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Laying Carpet with Mom

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: tom231002

Published: 09 October 2018

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I was 18 years old and it was the middle of a very hot humid Midwestern summer. I was trying to take full advantage of a care free time before I left for college in the fall. I am an only child and my mom was getting very emotional thinking about the fact that I would be a few states away when school started up. This would be the first time I would be away for an extended period of time and I think she was afraid this meant she was getting old.

Anyone who knows my mother could tell you she is a nice looking woman. She was 39 at this time, with a naturally high metabolism that kept her skinny no matter what she ate. She was no supermodel but very sexy in that soccer mom way. She was 5'10", slender waist, nice firm heart shaped ass, and full 38 DD breast. Nature has caused them to sag a little but not much. They still caused men to stop and stare.

My father was a good man who worked hard and provide well for us. We weren't rich but we were comfortable upper middle class. We lived in a nice 4 bedroom home on the edge of town with about 5 acres of wooded land.

Now that you survived the preliminaries I can tell you what took place. My dad was on one of his business trips. This is one of the ones that took him overseas for 3 weeks. This gave mom and I a lot of time alone. We were accustom to his trips and spent a lot of time alone together while I was growing up.

My mom is the type who never sat still and always has a project to work on. Just my luck her latest project required my assistance.

We were sitting at the table having a glass of iced tea trying to stay cool. Although we had a nice home and a comfortable life, my dad is very frugal and isn't some who needs what he calls "luxuries". In this case the luxury he was willing to go without was air conditioning. When the AC broke down late in the previous summer he didn't see the need to fix it.

While mom and I where drinking the tea she told me that tomorrow she was having some carpet delivered to redo my bedroom. I didn't think much about it until she added the fact that she and I were going to install it. OH Shit, slipped from my mouth. Mom laughed and said you need to work on your internal dialog baby. She got up and started walking out of the room. As she was walking away she looked back and said we need to pull up the old carpet today so they can take it away when they deliver the new carpet tomorrow. I let SHIT be heard clear through the house and followed it up with a laugh.

An hour later I found myself in my room building up the gumption to start moving the furniture out. I started removing the furniture and got the room down to just the bigger items when I turned and saw mom walk in. She handed me a glass of Iced Tea and said drink that and then we can get the bigger items out.

Mom started walking around the room looking around picturing in her mind how it was going to look. I was taking a drink when I realized I was watching her ass. While I watched her roam around I had to acknowledge to myself how hot she looked.

For the first time I was more than just impressed with how my mom took care of herself. I actually was checking her out. I look up her shapely legs enjoying how toned they were. I followed her leg up to her ass. I thought to myself how great of an ass it was. Firm and it had just enough jiggle to make my cock twitch. I couldn't believe it, I mean holly shit, my cock was starting to react because of my mom.

She turned and looked at me and said finish it so we can get this done. I finished the drink and we began to move the last few items out. As we worked I would catch the scent of her perfume. Every time I did my mind would spin and I would feel that familiar stir in my cock. The only thing that was different about that feeling was it was happening because of my own mother.

An hour later we finish ripping up the old carpet and had in cut up in manageable piles. Mom came over and hugged me. She smelled better than any woman I ever smelled before. I was in lustful heaven. Mom broke my trance when I heard her say "Yuk, your all sweaty and smelly big boy".

I forget to mention that I am tall for my family, at 6'3" with a swimmers build; I have an 8.5" very thick cut cock. One of my first girlfriends liked to call me "girth" because of the thickness. Mom now pushed me back and told me to go get a shower while she started dinner. As she stepped back I thought I saw her glance down to my now rising hard on. I was afraid she felt it pushing against her during the hug. I quickly turned and headed toward the shower in complete embarrassment. I thought to myself there is no way she didn't notice me getting hard.

I got in the bathroom and quickly striped my clothes off and jumped in the shower. I ran a cool shower hopeful that it would snap me back from these feeling of lust for my own mother. I started to clean and work on thinking about anything but her. I was completely confused and upset with myself over how I could be turned on by her. I cleaned up and finished my shower still telling myself; stop thinking about your mother like that. Damn you must be some kind of a pervert to want to fuck your own mother.

I slid the shower door open and saw mom leaving the bathroom. I looked over to the clothes hamper and noticed a clean pair of my boxers, shorts and tank top. I then realized I forgot to bring them with me and mom was still taking care of me. I dried myself off and put my clothes on. The thought then crossed my mind. Was I saying those things to myself or out loud? I opened the door and walked to the kitchen. Mom said dinner would be ready in about an hour and then she walked passed me saying that it was her turn to shower.

Mom disappeared in the bathroom and I was very nervous about what had been happening. Did she notice my hard-on? Did she here me chastising myself for having lustful feeling for her?

I walked toward the bathroom passing mom's bedroom on the way. I looked over and noticed she left her clothes on her bed. I thought to myself turnabout is fair play. I picked up her sexy thin white silk shorts and matching silk top then head toward the bathroom door.

I slowly twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open just a small amount. I was greeted by the moist air that had the fragrance of her favorite body wash. It happened again, my cock started to twitch while I pushed the door far enough for me to slide in and step over to the clothes hamper.

I placed her clothing on the hamper and listened to her humming while she showered. I tried my best to get some type of peak at her but thanks to the light mist and fogged shower glass door all I could see was an outlined of a very sexy body. I was getting heated up so I left the bathroom leaving the door slightly ajar as I left.

I went back to the kitchen and made two glasses of iced tea for the two of us and checked on the food that was cooking. About 30 minute's later mom came into the kitchen looking extremely desirable in that outfit.

I handed her the tea and she smiled at me. Most likely my imagination but this smile just felt different than usual. Like the cat that ate the canary smile.

Mom walked passed me very closely with our arms slightly rubbing as she passed. As she finished preparing dinner I continued to molest her with my eyes. I had given into the fact I was turned on by her and figured I would treat mom like food you can't have when on a diet. Just because you can't eat it doesn't mean you can't enjoy how tasty it looks. It didn't take long and dinner was done. We sat and ate and talked. I had to work hard not to be obvious about my ogling her.

Mom seemed different tonight; first that outfit wasn't one she normally would wear for dinner. She normally only wore something like that just before she went to bed. She appeared to be somewhat flirty in her behavior. I could swear she would lean over giving me the chance to peek down her top. I thought to myself, no, this had to be my imagination.

Dinner was done, and I did the dishes, then I joined mom in the living room where she had just put a movie on for us to watch. We both sat on the couch and talked and laughed the evening away. We were behaving more like a couple getting to know each other then mother and son. I spent the evening with a pillow on my lap trying to hide the fact I was sporting a tent in my shorts.

We both decided to get some sleep as it will be a busy day tomorrow. I told mom I would shut things off and she could head on up to bed. Mom smiled, thanked me and as we both stood up she came over, gave me a big hug and a kiss on the lips. Not a lovers kiss and yet not the usual mother son peck. This was nice firm kiss. She gave me another hug and headed off to her room. I turned and watch her ass swaying as she walked away. Just before she turned down the hall she looked back quickly and I tried to turn so it wasn't obvious I was watching her ass. I heard her giggle slightly as she disappeared down the hall.

I shut everything off and quickly went to my room, ripping my clothes off as I went from my door to my bed. I jumped in bed an immediately started to stroke my cock. My mind was full of mental images of her great ass, tits and legs. I didn't last 3 minutes before I shot my load. It shot up and hit my chest and stomach. I got up, cleaned myself up and went back to bed. It took a while but I finally fell asleep still thinking about her.

The next morning mom and I ate a very light breakfast before the carpet was delivered. We had all the windows open and fans running throughout the house as the day was very hot and humid. It was worst then the day before and it was still early in the day.

I had on a pair of gym short and tank top while mom had on some silky gym shorts and one of dad's wife beater t-shirt.

At around 10:00 am the delivery guys showed up. It took them about 20 minutes to bring in the rolls of new carpet and padding. The entire time the delivery guys worked they both kept gawking at mom. It was obvious to me that she kind of liked the attention and I found myself getting angry about it.

The delivery guy's took out the old carpet and then attempted to talk my mother into having them install the carpet. It appeared to me she was flirting but told them we could handle it. They put on the sales pitch and told her that getting carpet down right is more difficult then it appears, they told her about the tack boards, stretching the carpet so it wouldn't have wrinkles, etc, etc, etc,. She gave them a little cash as a tip and then informed them that I used to work for a carpet company and knew what I was doing. This wasn't exactly true, my dad had when he was younger and had shown me how as I was growing up. This job wasn't that tricky the room didn't require any seems to be put together.

I could see the disappointment on their faces and I smiled big time as they left. Mom turned to me and said "what are you smiling about"? I just replied with "what a flirt". She giggled, shook her ass a little and said "did it make you jealous"? I rolled my eyes and said let's get this done.

We grab the roll of padding and spent the next hour laying it down; when we had finish we are both sweating like crazy. Mom went to get a cool drink for us while I cleaned up the leftover pieces of padding. We rested for about 30 minutes, drinking and talking about how unbearably hot it is in here.

I took of my shirt leaving me with only my loose cotton sweat shorts on (I was going commando – no underwear today). I had thought I wouldn't have to worry about my cock pocking out the leg holes, since I had to work so hard to keep my stiff cock from being obvious to her.

The whole time we worked on the pad she was bending over and we were rubbing up against each other as we worked. I had a bonner the entire time. After she noticed that I was shirtless mom made the comment about how lucky guys are that they could go topless. I wanted to tell her to go ahead, but I chickened out. I did tell her to go put on one her bikini top. She had a thoughtful look on her face and left the room. I was imagining seeing her great tits in one of her skimpy bikini tops while I finished my drink. When she returned she had changed into a very thin silk top that just barely came down lower then her breast and leaving her nice tummy exposed. Mom's not a hard body but she could hold her own against many of the girls my age.

We carried in the carpet and closed the bedroom door so we could work in that area. We started to manipulate the roll into place, in the process of moving the carpet we were bending over and bumping into each other. The entire time we worked our sweaty bodies were rubbing against each others. My cock was constantly hard and causing a gym short tent and I was afraid she would see or feel it.

I was on my hands and knees pushing the carpet into place and I looked over to her, she was standing facing away from me and bent at the waist. I could see up the leg holes in her shorts and was amazed to find out she didn't have on any panties. My god my mom was clean shaven and I could see most of her puffy pussy lips. They where pink, swollen and appeared to be moist with sweat. My already hard cock was now throbbing, I looked further up her body and noticed that her tiny thin top was hanging down and giving me a clear view of her perfect tits hanging down. Not fake tits that don't move but real full 38 DD with some firmness yet they still swayed as she moved.

I was now completely lost in lust. Not sure if it was my mind playing tricks on me or real but I swear I could smell the musty sweat smell of her pussy. Mom now dropped down to her knees and was laying over the role of carpet with her ass up high. She yelled back to me to come over and help her push the padding back in place.

I wasted no time to move above and behind her and leaned over her to help. I was now leaning over her with my chest on her back and my cock pushed against her ass. At this point I didn't' care if she felt it or not.

We pushed and pulled trying to fix the padding that had bunched up. While we were rocking back and forth my cock was crushed against her ass sliding up and down her crack. I thought there is no way she can't feel how hard I am.

I decided to push my luck a little since I may be able to use the working as an excuse. I intentionally worked my hips to grind my cock up and down here ass crack. I was expecting her to move away but to my surprise she didn't. At first she didn't move at all, she just appeared to keep working on the bunched up padding. After about a minute of me slowly dry humping her ass I began to feel her pushing back into me, or at least I was hopeful that she was doing.

Over the next couple minutes we continued to pretend nothing was going on while we did a slow firm dry humping. After that couple of minutes my cock was throbbing so hard I thought it would explode. My cock had swollen so much I felt the skin around it would spit wide open form the pressure. I had to have more, so I took the next big chance. I slide back further than usual and reach down and pulled my cock out through the right leg and let it slap up against my abdomen.

My heart was pounding harder then I had ever felt it pound before. When I slide back into position my now exposed shaft was sliding up the crack of her ass with nothing between us except a very thin layer of silk from her shorts.

Within seconds we had our rhythm back and continued to grind into each other. I heard mom take a deep breath with a faint moan as she exhaled. My own low moans had to be apparent to her by now.

Our grinding started to be longer slides up and down, up and down, slowly but firmly. Mom lifted her ass a bit higher during one of slides back down and when I pushed forward my cock hooked on her silk shorts, it hung for just a second and then popped free sliding inside her shorts and up along her right ass cheek.

My heart stopped as I realized that I was now feeling her soft worm skin on my cock. The feeling sent shock waves through my body. I heard mom moan out and extended "oh" very faintly as she pushed back into me.

If either of us had any thoughts that we were fooling ourselves, or each other, that this wasn't turning sexual those thought were lost at this point. We didn't say it but we couldn't deny what was happing.

We both started rocking back and forth and my cock slid over her ass cheek along the crack of her ass. The sweat from the heat and our lust was lubricating our rubbing and the feeling was as good as any sex I had ever had before.

The tightness in my abdomen was growing and my heart was pounding like a cannon going off. My boldness grew even more and I moved from leaning over her back to now straight up while on my knees. My cock continued to slide along her sweet soft ass crack as I moved my right hand to her hip. My fingers gripped her hip firmly while my cock was gliding along her ass. I moved my left hand to her left hip and now both hands pulling he ass back into me. I moved my right hand up along her side and across her protruding ribs. I felt my cock throbbing with excitement.

Mom's moans were no longer faint. She was now moaning openly. I slid my right rand up under her shirt and took her soft heavy breast into my firm grip. Mom's head lifted back and I heard her give a little squeal.

I continued to squeeze the flesh of her spectacular tit and took the nipple between my index finger and thumb. I gave her nipple a firm pinch and at this point mom groaned and I heard the words "Oh my god".

I was so focused on her tit at this point I lost the rhythm we had going and my cock slid to far back. My shaft slid off her ass and when I push forward it slid under her along her now soaking wet pussy lips. We both groaned out loud at the sensation of our bodies touching in a forbidden way.

I thought for a moment that I would cum right then and there. We slowly started to get back into the familiar grinding over each other. At this point my mind was going a mile a minute. I was now mauling both of mom's tits. There size is more than my hands could contain. The soft flesh of mom's breast was between my finger and the nipples between my finger tips and thumbs. Mom was pushing her chest hard into my hands.

I was now thrusting my cock back and forth along the outside of her pussy lips feeling the folds gripping my shaft. We continued like this for only a few moments when I felt something I wasn't ready for. Mom had move one hand inside her short and was now taking hold of my enlarged cock. She muttered in a low voice "god that's a nice one".

She stroked my cock a few times then on one my thrusts forward she aimed the head directly at her entrance. I felt the head of my cock hit her pussy and then felt a slight pop as it pushed its way past her lips and inside her cunt. I went an inch inside her before I even realized what had just happened. The feeling send a shock up through my cock into my entire body that was like a bold of lightning had just hit me. I thought to myself "my god, I'm fucking mom".

Mom turned her head to me and said "Do it baby, we have already gone this far". I didn't need to be told twice. I shoved my cock the rest of the way into her. My hips slammed into her ass and we both let out a big moan. I became light headed and short of breath as the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced washed over me. I held tight to her tits and without working up to it I started a furious pounding of her now soaking wet cunt. She said that's it baby fuck me hard.

I knew my mom liked a good hard fucking from a time about a year ago when my parent didn't realize I was home. I overheard them going at it. Mom sounded like she was really getting into it and kept yelling for him to go faster and harder.

As that memory flashed through my mind I decided I wasn't going to need to be told. I started to slam into her as hard and fast as I could. Photos http://uii.io/1dJsz1 I could feel my cock throbbing and pulsing. I felt my mom squeezing with her pussy. My god she had amazing muscle control.

Mom matched my thrust by pushing back into me. We were both groaning and moaning loudly. My left hand was still squeezing her left breast, my right hand was now holding her hair and pulling her head back. Mom yelled out "oh god baby I'm cumming".

I felt her entire body tense up and then thrash around as her orgasm hit. I felt like all I could do at this point was to hold on for dear life. Her orgasm lasted for about a minute and she kept on pushing back into me. I didn't slow down and kept pounding my cock deep into her pussy. Her cum soaked both of our shorts as we continued our lust filled fucking.

After a couple more moments I felt my balls tighten up letting me know I was about to go over the edge. At the same time mom screamed out "I'm cumming again". As I felt her body tighten up I could also feel the cum in my balls slide up the length my cock and we both came with a force I had never experienced before or since. I felt my cum explode out the head of my cock as I felt mom's pussy begin a vice grip on my shaft.

I shot several big blasts of cum into her and I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest. After a couple more ropes of cum shot free of my cock we both lost all strength. I leaned over her back as she fell down onto the roll of carpet.

Mom reached over and grabbed my shirt that was on the floor next to us and placed it under her. She giggled and said don't want a stain on the new carpet.

I rolled over off of her and then mom rolled into my arms. We sat there with her in my arms for about 20 minutes, neither one of us saying a word. The best way I have ever been able to come up with to describe that orgasm was, an exquisite release of excruciating pleasure.

Mom then turned her head to me and kissed me on the lips. She said baby that was so special to me, please don't let this change our feelings and relationship. I swore it wouldn't and told her I loved her, I always have and I always will. Mom slid her finger over my now flaccid cock taking some of the left over cum and then licked it off her finger. She kissed me and said we still have more work to do.

I grinned thinking she wanted to fuck again. She saw my expression and then guided me with her eyes toward the roll of carpet.

Four hours later we had finished putting the carped down in the bedroom and held each other closely. We kissed each other with a deep passionate kiss. Dad wasn't due home until late Sunday evening. The rest of the weekend was interesting; I will tell that part in the next chapter if people want to hear about it.

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Laying Carpet with Mom

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