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Daughter chases the loneliness away

Categories True Story, Incest, Teen

Authror: tom8899

Published: 11 October 2018

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Elaine pulled her tits away from me and took my hand in hers.

"Daddy, we'll be much more comfortable in the bedroom than at the kitchen table." I got up and she led me to her bedroom. When we got there, the Notre Dame t-shirt and the BYU shorts came off me and she laid me down on the bed.

My cock was standing straight up in the air making an easy target for her mouth. Her red hair draped over her face and my cock as she slipped the head deep into her throat. It felt like my prick had to be lodged in her stomach she had it so deep. Then she started a bobbing motion that brought her mouth to the very tip of my dick before plunging the entire length of my meat rod back into her mouth and throat. The touch of her sharp little teeth and her swirling tickling tongue soon had my cock harder than it had ever been in my life.

"Baby, if you don't stop, I'm going to cum in your mouth."

"Mmmmmpppfff!" I let loose and sent shot after creamy hot shot of sperm down her gullet. She swallowed as fast as she could, but some of my spunk found its way past my cock and dribbled down onto my balls. When she saw this cum on my balls after I had stopped shooting jets into her, she licked it up with her tongue.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it, Daddy?"

"Ohhhh. Elaine. We really shouldn't have done that."

"This is only the beginning of what we are going to do. Didn't you like it?"

"I haven't cum like that since before your mother died."

"Then it was about time to cum like that again. Can you get it back up?"

"Look." My cock which had been getting soft had somehow managed to spring back to life. "Your turn, baby girl. Let daddy send you to heaven."

Elaine rolled over onto her back and looked up at me. I kissed her starting with her eyes and proceeding to her pussy by way of two gorgeous tits and a navel. When my tongue hit her clit, Elaine could not remain still. Involuntarily her body started humping up against my ravishing tongue.

"Oh, Daddeeeeee! Oh, why did we wait so long? We should have been doing this year ago."

I didn't answer with words. My tongue increased its speed and pressur on her nubbin of nerves and my finger reached into her pussy to probe her depths. Elaine was soaking wet from my efforts and from her own lusty desire to fuck her father, the man who had planted the seed that led to her birth,. The fruit of his loins was trying to bear his fruit once again. My dick grew into a bar of tempered steel leaking pre-cum all over her sheets.

Elaine reached down and pulled me up until my cock was resting at the entrance to her love grotto.

"Are you sure you want this, Elaine? It's not too late to back out you...."

She pulled me up and kissed me letting her tongue slip into my mouth to savor the flavor of her own essence. The movement served to jam my cockhead against her pussy lips and, with just one extra movement on her part, my prick entered her body for the very first time. I had forgotten how good a real pussy felt and marvelled at how soft and firm her cunt walls were. Her hands grabbed my buttocks and pulled me the rest of the way inside her steamy snatch. I was balls deep in my own daughter and didn't have the first touch of guilt about it. I just held my dick still inside her savoring the feeling of love that surrounded my turgid flesh. She must have also wanted to savor the feeling for she held just as still. We lay like that for at least two minutes before our basic animal instincts kicked in and we started moving our bodies in small delicate movements. This entire time our tongues were duelling back and forth and our lips were locked tight in what had to have been one of the sexiest kisses in my entire life.

When our hips started their movements, we came up for air and looked each other in the eye. What I saw in her eyes was Elaine's love for me and I hope she saw the same when she looked into my eyes.

"Daddy, you feel so good inside me. You're so much bigger than Harry was inside me and you feel soooooo good. And you are so very hard. I think I can feel every little vein on your cock."

"Well, you remind me of the first time I made love to your mother. She was a virgin that night and she was so hot and tight, just like you are right now."

"Daddy, I'm no virgin. I was married for almost four years. Harry did find the time to fuck me during all that time."

"I know, but you feel so hot and tight around my dick that I can easily imagine you are your mother. What am I saying? You aren't your mother, you're her daughter--my daughter! My God, what are we doing?"

"We're fucking like two adult human beings fuck." Elaine locked her ankles behind my buttocks to prevent my pulling out of her cunt. "Daddy, relax. This isn't wrong unless we make it wrong. Nobody else is going to find out because neither of us is going to talk about it to anybody else. Sex between two people who love each other should never be wrong."

"I don't know, Elaine. I want you, but part of me says that this is all wrong."

"Shut the fuck up, Daddy, and fuck the hell out of my pussy, NOW!"

"You sound just like your mother." I laughed. "Yes, dear, I'll fuck your cunt right now and leave a big load of hot creamy cum in my daughter's incestuous pussy. Is that what you want?"

"Yesssss! Oh, just like that. That feels so good. Oh, stir that hot pussy juice."

Our hips started their dance routine, a routine I thought I had forgotten and would never use again. I guess sex is just like riding a bike, once you know how, you never forget. I picked up the pace until Elaine was thrashing around under me, humping upwards to meet my downward pistoning cock. The only sounds were the sloshing noise made by my dick and our moans that rose into a crescendo the closer we both got to our orgasms.

My cock pounded in and out of Elaine's pussy. Her cunt walls tightened at the bottom of each stroke and seemed reluctant to let my dick leave the warm confines of her vagina. My lust took over and I forgot how wrong this act of sexual depravity was. I didn't care. For the first time in over three years my cock was surrounded by hot, wet pussy flesh and I sure as Hell wasn't going to stop until my seed spilled out into Elaine's writhing body.

The feelings coming from the head of my fleshy pole brought back moments with Elaine's mother before she became sick and died. Evelyn was the only other woman I had ever fucked and I never thought I would ever fuck another woman in my lifetime, but Elaine had opened Pandora's sexual box and I knew that this would not be the last time I fucked my hot daughter.

"Penny for your thoughts."

"Elaine, I was just thinking how hot your body is and how much I am going to give you when I come. You know that I haven't fucked any woman in three years and you are going to get all that I can give you."

"I thought you were thinking sexy thoughts."

"Not just sexy, but sinfully sexy. I was thinking about how much I was going to enjoy fucking you over and over again."

"Good. Now fuck my cunt raw."

"You got it!" My cock grew even larger, if that was possible, and expanded to fill every nook and cranny inside my daughter's willing ssnatch. Photos http://cpmlink.net/34q0AA Her moans were getting louder and I knew that she would not be able to hold back her orgasm much longer. I was almost there myself, but not quite.

Elaine spasmed around my cock with a loud scream that sounded like she was in pain but was actually a sound of her joyful release. Her hips moved up and she locked me in position with her ankles. I couldn't move my cock inside her pussy and I was so very close to filling her cunt with my hot seed, seed I was planting in hopes of making her the baby she had told me she wanted to have. I felt the urge to cum ebb as Elaine relaxed her ankle hold on my body. I started pumping into her hot love box once again knowing full well that my climax was but a few strokes away.

Quickly, I felt the surge of my cum rising through my urethra and the semi-painful spasms of my cock pushing my seed out of the piss slit on the end of my dick. My hot sperm splashed violently against the walls of her vagina and I pushed my dick even harder into her body holding it as deep as I could get. Once again, she locked my body with her ankles and held me deep inside her.

"Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Daddy, that feels so good. I'd almost forgotten how good it feels to have hot sperm splashing inside my pussy. God, you're good! No wonder Mom loved you as much as she did. Your cock is amazing."

"Well, you're pretty hot stuff yourself. Elaine, for a non-virgin you have to have the tightest cunt I've ever imagined possible on a woman."

We lay there for some time basking in the afterglow of our sexual union. Neither of us said a word. Our tender kissed and gentle caresses said it all. Sometime during this period we drifted off to sleep. The last thought I had before I took my unplanned morning nap was that we had so much more to explore with each other. I went to sleep with a smile on my face. Incest was not so bad a thing after all.

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Daughter chases the loneliness away

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