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  1. The teacher rapes
  2. the Teacher rapes 2

the Teacher rapes 2

Categories Diary, BDSM, Extreme, Female Domination

Author: lukasnova

Published: 10 October 2018

  • Font:

After I came as she fingered me she tells me to get dressed as I was shakeing in her bed and got up get dressed as she took a shower. She got dressed like usual and as she was looking at me as I couldn't look back at her.

Could not understand how that happened , how could a woman put me down and fuck my ass she ruined me. She tells me to get up because she was driving me home . As she do so drive me home and as we stay at the front of my house and she got near me and put her hand on mouth and suck my neck leave a mark at my neck . I get scared again as she smiles at me and says see u at the class tomorrow.

I went home and all night was thinking about what she did to me , couldn't sleep all night .I went at the class the other day as I couldn't even look at the teacher tomorrow. I was even sweating each time she looked at me , After the class she told me to stay as she threatened me and told me I should come to her house again if I wanted that to be a secret.

-Come at the evening again and u are going to spent the night at me and just come if u want me to keep out little secret , she says and get closer and kiss me as I won't kiss her back.

-What is it babe are still mad for last night , just come at my house again, she told me and grab my ass and squeeze it .

Later as I was in my house alone in my room wondering what to do I get a message on my phone.

It was her and she had all in a video what happened that night .I couldn't see it and I didn't know what to do as I look at the part when she grabs me like a little girl and strapon my ass and my screaming all the time.Than another video came to my phone it was her again this time She was showing me some of my pics she had printed and she started fingering her pussy over them and squirting all over my pics. What the hell I said to myself.

I could not go at her house I should think of something I was thinking as in the mean time I hear the door knocking and my parents call me downstairs as I see her downstairs and my face would be like seeing a ghost.

She started telling me parents about a book convention and told them to take me for a whole week in that convention. She convinced them I should go and me on the other hand was telling I should not .Than she told them because of a girl i have known I were hold back and they saw even the mark on my neck.

Next thing I know I went on my room and pack up my things and I had to go with her and the thought was terrifying but i had no choice at the moment.

I get in to her car and as soon as she drives I say to her:

-Where are u takeing me stop this shit let me go,I said as she smiles.

-I am a nice teacher , I will take u on a holiday...........by the way did u saw i squirt all over those pics ,now I do not have to do that I will do it on ur face, she said.

She stops the car and remove her jacket and this time she was wearing tight short dress, lace stockings she puts the piercing to her nose and het tongue puts a necklace falling between her big boobs. She turned into a scary super sexy person.

She kept driving again and than get in the middle forest and stops again get closer at me and look me in the eyes and says to me get the bags.I get the bags and see a house and get them inside and as soon as i get them inside she locks the door.

She tells me to go to her room as she get me inside her room and I could see the room of terror.

As soon as I get inside the room she throws herself at me kissing me and biting me so hard as I push her a little

-oooh ,aah not again no please not teacher , i said as she throwed me to her bed .

-fuck honey I love u when u try to stop me when u resist u are so hopeless , she ties my hands to the bed with rope. sit on her bed and put her feets at my face and push them hard to my mouth as i try to resist .But she gets her sexy feet inside my mouth and begin to move it deep to my throat and make me gag as my eyes cry and i barely breath.After hours sucking her feet she finally stops.

She gets her long black whip and worse she starts whipping my back really hard as she could see me cry begging her to stop.

She gets near me and touch me in a very soft way with me shaking and than get herself totally naked.

-u know Lukas I love u u babe , u are so young and soft but this was your destiny in such a young age you are my property.So young and you become my slut, she says to my ear as she jerk off my cock and make it hard .than she sits on it and ride me so hard and I cum inside her pussy really fast ,

-Now ur cock virginity is mine too , she says to me as i see her shakeing.

Than she got me a bunny mask and makes me wear it .

-U are my bunny , do u wanna know something the end of the book u were reading this was the end, she said to me.

She made me sit on the table and writte all what she did to me look like this were he missing pages, Writte how she raped me fucked me strapped my ass hitted made anything she wanted to and now as I am writting I turn my head to the left and she is fingering her pussy and squirted all over my face .

I do not know what she will do next she is wearing redlipstick red lace stockings and her strap sajfdkajksdjskdg.jksgjkJAKDSGHSHKKSDHKGKSHKHKS



I am writting again as she orders me to do so the four hours strapping my ass , as this time after hours fucking she could hear me moaning and stop screaming with my body all to her mercy

I fucking feel it I am yours I am your slave ,

please someone help

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the Teacher rapes 2

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