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My uncle teaches me

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen, Virginity

Author: tonysex23

Published: 09 October 2018

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When it came to sex, I was a late bloomer. I had just turned 18 and still hadn't so much as touched as boy's penis. Of course I knew what sex was but I was naïve to most all the details. I believe the fact that my parents were very protective of me and paid a large amount of money over the years for me to attend one of the finest private schools in southern California, contributed to that greatly. I know is sounds cliché but yes it was an all-girls school and we did have to wear uniforms even though they were a little more liberal than what you see on television.

My sex education did not take place at school but at home. It started when my Uncle Pete separated from my Aunt Susan. They hadn't got along for at least 6 months before he finally left. He was a business man and could easily afford a hotel but my mom insisted he was going to stay with us for a little while until he got on his feet. We had a bedroom in our basement that we used as a guest room and my mom had prepared it for him to stay.

Now let me describe my Uncle Pete in two words and those words would be large and hairy. He is 6'8 and at that time, weighed about 275 pounds. He was a division one football player in the 1990s and even though he had put on a little extra weight, he was still an attractive, mountain of a man. When I tell you that my uncle was hairy, I don't mean like disgusting hairy. He had real thick wavy hair and for a guy in his mid-thirties, he hadn't lost any of it. Uncle Pete also had a real thick, neatly trimmed beard which he wore short to his face and his thick kinky curly hair covered his chest, stomach, and legs.

My mom had texted me and told me to take extra pillows down to his room when I got home from school. I gathered the pillows up from the hall closet and bobbed my way down the stairs to where my uncle was staying. As I approached the door, it was slightly open and I could see the light flickering inside. I thought there was something going on with the lamp.

As I got closer to the door and stepped inside, there sat Uncle Pete, leaning back on the edge of the bed with his dress shirt and tie still on with no pants. He was stroking his cock really fast and because the lamp sat on the table behind him, the light seemed like it was flickering. He was groaning as his hand moved up and down. I was embarrassed and didn't really know how to respond except a muffled, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know..." and then I ran out.

I went to my room unsure of how to react or what I would say when I saw him again. Uncle Pete came to my room soon after with his pants back on. He knocked and asked, "Britt, can I come in? I want to talk to you."

I told him to come in and he began to explain to me, "I'm so sorry. I thought everyone was gone. I should have been more respectful than that."

I was curious when I asked, "Do you do that a lot?"

"Well to be honest, your Aunt Susan and I haven't had any relations in a long time so the only time I get any sex is if it do it to myself," he informed me.

I responded sincerely surprised, "I didn't know older guys did that. I thought only guys my age did it."

My uncle laughed, "No, us old guys need it too. I'm just sorry you had to walk in on me like that. I hope you're not mad."

Uncle Pete left my room and when my parents came home, we all sat down to dinner like nothing had happened. I couldn't help but look at Uncle Pete a little differently. That night when I went to bed, I was strangely aroused from what I had witnessed earlier. Just thinking about him beating his meat, combined with him thinking nobody was watching, made me wet. I slipped a finger inside my panties while lying there in the dark. I closed my eyes visualizing him stroking his hard cock while I continued to shallowly finger myself, careful not to tear my hymen as I had done many times before. I would dart my finger in, then pull out and lick it, and rub my clit back and forth. This caused me to cum twice and I felt so naughty because I was actually fantasizing about my large uncle.

A couple of days had went by and I still couldn't get Uncle Pete out of my mind. I had a gymnastics meet on that Saturday, so when the bus had finally gotten us home, Mom and Dad, who were at the meet, had already went out to dinner. My uncle was mowing the yard. I left my dirty blonde hair up, because it was already French braided to my head, and even though I had glitter all over me, I was just too tired to shower. I did want to get comfortable so I put on my sweats, hoodie, and my white ankle socks because our house was usually kept cool by the air conditioner.

I was curled up on the couch, eating a bowl of cereal when Uncle Pete ducked through the doorway as he entered the house. He was sweaty, grass covered and was drinking a glass of water when he said, "Hey Britt. How did the meet go?"

I told him it went fine and we talked a little more when he said, "Listen, I wanted to apologize for the other day again. I didn't know you were home and you had to walk in and see me going to town on myself. Like I said, your aunt and I had not got along for a while and it had been years since we've had sex so I have to do that from time to time."

I asked, "Well how long has it been since you've last done that to yourself?"

Uncle Pete chuckled, "You don't even want to know. Probably a few weeks at least."

"So what happens when guys go that long and don't do anything?" I asked genuinely curious.

He laughed again, "We get backed up and cranky. That's why we need to jack off and get it out of us."

"Well at least you got do get it out of you the other day after I left," I responded trying to make him feel better.

"No, I never got to finish. After you walked in, I felt so bad, that I just stopped," he said deflated. Uncle Pete then added, "You have really blossomed into a beautiful girl. I bet you got boyfriends all over the place and I bet they don't have to go through this like I do. When I was your age, I was screwing everything that moved."

I paused then said reluctantly, "No. I'm still... a... virgin and I haven't done anything yet and now I'm a little scared that I won't know what to do or do it right. I do have a boyfriend now and he is really getting anxious to have sex and I keep putting him off."

"I'm sorry again. When the time is right, you will have fun exploring and doing everything," Uncle Pete assured.

I was real shy to say but still excited about the catching him, I then just blurted, "Do you want to show me some things or at least let me watch you do it?"

His jaw dropped and at first was against the idea, "I don't think that is a good idea. You are my niece and I was there when you were born, for Christ sakes."

"Nobody will have to know. I won't tell a soul," I assured him now.

He muttered to himself about how it would "be so wrong" and no "he can't" before he rationalized, "It has been a long time and I am horny as hell. Maybe we can help each other out. I tell you what, I'm gonna take a shower and you can meet me in my bedroom in 15 minutes."

I agreed and got butterflies in my stomach, partly from nervousness and partly from excitement. I wasn't sure what was going to happened but I knew I was ready to learn. Fifteen minutes had went by and I knocked on his door. He told me to enter and when I opened the door, he was sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard with his hair wet and slowly stroking his cock. Besides his cock, the two things that stood out the most were his barrel chest which was covered in thick, short, kinky, curly hair and his size 18 feet sticking straight up.

Uncle Pete already had a good rhythm going as his hand moved up and down. He directed me, "Come on over here Britt. I want you to sit down right here in front of me and watch."

When I sat down, he stopped jerking it and put both hands to his sides on the bed giving me a great view of his cock. That is when I noticed how thick it was. It was laying on his stomach past his belly button and was as big around as my wrist! It also had a huge thick protruding vein that ran up underneath it all the way to his head.

"Wow! It looks really big. How big is it?" I asked in amazement.

"It's about 8 ½ inches," he answered proudly.

I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It just had so much girth and was so hard. It was the first penis I had seen in real life. I really wanted to touch it but I was too shy to ask.

He put his hand back on the shaft and started to stroke it again while I watched him completely mesmerized. That is when I noticed his head would disappear every time he slid his hand upward. I was confused when I asked, "Why does the head disappear like that. Does that happen to all guys?"

Uncle Pete's eyebrows showed me that he was the one now confused, then it dawned on him, "Oh, that. I'm uncircumcised, so I have this extra skin around it. It's called foreskin," as he demonstrated sliding it up real slow until the head disappeared once again. He added, "It depends on the family's religion and background whether they have it cut off at birth."

I had obviously heard of circumcision and foreskin but I had no idea what that all meant and now I did. Uncle Pete spread his legs further apart and started jacking himself again. His eyes were glued to me as he sped up his pace. I watched his hand go up and down on his fat cock and I was getting moist in my pussy. He was pointing it straight up with his elbow outward.

"Take your shirt off Britt. Let me see your boobs in your bra," Uncle Pete requested.

I pulled my hoodie off over my head when he then directed, "Now squeeze your boobs together."

I squeezed them together like I was wearing a pushup bra, showing a huge amount of cleavage and asked, "Like this?"

"Oh yea, baby. Just like that. Get ready Britt. Almost there...yes...almost...augghhh!" grunted Uncle Pete as he continued to concentrate on my breasts.

Like a shot, a big glob of cum flew from the hole and landed on his hairy chest. He continued to groan and each time he stroked his cock another wad of sperm would spurt out and land on his stomach and pubic hair. His face was contorted the entire time as he jerked out the remaining mess all over himself. The last amount just kind of oozed out and slid down the side of his shaft and overtop the back of his hand. Uncle Pete was now breathing hard as he held still.

It was so hot seeing all this thick cum sticking to his body hairs and hand. There were a few puddles of cum that were so thick, it looked like somebody had thrown some raw oysters on him.

I crinkled my nose with fascination and had questions when I asked him, "You're cum is so thick. Is there always that much? Is everybody's like that?"

Uncle Pete was starting to get his composure again when he responded, "I can't speak for others but mine is usually real thick like this, especially if I haven't ejaculated in a long time. Also when your aunt and I first married, we saw a fertility specialist and I was diagnosed with a high sperm count which might have something to do with it but I'm not sure."

Uncle Pete was being truthful because he had 5 children and that was proof enough his cum was very potent. He asked me to get him a wash cloth so he could clean himself off. It took several minutes as he picked the clumpy slime from his hairs. It was nasty and erotic at the same time.

I put my hoodie back on and went to my room and masturbated to the visual of my uncle blowing his huge load all over himself. The next morning was Sunday and I awoke to my cell phone buzzing. It was Uncle Pete telling me to come down to his room. When I went in, he told me to lock the door as he laid there with his huge feet and calves sticking out from under the blanket and his barrel chest sticking out over the top of it with a huge tent poking up inside the blanket. He grabbed the covering and whipped it off quickly, exposing his large fat cock pointing toward the ceiling.

"You see what you do to me. I have thought about you all night, girl. I was hoping today, you can take care of it for me," Uncle Pete urged.

I asked, "You want to watch me again while you jack off?"

"No hon, I want you to do it today. I am so hard and I think you can get the practice you're gonna need by doing it for me" he answered. He then patted the bed beside him and encouraged me, "Come sit Britt and you can do it from right here beside me."

I was nervous but excited. I wanted to touch his dick. I hadn't touched one and was now ready and anxious. I sat down beside my uncle and while we were side by side, I reached down and took hold of his hard on. I couldn't believe how thick it was and even though it was rock hard, it felt like an oversized sausage. My small hand only fit about half way around it. I moved my hand up and down, stroking his cock, hoping he was pleased.

"Like this?" I asked.

He squinted he eyes in pleasure then directed me, "Grip it a little tighter." I squeezed tighter, then he said, "A little more. I like it real tight." I squeezed really tight and he approved, "Yea girl, just like that. That's perfect."

I was gripping so tight, his foreskin was sliding up and down over the head. Uncle Pete leaned back and was enjoying my hand job when he ordered me, "Go faster."

I sped up my stroking and asked, "Does it feel good?"

"Oh yea it does. Keep going. I'm gettin close...just like that...Ooooo, yea...keep going...keep going," he pointed and continued, "Suck my nipple. Suck it!"

I never stopped pumping his cock as I leaned in and wrapped my lips around his hard nipple. I sucked it like a baby does a bottle hoping it was how he liked it."

My mouth was making that sucking sound when Uncle Pete groaned out loud, "Auuggghhh. I'm cummin! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

I pulled my mouth of his nipple just in time to see him shoot his cum up all over his chest and stomach. I kept stroking until the squirting had stopped. I couldn't believe how much there was again just after shooting a large amount the day before. I commented to Uncle Pete, "Oh my god. You were right. I can't believe how much and how thick it is again when you just came yesterday."

"I told ya. Your Uncle Pete can't get enough. When I was your age, I used to cum three times a day. It just feels so good and help relaxes me," he informed me in third person.

Nothing happened the next day but the day after that, he texted me and told me that he needed to speak with me. I went in his room about 11:30 after my parents were in bed. He had me jack him off again while sitting on the bed sucking his nipples. We actually did that about two or three more evenings but I can't remember for sure. I do remember I used lotion to jerk it the last time and sure enough, Uncle Pete came a large amount each time.

On that next Saturday, Uncle Pete texted me and this time came to my room. It was late afternoon and my parents were out of the house. He was standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist. He greeted me with a smile, "Hey sweetie. I'm so horny right now. Let's do it a little different today. Do you know what a prostate gland is?"

I was in health class but I was clueless when I answered, "No, not really. I've heard of it though."

"Well it's a gland inside a man's anus. It helps with peeing and cumming and it feels good when it is stimulated, kinda like inside a girl. I want you to massage that while we are doing it today. I'll show you what I want."

I was curious and if he thought it would make his orgasm feel even better, I wanted to do it for him. He directed me to sit on my bed. I was wearing a pair of shorts, and a tank top, with bare feet. I was sitting and leaning against my head board with my legs together, straight out in front of me. Uncle Pete dropped his towel and his half hard cock just dangled there between his legs. He got on his knees overtop me, straddling my legs, facing away from me. He backed up and because he is so tall, his large butt was almost against my chest.

Before he gave another direction, he took hold of my feet that were now directly under him and commented, "Dang Britt, I never realized you had such cute feet. They are really adorable. I love the glitter purple toe nail polish." Then he urged me, "Lick your finger and stick in me. Don't worry, it won't hurt me."

I licked my first finger and cautiously slipped it into his asshole before he corrected me, "No, use your middle finger so it will go in deeper."

I pulled out that finger and licked my middle finger and inserted it with my palms down and buried it in his rectum until the back of my surrounding knuckles were pressed up against his cheeks.

"Yea, girl. Just like that. Now move it in and out," he encouraged.

I thrusted my finger in and out while Uncle Pete groaned in pleasure. He was jerking himself while I did this. His ass was tight and warm and it made me think of what a pussy might feel like. He ordered me to go quicker and when I did, he moved his ass back and forth to meet my finger every time I plunged it back in. He became more vocal before he bent down and put my toes in his mouth. He was mumbling faster while he sucked my toes like he was now the infant. His movement became erratic, he raised up and as he bellowed, he jerked his shooting cum all over my legs and feet. I couldn't see it but I could feel the warmth plopping down on my skin. My finger was pushed in his butt as far as I could get it and with each ejaculation I could feel his rectum muscles contract around it. I got this tingly feeling inside my vagina and I believe this is when I developed my love for anal sex.

When Uncle Pete was finished, I pulled my finger out of his asshole and he complimented me for doing a good job and for making him cum so hard. When he left my room, I had a huge mess all over my legs and feet, not to mention some of it landed on my pillow case and sheets. It took me a little while to wipe it up with tissues. It also made me curious about tasting it. At that time, I wasn't even sure you could eat it or if it was harmful.

The next day, he was sitting on the edge of his bed when I fingered his ass with one hand and jerked him off with the other. He came rather quickly. As I looked at all the cum that was on the back of my hand, I asked, "Is it ok to eat it? Will it hurt you?"

"No. Actually, some say it has protein in it. Of course your Aunt Susan wouldn't do it but I had girlfriends when I was young who said it was a little salty but tasted pretty good. I tell you what, I have a business trip out of the country and leave in the morning. I will be gone for 10 days and when I get back, I will have you eat it and you can decide," said Uncle Pete.

That sounded good to me and the days seem to go by very slowly. Finally the day arrived when my mom picked Uncle Pete up at the airport. He texted me and told me that he couldn't wait to see me and that he had saved something for me. I chuckled because I knew what he was referring to. That evening, I was nervous but ready.

I crept to his room like usual and he told me as he chuckled jokingly, "You are a sight for sore eyes. I'm about to bust. I was so exhausted, and I didn't have a minute where I wasn't working or sleeping so I never jacked off once. If I don't cum soon, I'm gonna hurt someone. "

I giggled and we assumed our position. He was sitting on the edge of the bed. I took hold of his hard thick cock with both hands and stroked it. He kept both hands on the bed and slightly leaned back to give me room to work. I was squatting but I was too short to be on my knees. As his foreskin slid up and down, my excitement got even stronger. He built up very quickly. It wasn't long at all before he was warning me and my hands smacked up and down on his rod.

"Yea, baby, just like that. Oh, I'm so hard. Get ready baby. I'm about to blow. Are you gonna be a good girl and eat it for your Uncle Pete? I want you to eat it all," he coaxed.

"Oh shit, I can't hold it!" Uncle Pete groaned trying not to be heard.

He grabbed his cock in place of my hands and without missing a beat, started jerking it. I stood up and backed away from him. Like a flash, he jumped up, still pumping his prick and put his other hand on top of my head. His hand was so huge, it engulfed my head like a basketball player palming a basketball. He pushed gently on my head to get me down on my knees. He moved forward and put his cock head directly in front of my mouth.

Uncle Pete started ordering me in his lustful desperation, "Open up! Wider. Just like that. No, put your tongue in your mouth before a loud...AAAUUUGGGHHH!"

Just then, he used his hand to tilt my head back and put his huge mushroom on top of my lower lip. His hand was flailing so much that it was tapping my chin as he stroked. He angled his hips downward and let loose a huge wad of sperm that smacked my inner cheek. He was out of his mind in lust as the next few spurts hit the back of my tongue and slid down to the back of my throat. He must have shot 8 to 10 times before he stopped orgasming. He stepped back and flopped down on the bed in exhaustion when the erupting had ceased.

I was on my knees looking up at Uncle Pete with my mouth full of cum. I closed my mouth and hesitantly swallowed. It was thick and tacky like warm tapioca pudding and didn't want to go down on the first try. After a couple more attempts, it had disappeared in my stomach as I winced, trying to get used to the taste.

"How was it?" He asked.

"You were right. It is very salty but doesn't taste bad. It actually has a slight sweet taste to it," I answered.

Uncle Pete added, "I think it's time you work for it. Tomorrow, you can suck it out and get it that way. I'll let you give me a good blowjob."

Hearing that Uncle Pete was gonna finally, have me suck his dick sounded erotic. But I thought, "What if I don't know what to do or what if I'm not very good?" That night I masturbated again thinking about swallowing his cum. I was confused on if it was appropriate but by morning, I was craving it like someone would ice-cream.

Actually, the next day, it didn't happen but the day after that, it did. Before I went to see him, he texted me and asked if I would wear my school uniform with a tie, white knee socks and put my hair in ponytails. He said he loved that and it would help him. I put back on what I wore to school that day as I sneaked to his room like usual and he was lying in bed watching tv. He greeted me with a smile and took off all his clothes.

"You look hot! Are you ready, girl? Just take your time. Don't be nervous, you will do just fine. I promise to let you know when I'm about to cum so I don't choke you. Let's do it," he enticed.

He got up and sat in the chair. His legs were straight out and I got down on my knees in front of him. I started kissing and licking his cock as it began to rise. He moaned as he gently stroked my blonde hair.

"That's it. Love on it. You're doing fine. Use your hand baby," Uncle Pete encouraged while enjoying himself.

That is when I opened wide and put the head of his dick in my mouth. It felt real spongy against my tongue but once again confirmed just how thick it was. I let out a "mmmmmm" as I moved my lips up and down on it.

He moaned, "Careful, baby. Keep those teeth out of the way." And after I made the correction he rewarded me with a, "Now ya got it. Just like that. You're doing so good. You don't know how good you're making your Uncle Pete feel right now. Just don't stop."

From inexperience and having my mouth open so wide, my saliva was running down both sides of his shaft. I could feel his foreskin sliding on my tongue which only raised my eagerness. I was jerking as I sucked it. It might have been awkward to him but I was making up for it with enthusiasm.

I sucked his cock for at least 15 minutes and my jaws were starting to get sore when he finally told me he was getting close, "Right like that. Almost, baby. Don't stop. Keep going. Keep going. Get ready, baby...here it comes!"

He buried his heels into the carpet and locked his knees straight out while he put his hand on the back of my head. He blasted off in my sucking mouth and was spewing in it like a volcano. I was proud of myself because I caught every drop that Uncle Pete deposited which isn't easy to do in that position. I pulled off and swallowed his load in one gulp that time. Once again it was salty but good. He squeezed the base of his shaft which caused another bead to pop out of the hole. I leaned in and pulled back his foreskin to lick it up and the small amount that had gathered underneath the hood.

When I had finished cleaning Uncle Pete, I moved my sore jaws back and forth as he laughed and said, "That was very good. Once you got going, there was no stopping you. You are going to make your boyfriend very happy someday. The key now is to practice and become an expert."

He sure wasn't lying to me because he let me blow him just about every day for the next two weeks with maybe a day or two off, here and there. One night, he texted me and I met him at his office. It was dark and we got in the front seat of his car. I sat next to him and we talked a little and I knew exactly what he wanted.

I directed him, "Lean your seat back and take your pants off."

Uncle Pete pulled his suit pants down to his ankles, flipped his tie over his shoulder, and then reclined his seat back to where he was nearly flat. I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth while I rubbed his balls. He groaned and shifted around in his seat as he was enjoying the head I was now giving him. I sucked and jerked his dick simultaneously. I was determined to get that cum out of it. He put his feet up on the windshield above the steering wheel which was not an easy task with his pants now around one ankle.

His balls were jiggling as I pumped him just as his belt buckle was jiggling up on the dashboard. I hesitated and put a finger in my mouth before putting my lips back on his thick erection. Now as I sucked Uncle Pete, I slipped my hand under his balls until I found his anus opening. I gently slipped my finger in his asshole and pushed it in while I blew him. I knew he liked having his prostate massaged when he cums so I was going to give him a more powerful orgasm.

I sucked faster and faster while I fingered his ass. Just then his ass raised up off the seat and he started cumming. I kept fingering him while his pulsating dick unloaded its contents. He was quivering, kicking the windshield and groaning the whole time. I thought he was going to pass out from the pleasure. When I pulled off his cock, a glob fell onto his thigh but I was able to swallow most of it.

Uncle Pete was still shivering his post orgasm recovery when he gasped, "Damn, Britt. You are getting so good at that. I swear I would think you are taking a class or something."

I giggled and left. We had talked about him taking my virginity and at that point I was ready. Every time I would suck Uncle Pete off, I was be so aroused and wet, I would have to masturbate that evening. I wanted to feel a penis inside me. The only problem was that Uncle Pete's was so big.

That day finally arrived. It was a Saturday night and my boyfriend Sabastian and I had seen a movie. I told him I didn't feel well so he took me home early. My parents were visiting my grandmother and wouldn't be back until the next day. Uncle Pete was home and had several candles in his room lit and flickering. I was nervous.

"Are you sure you are ready? Is this what you want?" He asked.

"Yes I want it but please go slow and be gentle," I anxiously requested.

I took off my clothes and sat on the bed. Uncle Pete crawled on top of me and gently kissed my breasts. He would run his fingers in a circular motion before sucking my nipples. He then slowly kissed and licked his way down to my belly button before stopping at my freshly shaven pussy lips. He gave them closed mouthed kisses before sucking on my dangling labia lips. When he finally stopped at my clit, I was in heaven. He sucked it hard and vibrated it with his tongue hard enough causing me to explode a muffled...Aaughh...Aaughh...Aaughh. Uncle Pete's tongue had made me orgasm. It was all happening so fast and seemed surreal.

I now was very horny and whispered in his ear, "Put it in me now."

Uncle Pete got up on his knees. His cock was huge and jetting straight out from his body. My feet were on the bed with my knees bent. He leaned down and put his cock up against my pussy opening. I thought there was no way it would fit. It looked like he was trying to put a baseball bat inside a doughnut hole. With his head still pressed against my lips, he laid down on top of me so that I could put my hands on his back. He pushed and I swear it wouldn't go in.

He would raise up, reposition it, and then try to get in in me again. This went on more than a few times. He used his hand to corkscrew the head inside my lips, lowered himself again and pushed and oh my god, the pain. His cock had finally broken though my hymen and it hurt so bad, Uncle Pete had deep scratches on his back for a week. I was shaking before he slid a couple more inches inside me. It was stretching my vagina further than I believed was possible. He wasn't able to bury all of it but enough to finally start fucking me. He thrust in and out very slowly trying to give me a chance to get acclimated to his size.

I would be lying if I said, I enjoyed that first time. I winced and moved the entire time. Uncle Pete's cock was just too big for any pleasstoma.He pumped slowly until he pulled out and came all over my stomach and pussy lips. Photos http://uii.io/8Y5We There were spots of blood on his cock where he had actually torn me a little. I was sore for a few days.

"How was it?" he asked.

"It hurt so bad. Does it always hurt like that?" I asked him.

"Your first time is always awkward and painful. It will get so much better and then it will feel great. We need to do it a lot more and you'll see what I mean," he reassured me.

After about 4 days had passed, I was ready to try it again. I had only given Uncle Pete one blow job during that time so he was now getting horny again. We met in his room in the middle of the night. I sat in a chair as Uncle Pete stood in front of me letting me suck his dick. He was so hard. We were on the bed 69ing when he asked if I was ready again. He got up and pulled out a bottle of pills from his top drawer. He rattled them while inquiring, "Guess what I got?"

I had no idea until he answered his own question, "These are the day after pills that I got from my, excuse me, Susan's house. If you take one after sex, it will keep you from getting pregnant. Now I will be able to cum in you."

I didn't know what to say but I wanted to please him. He also had a tube of KY Jelly. He squirted it all over his cock and smeared a bunch on my vaginal opening. He even darted a couple of fingers inside me and to my surprise, it felt good and not painful. He wiped his hands on a towel before climbing on top of me. He put his cock in my pussy and it was very tight once again. It hurt as he thrust. With help from the lube, it stretched me and slid in easier than the previous time. He was able to put it all in until his saggy balls rested on my ass crack. His cock was so snug inside me that it was still slightly painful.

Uncle Pete laid down on top of me. His 6'8 frame totally engulfed my 5'6 body. I could barely see over his shoulder while his hairy chest pressed up against my boobs and chin. He started moving his hips up and down. Even with the lube, he was so thick, that every time he withdrew, it felt like some of my insides were being pulled out with him. It was little uncomfortable at first but as he sped up, it started feeling better and better. I was rubbing his back as he fucked me.

He moved his hips and at one point, was up off me in a pushup positon pounding his dick deep in my pussy while holding himself up with just his arms. I felt an orgasm build before I squirmed and moaned in pleasure while it overcame me. He then put my legs up over his shoulders and held my ankles as he thrusted. He was loving every second of my young tight pussy around his thick dong. I couldn't hold back again and screamed, "Oh my! Oh god, yes! Aaauuuggggghhhhh," as my second orgasm ripped through me like a lightning bolt shooting out of my asshole.

He laid back down on top of me and started kissing my neck. His beard was soft and tickled my face. He was sweating and grunting, "Oh Brittni get ready. I can't hold it much longer. I'm gonna fill you up, baby..."

He gasped and snorted before he tensed up on top of me, "I'm cuuuuummin! Can you feel it?"

I could feel it. His cock was pulsating with every spurt and I could definitely feel it spraying in me. It was warm and sexy which cause me to cum one more time. He raised up and kissed me. We made out while he stayed on top and inside me. Just when I thought he was about to climb off, he said, "If you don't mind, I'm not done yet. I'm gonna go one more time."

He slid his hand under my ass cheeks form over my thighs. He was still hard as he began his thrusting all over again. He fucked and pounded my hole like he was a horny animal breeding its female in heat. He screwed me another 20 minutes before he trembled and seized up on top of me once again. He blew his second load in me within the hour. When he pulled out there was so much of our cum all over his cock. It looked like wet flour my mom uses when she bakes. My hole was stretched and swollen while Uncle Pete's slime was everywhere. It oozed from my pussy, was all over the sheets and there was even some on his balls. It took me several minutes to wipe out his cummy creampies that he had deposited. With all the sperm, I was just hoping not to get pregnant.

Uncle Pete got up with his horse cock dangling and cum oozing a long stream from the tip. I found out later that Uncle Pete had taken a Viagra and that is why he fucked me twice without stopping. We began to fuck on a regular basis after that and in every position imaginable. We got wild and kinky but that is for another story. This went on a few more months until he moved out of the house. To this day, I am good at sex because of everything he taught me. Thank you Uncle Pete.

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My uncle teaches me

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