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Care Ride Home Part 2

Categories Diary, Black, Cum Swallowing, Interracial

Author: BigDickVIz

Published: 09 October 2018

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look out the window and see a cop. He told us to get dressed and get out of the car. I put my clothes on and nervously got out of the car. I looked at Kayla and she seemed pretty comfortable, no worry on her face. The cop says, "I could give you a ticket or even take you downtown with me. But since I'm in a good mood, I'll give you a chance to get out of this situation you're in." I don't know what the hell he's talking about and it makes me nervous.

He walks over to us. He a pretty tall guy, about 6'2. He looks strong and he smells like cigarettes. He has on sunglasses and a bushy mustache. He looks me up and down and does the same thing to Kayla.

"How'd you like his dick in you?"

"I loved it" she says with a smile on her face.

"Mmm. I hope so because you guys are going to put on a show for me. I would fuck you but I won't fuck a girl that a black guy has, don't want my dick contaminated."

He looks at me while he says that. I don't really mind.

"So this is what is going to happen. Y'all are going to fuck again and I'm going to watch and jerk my cock. If you two can't get me to cum you're going to jail."

I'm thinking we are going to jail regardless of what happens so I decide to fuck her like it's my last time ever having sex. I look at her, she's still sweaty. Her shirt is barely on and her shorts are unzipped. She has a look of excitement on her face. I think she likes putting on a show.

"When do we start?" She asks.

"Pull over to this alley and I'll let you begin."

I get in the car and drive slowly into the alley. Fear anxiety, excitement, and many other emotions are running through me now. She asks me if I'm nervous and I tell her no. But I am. I've never had sex in front of other people before but it's put up or shut up time now. If he's true to his word than I have to fuck her like crazy. He tells us to get out of the car. He takes down his pants and briefs. He's pretty hung, about 9 inches or so. That makes me feel insecure. Kayla notices this and kisses me. She then tells me that she loves my cock and can't wait to have it in her again.

"You can begin." He says playing with his dick.

Kayla drops down to her knees, kissing my stomach as she goes down. I love looking in her eyes because they shoe pure desire. She puts the tip of her tongue on the head of my dick. She looks me in my eyes as she puts my whole dick in her throat. It makes me jump backwards because of how good it felt. She only does it one time thought she starts to lick all over my cock like its a lollipop. She begins making noises and this is driving me crazy. The cop seems to be liking it to because when I look at him he's hard as a rock and stroking.

I look back at Kayla and she's still sucking me. I decide to do something I wouldn't normally do and grab her by the back of the head. I start to face fuck her hard. I'm leaning back on the car and I make her head go back and forth on my dick. She's making gagging noises and I almost stop but the look on her face shows she loves it. So I turn around and lean her back on the car door and I hump her face using no hands. My dick is covered with spit and I go all the way in her mouth and hold there for a few seconds. She grabs my ass and pushes my dick deeper in her throat. I pull her up and pick her up. I put her legs around my shoulders so my head is facing her pussy. I stand up and star eating her out. This is the most exotic position I've ever done. It's sort of hard keeping my balance with her on top of me and her juices flowing down my face but I get through it. I lay her on the hood of the car and rub my dick on her pussy.

"Don't tease me daddy." She bites her lip.

"Tell daddy how much you want his dick."

"I need this dick baby. I need you to fill me up. My pussy is begging for it, please fuck me."

I don't need to here more, I push my dick in her fast and hard. She lets out a grown and puts her arms around my neck pulling her face to my face. I start fucking her with long slow strokes. We're face to face and she looks me in my eyes winkle she moans. She whispers "fuck me hard" so I push her back down oh the hood. I start pounding her like I never have before. Her boobs bounce up and down with each thrust and her face shows pure bliss. I feel like I'm about to cum so I pull out and start eating her out. She grabs me and throws me down on the hood and begins riding me cowgirl. I slap her ass while she bounces up and down. Then all of a sudden she gets up and squirts all over me. I hear the cop let out an "OHH" sound. She then licks her squirt off of me. I grab her face and kiss her so I can taste it too. I make her suck my dick for a little bit then I put her on her stomach. I slide in her and lay down so I'm fucking her prone style. I fuck her hard and here the clapping sound of my body meeting her ass.

I whisper in her ear that I want to fuck her anal and she nods her head. I've never done it before but she has so I don't have to go slow. My dick is already lubricated from her pussy juice so I just push my dick in her ass. She lets out a loud man and I grab her hair with one hand and rub her clit with the other. I fuck her like my life is in the line. She moans loud until all of a sudden she stops. Her pussy begins overflowing . I look at her face and her eyes are rolled back in her head. She drops down on the hood and begins to shake. I get scared because I don't know if she's ok.matter a few seconds she smiles and says she hasn't done that on a long time. I tell her I'm about to cum and she opens her mouth wide. I cum for about 10 seconds, filling her mouth up. But before she could swallow, the cop pushes me out of the way and cums in her mouth took. It makes her choke and her mouth overflow with cum and it begins to drip down her face. She swallows what she can.

"Was that good enough?" She asks.

He nods his head gets dressed, gets in his car and drives off. Kayla and I get back in the car and cuddle till we pass out. In the morning we finish our drive. Kayla gives me another blowjob as we are driving. I pull up to her place and she gives me her number and tells me to call her if I'm ever in town. I drive another 2 hours home. When I pull up, my parents ask me how the drive was.

"Pretty boring." I say while smiling

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Care Ride Home Part 2

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