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  1. His Hardware, Her Software
  2. His Hardware....Her Software 2

His Hardware, Her Software

Categories Fiction, Erotica, Romance

Author: T. Foxal

Published: 09 October 2018

  • Font:

All comments are welcomed. It’s the only way I know on how to improve.

A consultant meets a beautiful IT Manager at a conference set up by a company hoping to sell their Warehouse Management system. Max’s part of the system makes picking easy using his voice software, instead of a hand held device. She is quite eager to learn more about it, and about him.

This story begins with Max, a single, 42 year old software programmer, who owns his own consultant company. He’s been working with a company who developed a software that was used for big warehouses, to keep track of inventories, and orders, and had a special software that could be used for warehouse workers to pick a customer order, by using voice. Max is the one who developed that part of the software. He was in Clearwater Florida for a conference the developing software company was putting on for the week at this beachfront hotel. The conference is more of a sales job than anything else, and he was there, to help answer questions from potential clients.

The conference was to start Monday morning, but many arrive the night before, and the company has a meet and greet. Since Max is his own boss, he decided to fly down Saturday, and just do some sightseeing, then meet with the head honcho’s Sunday afternoon. The company was paying for it anyways, so he might as well take advantage of it. Not that he was hurting for money, because he wasn't. He was making mid 6 figures a year, and was beholding to no one. He was married once, right after college, but that was just being dumb and immature, on both their parts. It lasted just a bit over a year, before she grew tired of not going out and having fun, like all of her friends were doing.

As stated, Max was single, and he never had a problem getting dates. He just never found that one person, after Renee, who he wanted to settle down with. Max stands 6’, 180 lbs, with brown hair and hazel eyes. According to many women, he was easy on the eyes, and loves to show his date a good time, and if it led to bedroom activities, he made sure they went home very satisfied. He loves making a woman orgasm over and over, especially when he gives them oral pleasure.

Max lives by himself, in a house that is right on Sandusky Bay, in Ohio. It was his grandparents house, and when they went to sell it off 10 years previous, he stepped in and bought it. He loves that house, seeing his back yard is the Bay, and has a nice 30 foot cabin cruiser. He’s had many a woman naked on that boat over the years.

It was Sunday, and Max went over his part of the presentation that he would give Monday, then after that, be around to answer questions. Two of the days, he wouldn’t even be needed, since they had other guests to speak and talk about other software the company had to offer as well.

Max enjoyed swimming too, and always did laps in his pool, when weather permitted, or at his local gym, which had an olympic size pool. This day, Max went and used the Hotel pool, which wasn’t to crowded yet. That’s when he spotted this blond beauty, Gwen. She was just lounging around the pool in a very nice navy blue bikini. Nothing to risque, but definitely showed off her ample bosoms, and a fine bubble butt.

Max thought to himself, “Damn, that would be nice if she is here for the conference.”, as he felt some blood pumping to another area, as he kept stealing glances her way.

Little did he know, Gwen was here for the conference. Her company sent her down to check out the full package that the software company had to offer, since she was the head of their IT department. She came by herself as well, and was slated to leave the next Friday. Gwen, who is 40, stands 5’7, 130 lbs, with long legs, and has 36C chest, and short blond hair. She also is legally married, but she and her husband have not been together in 4 years.

She too, spotted Max and thought, “Oh Wow. Look at his pecs, and what great buns he has” as this sent a rush of heat to her own nether regions. When Max got out of the pool and went by her, he nodded to her and smiled. She too, nodded back and smiled.

It was about 2 hours later, just before the meet and greet, that Max, who was now in shorts and a polo, was sitting outside the main conference room area, in a chair, smoking a cigarette. As he just sat and people watched, he was awakened from his trance by a soft english accent of a woman.

Max looked up and saw Gwen standing there, after she asked if the seat next to him was taken. Of course, Max said no. Gwen was now wearing a light cotton halter style dress, which was a pale yellow, with a flower pattern all through it, that stopped just above her knees.

After sitting down, Gwen took out a cigarette and lit it. Max was very grateful for that, since many people, especially women, do not care for smokers. After introducing themselves to each other, Gwen asked if he was hear for the conference, and Max said he was. She too, said she was here for it too.

The couple then chatted about the upcoming conference, and events. Max did his best to always look her in the eye, while speaking. He did steal a few glances at her breasts, and wondered if she was wearing a bra, or not. He couldn’t see any nipples sticking out, so he figured it was a yes to the bra, or at least it was padded in that area to conceal nipple erections.

Max then accompanied Gwen to the Meet and Greet. Gwen was then off talking with other vendors who happen to be there and Max was with the main company, answering questions about the software they were going to learn about that week. A few times, Max spotted Gwen and took in her beauty. He had been trying to guess her age since he met her and figured she was about 35. Gwen too, was checking him out during this time, and figured him to around her age, and found him very attractive.

It was two hours later that they met back up and Max asked her if she would like a drink in the lounge. Gwen happily accepted. They found a nice little table, off in the corner, where it wasn’t as noisy, and they could chat without having to speak loud.

As they feasted on crab cakes and drinks, Gwen asked him about himself. Max went into how he was single, but was married eons ago, that only lasted a year. When he spoke to her, he always looked her in the eye, that way, she knew she had his undivided attention. Max told her about how he got hooked up with this company and that he lived up in Ohio, and where.

“No kidding. I live just south of Detroit. We’re almost like neighbors.” she said, then laughed.

Then Gwen proceeded to tell him about being married, but that they haven’t lived together in over 4 years. “Yes. When our daughter was of driving age, he moved out. Saying marriage wasn’t a good fit for him anymore. He moved up north of Detroit, where his little tart lived. Except, for our daughters graduation, 2 years ago, I haven’t seen him. Oh he pays the bills, but that’s the extent of our marriage. My daughter is now a sophomore at MIT and doing quite well. When she wanted to see her dad, she would drive there. He never came down and picked her up. To say they are not close, is an understatement.”

Max shook his head, and said, “That’s bullshit. Seems a bit callus if you ask me.”

Gwen shook her head and said, “He’s an ass and only thinks of himself. Especially in the bedroom.”

Max raised his eyebrows at that one, then asked, “How come you don’t divorce?”

“Oh. I am trying, but he keeps blocking it. It’s way cheaper to keep me than it is to let me divorce him, because I get half, and he is a very selfish person. But one day, I will be free of him. But, it doesn’t stop me from having fun with men. I am only human, you know.” she said with a chuckle.

“And a very pretty one, at that Gwen.” Max said, as he raised his glass to her, as a toast.

“Thank you. Compliments always welcome. And, you are a very handsome man too Max.” she said, leaving out the part where she’d love to see how handsome he is naked. Had this been a date, she could see herself going to bed with him that night and fucking like two teenagers, but knowing exactly what to do.

Max too, was thinking about the same thing, wondering how tasty her pussy would be, if he got lucky enough to go down on her and feast on her pussy for a night or two. The two then headed out to the place they first started talking, and had their final cigarette for the evening. Then he escorted her to the elevators, since it was getting late.

They both chuckled when they found out they both were on the top floor. Her room was 4 rooms down from his, on the Gulf side of the hotel, which offered a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. As Gwen was walking to her room, she said, “maybe one evening we could share a drink on the balcony and take in the view.” to which Max heartily agreed too.

Gwen had just crawled in bed, naked, as she always sleeps. With her was one of dildo’s. In her mind, she was hoping to replace the toy with Max’s cock, hoping he was fairly large, and not the 6 inch, skinny cock her husband had used on her. “Oh God Yes Max. That’s it, fuck me like that. Cum for me Max” she moaned out as she had her first of two orgasms that night.

Down the hall, Max too was lying in bed, naked, which is how he slept as well, and his hand was slowly pumping his cock, which was at its full 8 ½ inch hardness. He was thinking of Gwen and her creamy thighs, as he ate her wet pussy. Then would sink his cock deep inside her and they would fuck the night away. He hoped that she was shaved down there, which is how he preferred his women he bedded with, to be. He always kept himself shaved, since he met up with this one woman, who was 30 and preferred it shaved.


The next morning, Max was just in shorts and a t-shirt. It was a little past 5am and he couldn’t sleep. The presentation was on his mind, but so was Gwen. He was sitting in a chair, smoking a cigarette, lost in thought. The hotel was all non smoking, except for two areas outside the building. He was brought back to earth by a soft voice.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Gwen said softly, as she sat next to him, in the other chair. She was wearing a pair of cotton pajama bottoms, and a black t-shirt, and she was wearing glasses too. She then lit her own cigarette.

“Well. Good Morning Gwen. I hope you slept well.”

“Oh I did. Very well thank you, and I hope you did as well.” she said, and smiled warmly towards him.

This time he stole a quick glance at her top and could see her nipples trying to poke out of her shirt. But he quickly averted his eyes, as to not let her see him doing that unsavory act. He prayed too, that he didn’t get hard right now, since he was going commando at the present time.

“I was just going over, in my head, my presentation later is all. But I’m glad you got me out of that mode. I prefer talking with a beautiful woman, as you are, than work stuff.” he said.

“Oh God. Do you want to use my glasses? I must be a fright. I didn’t think anyone would be down here at this time. But, thank you again for the compliment. You’re going to spoil me with those.” she said and giggled.

“If this is you, without makeup on, then your ex is a very stupid man.” Max retorted.

“Not an ex yet, but yes, he is a very stupid man.” which made them both laugh.

Then Gwen asked if he would like some coffee, since she saw they just brought some out in the lobby. Max said yes and started to get up, but Gwen told him to sit and that she would get it. She asked what he wanted in it, which he replied cream, knowing they wouldn’t have his favorite, Irish Cream, here for the masses.

“Oh Wow, another thing we have in common. I like cream only too, unless they have that International Delight Irish Cream, which is my favorite.”

“Make that another thing we have in common” he said as he watched her start walking away. He watched as her butt cheeks jiggled as she walked, letting him know that she was commando, or just wearing a thong.

When she returned, she started asking him questions about the software itself, and how it could help her company. He assured her, that it would be a big help and cut done on mistakes and labor. People would be more efficient in their picking, and they would have real time counts of what employees were doing during any given shift. So then Gwen asked,

“So, when we go to put this in, will you be part of the team that helps get it up and running?”

“Oh yes. I’ll be part of the team to help work it into your infrastructure and then help get the kinks out.” Max said.

“Oh Good. I hate when we have kinks in a system. I only like certain types of kinks” then winked at him and giggled a bit.

Max smiled at her comment, and wondered just how kinky she might actually be. After another 20 minutes of shop talk, Max suggested they go shower and get ready and asked if she would join him for breakfast, before the shindig started. Gwen happily agreed to meet him in the restaurant in 30 minutes.

It was just before lunch break, and Max had given his first presentation of day an hour earlier. He did okay with it, but he gets nervous doing these things, in front of groups like this. He happened to see Gwen off by one of the vendors, and she looked a bit out of sorts. He knew most of the vendors, and some can be lecherous at times, and he knew Paul to be one of them. Paul was married, and not all that good looking, but always hit on the women at these type of events.

Max walked up to her and asked if she was ready for lunch. Gwen immediately said yes. Paul was left with a dumbfounded look on his face, as the two turned and walked away. As they strode out of the hall, to where the food was being served, Gwen then said,

“God. Thank you for saving me from that impossible man. You know at last night’s meet and greet, that cheeky bastard had his hand on my back and slid it down to the top of my ass?”

“I’m so sorry. He should not do that with anyone, but some of these guys come to this with hopes of scoring. And can be real assholes about doing it.” Max told her.

Gwen giggled, as she filled her plate with the lunch offerings, then said, “So Max. Are you looking to “Score”?”

Max was taken aback by the comment. He certainly wouldn’t mind having carnal knowledge with Gwen, but he wasn’t trying to score, at least not yet.

“No Gwen. I am not. But if an opportunity arises, I am not stupid enough to let it pass by.”

“That’s good to know. Very honest too, which I happen to like. You have been a perfect gentleman Max,”

Max then asked at the end of lunch if Gwen would be interested in dinner later, at a seafood place he noticed on his drive in. Gwen said absolutely to that. Max still had one more presentation to give and it was about the hardware he uses for his voice software. That presentation went well, and he noticed Gwen intently listening to his words.

At the end of the day, Gwen came up to him and told him how great he sounds. During his presentation, Gwen was also thinking if she may get to enjoy his hardware at some point this week. She was extremely horny and she did like him enough to bed him later, if they both wanted that.

Max was showering and all he could think about was Gwen, and how nice she is and how pretty she was. He also wondered why she just didn’t divorce her husband and move on with her life. As he showered, his cock grew, but he decided against cumming then, just in case he and Gwen could have carnal knowledge with each other later. He did shave his groin area, for just in case they did decide to play later. Most women he had been with loved the look. He did stop at the gift shop, which sold flowers and got a small bouquet of flowers for her.

Meanwhile, Gwen too was in the shower, and she too was shaving her private area, in hopes that Max would be her lover that evening. As she finished, she couldn’t help but start rubbing her lips and clit, exciting herself to an orgasm, thinking about his hard cock, slipping in and out of her.

Max knocked on her door a little past 7 and when she answered, he was quite pleased at her attire. She wore a light blue summer dress, that criss crossed her chest, accenting her wonderful breast and showed a good bit of cleavage. Max wore khaki pants and a light blue button down, short sleeve shirt, and brown boat shoes. When Gwen saw the flowers, she smiled and took them from him and stepped back, and found a glass and put water in it and placed them by her bedside.

“Thank you so much. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was a date tonight.” she said, never letting the smile leave her face.

“Would that be so bad if I thought of it as a date?” Max asked.

“It wouldn’t be bad at all. In fact, I like the idea you took the time to do this sweet gesture, so I guess this is a date…… I’m ready if you are” she said, then kissed him lightly on the lips.

“You look quite beautiful tonight Gwen.” he told her. “Thank you Max. You look quite handsome yourself.” as the couple made their way to the elevator.


They had an hour wait for a table. Max got them each a glass of wine, and they chatted. This time it was more personal than any other time. Gwen had asked why he wasn’t a taken man. Max explained that after his divorce he threw himself into his work and that he hasn’t found that one woman yet, that he would consider settling down with.

He asked the same of her, and she explained that even though they aren’t divorced, she does date and that she thought she found the right guy a year ago. He was thoughtful and a great lover, and doted over her. But then one night, they went to this out of the way place for dinner. When they were seated at their table, a couple came up to them. She explained how figity Tom got, especially when the lady asked where Shelly was. After the couple moved off, Gwen had asked who Shelly was, and he came clean, that he was married.

Gwen said it explained a lot. They never went to his place, ever. And most dates were always well away from where he lived, and only on two occasions did he ever spend the night with her. Most times it was dinner or a movie, or they frequently stayed at her place, had dinner then sex, and then he would leave. When Tom finished telling her, Gwen took her glass of water and threw it in his face, then got up and called a cab to take her home. She said she was pissed even more when the cab ride cost her almost 50 bucks.

At dinner, the conversation revolved more around his work and his presentations that day. She gushed over the fact that she had made up her mind that morning that her company was going with this package. She then let another sexual innuendo go when she said that he could show her his hardware package, but privately this week. Max just smiled and said he’d be more than happy too, knowing full well what she really meant.

After dinner, they went for a stroll around a park area, near the beach. Max was uncertain if he should take her hand in his, but then she grabbed his, as they walked and talked. By this time, it was almost 10pm, and Gwen said that maybe they should head back, but first grab a bottle of wine and enjoy it out on her balcony. Max said sure, but then went for it and pulled her towards him and kissed her lightly on the lips. When she didn’t pull away, he kissed her more deeply. Their tongues met and explored each other, as they embraced tightly, and kissed in the warm Florida air.

Max and Gwen settled into the chairs on the balcony. They really didn’t talk much, except commenting how beautiful the night was, and how nice it was being outside, without prying eyes on them. They both finished a cigarette and Max moved to her, while she leaned now, against the balcony rail. They kiss again, but this one was becoming very passionate. The heat and electricity between the two was off the charts. Gwen then backed away and looked st Max.

“God, you kiss so wonderfully, Max.” she said, breathing hard between kisses.

They kissed more as she asked another question, “Is your hardware Plug and Play compatible?” as her arms were around his neck, and his around her waist, as she went back to kissing him.

He broke the kiss and answered, “It depends on your ports. My hardware usually is accepted by many ports.” he said, as they started walking towards the sliding door and back into the room, still locked back in a passionate kiss.

In the middle of the room, she broke the kiss and told him, “I have three ports. Pots 1 and 2 easily accept hardware of many sizes, which I am sure you will find accominating. Port 3 has been used very little, but might like use eventually.” she cooed as she went back to kissing him and undoing his pants.

Max then asked about driver installation. She smiled and said, “Oh Yes. I definitely want your drivers installed. Thanks to a pill, I can accept them without worry, in either port.” she said and went back to kissing him more.

Max reached down, and took the hem of her dress in his hands and pulled it slowly up and over her head, leaving her almost naked, except for the white thong she was wearing. Gwen then pushed his pants down to his feet, and then removed his shirt, leaving him with just boxers on.

“Oh my Gwen, you are so beautiful.” he told her, as he looked at her body.

“Thank you sir. You are quite handsome and sexy too” as she pulled him back and attacked his mouth with her, making sure she crushed her breasts into his chest. Her nipples were as hard as rocks now.

Gwen's hands worked down the side of his torso until they reached the waistband of his boxers, and started sliding them down and off his body, revealing his hardened member. She gasped into his mouth when her hand encircled his cock, then stood back to see what she was feeling.

She broke the kiss again and stepped back to see what she was holding. A big smile crept across her face as she began to lightly stroke him. Max found the thin waistband of her thong and pushed it over her hips and let it fall to the floor. His first thought was, ‘Oh God. We’re never leaving this room the rest of the week’ as continued to take in her beauty.

“I want you Max. I want you now Baby.” she softly said in her accented voice that drives Max wild. They moved onto the bed, with Gwen on her back, and her legs spread wide. Max lay on top of her kissing again, but his hands are lightly massaging her body. Then he started moving down to her breast, when he saw just how hard her nipples were, while they sat on top of her pink silver dollar size areolas.

She moaned and moved her body about as he sucked on each one. Then started heading down her belly to the prize that awaited him between her legs. He kissed his way down her mon, then to her inner thighs. Gwen was moaning a great deal, but then said, “Oh God Max you don’t have to do that”

“Oh, but I do. I need to inspect this port to make sure it is in working order.” as his tongue lightly licked her labia. “Oh God Yes. Eat me Baby” she cooed out.

Max did exactly that. He ate her for the next fifteen minutes. He made her orgasm within five minutes of starting this exploration, and without touching her clit. He wanted to make it very memorable, in case this was a one time opportunity. When his mouth finally found her hardened clit, he wrapped his lips around it and started licking it and sucking it.

Gwen’s hands were now massaging her breasts and nipples and moaning loudly, as Max placed two fingers inside her very wet and hot pussy. Her hips started moving up and down as he found her spot and started rubbing it, all the while sucking her clit.

“Oh Fuck Baby.. I’m going to cum”, she said loudly as she lifted her ass off the bed, pushing her pussy harder into his mouth. Gwen then started cumming. Her hands grabbed his head and placed her feet on his shoulders as he licked furiously. Her juices flowed into his mouth as he started licking her love hole, and then down to her puckered brown hole. When his tongue touched there, she let out a loud moan, as her thighs clamped his head like a vice.

When she released her vice like grip, Max moved back up her body, leaving a trail of his saliva and her juice, all the way up to her waiting lips. When they started kissing again, the head of his swollen member was at the entrance of her love port.. Her hips were moving around, trying to get him inside her.

“Oh God Max. Please. Put it in. I need you inside me. Plug your hardware inside my port. Oh God Max. Please… Fuck me Baby.”

Max was loving this. He loved when a woman expressed herself in bed, and out. As his cock made contact with her extremely wet pussy, it started slipping in. Their lips were locked together, kissing frantically, as his cock inched its way further inside her soft, smooth womanhood. Each inch elicited a moan of delight from each of them, until he was fully seated inside her.

Gwen was in heaven right now. Her pussy, which hasn’t had a cock in it in over 8 months, was enjoying this blissfulness that only a man could give her. A man, whom she found extremely sexy, and treated her with respect, and showed her as a man who cared about her enjoyment. Unlike the last man she was with, who just stuck it in and fucked her until he came.

“Oh God Max. You feel amazing. Just go slow though, because I want to savor every second of this” she cooed in his ear, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“God Gwen. You feel amazing too. I would say we have had a successful hardware installation.”

“MMMMMMM Yes we have, but it is still not complete until you upload your drivers into me. …….. Oh God Max Yes.. Fuck me like that” she moaned out

Max went slow and easy, he too savoring every stroke in her pussy, which was one of the hottest he has ever been in. He couldn’t imagine why her husband would even think to find something else to have sex with, when he had the best right with him.

Gwen came just a couple of minutes into their coupling. Max could feel her juices coat his hard cock, as he continued to stroke her slowly. A few minutes later, she was starting to pump her hips up to meet his thrust inside her. She so wanted to cum again, but this time wanted his seed as well.

Her legs wrapped around his torso now, as she told him, “Oh God Yes Max, Fuck me faster Baby…. Give me your drivers. Cum in Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” she cried out now..

‘Fuck.” Max thought. “I could stay in her all week and never move’ he thought as he increased the speed of their carnal act of pleasure.

Within minutes of picking up speed, with both of them in sync with one another, he could feel his balls start to tingle, signaling his impending release of cum, which would be a sizable amount due to the fact, he too, has not had any sex in quite some time.

“Oh Gwen.. Baby… I have to cum” he roared out.

“Do it Baby… Now… I’m cumming” she said back, as her legs tightened around his midsection. Her hands left his body and grabbed the sheet and twisted it in her hands, as her body convulsed, as her orgasm took over her body. “Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she yelled.

As Max felt her wave of liquid coat his cock again, he let loose a copious amount of semen deep inside her hungry pussy. “Fuck Gwennnnnnnnnnnnnnn….. Cummmingggggg” is all he could say, as his own body tensed up as the ropes of cum shot deep inside her.

When their orgasms subsided they were locked in a passionate kiss, with Max still inside her, and still hard.Max didn’t want to let go of her, and Gwen did not want to let him slip from her body. Max then held her tight and flipped her over, so she was now on top.

“Oh God Max. You are still so deep inside me. God you are a sexy man.” she said as she sat up and looked down on him.

“The view is quite sexy for me as well. You are so hot and tight Gwen. And your accent is driving me wild” he told her.

“I got to tell you Max, you are the biggest man I have ever experienced. It feels wonderful too.” she said as she gyrated her pelvis on his groin.

Max sat up and started sucking her nipple, as she moved her body all around, keeping his manhood deep inside her.

“Oh Fuck Max, Bite my nipple” she cried out.

Gwen came again, from just him sucking her nipples and riding his cock. They switched positions again, with Max and Gwen lying on their sides, and Max entering her from behind. They would kiss and he would squeeze her breast, as they fucked harder than last time.

“Oh God Yessssss. Fuck me like that……. Fuck Me Baby…. Fuck Me” she kept crying out.

Max increased the speed and the thrusting became more pronounced. Gwen kept thinking she could get used to this lover and hoped they would repeat this often the next 4 days. Gwen was close to cumming again, when Max let out a loud grunt and started pumping more cum inside her. That set off Gwen, on yet another strong orgasm.


They lay there panting now, after a strenuous workout. Then Max moved down her body until he spread her legs. “Oh God What are you doing?” she asked. “Shush, and enjoy” he told her, as he began licking her freshly fucked pussy. He loved eating a woman after cumming in her. Most women enjoy it too, and judging from the moaning Gwen was doing, she was no exception. Max generally waited on doing something like this, after he and the lady were lovers a few times. But he wanted to please Gwen as much as possible tonight. He wanted her asking for more the rest of the week.

When he finished, he crawled back up so their heads were together and she kissed him. In the process, she licked the juices from his lips and chin. “That was amazing. No one has ever done that to me. God… I love it and I love the way you taste, or shall I say, the way we taste.”

After resting, Max suggested heading to the balcony and have an after sex cigarette. They decided to turn off any lights and go out there naked, enjoying the night breeze off the ocean. After lighting up, Gwen sat in his lap as they enjoyed this post coital experience.

“Max… This was fantastic. Would you stay the night with me?”

“I was hoping you would ask, so yes, I’d love too” he said back to her.

“Max… You need to know that I usually don’t do this, especially after just meeting. Had we met where I live, it would be a good 3 or 4 weeks before this would have happened. I’m not some slut who bangs the guy after meeting. But, there is just something about us that just clicks well.”

Max could feel their combined juices leaking on his thigh, but didn’t mind at all. “Gwen, I would have never thought that of you in the first place. As for clicking, you are right, I too feel a connection that is stronger than a one night stand.” then kissed her lightly.

“Good. I can see us naked and making love quite a bit this week. One thing you need to know Sexy, I do enjoy sex, quite a bit. But if you don’t feel like you want to continue after tonight, just say so. I’m a big girl and can handle it.” she said softly.

“Gwen… I feel it is an honor that you even went out with me, let alone this. And, it is just another thing we have in common, a love for sex. You are a very sexy, and talented woman in bed, I’ll have you know. I was more turned on by you orgasming so much.”

Gwen giggled, “Christ, I lost count after 6. Your tongue is to die for. If you said no more intercourse, but eating, I would be in heaven…… Oh, and just so you know… That woman who sat at my round table discussion today, Sophie from Texas, well she wants to bed you real bad. She said, and I quote, “I’d ride him like a bucking bull all night until his dick was raw”, then laughed after she said it.

“ No thanks. I prefer a smart, strong woman, who is sexy without even trying. She dresses like she is looking to get fucked. So if you don’t mind, I’d prefer your company over anyone here. But if you grow tired of me, don’t hesitate to say so. I don’t want to be like that Paul guy. Plus, I happen to think you are pretty, inside and out.”

“Thank you Sir. I think you are a beautiful person, inside and out too. Shall we go to bed now?” she asked, as they went back inside, did their business in the bathroom and then cuddled under the sheets.

Max felt and heard Gwen get up and go to the bathroom. He was sporting a nice erection, since they spooned while falling asleep and his cock was nestled in her butt crack. When she got back in bed, he pulled her close and kissed her, and then it led to a short, but sweet, round of love making. No talking went on, just moaning and grunts as they approached orgasms.

After cuddling back up, Gwen thought to herself, “My God, where has he been all my life” Max too was thinking the same thing, and just hoped she wouldn’t end this before they left for home. When they did awaken from the alarm, they showered together, with plenty of caressing and kissing, but no intercourse. Max then headed back to his room to change for the day.


Gwen showed up just before the start of the days activities. She was dressed in a tan blouse, and a tan skirt, very business like but still looked very sexy in Max’s eyes. They both just smiled to each other, not wanting the others to know they are more than just conference attendees.

Before she showed up, while Max was eating a bagel and having coffee, Sophie came up to him and started asking questions about his voice package. Then asked him for drinks later that evening. Her black blouse was unbuttoned enough to show a good amount of her cleavage, and she liked to touch his arm as they talked. She was a bit thrown when he rejected her offer for drinks later that evening. Her last comment of “Your Loss” made him chuckle inside.

It was about 30 minutes before lunch break, which would be an hour and a half, and Max received a text from Gwen, since they exchanged phone numbers the day before. It was simple, “Meet me at my room when it is lunchtime, xoxox”. He looked at Gwen and just smiled, letting her know he understood.

The door was open when he approached her room, so he stepped in after a slight knock. He found Gwen standing by the bed, her blouse and bra were off, but her skirt still on. Her nipples were as hard as rocks, as he drank in her beauty.

“I have no idea what you are doing to me Max, but I can’t get enough of you. I am so fucking horny right now. But I have to do something I haven’t done to you. And that is to give you a proper blow job” as she walked up to him and started to unbuckle his belt and remove his pants.

“Gwen, you don’t ever have to do that. But if you truly want too, please feel free. But if were going to do that, then I need to have lunch too, so let’s get on the bed and do this properly, and 69.” he told her.

“Oh God Baby.. I love your tongue between my legs… Does it turn you off when I swear during sex? I’ll stop it if you want me too.”

“Oh God no… turns me on hearing you.” he said “Good. Turns me on too hearing you as well.” she said

They 69’d for about 10 minutes. Max was in heaven feeling her take most of his cock in her mouth. She was very good at it too. He was driving her nuts too, with his oral skills. But when his tongue made contact with her ass, she went crazy.

“Fuck Yessssssss, lick my ass Baby… I love your tongue there Max.”

When Max started fingering her, licking her ass and rubbing her clit with his thumb, Gwen lost it. She pushed down on his face and started cumming. Max was lapping up all that she was giving to him, as he listened to her cry out, “Godddddddddddddddd” over and over.

Then she started stroking him and sucking his head. She wanted his cum now. She moved off of his face and kneeled next to him, increasing her speed with her hand and mouth. She could tell he was ready to release that creamy load she so desired.

“Oh Fuckkkkkkkk Baby. I’m going to cummmmmmmmmm” he cried out, and started shooting into her mouth. He watched as she tried to keep it in her mouth, but a lot was running down the shaft to his balls. She swallowed then started licking down his shaft, getting the rest of it, and then rubbed his cock all over her chin and cheeks. Max pulled her up to him then and started kissing her. He moved his mouth over her chin and sucked what cum was there and then moved to her cheeks and did the same, before passionately kissing her again.

When they broke the kiss, Gwen looked down at him with such lusty eyes. “Oh My God Baby. That was amazing. I love how you taste. Please let me do that again to you. Love your kink side too.”

“MMMMM anytime you want to, I’m all yours. Especially if you let me eat that wonderful pussy of yours. I love how you taste too.” Max told her, as he kissed her again.

“Oh My.. We better get going and grab something to eat, before lunchtime is over. Although what I just ate was very filling” Gwen said with a giggle.

The rest of the afternoon they went their own ways, with Gwen in a study group, and Max talking over his hardware, and the software to run it, with the CEO of the main company he is consulting with. The man was overjoyed that they already have one company signing on, and another going to in the morning.

“So Max.” David said, “Can you be available for the one company, it is in Texas?”

Max thought a moment, then figured out it was Sophie’s company. Right then and there he made his choice. “No, for that one I will be sending Jim, who helped write to the initial code for this. So he knows it as well as me. … Who’s the other company that is going to sign?”

“Yes. They are a company located in Michigan… They have requested you to be part of the install team… Not that it matters, because you would be part of it anyways.” David said then gave me a quirky smile.

“Ok…. At least it is close to where I live…. But that should make you happy having 2 companies wanting this… I know it makes me happy having two suites sold.” Max said.

“Yes.. Yes.. So what plans do you have for tomorrow, since you won’t be involved in any of the activities.” David asked, but gave Max a wink.

“Not sure yet. Maybe just lounge on the beach. We’ll see what the day offers.” Max said, then walked away from the CEO. As he walked away, he spotted Sophie, in the general direction of which he was going. She stopped him again and asked he would like to join her for a drink later. He again, told her that he had other plans, hoping she would get the hint. Then he was just about to leave the hall when he saw Gwen, heading to the ladies room. Then he saw Sophie follow right behind her, kind of upset.

Gwen was just finishing up and at the sink washing her hands when Sophie came in. She looked a bit out of sorts, so Gwen asked if something was wrong.

“Men…. I asked that one guy, Max, out for a drink three different times, and he has turned me down every time…. He’s either 1. Married… which I could care less about, I’d still bed him. 2. He is gay, which is a total waste of a good looking man.. Or 3. He has a small cock. And in that case, no thanks. Us Texas girls like em big.” Sophie said.

Gwen giggled at her remarks, then wanted to tell her , that he isn’t married, nor is he gay, and has the biggest cock she ever had and loves every centimeter of that fine specimen. Then Gwen felt a bit of jealousy. She wasn’t even sure of why. This was just fun, but for some reason, it felt like more to her.

She looked at Sophie and said, “You know, Paul is available. He’s hit on me a couple of times.”

“Ewwww No Way… I’d rather go buy a cucumber and fuck myself all night with that, than to let that smarmy little twerp in my bed.” then laughed, which made Gwen laugh too.

As Gwen left to go back into the conference hall, she got a text from Max. ‘Dinner tonight?’

A huge smile came upon her face, but also butterflies in her tummy, as she felt like a teen again who was going out on a date. She immediately texted back ‘Yes.. 7pm?’, to which he replied ‘Yes’. Gwen was so glad she put on her “normal panties” with a panty liner, because her pussy became extremely wet, and did not need the embarrassment of her juices showing a stain on her skirt.

The couple found a quaint little restaurant, after crossing back to the mainland. Gwen was dressed in a very sexy black cocktail dress, that showed off her curves so well. She also shaved herself again, making sure it was baby smooth for Max later. What Max didn’t know was that she wore nothing underneath the dress, which made her feel extremely sexy, and horny. She just wished she would tan better, although she did tan some, she was still whiter than most at the resort. Max look smashing to Gwen. He wore gray trousers, with a white polo top, with a blue sport coat. In fact, while they waited for their seat, Gwen stood in front of Max, but also against him, with her ass rubbing up against his groin. She could actually feel him start to grow some. She got a bit devilish and wiggled against him, which made him step back from her. She looked back at him and giggles, then winked at him.

Dinner was fabulous, and the talk flowed smoothly. They found they had quite a bit in common, from reading books and some of the authors they shared as favorites, to loving the outdoors, and movies. They are both homebodies, and preferred quiet evenings, than going out to some nightclub or bar. Max listen intently to her, never losing focus of her. He could feel that he could easily be with her, if they lived in the same area. He told her all about his family , and she explained hers to him. She really enjoyed hearing about his house on the lake. It sounded lovely to her, and even more so, when he invited her to visit anytime she wanted too.

When they got back to the hotel, it was almost 10pm. Max suggested a walk on the beach, which Gwen thought was delightful. It was a good quarter mile walk in the sand, to actually arrive to the waterline. The air was warm and not many people were down there. Max grabbed her free hand, since her other hand was carrying her pumps and small purse.

“Gwen. I hear you are signing tomorrow, the contract. So after the signing, why don’t we head out and do some jet skiing over in the Bay.” Max said

“News travels fast I see. As for jet skiing, I have never done that, but it sounds like fun. So yes.”

“Great. Yes David informed me earlier today. You and another company, the one from Texas are buying the package.” Max told her.

Gwen sort of laughed. “So Sophie’s company is buying it too. Does that mean you’ll be going down there for the install?” she asked, and Max could hear something in her voice that made it feel like she wasn’t to keen on that.

“Actual, I am sending my colleague, Jim down there. He helped write code for all of it, so he knows it as well as me.” Max said, and then Gwen started laughing. Max asked what was so funny.

“Well, Sophie came into the ladies room this afternoon, I guess after you turned her down again, for the third time, mind you. She said you were either married, or gay, or had a small dick. I wanted so bad to tell her that she is wrong on all three counts, but I kept my mouth shut… I may say something when this thing is over Thursday evening.” she said, and was still giggling.

“So cruel…. Sorry, but she does nothing for me at all. She could be standing here stark naked and I would just walk by.” Max said as they continued their walk.

“Is Jim single?” “Yes”... “Is he gay?” “No. well not that I know of.. And don’t even ask me about his dick. I don’t cross the tracks on that.” he said which made Gwen chuckle.

“Gwen… is it me, or do you feel something growing more than just a lustful friendship?”

She giggled then said, “Well that’s a cheeky way of saying it. But yes, I do feel something more, going on here.”

“Good… I want it to be more. I love being with you. Like this, and dinner, and tomorrow doing the jet ski thing. It’s not just the sex, although, it has been the best I’ve had.” he told her.

“You know, I goggled your address, from the card you gave me, and I assume that is your place. Well, it is only an hour and 22 minutes from my door to yours. So if you are willing to try, I am too. “ she told him with a big smile.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. Letting his tongue every inch of her tongue and mouth. She broke the kiss and asked him to run his hand up her dress and tell her what he feels. His eyes got wide when he felt no panties. Then pulled her top out some and looked down and saw no bra. Gwen giggled and said she went commando tonight. She went on to tell him that she is feeling naughty tonight, and wants him the same way.

“Take me to Bed Max. I need you” she cooed in his ear.


Once in the room, they stood and kissed a long time again. Both moaning in each other’s mouths. Max found the hem of her dress and slowly pulled it up and over her head, revealing her naked body to him, except for her black pumps she was wearing.

“The way you look at me right now, makes me feel so sexy Max.” she said as she took his shirt and lifted it over his head. Then moved in and started licking his chest and nipples. As she was doing that, her hands found the belt and undid it, along with the button and zipper. Then pushed his pants to the floor, as she fell to her knees. She was surprised to see he had on a black thong. “MMMMM Now that is sexy. That how you keep yourself shaved.” she cooed, as the pulled his hardened member from its confinement, and pushed the thong to the floor.

She was smiling now as she stroked his cock slowly. “Baby.. There’s something you need to know about me. I absolutely love sucking cock. Like today at lunch. I love doing that. It’s my fetish, if you will. But I only have done it with two men in the past. I really have to like, or love them, to do it.” as she started licking the head of his cock. Then said, “I believe that oral sex between lovers is more intimate, than the actual intercourse.” then sucked down half of his shaft, and started moving back and forth on his cock, until she popped off again.

“This is the real Gwen, for better or worse. I am a very sexual being with someone I truly care about and like a great deal.” as she took his cock deep into her mouth again, and as she sucked, her hands started massaging his ball sack.

Max was lost in her eyes, since she was making eye contact the whole time she sucked him. He was getting close to exploding in her mouth, when he reached down and pulled her up. “I don’t want to cum yet Gorgeous.” then pulled her in for a kiss. As they kissed his hands found her ass cheeks and he squeezed them, then picked her up. She squealed slightly as she wrapped her legs around his torso. He walked her to the bed and gently laid her on top of it.

Her ass was just on the bed, as Max fell to his knees, to now return the favor of giving her oral pleasure. He spread her legs wide, which her feet still had on her black pumps. She grabbed a pillow and placed it under her head so she could watch his every move.

Max started kissing and licking her leg from her knee, down her inner thigh as his tongue lightly danced across her soft skin. When he came to the place where her leg met her torso, he stopped, then repeated the process on the other leg. As he was doing this, Gwen was moaning softly. He even looked her in the eye, the closer he got to her swollen labia, which were already glistening with her juices. Her eyes said total lust and the need to make her cum, but Max wanted to savor every moment down here. He loved eating her. Loved how she tasted. Loved how she moaned and would beg.

He let his tongue slip down to the taint area, between her ass and pussy. He lightly kissed it and licked it, and even let his tongue lightly touch her ass. When he did that she moaned louder, letting him know again, ass licking was allowed, then he slowly moved again to the taint and heard her say, “You Bloody Tease”.

When his tongue finally dove in between her succulent lips, she cried out, “Oh Godddddd. Eat my Cunt Baby. It’s your cunt now Baby. Eat it”

Hearing her talk that dirty really got his motor going too. He dove into her now. Sucking and licking, then down to her ass, and ate that for a bit. She was moaning and cooing, and Max at one point, saw her squeezing her tits. He had her cumming for the first time within 5 minutes of licking her.

Max kept licking though. He wanted her to cum again and started licking her juices as quickie as they came from her. This kept her moaning, and it was a bit louder. “Oh Fuck Max. I love your tongue” she said. He lifted his head and looked her in the eye and said, “Good, I love your cum Baby and I want more of it”

He started licking her ass again, which made her moan loudly. Then after getting it wet, he licked a finger and inserted it. He looked at her to see her reaction. She was looking at him with her eyes wide open, but biting her bottom lip and moaning. Knowing she approved he went back to her pussy and started tongue fucking her, as he fingered her ass.

Being a little bolder now, he asked her, “Baby, rub your clit as I eat this gorgeous cunt of your”

“Oh My God Yesssssssssss. Eat it Baby Eat my fucking cunt” as her fingers flew over her clit.

Max continued his assault on her pussy, as her fingers stimulated her clit, and his finger fucked her ass. Her head was swishing back and forth on the pillow and she was lost in all of this now. But he needed to make her cum, for he wanted to fuck her badly now. So he quit licking and loved her hand away, which made her groan, but then replaced her fingers with his mouth, and started sucking her clit.

“Of Fuck Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Cummmmmmmminggggggggggg” she cried out, as her legs rested on his shoulders now, and her hands gripped the sheet. Her body spasmed and shook from the intensity of her orgasm. Her fluids became a stream that Max was lapping up as quickly as he could. He could feel some of it coat his finger, which was still half way in her ass.

“Oh My God.” “Oh my God Baby… Oh My God Baby, what you do to me” she cried, and was acting like she was crying too.

Max took one final lick, then stood up. Gwen’s legs fell to the bed, and they shook, along with the rest of her body. Max smiled down on her as he watched her tits shake as well. He stood between her legs, watching her calm down some, then saw a smile creep across her face, as her body still shook, but with smaller spasms.

“Oh My God Maxwell…. I’ve never had an orgasm so intense before in my life…. God… I love what you do to me.”

Max smiled at her, then started rubbing the head of his dick on her pussy lips. She started to scoot up, but Max asked her stay right there. She smile back at him and said.

“MMMMMM I think someone wants to fuck this pussy, that is craving your cock….. I want it hard tonight Baby…. Fuck me like it will be your last fuck….. Hard and deep baby.”

“You look so sexy tonight… Your dress was so awesome, and now with just the heels on…. Christ Gwen, you have no idea how bad I need you now.” he told her as his cock head started entering her love hole.

“As bad as I need you in me Baby….. I’m all yours…. Take me now. Make me your woman.” she said with a wicked look on her face.

She grabbed her legs and held them out to give him total access to her quivering pussy. They started slow but built up to a nice steady rhythm. Each of them grunting and groaning out in pleasure. Except for their moans, the only sound was from their skin slapping together, which was making Max even hornier. He thought back to some of the women he has had in his life, and none compare to Gwen. Right then he thought there is no way he is giving her up, if he can help it.

They picked up the pace now and Gwen cried out, “That’s it Harder baby… Fuck.. I need to cum Baby.”

When Gwen grabbed her tits hard and squeezed them, he could feel her muscles squeeze his cock too. She was on fire, and so was he. He needed to unload his cum inside her. Gwen started cumming, as she let out a loud groan. Hearing that, Max let loose with his own orgasm and started shoot rope after rope of his seed deep inside her. Both her legs were straight up and squeezing his neck as they both came.

As the last of his sperm made its way deep inside her, his legs became rubber and he fell to his knees, panting. Gwen’s body was no different than the first time she came this evening. Body shaking, and twitching, her breathing was hard, as she took in deep breaths. Max started gaining composure, and spread her legs and began eating her. If he had a fetish, this was it. As he ate her, Gwen somehow pushed herself up so she was rest her weight on her elbows and forearms to watch what he did to her. When he was done, he pulled her towards him and kissed her sensuously, letting her take their juices into her mouth. When they broke, she suggested getting some air and a smoke.

As they smoked, Gwen finally spoke. “ I have an idea Lover…. We both know you are staying tonight, so why don’t you go get your things from your room and move in down here….. I won’t lie Max. I love having you with me.”

“Excellent idea Sweetie… But you need to know something right now.. I want more than just this week…. We can make this work.” he told her

“Oh God Max…. So do I….. It’s not the sex either… It’s everything… Although we are doing this a bit backwards.” she stated. “Backwards?” Max asked.

“Yeah… Most couples start out by dating a few weeks before they entertain any thoughts of sex….. Then sometimes, all that hope for a future goes down the drain when they aren’t that compatible in bed.. I know, I’ve been there…. But look at us.. Yes, you did wine and dine me and have been very romantic, but our sex, our sex is out of this world….. I happen to like how we are doing this.” she said matter of factly.

“Well.. I’d say we are very compatible in bed, and probably anyplace else we so desire. But we have so much in common….. About the only drawback I see is the hour difference between us, and that’s no biggie to me….. So let me go and get my stuff. I’ll be right back.”

She kissed him and told his to hurry, because she wasn’t done yet, and to put on clothes. She didn’t want that skank Sophie seeing him naked. Gwen sat on the bed and waited for Max to return. She was glad the front desk gave her two key cards for the room. As she sat and waited, she started questioning what has transpired. Not only tonight, but this whole trip.

She had no reason to believe she would ever meet someone as nice, caring, compassionate, oh so sexy as Max. Especially on a trip like this. But here she was, lying naked on a bed, waiting for this sexy man to return, actually yearning for his return. Granted, she had not been with a man in over a year, but right now, all she wanted was him in her life. After Tom and his lying, she didn’t want a man, figuring they are all alike, until she met Max. She decided right then and there, to take a leap of faith and see where this goes, even if it ends in disaster.

Upon his return about 10 minutes later, noticed Gwen laying on her side, with her head being propped up by her hand. She was still naked, and looking extremely sexy. He too thought about this whirlwind romance that was happening, but this one, he thought, was the one he had been searching for, and it had nothing to do with the sex, well ok, he admitted, the sex was great too.

As he put away his items, he said to her, “My you look absolutely sexy like that.” to which Gwen giggled and thanked him, then raised her one leg, to give him a view of her sex and started to rub it for him. That made the blood go directly to his cock, as it started to swell beneath his slacks. Then she asked, in a soft voice, which conveyed worry,

“Am I acting to whorish tonight?” as Max finished hanging his clothes and then stood before her and pulled his shirt off and dropped his trousers, releasing his hard on. Gwen gasped when she saw it.

“No Baby…. I hope you never feel that way either….. We are just expressing how much we care for one another in a different style tonight. One I may add, I actually crave from you, as much as I do when we make love…… But first” he said as crawled on the bed next to her.

“You are to leave Friday, correct? And I leave Saturday. How about I change our flights to Sunday and we both fly to Detroit. I’ll rent a car then and take you home. Jim was supposed to pick me up in Cleveland, so I can get that fixed. I take it you called a cab for your ride?”

“Really…. God Yes… And I used Uber.. Think we can keep one of the rooms?”

“I’ll check on that, once I get us flights back.” as he picked up his phone and dialed the airlines. He already knew Gwen used the same airline as he did. After a few minutes of talking, Gwen reached over and started stroking his cock. Then moved her head down and started licking it, making sure he knew she wanted to be bad again. Max was having a hell of a time staying focused, as he watched Gwen’s head bob up and down now on his erection.

He hung up then, “Oh Fuck Baby…. You make it hard to talk….. But.. we are to fly home Sunday at 1pm, direct flight, 1st class too…. Oh God Damn Woman…. I’ll call the desk later… Shit” as he threw the phone down.

Gwen then popped off of his cock, and moved to straddle him now. She grabbed his manhood and rubbed against her pussy. “You want this cunt, don’t you Baby” she asked.

“Who’s being the tease now? Oh God yes. I want your hot little cunt. Fuck Me Gwen” he said.

She looked down at him and then said, “I am a little whore tonight. Your whore Baby…..I’ll give to you like this anytime you want it….. Max Honey, I need you…. Fuck Me”

The fucked hard for the next 10 minutes or so. She ground herself hard on his pole. He sucked and bit her nipples. He even spanked her ass a couple of times, which drew a gasp and a long moan from her. They were both close to orgasming and Gwen looked down on him and commanded him “Grab my tits hard Baby.. Pinch my nipples too…. Do it.”

Max did as commanded and watched in pure delight as Gwen started cumming on his cock. ‘My God’ he thought, as to what he just witnessed. She was like a wild woman as soon as he squeezed her breasts. She then fell on top of him as he was jackhammering into her pussy, releasing his cum deep inside her.

After a few minutes of catching her breath, she sat back up, then started inching her pussy up to his face. “Drink us Baby, then feed me our juice.” as she watched their cum drip into his open mouth. Max smiled to himself. Glad she enjoys that aspect of sex, like he does. She then dismounted him and leaned over him and kissed him deeply.

They lay then, holding each other, content with their passion. Gwen then got up and went to the bathroom, not even bothering to close the door, while she sat down and peed. Max then did the same, and since she was baring all, he let the door open too as he peed, then came back, turned off the light and crawled in next to her.

Her head rested on his chest and her hand rubbed his leg, staying away from that pleasure machine she so enjoys. “Max… Honey… I really enjoyed what we had tonight. It’s been ages since I let go like that…..God.. It’s been before my daughter was born that I let loose like that. Ronnie did not think it was appropriate for a mother to act like that.” she said as Max was running his fingers through her hair.

“Maybe if he had allowed you to be you, and not some asshole, you’d still be with him…. But then again, I am glad he was that way, or I would never be in bed with you now, falling hard for you.”

She looked up at him and smiled, “I’m glad he is what he is, or we wouldn’t be like this now… And, I too, am falling hard for you...I’d love to make slow love to you right now, but I am so tired now.. Promise me that if you feel the same in the morning, you will make love to me then.”

He kissed her head, and said, “No promise is needed Gwen. I will always make love to you.”

“I am glad of one thing though.” she said. “What’s that” he asked

“You didn’t get turned off by my dirty mouth before, especially using the C word like that….. I know the Yank ladies call it a pussy. Us Brits use the cunt word more, but only during sex.. Just never call us one. That will make me mad as hell at you.” she said

“Duly noted Love. And for the record, you were super hot tonight. I would love seeing that again from you. I love a passionate woman, who knows what she wants, and is open enough to tell me.” Max said

“MMMMMMMM I’ll keep that in mind Sir. And what was with the spanking before…. I never had that done before… But honestly, it felt awesome.”

“That was for giving me a blow job as I am talking on the phone… Very hard to concentrate on talking.” he said with a chuckle.


The next morning, they did make slow, and very passionate love. Just kissing and moaning, no words spoken, but both could feel a growing love for one another. Max thought it a few times, as did Gwen. Gwen almost said it just before her orgasm, but thought well to not say it.

After showering together, Max stood by the one sink and shaved, using his electric shaver. Gwen was sitting on the toilet seat just watching him. Then he moved the shaver to his groin area, something he did every time he shaved.

Gwen chuckled and said, “No Fair. Use should use a razor like I have too.”

“Tell you what, I’ll start shaving you too, this way.” he said. Gwen laughed and said, “Yeah, but right now won’t be the time. If you start, I know what will happen. We’ll be having sex again, and if we don’t hurry now, we’ll be late.”

There was only a morning session left. It was mostly question and answers, for those companies still on the fence about getting this package. As it stood, they had two companies for sure, Gwen and Sophie's. But two others were very interested. Depending on the infrastructure of their IT department, cost could range from 4 million, to 7 million for a full install, plus support. Gwen's would be in the range of 4 to 4.5 million, as would be Sophie’s. Max would garner almost 1.2 million from this, double that if the other two companies come on board too.

During the afternoon, Gwen was on a conference call to her home headquarters about the deal. The CEO was very pleased she got the deal done. Max was off talking to Jim about what he will need to get ready for the Texas deal, since he was going to take care of Gwen’s company. Jim was pleased he would be down south during the cold weather that was coming. Jim did ask if any hot babe’s were there for this shindig. Max told him about Gwen, and he said he has to wait and see what Sophie is like, but be ready, she’s a cougar. Max had explained to Gwen that Jim was a real hippy in his own way. Free spirit and could somehow get any woman he pleases.

That evening was the big farewell dinner, put on by the software company hosting this. This night though, Gwen and Max came in together, and even held hands, then sat together for it. At one point, Gwen excused herself to use the ladies room. When she arrived, she saw Sophie in there, again.

When Sophie saw her, she smiled, then remarked, “I see you and Max are kind of cozy together.”

“Yes.. We are.. And for the record. He is not married, nor is he gay. God is so not gay, and he is the biggest man I have ever been with, not that I have had many men. He would of rocked your world.” Gwen said, as she loved telling Sophie off.

Sophie’s mouth was agape, but then said, “I’m sorry Gwen. Had I known, I would not of made advancements on him. But that said, had I known, I would have loved to join you two. I find you very attractive as well.”

Gwen didn’t flinch, but then said, “Sorry Sophie, but I don’t like to share. But, the man he is sending down to your company may enjoy your wiles. He is only 32 though and not married. But that’s all I know.” then spun around and left, with a big knowing smile on her face.

Later that night, as they lay in bed together, watching TV for a change. Gwen told Max about her run in with Sophie, which got a big laugh out of Max. Max made a comment about the threesome part and Gwen slapped his arms. “I won’t say never to a threesome, but not with that skank. And just for the record, I have been with a woman before, when I was in college, and later in life too. It so overrated.”

Max asked her to elaborate on that subject, but Gwen said maybe for another time, when she knew this is for sure this is real, and that she couldn’t tell all of her secrets just yet. Gwen then asked if he had any threesome’s or even male on male sex before. Max chuckled and said no. She suggested one day sitting down and putting together a bucket list of sexual fantasies that they could live out, which Max agreed too.

That Friday, they decided to go explore the area and ended up at the Tampa Zoo. They both enjoyed the Zoo, taking in all the sites it had to offer. Both were dressed in shorts and light shirts, since it was still in the upper 80’s. On their way back to the hotel, while it was still early evening, they found a nice Italian restaurant for dinner. Both Max and Gwen were never at a loss for words. They talked about more of their likes and dislikes. Then a lot about their respective families.

It was dark, by the time they made it back to the hotel. Instead of going to the room, they decided to take a walk down to the beach. Max felt like he hit the Lotto, just being with her, and he knew this could grow into something really special, and hoped that Gwen felt the same. Gwen too was feeling the same as he was, as she thought how special he made her feel, and how he gave her goose bumps any time he would just touch her or hold her hand.

As they stood next to the waters edge, Gwen turned and hugged him, then kissed him. At first the kiss was light, but then turned passionate for a bit. The couple then returned to the hotel, and after showering together, they retired to the bed where they made slow, and extremely passionate love to one another, then fell asleep in each others arms.

They had already discussed what Saturday would bring, which was to laze around on the beach all day. This day though, Gwen wore a dark red string bikini. When Max watched her put it on, he wanted to take her then and there, but she said no, “Later Lover”. Once on the beach and Gwen removing the long t-shirt she wore over her suit, many men looked her way. Max was, for some strange reason, very turned on by the fact that she could make men’s heads turn and look her way. They did apply sunscreen to each of them, and when Max was applying near her inner thighs, he brushed up against her pussy, which made Gwen moan. Of course she returned the favor when applying to him and let her hand drift under his suit and squeezed his growing cock.

The rest of the time, they just layed out, caught some rays, then frolic in the water. When they did lay out, they talked some shop on how this would all work. Max figured they would start in the next 3 to 4 weeks, with probably a 4 man team from the software company, including him. Most times, the specialist would come up Sunday evenings and stay until Thursday evening, then fly back down to Florida, where Max would go back to his Ohio home.

Gwen then asked him about just staying with her, at her place. She was reluctant to ask at first, not knowing how he really felt about her. They both said they wanted this to work between them, as a couple. When she did finally ask, Max immediately said yes, and told her that he wanted to be with her as much as possible, or until she tired of him. Of course Gwen said never to tiring of him.

They found their way back to the room a bit past 3pm. When they entered the room, Gwen threw her arms around his neck and kissed him hard, then fell to her knees.

“I am so fucking horny Baby. The sun, the rubbing of lotion, and you rubbing my pussy then… Now enjoy while I suck this gorgeous cock of yours.” she softly said.

Gwen licked and sucked his cock like a woman who hasn’t eaten for weeks. She took most of him in her mouth, then would lick all the way to his balls and sucked them too. Then she started bobbing her head up and down the shaft, using her tongue to entice him even more. Max was in heaven. She , by far, has given him the best head he has ever had. After more than 5 minutes of this wonderful experience, he could feel his pent up cum starting to rise, and tapped her on the head, letting her know he was going to cum soon. Right after he did that, her mouth came off of him and she smiled up at him and said,

“No cumming yet. I want that load inside me” as she stood up and started kissing him again. As they kissed, Max untied the strings, which were in a bow, on her hips and let the material drop to the floor. He did the same to her top, and soon both were naked. Max then picked her up, holding her luscious ass cheeks. Her arms went around his neck, as she held on tightly, then her legs wrapped around his waist. With one arm, she reached back and guided his cock into her waiting pussy, which was dripping with her juices.

“Oh Fuck Yeah… I have needed this all afternoon… Fuck me Baby…. Fuck your slutty girlfriend.” she said, without really thinking about what she just said, in reference to girlfriend.

They stood for only a minute like this. Max was in good shape, but this was not something he was used too. So he walked them over to the bed, and slowly lowered her, as he continued to fuck her. Then Gwen got a wicked look in her eye, and pushed him away. She rolled so she was on her hands and knees now, with her knees barely on the bed, but in a position for Max to walk right back into her. “Fuck me Now Baby…. Hard and deep…… Don’t pull out until we cum”

Max felt so primitive now. Like a caveman taking his woman. Gwen was loving how hard he was fucking her. She moaned loudly, with each thrust of his hard cock in her. At one point, she looked back and told him, “Stick a finger in my ass, and fuck both holes Baby”

After wetting a finger, he slowly entered her ass and fucked it while keeping his rhythm in her pussy. The only sounds were skin slapping together, and their grunts and groans from both as they reached climax together. Gwen's whole body shook, as she climaxed hard. Max could feel her juices coat his cock, as he then started spraying his cum deep in her cervix.

After a minute or so, both fell onto the bed, then crawled up on it more and cuddled and fell asleep. It was almost 7 when the awoke from their needed nap. Max suggested just ordering room service this night and just stay in the room for their last night there. Gwen agreed and said they should just stay naked, except when they delivered the food.

After eating and Max putting the tray back out in the hallway, they got back in bed and snuggled.

“Max… If this is a dream, please don’t wake me. Except for my daughter being born, this is the happiest I have ever been. But, I am so scared that once we are part, you will think hard and say no to what we have going now. Maybe a relationship is not what you want at this time. I know I wasn’t looking for it, but I really do want one again.” she said.

“Sweetheart, do you really believe that I haven’t thought about any of this? I too wasn’t looking for anything, yet here I am, hoping we build this into the relationship we both want in life. Granted, we have, let’s say, did the reverse of what most couples would do, when starting out. But after talking and exploring about each other, we have so many things in common, and I feel, we just mesh so well together. I hope this builds into us being together all the time. We build a trust, that can’t be broken. Always honest with each other, and if we do have a disagreement, we talk through it. If we can’t communicate, then there will be no relationship.” he told her

“ I don't think I ever had that the whole time I have been married. We would talk about very basic stuff, but Ronnie sharing his feelings? That would never happen. In the beginning he showed me a lot of attention, but after we married, things just went downhill, as you say. Oh, he gave me a big house, once he made his mark in his job, but I don’t think he ever was “In Love” with me. He was in love with himself for sure, and I was eye candy for him. And not that I am that experienced with lots of men, because I am not, but he is by far, the worst in the bedroom. He could care less on me getting off. If I wanted an orgasm, I waited until he went to sleep and then took care of myself. But I truly want a man who will respect me, and treat me as his equal partner in this. I will give 100% to him, and I expect it in return. I won’t settle again.” she stated

“And you shouldn’t, and neither will I. See, this here, is open and honest communication. This is what I want. I think you can tell already I won’t hide anything from you. I think I have always treated you as a lady, which you are. You are a beautiful person, not just your looks, which being biased here, you were the prettiest here, or anywhere we went, but inside too. I love how you gush over your daughter, and all that she has accomplished so far. I know you take your work very serious too, which I am glad of. You are, my Dear, everything I want in a partner. You know my parents have been married over 43 years. My dad said the key to their success, is always talking and sharing. Never go to bed mad, and always talk through things, no matter how hard it may seem. You know, they have a date night at least one night a week. It a special time for just them. They dress up most of the time, then gout and have fun, then, and I know this because my sister and I have heard on many of those occasions, they come home and make love, and they are not quiet about it.” he said, as Gwen chuckled,

“Your kidding?” she asked.

“Nope. Those two had, and still have a very healthy sex life. My sister, Angela and I, along with her husband and kids were down in Florida 6 months ago. They live by Miami, and they still had date night the second night we were there. They came home a bit tipsy and about a half hour later, I am lying in bed trying to fall asleep and I hear mom say, Oh God, Fuck me Frank. My sister saw me the next morning and said, “Christ, I hope when Ben and I are that age we’re still doing it like mom and dad.”. And you know, I hope I am too. For the record, I think I am so highly attracted to you because you do remind me of my mom, in a lot of ways. I hope that doesn’t turn you off, but maybe that’s what I have been holding out for, and I hope you are it.”

“That’s so sweet for you to say. I don’t think anything bad in that. In fact, you are a lot like my father, whom I love and adore. He has always been my rock. He doted over my brother and I and especially my mum. My parents sound an awful lot like your parents. I mean as kids, we didn’t understand, until our teens what they were doing in the bedroom, but it went on at least 3 times a week. They never argued, but did have disagreements, but always talked through it. So maybe we both are searching for that type of relationship our parents have had, and that, I would say, is a good thing.” she said, as she looked up at him and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Her hand moved under the sheet to Max’s flaccid member and held it. Gwen then said, “You know what really turned me on was when anytime you would talk to me, you always looked me in the eye, and not at my boobs, like most men do. But being totally honest, that first day, by the pool, when I saw you, Oh God, I got wet, just look at you. If I was a true slut, I would have taken you to bed that night after drinks and those crab cakes. And since were are being so very open, that night when I went to bed, I pulled out my toy and made myself cum thinking of you. And guess what, you were even better in person than that night” she said as she laughed.

Max could feel his member growing, with just her touch, and said, “Really. I’d love to watch that once. But I too, went to my room afterwards and won’t lie, jacked off thinking of you. But I could never conjure up anything as erotic and loving as you are truly in bed with me. When I saw you by the pool that day, I was smitten. God, you were so sexy in the bikini, then I saw your eyes and I was lost from that point on. But I am glad we waited, even if it was a couple of days, because you are worth every second of the wait.”

Gwen turned for a second and turned off the light. It was almost eleven and they had done nothing but talk since dinner. She rolled back to him then put her leg over him and scooted up on top of him and found his cock and placed it inside her. Then lay back down on his chest.

“Am I too heavy like this?” she asked “No Baby, you’re not. Stay all night if you want.” he told her

“Good. That was my plan. No motion. I just love having you in me…... Max… I want to say it, and I feel it in my heart, but it will come soon, I promise. I’m not scared anymore.”

“I’m not scared either. When the time is right, it will come. I know many will say we are nuts, that this is all happening to quick. But life is way to short for us to let that stop us.” as they both drifted off to sleep.

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His Hardware, Her Software

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