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  1. — Mom would do anything for her sons.
  2. — Sexy revelations from my sister
  3. — A mom looks to her son for answers
  4. — Daddy and Daughter

— Daddy and Daughter

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen

Author: tonysex23

Published: 10 October 2018

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Daddy and I have always had a special bond. He and I would travel together, go out to dinner together, and share every detail of our lives with each other.

Lately though, I've been noticing my daddy adjust his boxers a little more when I'm around, stare a little too long at my 34C breasts, and even (I think...) sniff my wet panties when they've been in the hamper and jerk off in them so I get a sticky wet surprise when I put them on. Daddy wants to fuck me, and I've just been waiting fpr the right time to let him shove his hard 8" cock into my tight, wet, little pussy. I'm only 21, but I know that fucking my Daddy and feeling him cum inside his daughter's pussy will be the best feeling imaginable.

My mom went out of town on business last week and Daddy and I had the house to ourselves. He asked me if I wanted to go out with him to dinner at a new restaurant in town, and I said yes.

I took a long, hot shower and shaved my hot cunt before going out that night. I went to my room and started getting ready, slowly putting lotion on my long legs and slipping on my black lace booty shorts (and matching bra) just in case Daddy would be stripping me down later in the night. A short mini-dress and what I like to call "fuck-me boots" and I was good to go.

"Are you ready, Sara?" Daddy yelled from the other room.

"Sure, just hold on one second." i replied, spraying some perfume between my tits and along my neck.

I stepped out of the room and saw my Daddy's pants begin to rise. I watched as his eyes slowly rose along my boots to my tan, muscular thighs, then my hips and ass, my tight waist, voluptuous bosom and my freshly made up face.

"Wow." He said, with a smirk on his face. "I'm a lucky guy tonight!"

We went to dinner, and Daddy and I shared two bottles of wine together. The tipsier we got, the more playful we got with each other. Daddy got up from his seat across from me and joined me on my side of the booth.

"You know, Sara... you've grown into quite the young woman."

I blushed. "Thanks Daddy. I guess that's what happens when your little girl grows up."

"No." He stated firmly, his hand sliding up my thighs. I felt my pussy begin to tingle as he inched his way closer to my dripping womanhood. "I mean, you've REALLY grown up nicely, with that round ass of yours and those phenomenal tits."

I couldn't believe what was coming out of my Daddy's mouth, but I was getting wetter and wetter the more he talked.

"Do you like them?" I asked coyly, already knowing the answer. I reached over and felt his erect penis, now stiff as a rod and seemingly growing in my hands.

"MMmmm.... baby you have no idea."

Even though we were in public, he leaned over and began licking my neck, even nibbling on it a bit, before licking my ear and whispering "you have no idea how long I've been jacking off to your panties babygirl, how long i've been wanting to feel your wet mouth on my stiff cock, how long i've been dying to stick my tongue inside your sweet little pussy and suck on your hard clit."

"Ya?" I replied. "Well, maybe I've been feeling the same way about you for a while know. You know, Daddy, the only thing that gets me off, even when I'm fucking my boyfriend, is thinking of you and I having sex, or you masturbating, thinking of me."

"CHECK PLEASE!" was all Daddy said before trying to hide his hard-on for his 21 year old daughter with his jacket.

We were almost silent on the car ride home, slowly petting each other along the way but that was about it. Once we got home, the rules changed a bit,

"I'm gonna sit down here." Daddy said. He sat down on a large lazy-boy in the middle of our living room. "I want you to strip for me, babygirl."

This was my dream come true... my Daddy was finally going to see me naked and give me his dick!

I slowly unzipped my dress, watching intently as Daddy studied my long brown hair, green eyes, and 115lbs. frame.

"Oh, that's it baby." Daddy said as he began stroking himself. All 8" were in his hands, his left hand slowly moving up and down as his right hand played with his balls.

"You like that, daddy? You like my ass in your face, grabbing my tits, sniffing your daughters wet cunt before plumetting your stiff rod inside her?"

I stripped more and walked over to him, bending over so he could really inhale my pussy juices and grab my breasts. Daddy was loving this, and I could already see the pre-cum oozing from his cock.

"Don't you dare cum just yet Daddy" I teased. I found out Daddy has a thing for dominatrix, and I knew this would drive him insane.

I placed my legs around his head and lay my head down around his cock. I turned over and began sucking him off, licking the head of his erect cock first and then slowly taking in the length before taking in and deepthroating his entire rod.

"Your gonna lick that pussy daddy, and your gonna make your little girl cum all over your face!!!"

Daddy grabbed my ass with his two hands and buried his face in my sticky snatch. I was by no means a virgin, and I knew my Daddy liked how dirty his little girl was being.

"OHH...OHHH BABYY!!" Daddy cried while sucking my shaved pussy, 69ing and feeling my tongue running up the length of my cock.Photos http://uii.io/oAXtj "DADDYYSS GONNA CUMMMM... YOU WANNA FEEL THAT BABY?? YOU WANNA TASTE DADDYS CUM? HUH SARA? YOU WANNA TASTE THE SEED THAT MADE YOU"

"Mhmmm!!" I mumbled as I took Daddy's big cock further into my mouth.

"Come with me baby. Daddy wants to taste his little girls cum in his mouth."

"Ohhh, ohh!!" I wildly bucked my hips against Daddy's face. Suddenly, I felt an orgasm coming on throughout my entire body, the most intense orgasm I've ever felt, and my Daddy was going to feel it on his face!

Daddy's cock began to stiffen even more and tighten. I knew he was getting close. I felt a rush of Daddy's hot, creamy cum enter my mouth, and i swallowed rope after rope.

We came together and collapsed side-by-side afterward. We shared the most intense, erotic kiss afterward, father and daughter tongues swirling around each other knowing that they've just commited the hottest, but most taboo sin.

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— Daddy and Daughter

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