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  1. The Carsons-Book 1: Lindsey Cums to Visit; Part 1
  2. The Carsons-Book 1: Lindsey Cums to Visit; Part 2

The Carsons-Book 1: Lindsey Cums to Visit; Part 1

Categories True Story, Bi-sexual, Black, Cheating

Author: er0tic_d1ary

Published: 16 October 2018

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It’s not every day I find myself tied to my bed and blindfolded like this.. well the restraints and the blindfold aren’t super uncommon, but something is different about my wife today. I think her exhibitionist side is coming up. You see, her childhood bestie was just over for drinks, and before the door even shut, Tori had her pants on the ground and her tongue down my throat. I’m pretty sure the thought of her mouth being full of dick before Lindsey made it to the lobby incensed her... and I am by no means stopping her. 

Tonight was odd, I must say. There was a sexual tension between Lindsey and my wife that I had never seen before. It could have been the heat… or the liquor, but the two scantily clad vixens were cuddled up and flirting with each other like newlyweds. I’d tell you I felt left out but both of them were eyeing me like a sirloin steak in a lion’s den. The two girls were always competitive, in class, dating, social scenes I guess there was an unspoken rivalry throughout high school that only resolved in college. Maybe this fucking is Tori’s way of claiming her man, maybe she has the hots for Z; either way, my jeans are around my ankles, my hands are bound, and kisses are flooding down from my neck to my navel. I am a happy man. 

When Tori’s tongue reaches my hip she pauses, I feel her get up and readjust. The tension is killing me in the sweetest way possible. My whole body aches in anticipation for the pleasure the awaits. She slides her mouth over my head and pauses. I wish she would let me fuck the back of her throat like normal, but hey, tonight’s special, she’s in control. She makes her way slowly down to the base, working her tongue along the shaft from inside her moist lips. She begins to bob on my cock and I match her thrusts with my pelvis. It seems to overwhelm her a little bit so I slow down... I guess she had one too many to drink. Geez, I hope Lindsey is safe to drive I mean they had roughly the same amount of drinks. Now Ms Lindsey is only recently a Ms. Her husband came out of the closet last month. Needless to say it has been a difficult process. She moved back to her mom’s place a couple blocks away from us. Being a good person, my wife has been making room for her whenever she can. Goddamn she’s a gem. Speaking of, I let my mistress take the reigns and surrender to the apparent sensations. Her fingers trail my erogenous zones, clawing at my tender flesh. I feel exposed, raw, carnal. I abandon reservation and this time my thrusts find an open and willing mouth hole. I hear her gagging and slurping as my 9 inches ram into her throat. I don’t care what is fuelling her lust tonight. I am loving it. I get the feeling it has granted me one of those lovely nights where the first romp is only the tip of the iceberg, and where the subsequent ones will explore the dark depravities that can only be unlocked after the first rampage ceases.

Wizard that my woman is, she seems to sense my impending climax. She locks her jaw around the base of my member and runs her tongue down its tender underside. The sensation pulls me to the edge and it takes all my strength to hold in the explosion that I HAVE to save for later. Eventually, I feel slobbery precum splash onto my chest as she mercifully releases her chokehold. 

“You want the real present Tyler?”

“Yes mam”

I feel her figure stratal me on our bed, she positions her pelvis above mine and grabs hold of my member. 

“How badly do you want it baby?”


She purrs a moan of pleasure before her sweet pussy envelopes me, in that moment her moan mixes with pain and lust, reaching an unfamiliar pitch. Makes sense, normally she’s cum once or twice before we even start to fucking, I can tell she isn’t as juiced up as normal, though for most women this is probably as wet as they get, my Tori is a river of cum when she’s horny... it’s one of my favourite things about her. Obviously not the only reason I married her, but it sure motivated the second date. She pauses on my lap, I can tell she isn’t comfortable yet, so I wait to fuck her — I try to, patience isn’t one of my virtues. Make no mistake, I may be tied down, but no restraint can hold me back when my wife is riding me. Slowly her grinding upgrades to bouncing and I upgrade to a fucking. She falls back and supports her weight on her hands and feet, holding that pleasure hole at just the right height above my cock for me to pound her into oblivion. Her screams lift higher and higher. Her voice starts to crack when I somehow feel her hand rubbing her clit... impressive babe! 

“Still want that present baby” I hear her hiss from above me.

“You mean there’s more?! Yes PLEASE”


Before my mind can do much more than sound a systems error on behalf of the fact that my wife’s voice was behind me while her screams of pleasure and body were on top of me, my unsheathed eyes adjusted to the light and found the explanation in plain sight. A horrified Lindsey sat on top of me.

“What the fuck”


4, 3, 2, 1! Three minutes.

I open the door that Tori never fully shut and slip into the bathroom. Off with the tank top and skirt, on with the white, one piece, lace lingerie.. I tiptoe to the bedroom to find my best friend of twenty-something years looking even sexier than me! Fair, I’m short and petite with a set of tits that baffle most so best look is a bra and panty set that can really compliment the contrast between my large breasts and my flat abdomen. That being said, the high cut of these matching outfits really complements my best asset, my long slender legs. I’m totally one of those girls that in the middle of winter will have a giant parka over the tiniest of dresses, and why is that? Obviously because I want to show off. Nothing turns me on more than a man checking me out with a girl on his arm. Tonight though Tori is the real head turner, the open back shows off her tattoos and curvy frame. The way the lace disappears at her waist really puts her ass on display. If you think double d’s on a girl that’s barely 5’1” is bizarre, just wait til you slap an ass that somehow maintains a perfectly delicious shape while being soft and meaty to the touch. She has yoga pant booty… without any pants on. Tori turns around and motions me over, that’s when I see the cock I’ve procured a ride on. I’ve heard Tori talk about it, and I’ve seen it in pictures and videos, but now? up close? in person? Breathtaking. The lace between my legs moisten as I try and figure out just how I’m supposed to be able to stretch my tight little pussy over it. Tori pulls me over and I watch as she kisses the muscular chest of this gorgeous black brother. You’d think with me being half black I’d have been with one like this beforehand, but no, Lindsey swung towards the chocolate and I married a pasty vanilla quarterback who wanted to play with more than just footballs. Go figure. 

I take hold of Tyler’s dick and try to prepare myself for my job. I haven’t sucked dick in years, especially something like this, Andrew was 5 1/2” on a good day, which was rare. This? Insanity. I finally get to the base and nearly die when he takes it as an invitation to pump. I get it, Tori is well practiced with his girth and that’s who he thinks has their tongue wrapped around his cock. Speaking of Tori, that bitch is behind me, caressing my thighs and kissing my neck. I should be upset - that was not part of the plan at all - and I really would be…if it weren’t making me so goddamn wet! I mean, I haven’t even touched myself and I already feel closer to orgasm than I have since freshman year at college. I get my bearing and start to - in my opinion - give Tyler some respectable head. That’s when I feel the snap of the buttons between my legs. That little cunt! I’m about to turn around and swat her away when a tongue presses into my entrance. I lose my inhibitions in that moment and swallow Tyler whole in order to mute the deep pleasure I’m experiencing. Tyler starts to really fuck my mouth, and I really let him. I feel so used by him, and it’s as if Tori is repaying my services with an orgasm of my own. I don’t know what about this is so exciting, but I don’t know that I’ve ever had this much fun, felt this sexy, or felt this wanted ever in my life. I feel my muscles tense as I near orgasm with surprising speed. Tori increases her pace and I fly over the edge, I bury my face in Tyler’s pelvis and scream my pleasure through a cock that has cut off my vocal chords. When I release him from my death grip I am ready to ride him ’til my legs fall off. Or so I thought. I sit on his cock and swear i feel my cunt break... I didn’t, but man, that was a lot. Every twitch sends shockwaves trough my body as the bliss of my first orgasm still emanates throughout. Tori places her hand on my shoulder and looks deeply into my brown eyes. I bite my lip as I start to grind on her husband, never breaking eye contact. She leans in to kiss me for the first time and I slip into paradise. Her lips are so soft and delicate, pure, despite the taste of my cum lingering on them. Our tongues wrestle in a ballet of lust and pleasure. Her hands trace my body and I feel seen like never before. She pulls my top down exposing my breasts. She takes one in her hand as the other bounces to the cadence of her husband. I start to increase my pace and Tyler takes it as his cue to begin fucking me.. righto dildo! I fall back and let him go ham as Tori sucks on my neck and pinches my erect nipple. I try and remember if I’ve ever felt so erotic.. the closest I’ve come from mastrubating in the car to the stories Tori told me about her and her husband. I remember cumming twice while waiting for my son Noah to finish kindergarten class. If I recall correctly, that was to the story about Tyler renting a cabin for a couple of nights. Upon arrival he tied Tori up and left her hanging, he would come up and fuck her to completion periodically, whichever hole fancied him, whichever position pleased him. She told me she never came so hard or so many times in her life. I believe it. But now, the tables have turned. Now I’m not  getting off to her stories, I AM her story. I’m her harlot, her sexual adventure. Well honey explore all you want. 

My eyes roll back as Tori flurries my clitoris. Orgasm two comes and my consciousness fades. Tori is talking so I bite my lip to mute my moans (unsuccessfully). I don’t know what she’s saying, my ability to grasp language is disabled… until my bronco’s bucking halts and guilt and shame floods into my psyche as he mutters his astonishment. I am paralysed and terrified. What the hell was i thinking. What the hell am I doing?


I have never been more worried in my life as my husband stared dumbfounded at the woman on top of her. It wasn’t the plan for him to know… hell it wasn’t the plan for me to eat pussy or kiss Lindsey, but goddamnit this was HOT. It made those pornos she and I watched together in jr hi look like Christian sex ed. I simply couldn’t help myself. Yeah, this was just gonna be a fuck to get her head back in the game, but then I thought, “There is NO way I’m letting this stop here.” All that imploded, however, when my husband came to be aware of what was actually going on. Reality is often not the same as my fantasies - usually with Tyler it’s better - but that can’t always be the case. Now I could lose my husband and best friend in one night. All from a stupid temporary lapse in judgement.

“Well thank you very much Mrs. Anderson!”

The fear and worry dissolves when he looks up at me and grins his crooked smile that says “time for your orgasms.” With the little slack he has from his restraints he pulls me onto his face and begins to eat my pussy. I moan my approval then look across at my best friend who still feels betrayed. Her stare reminds me of times she’d been let down as a kid. Eventually she glances up at me. I try to convey all the love and acceptance I can and it seems to start to work. I smile slowly emerges and she looks away and giggles to herself like a flirty little school girl. The moans from Tyler’s tongue fucking draw her sheepish game back to me. Tyler begins grinding his pelvis and I watch her innocence melt away. She bites her lip and begins to writhe on my husband. I lock eyes with her as we both work our way to climax, eyes locked, movements synced, orgasms imminent.  I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know tonight will hold a LOT of fucking.

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The Carsons-Book 1: Lindsey Cums to Visit; Part 1

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