clock. She eventually and with great reluctance at putting in the minuscule effort, reached over and turned it off. She gave the biggest yawn that her 16-year-old body could manage, 8.00am – fuck its early was her first thought. Oh fuck it’s the first day of school. I don’t want to go, fuck that why can’t I just stay at my old school where there were hot college studs, and people were able to have a joke. Why does my fucking dad have to send me to a public all-girls school in the middle of fucking nowhere, there will be no boys, what the fuck? How am I going to manage?

And my new school St Trinians, an all-girls school and college. Sophie was in a very sour mood, and she is not a morning person at the best of times. She sat back down in bed with a huff of teenage annoyance, trying to remember her dream. It had been an amazing dream, she was in the senior boy’s locker room, 1st team football, where all the guys were hot studs, big bulging muscles, tall, handsome, witty and funny. She had walked into the showers, where the team were showering – there in front of her was Ronny the heartthrob of all the girls in the school, naked, water cascading off his firm muscles and she could see his stiff firm cock, fuck that looks tasty. Sophie looked around the showers, there were all the rest of the team, all with their cock’s rock hard. As Sophie walked into the showers, her imaginary eyes googling at so many hard cocks and fit men she could also smell the air was heavy with testosterone, the scent oozing from the stud’s firm testes all around her.

She felt her teenage cunt moisten involuntarily, her sex drive kicked into gear and she felt her blood start to pound round her body. Her primal femininity seized hold of her, turning her into a sex animal – 21 st century pretensions and morals about decency and modesty melted away as her animal mammalian hormones flooded her bloodstream. Her limbic system had released the sex drive neurotransmitter to her amygadala which transduced the sexual signals via the amygdalofugal pathway.

Electrical impulses were zapped across her neurones at a speed of 119m per second to reach her teenage ovaries. On receiving these sexual signals from the brain telling her that she was aroused by the sight and smell of the naked seniors in the showers with their stiff cocks, her ovaries released huge quantities of oestrogen into her blood stream. This process causing this polite well-mannered 16 year old girl, whose interests include watching glee, reading fiction books about magic, who has an avid interest in protecting the environment and the protection of the oceans, to turn into a cock craving maniac who needed to mate right fucking now. And so the sexual red mist had come down over Sophie, her cunt was now warm and moist , her teenage clitoris had swelled and enlarged due to the increased blood flow , her cunt was screaming at her get a cock inside me now you fucking whore, I want a big fucking cock to penetrate me and fuck me and fill my teenage cunt with semen , and Sophie was only to happy and desperate to oblige her needy teenage cunt.

The boys seemed to notice her, all their gazes were on her naked body, she felt herself blush in excitement, she saw them converge on her and surround her, several of them beating their hard meat. She was at once then, in her dream surrounded by the whole football first team in the showers.

‘don’t be shy boys, I’m all yours’ Sophie said, her cunt now wet and ready.

They were like grunting pigs, coarse and rough with her, their hands were all over her gripping and squeezing her erogenous zones. Hands were feeling her pert soft breasts, pinching her hard-pink nipples, which felt like ecstasy to Sophie. She felt the seniors hands on her arse, squeezing and groping her buttocks, and roughly fingers were going between her thighs, fingering her wet cunt which made loud sopping noise as multiple finger were fingering her, sliding deep into her pussy and hitting her g spot. It all felt amazing, Sophie was in heaven, she herself was grunting sighing in sexual ecstasy and passion.

‘someone get their cock in me, please.’ Sophie begged.

Immediately she felt a cock was pressing into her cunt from behind, trying to force itself in to her drippingly wet teenage pussy, but which was still virgin tight. She had to press her arse backwards against the hard cock to create enough force before she felt it inside her, ahhhhh feels so good, as she felt it slide in and fuck her, a ramrod cock of 6 inches vigorously pumping her cunt, she felt herself cream all over the cock fucking her. 2 seniors were each sucking a tit each, mauling her hard nipples with their warm lashing tongues. Her mouth was in another stud’s mouth being tongue fucked by his greedy animal tongue while they all were grunting in masculine monosyllables.

Suddenly one of the studs who had been looking Sophie in the eye as she was getting fucked and used from all directions grunted loudly once. It was Ronny, the 6ft 5-inch, alpha male of the team, blond hair and the most handsome senior or man Sophie had ever seen. He had let his team enjoy her, but now he would take her as was his due, the captain, and the one who’s Sophie’s cunt craved and ached the most for, the who for which her hot teenage cunt wanted to breed with. The other seniors withdrew from her. The cock which was fucking her from behind popped out with a wet squelch of her cunt juices, leaving her teenage cunt feeling hollow and incomplete. She got down on all fours for Ronny, her female lust now in overdrive. She wanted this man to fuck her like a dog, to dominate her teenage cunt utterly and entirely, Sophie panted like a bitch in heat, her cunt was on fire with want and desire, her clitoris was throbbing more that it had ever done in her entire 16 years of life.

‘fuck me like a dog Ronny, please, please fuck me.’ Sophie whimpered. The ache in her cunt was overwhelming, her horniness was at a totally new level, and she could feel her cunt moisten even more.

Ronny the giant senior and bull of a man, his body thick with corded muscle and with his huge rigid horse cock then mounted her. He put his massive cock into her tight vagina, and took one hard deep thrust into her, stretching her 16-year-old cunt to the limit. She felt the fullness of Ronny’s cock inside her and the slap of his bolllocks against her. The feeling was so pleasurable to Sophie that she came instantly as the hard cock went ball deep inside her. She began shuddering with pure ecstasy and sexual pleasure, her entire body was violently quivering. Her vagina began clenching hard around the horse cock fucking her, preparing to accept the semen and maximise the likelihood of fertilisation. He had continued to fuck her, her cunt still orgasming… and then there was a beeping noise, the fucking alarm clock had rung. Beep beep beep , no no no Sophie had thought as it had all disappeared and she was back in her bed , just a stupid virgin 16 year old girl about to start at a new school.

‘Sophie’ screamed her mother from downstairs, ‘the bus leaves in half an hour, so get up now, and come down and have your breakfast.’

Sophie groaned, reality hitting her hard. Shut the fuck up you bitch, Sophie said in her head, but as a polite well-mannered 16-year-old, she said.

‘sure mum, will be down soon. I’ll just have a shower and get into my school uniform’ Sophie called down.

‘Ok but hurry up, first day at your new school so you don’t want to be late’ screamed Sophie’s mum from downstairs.

Sophie huffed again and pulled the duvet off her naked body. She could feel a wetness still around her vagina from her dream, and saw with surprise the sheets were damp around it too. She gave it a quick rub, and felt how slick her fingers were, and also the heavy smell of her sexual parts, Jesus that dream must have made me cum hard.

Sophie opened the window and trudged to the shower, morning weariness still affecting her, she had been used to waking up at 9 or 10 am in the holidays. She looked in the mirror in the bathroom, her thick shiny blonde hair was frizzy and ruffled from sleep, but still golden and hanging down to tickle her firm smooth buttocks. She checked she didn’t have any blemishes, phew, that’s good, nice clear skin, and blue eyes. She made a face in the mirror sticking out her tongue which made her giggle for a moment. I cannot be fucked for school, especially not this all-girls school – St Trinians. Sophie had a huge circle of friends at her old school, she was popular and well liked, her girlfriends were her life, she felt tearful that now she was being forced to move on, when they were now at a different school. Fuck dad, fuck him for sending me to a posh public all girls college, fuck that.

‘Honey your education comes first. St Trinians is one of the top schools in the country. It will set you up to get fantastic A levels and move onto University. The School your friends go to just isn’t good enough for this family anymore.’ Her father had told her at the family dinner.

‘But dad all my friends…’

Her dad cut in sharply and severely ‘Stop that Sophie, don’t answer back to me. I won’t talk about it anymore.’ Her dad was a top barrister, QC, the works. He wouldn’t listen to his stupid daughter, he knew best, it was his job to make important decisions, whether she liked it or not, this new school was for the best. I wonder if I can use Thomsom vs Thomson he thought, instantly forgetting his daughter’s qualm and thinking about an important upcoming legal case.

Fuck you to hell she had thought angrily, but she just stayed silent feeling depressed, there was no point arguing with her father, it wouldn’t change anything. Her little brother Tom sniggered at her misfortune.

‘Thomas’ her mother had said ‘Is something funny to you?’ Her mother had a beaky nose and a deep gaze.

‘No mother’ he said, he smirked at Sophie enjoying her fury at their father.

Fuck you as well, she thought at her brat little brother.

‘Sophie is going to one of the top public schools in the country Thomas, there is nothing to find funny about.’ Now looking at Sophie her mother said ‘Of course, you will miss your old friends Sophie, but education comes first. In time you will come to thank us. St Trinians has a reputation as a school whose students achieve academic excellence and live a well-rounded life. Boarding will prepare you for the real world dear.’ Her mother said at her giving Sophie a very direct and final look, her mum was just as bad as her father. The subject was now closed.

Fuck you too mum, fuck you all, Sophie thought. In truth though, she would miss them all, boarding for the full year was a scary prospect. The school had a policy that students don’t see family during the academic year, as it might provide distractions. She would even miss her brat younger brother who was now making stupid faces at her.

After her shower she put on her uniform. Urrrggghh this is disgusting. She had to wear a fucking blazer and tie – what the fuck is this place? In her old school it was casual clothes and she could wear whatever the fuck she wanted. She put on the black tights first then her black skirt, she had secretly modified it last night, it was knee height but now, thankfully, it was mid-thigh length, at least the boys at this school… Ah fuck! There aren’t going to be any boys their anyway, there was absolutely no point in having spent hours modifying this piece of shit. She then put on her white school shirt, put her tie on after about 10 attempts, and put her Blazer on. She looked in the full body mirror. Bring it on you posh bitches. She was as ready as she was ever going to be for St Trinians. She had no idea what she was in for. No idea.

She went downstairs, said good morning to her mother and moodily ate her cereal.

‘Hope you enjoy St Trinians sis’ said Tom from across the table while smirking at her. Sophie didn’t rise to the bait, and just calmly replied ‘I hope your new school year goes well.’

‘Honey quickly finish your cereal the bus is here’ her mother said. Sophie heard the honk of the bus, and quickly finished her cereal. She said goodbye to her mother and brother and then walked out the door. All her luggage had been taken to the school separately the day before, so Sophie only had her school bag. The smartly dressed bus driver gave her a friendly nod and smile, and helped her into the school van. It wasn’t really a school bus just a concierge service to deliver Sophie to the school. There was one other girl in the bus. Sophie sat next to her, smiled and said a friendly greeting. As the bus pulled away Sophie waved at her mother and brother, feeling a pull at her heart string as the 2 figures and the house receded.

‘Hey I’m Emily.’ Said Emily to Sophie.

‘Hey, I’m Sophie. I seriously can’t be asked to go to this school. My parents forced me to, when I was perfectly happy at my old school.’

‘That was the same with me. My parents forced me to, but actually the school is totally amazing. I’m just starting college their but I’ve been there for 8 years. You get used to the lesbianism their too. The whole school is full of lesbians, no cocks around, everybody start taking out their sexual frustrations on each other’

Sophie laughed, thinking what Emily had said quite funny, not really believing Emily’s words though.

‘I’m being serious Sophie. St Trinians is a teenage lesbian cess pit. What do you expect when there are no boys there? Its an isolated posh all girls public school where the girls just fuck each other 24/7 and do some academic learning on the side.’

‘well I’m not a fucking lesbian, I like men and cocks, no girl is going to try any lesbianism with me or I’ll slap them.’

‘well you aren’t going to see many cocks or men at St Trinians, unless you count the old history teacher, and he’s gay anyway. Trust me, you’ll be eating more teenage cunt than a fucking pornstar, plus your cunt is going to get fucked daily by the horny teenage schoolgirls.’ Sophie shuddered at the thought of licking another girl’s cunt, she had never done it before, what would it be like? Emily moved closer to Sophie and said, ‘let me just take a closer look at you, you’re really pretty’ and then gently took a handful of Sophie hair and turned Sophie’s face this way and that way, inspecting it, and then looked her body up and down all the while saying. ‘gorgeous blonde hair, flawless skin, blue eyes,’

Sophie was a little startled at being touched like this and examined by a relative stranger, but then she just relaxed herself and let Emily continue with her inspection as the bus carried them towards St Trinians. I’ll have to go along to get along, thought Sophie, I don’t under any circumstance want to be some lonely loser teenage girl with no friends. However, under no circumstances would she be doing any lesbian acts with these horny posh school girls, the thought absolutely repulsed her. If Emily had been at St Trinians for 8 years already then she probably had some clout in the school, so forming a friendship with her was absolutely essential if she was to start school on the right footing.

‘thanks’ Sophie said, pleased that Emily had called her skin flawless ‘your skin is very clear too. And I like your hair’ Emily’s hair was auburn, and shiny she was very pretty.

Emily continued her inspection of Sophie, who was now enjoying being complimented. ‘you have a really nice figure Sophie, very slim’

‘thank’ Sophie giggled a bit, she wasn’t used to being complimented so much by other girls ‘I do dance and gymnastics twice a week. I hoping to continue it at St Trinians, my mum said the school has a dance society and regular gymnastics classes.

They talked some more, Sophie about her old school and friends and her family. Emily seemed very interested, and was easy to talk too. Wow thought Sophie, if all the girls at St Trinians are like this then I’m going to have a great time for the 2 years. The bus driver pulled over for a stop, and gave them 15 minutes to have a rest and stretch their legs. ‘Nearly their’ he said as they came back onto the bus, ‘another 2 hours if the traffics clear’. The bus set off again, both girls were now feeling the nerves more – the first day at a new school is a big day.

‘I’ve got something to celebrate our first day’ said Emily to Sophie, and she pulled out a bottle of vodka from her bag. ‘oh shit’ said Sophie, her eye’s widening as she saw the bottle of vodka.

‘let’s get smashed’ said Emily giggling. The bus driver couldn’t see them due to the partition wall in the bus meant for privacy of passengers. ‘fuck yer, that’s what I want to hear’ Sophie said laughing.

The alcohol tasted disgusting and burnt the back of Sophie’s mouth with its sharp taste. Soon she felt very happy and relaxed. Shit maybe I’m drinking too much, thought Sophie. Emily seemed to drink even more, swigging from the bottle, singing songs.

‘fuck its hot in here’ Emily said, ‘lets take off our clothes’ she giggled manically as she started to strip. Maybe alarm bells would have rung in Sophie’s mind if she wasn’t so smashed on the vodka, but as in her current state everything seemed hazy and funny. ‘oh, fuck yes girl’ Sophie said as Emily took off her skirt and now was in the bus seat in only her bra and panties.

‘your turn’ Emily said, and started to take off Sophies blazer and shirt, Sophie squirmed out of her skirt and took her tights off.

‘ah yes that better’ Sophie said.

‘you’re so fucking hot’ Emily said to her softly in Sophie’s ear. Sophie saw the hungry glint in Emily’s eyes, and started laughing hysterically. ‘you want me to get completely naked, don’t you?’ Sophie said to Emily. She hadn’t even got to St Trininians and a teenage girl was trying to get at her cunt. It all seemed so mad and crazy, what the fuck was happening? Sober she would be mortified at getting naked in front of even a close girlfriend, but as drunk as she was, she just found it to be a funny game. Sophie stripped off her panties and then took off her bra. She was now naked in the bus seat, Emily’s soft brown eyes were now the size of saucepans, ogling at Sophie’s tits and 16-year-old cunt. fuck she’s such a lesbian, thought Sophie, how the fuck did I not notice earlier? seductively raised her arms above her head, pressing out her chest, her full and firm 16-year-old breasts out.

‘yer you want to suck my nipples, don’t you?’ Sophie said teasing Emily. In her drunk state teasing her new lesbian friend was amusing to Sophie.

Emily bit her lip, and gave her biggest softest brown puppy eyes. ‘ummm they look juicy’

‘take your clothes off your horny bitch’ Sophie commanded Emily. She would teach this fucking lesbian how to fuck, how real girls fucked, even if she was straight. Fuck me, a part of Sophie’s brain said, what’s happening to me? Oh, fuck she thought as she realised something, maybe Emily spiked that vodka – that crafty fucking bitch… But now Sophie was fucking horny, and her sex animal part of the brain took over and shouldered common sense and caution roughly aside – her cunt needed to be satisfied. Emily obediently stripped off her bra and panties, revealing a beautiful hairy teenage cunt.

‘now you whore’ Sophie said, as she grabbed Emily’s hair ‘lick my teenage cunt’ and she thrust Emily’s head down to her soaking wet cunt. Emily thrust her tongue between Sophie’s lips and started licking the warm wet meat of Sophie’s cunt. Emily’s face was now soaked in Sophie’s cunt juices as she continued to tongue fuck Sophie’s wet cunt.

‘fuck yes don’t stop, lick my pussy that’s a good girl’ Sophie was saying in between her sighs of ecstasy.

Such a tasty wet pussy Emily thought as she licked Sophie’s wet cunt. Emily used a trick another girl had taught her at St Trinians, she found Sophie’s Cliteros with her tongue, feeling the firmness of it and then sucked on it. This fucking whore is going to cum all over my face, Emily thought in pure delight.

As soon as Emily felt her Cliterous being sucked her whole body squirmed, the ecstasy was too powerful for her naïve inexperienced teenage body to comprehend. She was now sweating heavily and a thick sheen of sweat covered Sophie’s skin. Her teenage body was heaving, Sophie tried to pull her hips and pussy away from Emily, but she couldn’t. Emily was so latched onto Sophie’s pussy, Sophie just had to ride out the storm of ecstasy.

‘let go of my pussy it’s too much.’ Sophie pleaded.

‘I’m not letting go until you cum all over my face, you dumb bitch’ Emily said, the words muffled as her whole mouth had Sophie’s pussy on it.

Sophie felt a sensation building in her, her cunt was now on the verge of a massive seismic event, her cunt had to give at some point, the forces were too great to contain and energy had to be released.

‘Fuck yes, Emily, fuck my cunt’ Sophie screamed, as she began to grind her pussy on Emily’s face.

When Sophie didn’t think she could feel any more pleasure or horny she cummed all over Emily’s face, her legs buckling, and shaking with her teenage contractions. She felt a wetness come out of her onto Emily’s face, and saw she had squirted. Emily finally withdrew her mouth from Sophie’s 16-year-old cunt, juices and cream all over her mouth.

‘you cummed like a good little bitch, all over my fucking face’ Emily said.

Sophie was too exhausted to respond, she just panted for breath, her cunt still burning with ecstasy after her orgasm. Emily slapped Sophie’s vagina hard, making a wet slapping noise which reverberated loudly round the bus.

‘fuck, owwwwwwwwwww’ Sophie couldn’t talk or think normally, the pain was like an iron poker had been shoved into her cunt. The unexpectedness of the transition from pleasure to extreme pain on her sensitive clit, made the slap especially painful.

‘know your place bitch. When we get to St Trinians, you’re going to be everybody’s little cum slut. Is that fucking clear, you teenage whore?’

The slap was a psychological tool Emily had been taught to tame the new girls into sexual submission and obedience. By providing the new girls firstly with extreme pleasure, and then giving them extreme pain at a moment’s notice, it gave Emily control over Sophie. It was saying, I can make you feel good or bad, I control how you feel. It was just another way of reinforcing to the new girls that they were sluts, that the older girls had complete control over them.

‘yes’ Sophie managed through gritted teeth, the burning pain from the slap brought tears to her eyes.

Emily spanked Sophie’s pussy again, though this time, not as hard and it felt like a sharp sting to Sophie.

‘its yes sister’ Emily said.

‘yes sister’ Sophie responded. She felt every bit the cum slut which Emily had made her into.

‘Now, were nearly at St Trinians. And you’ve never licked cunt, fuck you don’t even know your way around your own cunt. I’ve got about an hour to teach you how to eat cunt, and then you’ll only be a beginner.’

‘yes sister, please let me lick your cunt sister’ Sophie said.

Emily pulled Sophie’s legs across the 2 bus seats so she was lying down on her back legs open and spread towards the bus isle. She then mounted Sophie and sat on her face.

Sophie barely had time to take a breath before her mouth was full of wet hairy teen pussy. She tried to breath through her nose, but even that was difficult as Emily was grinding her wet meat fully across Sophie’s face.

‘more tongue action, I want to feel your fucking tongue across my clit’ Emily instructed.

Sophie responded by being more vigorous with her tongue. The taste of Emily’s cunt was slightly sharp and tangy, as cunt juices-soaked Sophie’s face. Emily was grinding her cunt roughly on Sophie’s face, Sophie was just trying to survive this lesbian assault.

They stayed in this position for what seemed a long time, but was actually 45 minutes. Emily grinding her teenage cunt on Sophie’s face, giving her instructions or encouragement, or other times a sharp slap of her vagina.After what seemed an age to Sophie , Emily suddenly stopped thrusting, looking out the window noticing the open parkland they were in which the road cut through. Sophie’s shifted her face up, still soaked in cunt juices she looked out the window and saw a massive palace in the distance, it looked like a bohemian palace, with huge clock towers and columns rising up to support classical pediments. Wow thought Sophie, nice building. She could see girls on playing fields, or hurrying to lessons. So, this was St Trinians.

‘shit we’re nearly there’ Sophie heard Emily say.

‘put your fucking clothes on you dumb whore, and sort out your face, it looks like your had a shower in my cunt.’

Sophie cleaned her self up and got changed back into her school clothes. The apprehension inside her was heavy, her stomach felt hollow. Adrenaline coursed through her and she felt scared. The alcohol instantly wore off, as did the effects of the sex drug Sophie believed she had taken. She felt ashamed of what she’d done, her whole face was red with embarrassment and shame. I’ll only drink from sources I know haven’t been spiked, Sophie thought, no more fucking lesbian shit, fuck that. St Trinians here I come.

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St Trinians Chapter 1 - Arrival

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