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Finally Getting Lucky

Categories Diary, Consensual Sex, Group Sex, Hardcore

Author: BigDickVIz

Published: 09 October 2018

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When Brian wakes up, he lets out a sigh. Last night he went to a party with some friends and was hoping to get laid for the first time but unfortunately had no luck. A couple of girls danced on him but that was it. One girl in particular was really memorable. She was Armenian and wore a tight black dress that hugged every curve of her body. She had an ass that resembled Jayden Jaymes, though her tits weren't as big. When she danced on Brian her ass felt like a pillow and she even let him grab it.

But that night was no more and now he woke up to a boner he had to take care of himself.

Brian lives with his stepmom and stepsister and a older cousin who stays with them while he's in college. Brians dad is a truck driver so he's gone a lot but he happens to be home now. Brian's stepmom, jessica, is a pretty decent looking woman. She doesn't have a great body but she has a really pretty face and some 34 C cup boobs. Her daughter on the other hand is gorgeous. She a senior in high school just like Brian. Her name is Amy and she had nice b cup boobs but her best features are her eyes and her butt. She has an amazing ass that just looks like it wants to be grabbed. And her eyes can stare into your soul. His cousins nickname was Rock. Rock was a jock guy that was on his colleges wrestling team. He had all the girls he wanted. Brian would sometimes her Rock having sex because he was in the next room. Some girls would be extremely loud and Brian would jerk his cock off pretending to be the one giving the girls that pleasure.

Brian got out of his bed and walked to the restroom. As he opened the door a girl walked out. She was startled by him. She had on nothing but a t-shirt that was to big for her and a thing. Brian knew it had to be some girl Rock hooked up with last night.

"Sorry" she said. She looked at him then looked him up and down and smiled.

"Nice cock" she said giggling while biting her finger in a sexy, seductive way. She moved past Brian and went straight to Rock's room.

Brian was still in a little bit if shock. All he had on was his boxers so she could clearly see his erection. He smiled and her compliment then went on in the bathroom and took care of every thing.

While he was brushing his teeth, Amy came in wearing a robe.

"Get the fuck out Brian. I need to take a shower. And for goodness sake put some clothes on."

"Give me a minute. A shower won't help that smell you have anyway."

They both laughed. Amy hit him with a towel and they started wrestling.

They have always acted like best friends ever since they met and had a great relationship.

As they were wrestling, Brian slipped and Amy fell on him. Her butt landed right on his lap. Her robe had opened and all she had on were panties. They sat there laughing for a few seconds the all of a sudden Brian felt his dick start to get hard again. He tried to get up but Amy wouldn't let him. Then she felt something hard on her butt. She thought it was just a bottle of shampoo or something so she put her hand down and tried to pull it away. Once she grabbed it she knew exactly what it was.

Brian couldn't believe Amy had actually touched his cock. They sat in silence for a few awkward seconds. The. Brian got up and left. He didn't know what to say and hoped it would just blow over.

Amy got in the shower and couldn't believe what she had did. She never looked at him that way but after feeling how nice his cock was she was starting to feel her pussy twitch. She thought his dick felt like 8 inches long with a nice thickness to it. She started rubbing her pussy without,knowing it. Once she realized what she was doing, she didn't stop. She rubbed her clit fast and hard. She was thinking what it would feel like if she was getting plowed by brians huge dick, she started moaning loud thinking that the water would cover her sounds up. But Brian could hear what he thought was moans coming from the bathroom but wasn't sure.

They both went on acting like nothing never happened.mthey went to hang out with their different groups of friends since it was summer and they had graduated When they got home Rock was in the kitchen.

"Guess who's in charge."

"What are you talking about."

"Your parents are going on vacation so they put me in charge. So you knows what that means.

Brian and Amy looked at each other then looked back at him and said "what?"

"It means you guys can do whatever you want because I don't give a damn. Live it up, I'll be out all night and probably won't come back home til morning."

Amy went her room while brian stayed in the kitchen with Rock. Brian made a sandwich and Rock said "I heard about what happened this morning."

Brian panicked because he didn't think Amy would tell Rock about it.

"That girl I had over said you had a nice one haha." Brian felt relieved that that's what he was talking about and again he smiled gaining confidence about hisself.

"I could hook you guys up if you want."

"You would do that for me? I don't know man."

"Oh I forgot, you're a virgin. Yeah she's not the type of girl you want to lose that to. She's crazy. How about this, you come with me tonight to this party and I'll see what I can do. Only if you want."

Brian didn't hesitate. This would be the best opportunity he had and he wasn't going to pass it up.

"Yeah let's do it."

Rock smiled and told him to get dressed. He told Amy they were going to be out tonight so she could do whatever, even call a guy over.

Amy thought about it and decided to do just that. She was hoping she would get fucked so hard and good that she would stop thinking about brian.

Rock and Brian left. They were on their way to a house part being held by one of Rock's fraternity brothers. When they pulled up it wasn't just a house, it was a fucking mansion. It had tons of rooms and a nice big pool. They had got there a little early to help set stuff up. Rock introduced brian to his friends. The house belonged to a go named Steve's parents who were out of town.

"Steve meet Brian. I'm trying to get him laid tonight.

Steve chuckled.

"Rock has no game man haha. If you need some extra help just come find me and I'll definitely help you out.

Rock put steve in a playful chokehold and god brian people are about to show up so he might want to get some liquid courage.

In about 30 minutes, hundreds of people were there. So many sexy women. So e people were smoking joints, most were drinking and some people were going into rooms to have sex,

Brian was sitting in a pool hair by himself when Rock and Steve found him. Steve grabbed a girl and brought her over.

"Brian this is Miranda, she gives the best lapdances. Would you mind showing him for me babe."

Brian was surprised because she actually started dancing on him.

"No. No. No. If you're gonna give a lapdance do it right. Bra and panties baby, take off that dress." Rock said.

The girl smiled and took off her dress right there.

Brian could see her amazing tits. Her ass wasn't to big but it was nice. She straddled brian and started putting her boobs in his face.

She had on all black bra and panties and smelt like strawberries. She turned around and started grinding her ass right on Brian's dick. He instantly got hard.

Rock and Steve started taking pictures. Once the dance was over the girl got her dress kissed him in the cheek and left.

"How was it" Steve asked.

"Great, she had nice boobs."

People started jumping in the pool. The thing about this was that if you jumped in the pool, you had to be naked. Rock and Steve looked at brian and told him to come in. They stripped their clothes and jumped right in.

Brian noticed how confident they were. They didn't care about people looking at them but then again they both had nice sized cocks. But brian noticed his cock was pretty similar to theirs. He took a shot and said fuck it and stripped down. He ran into the pool not wanting anyone to see him. Rock and Steve and other we're messing around with girls, sucking on their nipples and rubbing their pussies. Brian started to get hard. The pool was huge so he had enough space to slip away and be by himself until his erection went down. He couldn't jerk off because people could see and his cum would be in the pool.

Then all of a sudden a girl swam over to him.

"I saw you run into the pool. You nervous?"

The girl has some b cup boobs, long blonde hair, green eyes, and a nice little butt. She had tattoos on her wrist and some close to her hips.

"I'm ashley. Don't be nervous, I can see your dick. Can I help you?"

Brian just nodded. He couldn't speak.

She grabbed his shaft under the water and looked him right in the eyes.

"First time anybody has ever rubbed your cock?"

"No I've gotten a handjob before but just once."

"Really? This is to nice of a cock for it not to be used to fuck, or at least in someone's mouth.

She started pumping his dick faster. Brian started to moan. Rock and Steve noticed what was going on but just let brian do his thing. Rock threw up a thumbs up and brian saw it and did the same. He realized he might actually have sex tonight.

Ashley wispered into his ear that they should go get some privacy. She got out of the pool followed quickly by brian. Brian was nervous because he still had a hard on. They walked quickly but still some people saw. Some even whistled at him. Ashley pulled him into a room and pushed him down on the bed. She took his whole cock in her mouth in one motion. She licked his balls the licked the head, all while jacking him off.

"I can't wait anymore."

Ashley straddled brian just like when he was getting a lapdance from that other girl earlier, except this time his dick was in a pussy. He loved the feeling. The girl was pretty wet but not dripping, but the more she bounced on his cock the wetter she became. Up and down, up and down. She began to moan louder but no one would be able to hear, they probably wouldn't care either. Brian was fully in the moment but he knee he wouldn't last to. Much longer. After a few minutes his ball began to tighten.

"I'm gonna cum."

Ashley looked disappointed because she hadn't came yet but she hopped off of him and took his dick in her mouth. After a few seconds brian pumped a load of hot,cum in her mouth. It was so much that she almost choked and some of it fell out on her chest. Brian tried to catch his breath. He had finally had sex and had the best orgasm of his life. But ashley wasn't through.

All the while Amy was waiting for brian to get back.

Brian had just had sex for the first time, although the girl he was with, Ashley, didn't get to cum. She wasn't leaving him until she did.

"You ready to go again" she asked him.

"You want to do it again?"

"Well I didn't get to cum so yea we're fucking again. You're gonna use that big cock to make me orgasm.

She pushed Brian back on the bed and started sucking him. His cock was starting to get hard again. It felt so good to brian because she had his whole dick in her mouth. She was sucking him off with a purpose. She was making gagging sounds as she took his full member in her throat. There was so much spit everywhere on Brian's dick. Ashley saw the look of pure bliss on Brian's face. She started sucking his balls while jacking him off. Brian was now full hard and ashley couldn't wait any longer. She pulled brian up to her face.

"You are going to fuck me like your life depends on it. If I don't cum I'll have to do bad things to you."

Brian was nervous now. What could these bad things be? He didn't want to find out so her knew he had to fuck the shit out of her. She had turned around and bent down in front of him with her face down and ass up. She wanted it doggy. Her pussy was wet and he could see it. Brian rubbed his dick on her pussy teasing her. She began moaning. Before he entered her love hole he went down and began licking her pussy. He remembered a girl told Rock, his cousin who has a lot of sex, that being eaten out makes girls cum easier. So brian went down and began licking her pussy. He didn't really know what he was doing but he sure was licking like a madman. Ashley could tell he was inexperienced but it still felt really good. Ashley started rubbing her clit and moaning louder. Brian saw this and putmhis hand in her place and rubbed hard. Now ashley was moaning super loud. Enough for some people to hear and they stood outside the door and listened.

Then brian did something unexpected. He began licking her asshole. Ashley never had that done to her before. It was weird but she liked it. Brian was so horny now. He got up and pushed his dick right in her pussy. This took Ashley's breath away because she wasn't expecting it. He had his full length in her. He stood still for a few seconds and let her adjust. Then he began pounding away. Hard and fast strokes. He felt his balls slapping against her pussy. Ashley was losing her breath from the impact of his pounding and the pleasure she was feeling. She was now flat on her stomach now from his pounding of her pussy but he didn't stop. He fucked her prone. He pulled her hair hard so that her face was next to his.

He whispered into her ear, "you like this dick don't you?"

She couldn't reply. She just moaned in happiness. Brian pulled her up and turned her around. He picked her up around the waist and carried her to the door were there were people listening. He held her up on the door and put his dick back inside her. With the door helping hold her up it wasn't so bad for brian to keep her up, plus she wasn't that heavy. He began fucking her hard. The people on the other side of the door felt the banging and knew what was happening.

"I. Cu...cum...I'm cumming." Ashley said.

The next thing brian knew she was squirting all over his dick and onto the ground. He let her down. He began jerking off over her and came all over hit face and tits. Ashley loved the taste of his hot cum.

"Was that good enough?"

"Hell yeah. You're pretty good for a first timer."

"I watch a lot of porn" he said.

They both got dressed and walked out the door. The first person brian saw was Rock who began clapping and hollering followed by about 15 other people. Ashley didn't care and Brian was flattered.

"So how was it B.?"

"It was amazing Rock, I gave it to her good.

"That's good man. Now you can be just like your big coursin, just not as good.

They both laughed and went back to the party. Rock had met two girls that wanted to hook up with him so he was gonna leave with them and stay the night. He gave brian the keys so he could go home. As brian got in the car he reflected on the experience he just had. The his stepsister Amy came across his mind. He remembered when she accidentally grabbed his dick earlier that morning. He wondered what she was doing while he and Rock where gone.

Amy had called some guy from school over. His name was Keith. She had sex with him in the past and it was really good so she was hoping he would fuck her so good she would forget about brian. Keith was a skinny black guy but he had a huge 12 inch dick. But the more times she had sex with him the more she recognized he didn't really know how to use it. Them both being seniors in high school they weren't the best at sex but he really didn't know how to use his monster cock. But with thst size it's going to be at least good sex. Amy loved him filling her pussy up but there was something missing. She straddled Keith and began picturing brian in her head. She rode his cock like a pro until he was about to cum, then she got off and let him cum on her stomach. Once he left Amy was lonely. The sex was good but she still had her mind on brian. She knew he was planning on having sex for the first time tonight and she was sort of jealous.

Amy hear a car pull up. She looks out the window and sees that only brian is here and suddenly feels her pussy getting wet. It's about 2 AM. She suddenly gets nervous and hops into her bed and covers up. Brian comes in. He didn't hear anything so he decided to go into Amy's room to make,sure everything was alright. He goes in and sees she's knocked out. He walks over to her and kisses her on the forehead and tells her goodnight when suddenly he sees she's half naked. She only has on a tank top and a thong. She has one leg over the cover so he can see her nice legs. He says her name a couple of,times to make sure she's sleep. Then he rubs her leg softly. Then he gently slaps her ass cheek that is out.

Amy has to cover her moan. Brian walks back to his room. Amy can't believe that brian felt her up but she loved it and wanted more. About 15 minutes later it starts storming outside. Amy is scared a lit by thunder but not too much. But she was going to use this as her way in. She gets up and walks to Brian's,room still half naked. She opens his door and sees him in his bed with just his boxers on.

"Brian. Brian. Wake up."

Brian slowly wakes up. He's a little groggy.

"Can I sleep in here with you tonight? The storm is really scaring me."

Brian looked at her and saw what she had on and started to get hard. He turned her over and told her to get in. They were facing in opposite directions until a big clap of thunder. She turned over and grabbed brian bringing him close to her. Her soft touch made him even harder. After a few minutes in that position she started rubbing him softly. He was facing away from her but she wanted him to look at her. She began rubbing his arm, then the side of his body. She then wrapped her hand around him and found his cock hard under his boxers. She reached under them and began jerking him off. Brian couldn't believe what was happening. His stepsister was jerking him off.

"Amy what are you.."

"Shhh. I want you brian. I've wanted you ever since I felt your cock this morning. Please take me. I want you inside of me. I want to be yours."

The softness in her voice drove him crazy. He turned over and looked at her, she was full naked. He kissed her deep. Their tongues dancing in each other's mouths. He got on top of her and began sucking her nipples.

"Take me baby, take me" she moaned.

Brian kissed her lips then her chest then her stomach. He worked his way down to her pussy which was so wet it left a big mark in the sheets. She was way wetter than Ashely and Brian wanted to taste it. He sucked on her pussy lips hard. That instantly drove Amy to orgasm. She began to shake. Brian didn't know what to do but she told him to keep going so he did. He licked all over her pussy sending Amy to ecstasy. Amy wasn't a squirter but she does cum a lot. She was still surprised how easily brian made her cum though. She was at his mercy. He kissed her again and took his boxers off. Amy looked down and saw it for the first time and fell in love with it. It wasn't as big as Keith's but she wanted it a lot more. She kissed him and began jerking him off.

Suddenly brian grabbed her arms and put them above her head. They were in missionary position and he wanted to get a nice view of her face when he put his pole into her. He slid inside her and Amy's eyes rolled back in her head for a second. He felt so good in her she never wanted him to pull out. Brian started off with slow strokes. He loved feeling his dick go in and out of her wet pussy.

"Fuck me brian, fuck me like you mean it."

That's all he needed to hear. He began pounding her like he did ashley earlier but this time he got to see her face while doing it. That drove him nuts. He got to watch as Amy's face went through stages of her orgasm. He never took his eyes off of her. She would roll her eyes back in her head, moan really loud, and sometimes lose her breath. Brian was getting close but didn't want to pull out, and ashley didn't want him too.

"Fill me with your hot cum baby. I want to feel it."

This pushed brian over the edge. As he began to cum so did she. As brian filled her pussy with his seed, Amy began to shake hard. Her orgasm was so strong it took over her whole body.

After they both came brain fell off of her and they lay side by side.

"That was amazing" he said.

"Yes it was but there's a lot more of where that came from. So many other things that we can do."

All brian could do was think of what was in store. He couldn't wait.

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Finally Getting Lucky

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