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  1. Marking My Mom's Pussy
  2. Mom, Mom's Friend and the Fair
  3. Mom's rules
  4. Mom's summer fun with her girl

Mom's summer fun with her girl

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: tom8899

Published: 22 October 2018

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I take a deep breath, and inhale the salty air that is filled with the aroma of taffy, roasting peanuts, and the musty smell of metallic amusement.

We’re holding hands, she rubs her thumb along the bottom of mine and I squeeze her hand tighter, communicating without words. We walk past the Million-Dollar pier. That’s where we first met and shared our first kiss. Sometimes she still calls me her million-dollar girl.

Back in the days before I‘d really known her I used to come to the beach just to watch her. All I‘d known about her was she liked corn dogs, but only with mustard and she drank more orange soda than anyone I‘d ever seen.

She had at least 10 bikinis but she never wore the matching tops and bottoms together. She had friends, they were always with her as if the three of them were connected at the hip and there were always boys. Boys that would talk to her and try for hours to make her laugh just so her teeth would glint in the sunlight as she tossed her black hair over a sun bronzed shoulder.

I envied those boys, the ones who were close enough to touch her. I’d have traded almost anything to bring her an orange Crush and have her fingertips brush mine as she took the can. I’d lay on my stomach with my sunglasses on and stare her way for hours.

Even after I turned over I would glance her way from time to time and concentrate on trying to single out her voice among the noise of the beach. And when she rose to go into the ocean my mouth would always go dry when I saw how her swimsuit had crept up into her secret places. There was always that pale innocent skin where the sun had not touched. Her hand would pull at the material covering the skin again but I always waited for those brief seconds.

One day in the middle of the summer when the heat wave had been going strong for weeks, and it was 93 degrees at ten o’clock in the morning I went to the beach. There were already people there lethargic from the heat and sun.

Even the ocean provided no solace. The water was too warm and the sun dried you before you reached the edge. By the time you got back to your towel there was no need for it. I was wandering around near the piers looking for shade and a little coolness.

The red bikini I wore seemed unbearably hot though I was practically naked. My long dark hair was piled into an unkempt bun and I could see the glare of the sun on the white sand despite my sunglasses. I wished I could find some cool sand to dig my toes in, even my flip-flops seemed to hot to have to bear.

I had my head bent trying to at least keep the sun from my face. As I walked I passed an unattended cooler an filched a couple beers from it’s icy depths then I hurried away and headed under the Million dollar pier

It wasn’t that muvh cooler but least it kept me from being directly in the sun. Sitting on my towel I twisted the cap from the one of the stolen beers and took a long taste. I almost spit it right out I couldn’t see what the big deal was to me the beer was horrible. Still I took another swallow only a sip this time. The liquid was cold at least. Plus I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to be grown or to have the thrill of rebellion rushing through my veins.

I did a bit of people watching. A woman walked hauling a flailing toddler along behind her as she balanced five bags on her small shoulders. A young tan blond haired surfer waxing his board. A man who had far too much hair in places hair didn’t belong. I knew I was looking for her among all those people I also knew she wasn’t there.

My eyes had scanned the crowd in both directions; maybe she wasn’t coming today. My heart sort of sank at the thought. I stayed under the pier for 15 more minutes I didn’t even finish half of the first beer. I started to get up and leave when I saw her heading down the beach. I settled back, maybe I would just watch her from here for a few moments. She was getting closer and closer to the pier my heart was beating faster as she dipped her head beneath the pier and sat down. I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything.

“Hi I’m Riley I looked at her. And spoke quickly “Hello, my name is Jamie.” “Well Jamie it’s nice to meet you”

She took the beer from the sand beside me “you mind?” I shook my head “no, go ahead.” We sat there drinking in silence for a few moments then she turned to me “why do you always watch me?”


“Why do you always watch me?”

I bit my lip and pushed a curl behind my ear. I really had nothing to lose by telling her the truth.Aside from that I couldn’t think of a feasible lie anyhow.

“I think you’re pretty.” Those were the best words I could come up with just then to articulate what I was trying to say. I’d had a million conversations with her in my head but in that moment I couldn’t remember any of them.

“Do you want to kiss me?” She asked casually as she reached up and pulled the sunglasses from my face. For the first time I was looking directly into her gray eyes. She was smiling and my eyes drifted to her pink lips I nodded. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. She tasted like salt and vinegar potato chips, beer and summer as she pulled my bottom lip between hers and sucked it gently.

I could feel the silky hair at the base of her neck as I drew her closer exploring her mouth with my tongue. Her hands caressed my back before she moved them to free my hair. The soft black waves washed over her hands and flowed down to the middle of my back. Her fingers lingered in my hair even as we parted.

She was holding my head forcing me to look into her eyes. For all my observation I had never noticed the flecks of hazel in her gray eyes. I sat there my hand still on the base of her neck staring into her eyes. After a few moments she leaned her forehead against mine and whispered “I think you’re pretty too.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I leaned in and kissed her again, just briefly pressing my lips to hers. I wanted to kiss her secret places, spread her lovely legs and taste her right there on my fuzzy blue beach towel beneath the pier, but more than that I wanted to know her. After all those weeks of watching her I couldn’t bear to think of her as a summer quickie, or a brief interlude between beach trash novels, corn dogs and waves.

When I pulled away I couldn’t keep the smile from my lips and despite her tan she was blushing a little under my gaze. I linked my hand with hers and said

“So how did you know I was down here?”

“My mother owns the new bookstore down by Miller Street and we live in the apartment over it. I saw you coming down here from my window.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes more before she asked if I wanted a soda. I said yes although I hadn’t wanted anything until the moment she suggested it. We emerged from beneath the pier and walked down the beach. I naturally assumed we were headed for one of the many snack shops that lined the pier but we didn’t stop at any one f them. In fact we walked off the beach and headed for the shops that were along the strip. For a brief moment I wanted to return to the pier because Riley had discarded my hair tie there, among the two half full beer bottles, but before I could think on it to long we arrived at what was apparently our destination.

It was a smallish bookstore called Thalia’s, before Riley opened the door I noticed someone had spent a considerable amount of time stenciling the phrase

“‘Tis time to fear when tyrants seem to kiss”

on the window of the entrance. I recognized the phrase from Shakespeare’s Pericles, Act Sc.2, and I and wondered what the owner of the store would be like. I didn’t have to wait long when we entered the store I saw a woman behind the counter reading a book. I knew in an instant that she was Riley’s mother. Her hair was streaked in alternating dark and light colors ranging from the natural chestnut color to golden blonde to burnt sienna and every color variation in between. On another woman it might have looked horribly dramatic but in her case her dark coloring, slightly angular face, and full lips made it look downright sexy.

Aside from her hair and Hazel eyes she might have looked exactly like Riley. She was wearing a Black Ramones T-shirt; the cotton clung to her breasts in a way that made it clear she hadn’t bothered with a bra. Her fingernails were a bit long and painted the most enticing shade of red and when she ran them through her unruly curls my eyes followed them like a crow would watch a shiny bauble in the sun. When my eyes rested once again her face there was an amused smile on her lips and though she addressed her daughter she kept her eyes on me.

“Who is your pretty little friend Riley?” Her mother’s eyes ravaged my body. My stare had been clumsy but hers was intentionally slow and by the time her eyes me mine I was blushing.

“This is Jamie. Jamie this is my mother Thalia,” Thalia stepped out from behind the counter and it was all I could do not to gasp. Aside from the Ramones t-shirt that fell to the uppermost part of he thighs she was unclothed, even her feet were bare.

“Nice to meet you Jamie.” She said sticking out her hand I shook her hand still wondering at her outfit or rather the lack there of.

“I’m going to get the soda.” Riley announced and headed up a flight of stairs and out of view. The second Riley was gone Thalia pulled my hand causing me to fall forward a bit into her arms. Then her lips were on mine and her hands were all over me as she dipped her tongue into my mouth. She tasted like oranges and her breath was hot, Her hands were in my hair now cradling my head and pulling me closer as our tongues touched , My hands trailed down her back and I cupped her full firm ass in my hands. I discovered that she was wearing a bikini bottom beneath the shirt. We were still in that position when Riley bounded down the stairs.

I’d tried to pull away when I heard her coming but her mother held fast to my head continuing to kiss me.

My mind was hazy with lust and I was conflicted over submitting to being kissed or fighting the mother of the object of my affection. Before I reached any resolution Thalia pulled away giggling, it seemed her goal had been for her daughter to see us.

“God mother.” Riley rolled her eyes and didn’t seem at all bothered as she handed me a can of soda and popped the top on her own taking a hearty swig. I only took a sip of my drink after it was open. I was busy trying to understand what was going on around here.

I didn’t really have to think over much about the situation only because I didn’t get the chance. When Riley took the can from her lips setting it on the counter she turned to me smiling.

“Mother and I are very close.” As she said this she moved toward Thalia and kissed her full on the lips, I could see their tongues meeting and when her mother shifted a bit I could see that Riley had one hand in her mass of curly hair and the other grasped her mother’s ass.

It was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. Riley’s hand crept beneath the tee-shirt and I saw for the first time that the bikini bottoms Thalia wore were almost the exact same shade as her nails.

Riley’s hand passed beneath the back of the fabric from the waist and I could tell that her hand was kneading the flesh as they continued to kiss. I could feel my own nipples getting hard and my cunt beginning to open slightly as I watched them.

The two woman pulled apart and again Riley smiled at me as Thalia walked to the entrance locking the deadbolt and flipping the closed sign outward. Without a word she turned and headed for the staircase that I could only assume lead to their home.

Riley reached over and took my hand land followed her mother. I walked up the stairs little bursts of excitement flitting through my stomach. I had been with other girls before but never at the same time. Added to that was the fact that my first menage trios would be with a mother and daughter I was positively dripping by the time we reached the apartment. It was very nice neat in a disorderly kind of way and homey without being overly cluttered.

Riley wasted no time getting undressed we barely in the living room and already she had let go of my hand and taken off the top to her bikini and tossed it into a dark blue armchair. The bottoms followed, and just like that the body I’d lusted after for weeks was naked before me. She turned to face me and looked a little surprised to find that my bathing suit was still on. She reached and unbound her dark hair letting it wave around her face.

I stood there looking at her; her skin was mostly a deep brown save only the areas that had been covered by one tiny bikini or another. The skin that hadn’t been exposed to the sun seemed fair in comparison to the darker tan, but in reality her natural skin tone was merely a lighter more subdued brown. Her breasts well formed and tipped with deep chocolate colored nipples that were already puffy with arousal.Photos http://uii.io/HarkM My eyes traveled lower over her flat belly to the small triangle of hair between her toned thighs.

I licked my lips and she giggled trailing her left hand down her belly and slipping it between the lips of her cunt. My eyes were glued to her hand as she slid her finger slowly upward gasping a little when her fingertip brushed against her clit. She moved her finger in a slow circle massaging her clit while her right hand pinched and tugged her nipples.

I wanted to kneel before her and run my tongue along the path her fingers had traced but just then I couldn’t have stopped watching her if my life had depended on it. I didn’t even notice Thalia until she was standing directly behind her daughter. She had disappeared to another part of the apartment when we had entered a few moments before.

Thalia was also completely naked. Her body was partially blocked by Riley but I could see enough to know that their bodies were very similar. Thalia’ coloring was the same although I noticed she didn’t have any tan lines. I wondered briefly if she was naturally dark or is she tanned nude. Her breasts were a bit fuller as were her hips. When Riley shifted a bit I also saw that he mother’s stomach was not quite as flat. All in all child birth and age had mad Thalia’s body a bit more voluptuous than Riley’s.

Riley leaned back slightly against her mother as Thalia’s fingers tugged at her nipples her own finger continued to massage her clit. Her gasps turned to moans as she shifted her hand slightly and inserted two fingers into her cunt and used her palm to rub her clit. The hand that had been on her breast was now tangled in her mother’s hair as she turned her head the two of them began kissing again.

I slipped my fingers beneath the waist band of my bikini bottom and ran my fingers over my slit. Pushing lightly I slipped my finger between the slick lips of mf my cunt and massaged my clit lightly with the tip of my finger. I moaned softly as little shocks of pleasure ran through my body. I used my other hand to spread my cunt leaving my clit fully exposed . I tugged the little pearl of flesh between my fingers as my hips thrust forward. My eyes were still on the scene before me as I masturbated.

I was very close to climaxing and I could feel my body tightening in anticipation. A few moments later I was spent and Riley wasn't far behind me,her loud moans echoing her pleasure into the air conditioned apartment. I smiled collapsing in an armchair a few feet away. Both Thalia and Riley were looking at me now. I had a feeling that this was only the beginning.

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Mom's summer fun with her girl

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