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The Andersons-Book 1: Lindsey Cums to Visit; Part 3

Categories Diary, Anal, Black, Cheating

Author: er0tic_d1ary

Published: 16 October 2018

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Tori’s phone:

Kelly: Hey neighbour, what the hell?

Tori: Come again?

Tori: I wasn’t supposed to give you a ride to work today was I?

Kelly: gladly ;) and no. But I can’t believe you didn’t keep your promise

“Tori: I’m gonna need some context.”

Kelly: you told me that when you finally became open to a threesome I would the first number you called.

Tori: Oh hahaha! It’s not like that, this was all pretty spontaneous.

Tori: wait, how did you know?!

Kelly: honey, try closing our windows next time. Most the neighbours know.

Tori: right. Anyways, We were drunk that night, I hadn’t seen Tyler in a couple days because of our boring work retreat… hardly a binding contract.

Kelly: Fair, but honey, you were sober the second time we made out.

Kelly: You were sober when you gave me my Christmas present… a piece of practice anatomy

Tori: soberish... and that was at the offices Christmas party.. it was a gag gift, not a “prepare yourself for an imminent fucking from Ty!” Gift

Kelly: Gag is right ;)

Tori: I’ll make it up to you.

Kelly: Oh??

Tori: You free tonight?

Kelly: I can be

Tori: Well, I’ve decided I want to see if i can handle three lovers.

Kelly: I’ll make sure you can... tell me when.

ToriIn an hour or so?”

Kelly: I’ll be around

Tori: Come up right now, I want you to fuck me.


“Well, are you gonna let me in gorgeous?”

I’m aware she’s talking so I mumble some sort of response. My eyes however, are just taking in the stallion before me. Kelly stands in a trench coat spread open which reveals what has to be the most bangingest body to ever be obtained by a woman in her 40’s. If I hadn’t met her and her twenty three year old sun last week I never would have guessed her age. She makes me believe that there is nothing to fear about ageing. Wrinkles form at the edges of her eyes and hands, her skin advertises her veteran status in beauty through faint freckling that forms around her chest and shoulders. Her abs are solid, her breasts perky, her legs lean and firm. She’s is so breathtaking that it’s only on my second once over that I realise the huge black dildo strapped to her waist. 

“Take her jacket damnit!”

I snap out of it and do as order. Her stilettos click on the wood floor and draw my eyes toward her perfect, round ass. I’ve never wanted to bury my face in one before.. but god damn do I right now. I see the silicone cock away in out of her silhouette as she makes her wan into the bed. I thought she was being flirty when she dropped off some reports the other night. I just assumed they were friends. I’m finding there is a fine line between friends and lovers with our gender. I imagine it gets crossed more often than anyone notices. She crawls on to the bed and leans in to kiss Tori. There is s sultriness to her that I only dream of one day attaining. She seamlessly undressed my mistress and pauses to drop a load of their mutual spit onto her prosthetic. After rubbing it in she pushes Tori down onto the bed and slides her cock into her in one fluid motion. She is well experienced. In she goes and out come the sounds of pleasure. She spreads her cheeks and purrs to Tyler.

“Got some cock for me honey?”

“For you? I’m sure I’ll manage.”

Between his two orgasms, my stream of cum and literal spray Tyler’s cock is just a cesspool of sex. He finds his mark and punches straight in. Kelly yelps, and then moans a growl of satisfaction. The three of them thrust and writhe on the bed like a sexual conga line. And I can’t help but find my hands drifting south.

“What’s her name again?”


“Hey Lindsey! In my jacket pocket there’s a little something for you too.”

There’s something there, but it sure isn’t little. I pull out another strap on. This one vibrates and has a knob that slides into me.. yes please. I slip into the harness and run over, giddy to take part. The little treat for me is already vibrating, stimulating my pussy with each step. What comes next... who comes next?

Kelly has me lay on my back and Tori straddles me. Her pussy is proper wet, and takes my cock in with ease. She jumps a little when she realises it is vibrating. I watch her lean forward to get some if the motions onto her clit. Kelly crawls over on her knees and slides into Tori’s back door. Tori squeals and I watch as she begins to impale herself on us. The view I have is perfection. Tyler is back and fucking Kelly. Watching Kelly take him is like watching the most elegant woman alive do the most debased deed available. The contrast between this gorgeous refined woman, and the debauchery she is partaking in leaves me speechless. On top of that… well on top of me, there’s Tori. Her tits are bouncing in front of my face begging for a nibble. I oblige them. She moans and I watch her bite her lip and reach down to rub her clit. I follow Kelly’s lead and we begin to thrust into Tori’s motions. Her moans are deep and guttural as all of our paces continue to rise.

“I think she’s ready for more… Ain’t that right Toto?”

“mmmm, uhuh. Give it - ohhhh - I want mooore” Kelly climbs up above Tori leaving space for her husband to finally get a taste of his wife.

“Where do you want it hun?”

“Anywhere you want.”

Tori screams and squirms as Tyler forces her ass to open up to literally double his size.

“Ohhhh Myyyyyyyy GAAAAAWWWWWWD!!!!”

We all sit back and let her get her bearings. She starts to grind up and down. Her whole body convulsing in the process. It’s not long before all of us are thrusting into her at full force. Tyler is switching between her two holes teasing her closer and closer to orgasm. I cum twice from the vibrator inside me and the sheer eroticness of tonight. Tomorrow these two are going to go to an office together and act like nothing happened. Eventually all the edging pays off into what has to be one of the biggest orgasms she’s ever experienced. Her screaming gets higher and higher until it reaches an inaudible peak. Then she starts to convulse almost almost seizure-like. Her gasping returns to moaning and I know she is hungry for more. Three more to be precise.


When the three of us girls woke up, my husband was gone. Probably at work already. I imagine he is feeling quite spent after last night. I think I counted eight loads from him… EIGHT. It’s amazing what modern medicine can do. Luckily the three of us kept him VERY well lubricated. He treated the three of us very well last night, but by the end of it all. I somehow felt like the four of us evolved into two couples fucking together. When Kelly and Lindsey woke up we decided to take a shower. We were all kissing and touching each other, but I kinda felt like a third wheel. It didn’t bother me, but it continued to progress. So it came as no surprise the following week when Lindsey came to me with exciting news: She found a place to stay. And it was an apartment…. An apartment in our building, just two floors down. Kelly’s apartment.

The two were mad about each other. And at times it seemed like they might pass me and Tyler up on the sexual spectrum. But alas it was short lived. And this was the turn that really surprised me. Not long after she moved in with Kelly, she began talking with two important men in her life. Andrew, and her father. Her father had built himself a pretty successful bachelor lifestyle in San Francisco and was recently diagnosed with cancer. It got him thinking about his life and his mistakes. He wanted to try and build a relationship with his long lost daughter. Turned out he’d tried ever since a week after he left, but Lindsey’s mother kept him away. Andrew had been disowned by his parents and left without a penny to his name unless you count the debt from his college degree. They got coffee together and any hurt she had for him melted away. They were still closer than most couples, they loved each other deeper than most couples… It just wasn’t sexual. The two of them decided that it was a perfect time to move down to California. Tyler found work, and Lindsey continued and mastered a career path the Kelly turned her on to; my prudish little bestie was now full time cam girl. I’m so proud of myself. We’re still as close as ever, it’s just now, Lindsey doesn’t come to visit…

She visits to cum.

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The Andersons-Book 1: Lindsey Cums to Visit; Part 3

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