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  1. A Dreamers Perception
  2. A Dreamers Perception 2
  3. A Dreamers Perception 3

A Dreamers Perception

Categories Diary, Written by women

Author: tonguengroove369

Published: 12 October 2018

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It all started when I got my first real glimpse of her. Just finished school, putting her things away in her room. I walked by down the hall not taking notice, until the moment I didn’t have a choice. There she was, my little sister, hunched over her set of dresser drawers - in only her panties. The vision barely snuck through the partially opened door. The four o'clock sun seemed to beam through the window just enough to obscure all but a dull silhouette of her now very matured shell. I stood motionless near the opening, letting the tones of her slight harmonious hum lul myself into a completely new reality… damn she was gorgeous. No more than five foot six inches, 120 lbs - maybe, with her trendy blonde hair dyed a slight hint of pink for some unneeded attention.

I can feel the blood throughout my entire body begin to simmer, “why?”, “how can this be happening?!”. In a split second - I was simply existing, being to myself, and now, instantly I have been overwhelmed by this woman. I grabbed myself, I became harder the longer I watched. Her silk skinned back began to crest her ass, pulling herself upwards into the large mirror where she liked to toil with her hair. She began braiding. Braiding at just an angle, that her perked breast broke the glare of the window as she raised her arms to knot her hair into perfection. I couldn’t help myself, as our mother - well my stepmother is away. I struggled to silently pull myself out of my pants, looking down, somewhat guilt ridden, yet overwhelmed by excitement and lust, I spilled through my fist as I grip the first stroke… I look back towards her. She’s gone!

Fuck! I take a breath - quietly listening for any movement. The door opens and there she stands, topless, hair neatly pulled into a tight braid that drops to the middle of her back, and silent. Dreadfully silent. I go to speak, but can’t. It’s as if I cannot formulate words. From her properly manicured toes, toned calves, perfect thighs that gaped just enough, her skinny waist which accentuated her c-breasts, to her perplexed expression on her face - she was no longer a vision of what I once knew of my sister. She was more like… she was… she’s reaching me?! “Oh God”...

Without a word spoken she grabs my wrist a pulls it away from my ashamed throbbing cock, and with her other hand, she grabs me. She pulled me from my base to the tip - hard enough to milk a hint of cum off the tip. I am shaking. My body riddled with adrenaline, angst, and confusion, she pulls me into her room by my cock. The only vocals were that of the friendly chirp her throat made upon exhale as she smirked, bit her lower lip, and let her twin bed buckle the back of her knees, sitting on the bed. She pulled my cock to her lips, not enough to touch though, just enough for me to feel her warm breath pierce through. She took a moment to just look at me, inquisitive, she traced my cock with her eyes, and then crawled back to the top of the bed.

Nearly ready to explode - I tear off the rest of my clothes that hadn’t naturally peeled off, and climb on top of her, my cock slapping her tight twat through her cotton panties as I crawl up. She stops me from pulling down the only barrier left in the way of my looming penetration. Leaning forward just enough, she grabs me by my ass, and steers my cock to her face. By this time, I’m so hard, my cock is throbbing, and she leans me in further, bouncing my cock on her chin, throbbing now to her right cheek… nose... and to her open mouth. Just enough that the throbbing touches her lips. She strokes my tip with her tongue… and without words mouths to me “fuck my pretty mouth”.

Leaning against her headboard, and her hands around my back, I slip my cock into her warm soaked mouth. The only noise that could be heard-being my initial groan of entry followed by the saliva sticking and coating my cock as I pull in and out, her lips tight around my shaft, she guides me in deeper. Pulling my whole body into her, my cock pushing passed her laxed teeth, grazing the top of her mouth until all I could feel was the tightness of her throat, and her teeth slightly dragging on my base. Her blue eyes began to water just before she closed them, pulling me in again, this time the thick fluid from her throat rippling across my cock in front of her lips, i couldn’t hold on any longer! I grabbed the back of her tightly pony-tailed head and thrust as deep as she could handle, my knees folded on either side of chest, and her head buried into my lower abdomen…

I hear it -

I open my eyes slowly.

Turn off the irritating phone alarm. Roll onto my side, and OMG, my panties are soaked. Thinking “dammit, I just put those on before I layed down.” And my pillow - my pillow is wet, and I have drool on my face - WTF. Out of the hazy nap wake-up, I realized that I was extremely horny and my pussy is soaked… what the hell was I dreaming about?


(There could be more to this... let me know what your thoughts are, and we could make them work next time around)

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A Dreamers Perception

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