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Raped by 2 farm dogs

Categories Fiction, Anal, Bestiality, Blowjob

Authror: omarabdul

Published: 09 October 2018

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Jessie was a beautiful girl. She had beautiful skin with dark brown eyes and a perfect ass. Standing at 5.1 she was a small girl. She was also a virgin dispite being in her final year at school. She was wearing a purple crop top that showed of her toned stomach and black leggins that hugged her ass.

Jessie was walking home. She was so engrossed in the music she was listening to that she didn't notice the wrong way she had gone. She knew she had to enter a field but she was slowly realising this may not be the right one. She saw two sheep dogs running around ahead. In fact they were running at her and they didn't look friendly. Her instinct was to run. She reached a wooden fence and began to climb through. However she only managed to get her torso through before she noticed one of the dogs had already zipped onto the side she was escaping to. Jessie tried to move back but saw the other dog was waiting behind her.

She was stuck, with her top half on one side and her ass on the other. The two dogs growled as they approached her. She noticed their names on their collars. The first dog Boomer was approaching her from behind. The second dog Jack was staring Jessie right in the face.

Jessie shrieked as she felt Boomer climb on top of her to mount her. He quickly began humping her. Her leggins and panties were the only thing protecting her. Jessie was horrified as she felt Boomer's cock sliding between her thighs. The dogs humping was causing her fabric to rip. When Boomer dismounted the teen, wondering where her pussy was, you could she parts of her ass on display at ripped areas.

Boomer realised the problem and took a hold of Jessie's leggins and panties with his teeth. Jessie felt hopeless as she felt her clothes being ripped away. Her ass and pussy were now exposed. Boomer licked all the way from Jessie's pussy to her ass hole. Jessie squirmed at the feeling. Boomer mounted the girl again. Jessie realised much too late how compromising her situation was.


Boomer wasn't listening. He was too busy ramming his cock against Jessie trying to find her pussy. Tears streamed from her eyes as the dog found his mark. Without any warning the animal set to work deflowering the teenager. Jessie howled in agony as she received her first cock.

"OOOOOHUUUHAAAAH!!!" She screamed as Boomer's cock slid in and out of her.

Her full body weight was being supported by the fence. Jack mounted the fence leaving his cock dangling in front of Jessie's face. He took advantage of her open mouth and forced his cock down her throat. Suddenly Jessie's screams were replaced by frantic gags. The taste of the dogs cock was horrible, but she didn't have time to focus on it. Jack immediately began face fucking Jessie.

The two dogs seemed to each push forward at the same time with their humps. This caused a particularly uncomfortable experience for Jessie. Unfortunately for Jessie on one of Boomer's humps his dick slipped out of her and when he jammed it back in her aimed too high.

Jessie shrieked into Jack's cock as she felt the entire length of Boomer shoot up her ass. If she though vaginally sex was sore she was in for a shock. It felt like a baseball bat had been violently jammed up her ass. Boomer struggled to pull his cock back out of the tight hole but once he managed it he returned to his brutal pace.

Jessie felt a feeling in her nether region. Surely not, she thought. Surely she wasn't enjoying being raped by dogs. But her body spoke for itself. Her pussy had began to get wetter andwetter through out her rape.

The two dogs fucked harder and harder. They had no regard for Jessie. Jessie knew she was no longer a school girl with dreams and a life. Now she was a worthless dog slut, with holes to be filled. Jack began howling. His cock inched further and further down Jessie's throat. She could taste all of his pre-cum. It was extremely hard for her to breathe now.

Thankfully Jack let out a final howl and emptied buckets of cum down her throat. She gagged helplessly as she choked on cock and semen. Satisfied Jack slipped his cock out of Jessie's mouth.

Boomer was still going though. As Jack ran away to find his master Boomer's pace only got faster. Jessie was convinced he was gonna break the fence she was pinned on. Jessie had started to really enjoy anal sex with this dog. Each time he thrust forward he pushed his cock further up her ass. Jessie began moaning like an animal with each thrust.


"AHH "



"OHH "




Jessie let out a gasp and moan before she reached breaking point. She violently came for Boomer. Boomer continued to fuck her ass all through her violent convulsions of ectasy. Slowly the world began to fade away from Jessie. She passed out on the fence with Boomer still fucking her in the ass. Her head and arms dangled lifelessly. The only thing supporting her was a piece of wood making sure her ass stuck up for Boomer.

Boomer continued to fuck the unconsciousness girl for sometime before Jack returned with their master, Farmer Tim. Tim took in the unholy sight. His dog Boomer was brutally ass fucking the teenage girl. Her leggins lay in tatters beside her. Buckets of dog cum continued to drip from her open mouth.

Boomer let out a howl as he finally came in Jessie's ass. When he tried to leave he found he was stuck to the teenager's ass by his cock. He had knotted inside Jessie.

Tim laughed and patted Boomer on the head.

"That's all right boy. We still need to teach her a lesson about trespassing".

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Raped by 2 farm dogs

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Comments (1)
Tiger_t — 10 October 2018 19:08
Good start, I hope there is more to cum.
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