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Janitor revenge

Categories Fiction, Anal, Blowjob, Cruelty

Author: omarabdul

Published: 09 October 2018

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Emily stayed back in school late. She was alone. She had stayed late to study. The stress of exams had finally hit her and she knew she needed good grades. She walked down the hall drinking a milkshake. She was texting on her phone at the same time. She wasn't watching where she was going and collided with a bin causing her to drop the drink. The contents spilled across the floor. Emily shrugged and continued walking. A voice called out.

"Are you gonna clean that"

It was the creepy janitor. Emily laughed arrogantly.

"That's your job" she smirked and walked away. This would prove her biggest mistake. The janitor had been treated like shit for years. This teenager's arrogance was the last straw.

Before she knew it Emily was pinned against a locker. Her face was pushed against the metal and the janitor held her in place.

"You need to be put in your place " he snarled.

His hand began reaching under Emily's skirt. He pushed against her pussy through her panties. Emily was horrified. The janitor grabbed a handful of her panties and ripped them of her body. He then yanked her skirt down reveling her perfect ass. The old man admired the students ass for some time before landing a hard smack on his target. Emily yelped in pain.



He began laying a bombardment of slaps upon Emily's exposed ass cheeks. His slaps got harder with each smack, as did Emily's screams.

















"Please no more" Emily pleaded. The janitor decided to grant her this wish. He turned her around and pushed her to her knees. Emily knew what was about to happen, but she was powerless to prevent it. The janitor dropped his pants reveling his massive cock. He lined it up with her mouth and rammed it in. Emily nearly chocked. The penis slid down her throat. The man was fucking at a brutal pace causing her head to slam against the lockers.

He grabbed her head and pushed it towards him causing his entire cock to slide down her throat. Emily's nose was buried in his public hair. She whimpered as she couldn't breath. Finally she felt a jet of cum shoot down her throat. She feel to the ground causing his entire cock to slide out of her throat and mouth. The man continued to cum on her gagging body.

He picked up the rude girl and brought her to his office. Emily was to tired to fight back. He sat her on a chair. He ripped her shirt and bra off leaving her naked. The man then filled up a bucket of ice cold water and dunked it over the student to bring her to her senses.

Emily screamed as the cold water made contact with her skin. Her body was soaked. Her red hair clung to her like a silky rag. Drops of water clung to the schoolgirl's naked body. Emily shivered with the cold. The janitor lifted her of the chair and placed her on the floor with her head down and her ass sticking up in the air.

Before she knew it she felt an object shoot up her ass. She screamed in pain.

"OH MY GOOOOD, NOOO, AAH" She screamed as the cold object was pushed further and further up her ass. She managed to find the stength to look behind her. The sight she saw made her feel sick. The man who had just orally raped her was now steadily fucking her using the end of his mop.

The mop was being pushed in and out of Emily. With each push towards her the cleaning tool ventured further up her ass. Her rectum was screaming in agony. Emily began to cry tears of despair. Her sobs grew louder as she was fucked harder and harder by the mop. Finally it stopped. The mop stuck out of the degraded girl's ass as she lay there but the janitor had stopped moving it.

"Crawl here" he ordered.

Emily slowly obayed. The head of the mop dragged across the floor following her. The janitor smiled. His plan should work. He lined a bucket behind Emily and dipped the head of the mop in it. Emily let out a squeak as she felt the anal intruder move inside her. The mop was as wet as Emily now. The added weight of the water was agony for Emily.

"Now, your gonna clean up that mess you made." The janitor hissed.

Emily knew she had no choice. Slowly but surely she crawled down the school corridors. Her wet hair trailed alomg the floor. The heavy mop stuck out of her ass and trailed behind her. She knew there would be C.C.T.V recording her entire humiliation.

Finally she reached the scene of the crime. She lined her self up in front of the mess. Emily began moving her ass around to use the object protruding from her ass as a tool. The was suprised at how skilled she was at mopping with the mop in her ass. None the less, she knew all she was achieving was spreading the mess around. She wasn't here to clean up. She was here to be humiliated.

When the janitor was satisfied he pushed her head to the floor causing her to take a face down ass up position. He felt the schoolgirl's body as he ran his hands down her sides.

"I hope you've learned your lesson" he hissed before grabbing the mop with two hands. In one violent tug he removed it from Emily's ass. Emily moaned in ectasy as she felt the object slide out of her.

"OOOOOHUUUHAAAAH!!!" She howled as she lost control of her body. She violently came on the floor of her school corridor.

"You disgust me" We're the last words she heard before being picked up and pushed into an open locker. It was a tight space. Emily could barely fit, let alone move. Before she could react the janitor picked up the straw from Emily's milkshake. Emily whimpered as she felt him press it against her ass hole. Her whimper turned to a half moan half scream ass he jammed the straw up her ass leaving the top poking out. The janitor stood back and admired his handy work. The soaking wet, naked schoolgirl, with a straw up her ass was one of the most hilarious things he had ever seen. He could she her moving uncomfortably due to the tight space and the straw jammed up her ass. He took out a camera and took a few pictures of the once proud girl.

He then slammed the door leaving Emily in the dark space. It was so small she couldn't move. Emily heard the locker door lock. She was stuck inside. To make matters worse it was the weekend . The janitor laughed as he heard Emily's whimpers from inside the locker. Emily began to sob and cry for help, but no one came.

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Janitor revenge

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