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Seduced by her daughter

Categories Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing

Author: MDdark

Published: 09 October 2018

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Philip drove slowly through the evening traffic, caught in the tail end of the rush hour. He should have said he would get round to Barbara’s an hour later than he had done. Forgetting that it was Friday night and rush hour was always busier on a Friday night. The slow traffic did, however, give him a chance to think about Barbara. Not that there was anything wrong with her. In many ways, she was perfect, in her early-thirties like him. Pretty, loving, fun to be around and great in bed. No, there was no problem with Barbara herself. The problem was her teenage daughter Sarah.

Sarah was the result of Barbara’s experimenting with sex while she was still at school. She had thought her first time would be an unforgettable experience. It turned out she was right, but not for the reason’s she thought. As she put it, her first time had not been that great. But, she was one of those unfortunate girls who prove that you can get pregnant on your first time having sex. Barbara had not let being pregnant at school hold her back. No, she still finished school with great exam results, went to college and university. She became a teacher herself and was now deputy head of her school.

And it was not that Sarah hated Philip, it was the opposite. She liked him, a little too much. Whenever he was round at Barbara’s Sarah wanted to sit next to him, wanted to be around him. Which made spending time with her mother hard. It was not easy to be romantic with a teenage girl butting in all the time. Then there were the clothes she wore when he was around. Tiny little denim shorts or skirts. Low cut tops that showed off her nice cleavage. Even worse was her habit of wandering around in the morning or when getting ready for bed in just her underwear. Philip often did not know where to put himself when she did that. And he had to admit that she was a very attractive young woman. She looked like a younger version of her mother. With the same long curly dark hair. The same olive skin, and deep brown eyes. The same pretty face with full lips. The same full figure, with large tits, nice ass and firm thighs. The only difference between Sarah and Barbara was height. Barbara was a good six inches higher than her short daughter. Sarah not even making it to five foot high. Which just seemed to accentuate all her features.

Philip had to admit, to himself at least, that if she had been a stranger coming on to him like she was. Then he might have been interested, but of course, she was not. She was his partner’s daughter. And he was old enough to be her father. Ok, the way the relationship with Barbara was going he was hoping Sarah might become his stepdaughter soon, as he was giving serious thought to asking Barbara to marry him. The main thing stopping him was how Sarah was around him.

As he pulled into Barbara’s road his phone went off. Cutting the radio off as it did. He frowned when he saw it was Barbara phoning him. Why was she calling him, he was not late? As he was less than a minute from her house, he simply cancelled the call and continued up the road. As he reached her house, he pulled up outside it. Barbara stood by the front door with her phone to her ear. Philip smiled seeing the sexy red dress she was wearing. The top of which clung tightly to her, revealing her nice round breasts. The bottom flared out and ended a few inches up her long firm thighs. The small pair of heels she wore increased her height and made her legs look even better. Her dark hair was up in a nice soft bun on top of her head with a few strands allowed to hang down by her face. She looked so hot. As he got out of his car, she moved towards him, and he spotted the worried expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” He asked her.

“I’ve got to go to the school,” she replied. “The alarm’s going off, and I’m the one on call tonight, I’m sorry.”

“Damn, how long will it take to sort out?”

“It shouldn’t be more than thirty minutes. It’s probably a false alarm. You can wait for me to get back.” Philip smiled and was about to agree when he caught sight of Sarah. Who was stood in the hall watching them, wearing a tiny skirt with a low cut cami style top. Her expression one of excited interest at the idea of Philip staying behind.

“I could come with you,” Philip said. “Just in case it’s something more than a false alarm.”

“No need, the police are already on their way. They get an automatic alert when the alarm goes off.” Barbara replied then caught him glancing towards the house. She turned her head and spotted Sarah; she looked back to Philip her face was stern and angry. “Philip, it’s just half an hour, you can spend that time with Sarah right. I don’t know what your problem is with her, but I wish you’d get over it.” Philip opened his mouth to reply, but what could he say. He could not tell her that he was uncomfortable with how Sarah acted around him, or that he was scared one day he would succumb to her flirting. So, instead, he simply nodded in agreement. “Good,” Barbara said, “I’ll be back soon.”

“No need to rush, the reservation is not for an hour anyhow,” Philip told her. She nodded and lent up to give him a quick but passionate kiss.

“Be back as quick as I can babe.” Then she was gone, climbing into her little car and heading off down the road. Philip stood staring after her for several seconds. Before steeling himself and heading into the house. Once he was inside Sarah gave him a small seductive smile.

“Looks like it’s just the two of us now,” she said.

“Your mom will be back in a short while,” Philip replied in the hope of forestalling her behaviour. It did not work; she followed him closely into the living room. When he sat down on the sofa, she sat right next to him, rather than take the other chair. Moving so she was pressing herself against him.

“What will we do to spend the time together,” Sarah said placing her hand on his knee. Philip shot up out of the sofa like he had been bitten. He moved quickly to the chair, as far from her as he could go. She smiled and slouched on the sofa, lifting her one leg to pull the hem of her skirt up and nearly flash her knickers to him. Philip yanked his gaze from her, but not before getting a full view of her firm, shapely thigh. “Why do you keep lying to yourself?” Sarah asked him.

“What do you mean lying to myself?”

“About wanting me, we both know you do. I bet you’re fighting not to check me out right now aren’t you?” Philip ignored her taunt, mainly because she was right. Instead, he grabbed the TV remote and began to look for something to watch. Finding a football match he put it on, hearing Sarah’s exasperated sigh as he did.

“You really think acting like this is a good thing?” He asked her after a moment.

“Acting like what?”

“Coming on to your mother’s boyfriend.”

“Oh, and what about you fancying your girlfriend's daughter?”

“Even if that were true,” Philip said causing her to snort in disgust. “It does not give you the right to flirt like that. I am dating your mother, and you are young enough to be my daughter. Both are good reasons why you should not be acting this way.” She gave a second snort this time of laughter.

“My age doesn’t mean anything. We’re both old enough to act as we will.”

“And the part about me dating your mother?” She opened her mouth to reply. Before she could his mobile started to ring. Pulling it out of his pocket he saw it was Barbara, so he answered it. “Hi babe, how’s things at the school?”

“Not great, it’s not a false alarm. Someone has tried to break in. I’ve got to check to see if anything has been taken, plus get someone to board up the door they broke. Sorry, I’m going to be here for at least an hour or two.”

“That’s ok babe, nothing you can do about it. Are you going to be ok there by yourself until the door is boarded up?”

“I’m not alone; the police are here. They need to do some stuff to figure out who broke in. If you wait for me, I’ll make it up to you when I get home.”

“I’ll hold you to that babe,” Philip said with a smile. He heard her giggle down the line before she hung up. As he put the phone away, he caught Sarah looking at him.

“What did she say?” She asked after a few moments.

“She’s going to be later back than she thought, someone did try to break into the school,” he told her.

“Umm, so are you staying or chickening out and heading home cause you know you won’t be able to keep control around me?”

“I am going to wait until your mother gets home. And talking of home, I bet you’ve got some homework to do right?”

“No, I finished all my homework earlier, I’m free all evening.” Philip considered challenging her to prove it, but it was too risky. She might be telling the truth, especially with Barbara being a teacher herself.

“Well, why don’t you go and do something like other teens. Listen to music in your room too loud, or spend hours chatting or texting your friends in your room, or really anything as long as it’s in your room.”

“Why, is it too tempting to be in the room with me?”

“More like too irritating, I want to watch the football, and I know you’re going to be interrupting me with inane comments.” He heard her give a small huff of anger at his words. Then to his surprise, she stood up and left the room. No way, had she actually listened to him. He was not surprised when she came back in but was surprised when she handed him a can of beer. He frowned at seeing her holding a can for herself.

“Are you allowed one of those?” He asked, knowing she was not old enough.

“Mom doesn’t mind as long as I don’t have too many.”

“Fine, but I’ll be checking with your mom when she comes back.” She gave him a sarcastic smile in reply then flopped back down on the sofa, opened the can and took a long drink. Shaking his head, Philip opened his can and sat back to watch the match. For a good fifteen minutes, she was quiet. Just sat on the sofa and glared at him, sulking at his words. When the match reached half-time, she crumpled her finished can and looked over to his.

“You finished your beer?” She asked he nodded in reply. “Want another?” He considered it for a moment before nodding again. A second beer would not affect him too much. She left the room, returning shortly with another beer for him. When he spotted she was carrying a second beer his frown increased.

“No way,” he snapped and grabbed for it. “I doubt Barbara’s ok with you having two beers.” Sarah gave a small yelp as he tried to take the can from her. She gripped it tight and pulled back. For a few moments, the pair played tug of war with the can. But Sarah won by simply backing away until he had to pick between keeping his grip on the can or falling out of the chair. When he released his grip, she staggered back falling onto the sofa and dropping the can to the floor. Philip made a move out of his chair aiming to grab the can before she could. She was too fast, scooping it up and backing away to the doorway. As she did, she began to open the ring pull.

“I don’t think you should do that,” Philip said in warning. She ignored him and yanked the ring pull back. As she did the beer sprayed out all over her top making her squeal sharply. Philip could not resist laughing. “I did try to warn you,” he said to her when she glared at him. She wiped her face and looked down at her soaked top then back up to him.

“Fucking hell I’m soaked,” she said. “I need to get out of this top.” Then put the can down and reached down to the hem of her top. Philip’s eyes went wide as he realised what she was about to do. He opened his mouth to tell her to stop. As he did, she yanked the top up over her head. He instantly had a perfect eyeful of her naked breasts. Perfect round globes of olive toned flesh. Large, firm, each topped with a large brown nipple. Philip swallowed hard as he found himself thinking how it would feel to be licking those nipples. “I’m covered in beer thanks to you.” She said, rubbing her hands over her breasts. Philip’s mouth went dry as he watched her hands sliding over her full breasts. He tried to think about Barbara, about why watching this was wrong. But he could not move his gaze if his life depended on it. Sarah seemed to sense this as she gave him a small smile.

“Well, as I’m partially undressed I might as well finish the job.” She said in a low sultry tone. Sliding her hand down to the zip on the front of her skirt she began to slowly slide the zip up. Philip’s eyes focused on that movement, and all he could hear was the slow unzipping of the skirt. As she undid the zip, she lent back into the door looking at him with a seductive expression. All of his focus was now on her as she undid the zip. When it was pulled all the way up, she quickly undid the hook and let the skirt fall open. With her body pressed into the door, the skirt was caught between her backside and the door and hung down. Philip’s thought tightened, and his breath caught as he saw that she was wearing a tiny pink thong. His gaze ran over her body, from her firm shapely thighs and rounded hips past her stomach and up over her large firm breasts.

“I’m so wet,” she said softly. He knew that she did not just mean the beer.

“Fuck,” he whispered as his control snapped. With two steps he was on her pinning her between his body and the door. His hands reaching up to hold her head as he lowered his mouth to hers in a hard, forceful kiss. She gasped slightly, then murmured as he used that opportunity to push his tongue between her lips. It took her a couple of seconds to respond, but once she did, it was to match the force of his kiss with her own. Her hands sliding up his back to curl into his hair. Philip moved his hands down from her face, sliding them down over her neck, shoulders, and down to cup her breasts. Running his fingers over the smooth flesh, feeling their firmness and the soft weight of them. Her nipples grew tight and hard against his palms as he squeezed her breasts. She arched her back, pushing her breasts up into his hands. Their kiss grew deeper, harder as he plundered her mouth with his tongue and she responded by pressing her tongue around his.

He felt her rubbing herself against him. She lifted one leg to curl it around his pressing her groin into his. He felt her heat through his trousers and could tell how damp she already was. He growled deep in his throat and pressed his now rock hard cock into her, rocking his hips to rub against her. She gasped and moaned softly.

“You are such a bad girl,” he hissed through their kiss. She broke away from the kiss to look up at him with eyes flashing with lust.

“What are you going to do with me then.” Was her deep reply.

“Show me what you can do with that pretty little mouth of yours.” He said, making it into an order. Her eyes flashed with increased desire, and he watched as she sank slowly to her knees. She was looking up at him; her big brown eyes focused on his face as she began to work on his trousers. Quickly undoing them she hooked her fingers in the top and pulled them, and his underpants, down releasing his cock. Her eyes widened slightly as she looked at it. Reaching up with one hand to curl her fingers around him.

“Umm, so hard anyone would think you want me,” she whispered as she ran her hand along him. Holding the tip between her fingers, she leant forward and ran her tongue along the underside of his cock. Philip groaned softly at the feel of her tongue on him. He groaned again as she curled her tongue around the head of his cock before she kissed the tip softly. Reaching down he wrapped one hand around the back of her neck. She smiled up at him, understanding the unspoken demand. Leaning forwards she slipped her lips over him, sliding them down until the head was in her mouth. She sucked hard on him, then ran her tongue over him. He groaned louder, his eye widening at the action. Her eyes glinted with amusement as she looked up at him. Then she slipped her lips down him, sucking him deep into her mouth as she did. His moan was almost as deep as she was taking him into her mouth. She held him there, sucking hard on him. He could see her fighting against her gag reflex as sucked on him. Then she released him, quickly slipping her mouth off him with an almost audible pop.

“Did you honestly think I was an innocent little virgin, Philip?” She asked him, smiling at the shocked expression he knew he had on his face. “Because trust me I’m not.”

“I’m getting that,” he replied. “I think you are the bad girl I said you were. And right now I want you to use all of that bad girl on my cock.” Her smiled increased before she opened her mouth and slid it around him again. Philip watched as she took him fully into her mouth again. The sight of her pretty mouth curled around him was so arousing, as was the feel of her warm wetness wrapped around him. He pressed his free hand into the door to hold himself up as she began to move her mouth along him. Taking him into her mouth with long deep movements, drawing him so deep inside her. Sucking hard on him, her tongue running along the underside of his cock. He tightened the grip on the back of her neck as his hips began to flex. Moving forwards to push himself deeper into her mouth.

She responded with a small mewl and ran her hands up the back of his legs. Curling her fingers around his ass and gripping him tightly. Taking that as permission he began to move faster. Pushing into her mouth deeper, feeling the head of his cock press to the back of her throat. Her eyes were now wide, the whites showing as she fought against her gag reflex. He heard the soft sound of her slightly gagging on him. Still, she moved in rhythm with his thrust. Pushing her mouth down onto his cock, sucking on him hard. When he felt her pulling back, he let her. She released his cock, a thin trail of saliva running from the tip to her lips before she licked them clean. Then looking up at him she lent down to lick her tongue over the base of his cock, then down over his balls. Sucking each ball into her mouth and licking them all over. Before running her tongue back up the length of his cock.

“Do you like fucking my bad girl mouth, Philip?” She said in a low whisper filled with lust. He swallowed and had to cough to clear his throat before he could reply.

“What do you think?” Was his reply.

“I think you should keep going until you come down my throat.” She told him before slipping her mouth back over him and pushing down until she had taken all of him in her mouth. Her eyes widening slightly. Gripping her neck, he began to thrust forwards. Pushing his cock in and out of her pliant little mouth as she sucked hard on him. The air filled with the sounds of her gagging on him, the sloppy sound of his cock pushing into her mouth and his low pants of feeling as he fucked her mouth. Her eyes rolled back into her mouth as she bobbed her mouth on him, letting him use her mouth for his pleasure. Mewls of pleasure mixed with her gags as she took everything he was giving her. All too soon the sensations of her mouth wrapped around him, the feel of pushing his cock right to the back of her throat, the sight of his cock vanishing into her mouth until her lips were pressed right to the base became too much for him to handle. He felt his orgasm rising rapidly.

“Fuck, going to come.” He gasped sharply as a warning. She gave a loud moan of understanding just before he came. With a growl, he emptied himself into her mouth. She swallowed hard with each jet of his come, sucking hard until he had pumped every drop into her mouth. Then pulling her mouth off him slowly, sucking and licking him clean as she did. She released him softly, then lent back looking up at him with a satisfied grin. As he watched she licked her lips, looking like a cat licking its lips after drinking cream. Then she began to stand up.

“Did you like thAAATTT!” She began to say. The last word ended in a startled squeal as Philip reached down to grab her. Hooking his hands under her armpits, he lifted her into the air and pinned her against the door behind her. Then pressed himself into her body, kissing her hard and deeply. He could taste his come in her mouth as he plunder it with his tongue. He felt her wrap herself around him, her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. They kissed for some time, a forceful, passionate embrace of lips and tongue. Finally, they broke for air both panting hard.

“So, what are you going to do now?” She asked between pants for air.

“Now, I take you upstairs and show you how much I appreciated that,” he replied. Her face lit up with a smile of pure. Wrapping his hands around her buttocks, he carried her up the stairs and into her room. All the time kissing her mouth and face. Once in the room, he moved straight to the bed, lowering them both down onto it with him on top. For several moments all they did was kiss with that same passion. Then he felt her hands pulling at his top, and he lifted his head to look down at her.

“You’re still wearing too many clothes,” she gasped. He agreed, and within moments the pair had removed that clothing. Sarah pulling his shirt off while he pushed his trousers and underpants all the way off, taking his shoes and socks with them. Once he was naked, he stood at the end of the bed and looked down at her, seeing that at some point she had removed her thong, so she was also naked, allowing him to take in her appearance. She was small that he knew, but the way she was lying naked on the bed seemed to increase that smallness. While her height might be small her figure was not. With her full breasts top by their big dark nipples, and her shapely hips and waist. Rounded nicely by her remaining puppy fat, down to her firm round thighs and shapely calves. And, between her thighs, lay her pussy hidden by a small mound of dark hair. All of this he took in with a single gaze, but the one thing that hit him hard was how young she looked. Too young for him to be doing what he wanted to do too her.

“Stop it,” she said sharply.

“Stop what?” He asked.

“Stop thinking; you’ll ruin this if you over think it. Just go with your need and don’t think about it.” He raised one eyebrow at her, she responded with a soft, sultry look licking her tongue over her lips then pushing her chest up to offer her full breasts to him. With a soft growl of desire, he pushed the thoughts of her age from his mind and climbed back on top of her. Kissing her firmly, both hands moving to grip her breasts. His fingers pressing into her flesh and kneading the firm breasts. Then he moved down, kissing the side of her neck and her shoulder. Before taking one breast into his mouth, licking the nipple with his tongue. Sucking on it, feeling as it grew tighter between his lips, hearing her low moan of feeling. He moved to kiss her other breasts, sucking and licking the nipple. Then pressed his face between her breasts to lick up the crease between them. Running his tongue up the one breast to circle her nipple, running his tongue down and over to the other breasts before circling that nipple.

Replacing his mouth with his hands, he pawed at her breasts, as he moved his mouth down her stomach. He began kissing his way down towards her groin. Reaching it, he pressed his lips just above her pussy, before lowering his head between her legs. But, he did not touch her pussy, even though he felt her pushing her hips up towards him in offering. Instead, he pressed his lips against the inside of one thigh. Kissing the soft skin, moving his lips up her thigh until he reached her knee. Gently he reached down to grip her calf and lifted her leg, allowing him to kiss the back of her knee. He licked his tongue over that small spot hearing her breathing hard as he did. Then lifted her other leg and licked and kissed the back of that knee. Before moving his lips back down her thigh. As he moved lower, he felt her shiver in anticipation, could hear the way her breathing shortened as he moved closer to her pussy. Just as he reached it, he lifted his head away from her, causing her to give a low hiss of almost despair. Even as she made that sound, he dropped his mouth down to her pussy and licked his tongue along the outer lips. Her hiss turned into a soft gasp and felt her push her hips up into his face. He licked and kissed the outer lips, breathing in her musky scent. Then pushing his tongue between her lips, he probed into her depths. Lapping at her soft, warm flesh, licking her folds and tasting her properly.

She was hot; her taste was spicy with a hint of musk. He lapped at it with wild abandon, simply enjoying the taste. Sarah moaned, and her body shifted under him, her hips rocking up into him. Pressing his face between her legs, he feasted on her flavour and licked at her folds. Her moans grew louder and deeper; he felt her writhing softly on the bed as he licked at her. Her hand reaching down gripped the back of his head to push him into her. Gripping her thighs with his hands he pushed her thighs up and apart, opening her wider to him. Lapping harder and deeper inside her, his tongue licking in her warm channel. Curling around inside her, then pushing in and out like he was trying to fuck her with it. Her moaning increased as did her movement. He felt her back arch slightly and glanced up. Her free hand wrapped in her hair, and her face twisted with passion and lust.

“Please, Philip,” she gasped. Her words were pleading for him to do more. He knew exactly what she wanted, for a moment he considered not giving it to her. But he remembered how she had let him fuck her mouth and gave her what she wanted. Moving his mouth up to curl his lips around her clit which was by now so hard. He flicked the tip of his tongue over it, and she froze for a moment before crying out sharply. He began to flick at the hard nub of flesh and nerves, causing her to mewl and jolt on the bed. Releasing her legs, he ran one hand back up to grip her one breast. Pawing at it, pinching her nipple and squeezing the firm flesh hard. His other hand ran down to her wet entrance as he pushed first two then three fingers into her, fucking her hard and deeply with them. Driving them as far inside her as he could. Feeling how tight she was around them, how slick her pussy was. All the time licking and sucking at her clit as he added to her sensations. Soon her body was jerking and jolting like a wild thing, her cries a mix of sharp squeals and low moans. He felt her pussy tightening around his fingers, her juices flowing freely around them.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me I’m going to come baby.” Sarah half screamed, and half moaned as she stilled for just a moment. Her body going so tight under him, before bursting into motion. Only the weight of him holding her down kept her from bucking up off the bed. Even so, her head rose up until she almost sat upright. She grabbed his hair with both hands pushing him into her pussy like she was trying to force the whole of his head into her. Philip pressed his mouth to her flesh and licked hard, feeling her juices as they flowed out covering his lips and chin. He lapped at her, tasting her orgasm as she rode his face for all she was worth. Rocking on the bed, dropping back to push her hips up into his face and letting out a long low moan of feeling.

“OOOOHHHH FFFUUUCCCKKKK!” She moaned as her orgasm peaked then faded slowly to leave her gasping on the bed. Philip gave her a few last licked, which caused her to gasp and drag his head up from her. “Please, stop,” she begged looking down at him with heavy eyes.

“Stop, but I’ve just started,” he told her. “I’m rock hard again and want to be balls deep inside you.” Her eyes went wide and flashed with desire. Then she gestured with her head towards a small table against the wall.

“Condoms, in the clutch bag.” She whispered in an insistent voice. Philip nodded and moved quickly to open the bag and pull out a couple of condoms. He had some in his wallet but was just as happy to use hers. In fact, it was good to see she carried protection. By the time he had returned to the bed, he had ripped open one and sheathed himself ready. Seeing this Sarah reached for him, parting her legs to let him move between them. Climbing onto the bed, he slipped between her legs. Pressing the tip of his cock against the soft lips of her pussy. Rubbing against them, teasing her with the contact until she gasped in her need.

“Please, I need you in me,” she said in a rush. With a knowing smile, Philip thrust into her hard and deep until he was hilt deep inside her. Feeling her wet pussy stretching around him as he entered her. “Yes,” she breathed out as he entered her.

“Is that what you wanted?” He asked her; she looked up at him with hooded eyes.

“Fuck yes, you’re so big you’re filling me.” He pulled out slowly, feeling the suction as her pussy clamped down on him. Then thrust into her again, hard and deep, making her gasp sharply. She reached her hands up to cup his face, staring him straight in the eyes.

“Fuck me, Philip,” she told him each word snapped out with her need. Smiling again Philip began to fuck her. Thrusting in and out with long deep movements, each time driving himself totally into her. Slowly he increased the tempo until he was thrusting hard and fast into her. Sarah began to gasp softly, then moan low in her throat with each thrust. He felt her pushing up into his thrusts, rocking with him. Her hands moved down to wrap around his back, her fingers hooked over his shoulders as she clung to him. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, arching her neck so he could kiss her. Planting his lips forcefully on hers and fucking her mouth with his tongue as he rammed into her. Swallowing her cries of pleasure with his mouth. She kissed him back equally hard, their tongues fighting for control.

Each thrust drove him as deep into her as he possibly could get. Her pussy stretching around him, gripping him tightly. So warm and wet around him. Her body shuddering with each thrust. He felt her legs curl around the back of his, pulling him into her. She clung to him tightly; he could feel her small body under him. He wanted to watch her as he fucked her.

Planting his hands on the bed he pushed himself up, breaking from her grip and pushing up to kneel between her legs. Hooking his hands under her thighs, he pulled her into him as he continued to drive hard into her. Looking down he watched her small young body rock and shudder with each thrust. Her olive skin glistened with a soft sheen of sweat. Her eyes twisted shut, mouth open as she moaned loudly. Her large breasts rocked up and down with each thrust. He moved his gaze down to where they joined. Watching his cock as it slid in and out of her, glinting softly with her juices.

He reached one hand up to cup one breast. Squeezing it hard, flicking the large dark nipple, making Sarah moaned harder. She lifted her chest into his hand and rocked her hips into his thrusts. Philip drove in and out of her with sharp, hard thrusts. Slamming himself inside her, sending jolts of movement up her small body.

“Please, fuck me,” she begged him. He kept up the tempo, taking her hard and fast. Pawing at her breasts while sliding his other hand between her thighs to rub at her clit. She gasped then moaned loudly. Her body rocking with his thrusts. She began to cry out, sharp, shrill sounds of pure pleasure.

“Yes, Sarah, come for me,” he hissed to her. Moments later she was doing just that. Screaming his name and jolting on the bed with her orgasm. Her pussy tightening around him, gripping him tighter. “Fuck!” He gasped at the sensation, and at the sight of her body shattering around him. He kept thrusting into her as she came until she was just coming down. Then pulled out sharply making her moan.

“No, don’t stop,” she gasped looking up at him. Philip gave her a cheeky smile before grabbing her hips and flipping her over onto her front. Wrapping his hands around her thighs he pulled her towards him, driving his cock back into her from behind. Sarah screamed sharply and her head arched up with his first hard thrust. Taking the opportunity, Philip grabbed a handful of her dark hair and pulled back on her head. Ramming himself in and out of her deeply.

“Please, Philip, fuck me hard, please.” With a grunt, Philip increased his thrusts. Ramming into her with every ounce of strength he could manage, making her scream louder.

“Like that you mean,” he growled as he rammed in and out faster and harder. Her only response was to scream in passion. Her body shaking with each thrust. Hands stretched out in front of her to claw at her pillow. He released her hair and grabbed her hips. Yanking her back into him with each thrust. Grunting and gasping as he fucked her harder and harder.

“Oh fuck, Philip, fuck I’m going,” Sarah screamed in a shrill voice.

“Yes baby, give it to me again,” Philip snarled through clenched teeth. “Come for me; I can’t keep this up for long.” He added feeling that familiar sensation in his groin that indicated how close he was to coming.

“Oh fuck, Philip, fuck yes,” Sarah screamed sharply before her body exploded into her third orgasm. This time Philip had no chance to fight against the sensation. Her pussy clamped down on him like a vice, and he could only grunt with his orgasm. Emptying himself into her with sharp moans of pleasure. They both shuddered and cried out with their mutual orgasms until they had both run their course. Then they sank down onto the bed. Philip twisting so as not to land on her while reaching down to hold onto the condom and keep it on as he pulled out of her. The pair of them ending up lain almost on top of each other as they gasped for breath.

“Oh, my, God.” Sarah gasped, stretch each word out.

“You can say that again,” Philip replied breathing hard as he recovered from his orgasm.

“That was amazing,” Sarah added. “Now I know why mom is smiling whenever you stay the night.” Philip frowned slightly at her words.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to be mentioning your mom right now. I’m not sure what she would say if she saw us.”

“Brilliant!” Barbara said from behind them. Philip jumped up on the bed to stare in horror at her. His gaze flicked from her face down to the naked body of her daughter then back to Barbara. He opened his mouth to speak but knew there was nothing he could say. Slowly he slid off the bed and stood looking at her.

“I’ll get my things shall I,” he said to her.

“Why?” Barbara asked.

“Well,” he replied looking again at where Sarah was lain, still naked. Her body still coming down after her orgasms.

“And! So you fucked Sarah. Frankly, it’s about fucking time.” Philip blinked in shock at her words. “She’s had a crush on you since the first time you came round. And I’m a little fed up with hearing her moan that you’re ignoring her. Plus it’s obvious you’ve fancied her for a while. I just glad you finally stopped fighting your attraction.”

“You mean you’re ok with this?” She nodded with a smile. Philip looked at her carefully, trying to see if she was lying. Then a different thought struck him.

“Did you two set this whole thing up?” Barbara laughed sharply.

“No we did not,” she replied emphasising the ‘we’. “Someone did try and break into the school. I’ve had to wait for someone to come board up the door. Of course, if I had thought it would have resulted in you two getting together, I might have faked the break in to set it up.”

“Erm, ok, now what?” Philip said softly, afraid of the answer.

“I remember you saying you wanted to help me out of this dress when I get back. And, unless Sarah’s tired you out too much, I think that sounds like a good idea.” As she spoke, she walked up to him, smiling at the shocked expression on his face. Then she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a long deep kiss. Philip responded after a few moments of stunned shock. When she broke the kiss, she turned and walked back to the bedroom door.

“But mom,” Sarah said in a moaning tone.

“Sorry sweetheart I think us sharing him might be too much of a shock for the first night,” Barbara said to her, making Philip gasping in shock. Then Barbara turned back to him. “Well, are you going to stand there all night, or come help me out of this dress?” Even in his shock, Philip knew there was only one right answer to her question. Giving Sarah an apologetic smile he followed Barbara out of the door. Something told him that his relationship with both mother and daughter had just got way more complicated, but that could also be a fun thing.

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Seduced by her daughter

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