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The third guy I met online

Categories True Story, Anal, Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual

Author: Adam_loone

Published: 22 October 2018

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For a while now I've been curious about guys. So I was cruising on Craigslist (back when that was around) looking for someone who wanted an ongoing sub for them to use from time to time. I ended up posting an Ad saying that I was A Sub bottom sissy looking for a Top/Dom daddy type for ongoing with a pic of my body and ass. After about two hours of emailing back and forth with a few guys and there was one guy that seemed very interested in me. We'll call him Dave. So I gave him my actual email and we continued to talk for another day or so. After that I gave him my cell number and we continued to text for a few days. We exchanged pics but never a face pic, which was okay with me as I'm not open about any of this. We agreed to meet during the day and see if we had somewhat of a connection.

A few days went by and finally the day came that he was coming to town (he lived about 40 minutes away). Dave had to drive to me because I didn't have my licence yet. We agreed to meet by a bus stop on the main strip. I didn't live far from the bus stop so Dave messaged me when he was close. I got the message and headed to the stop. I waited there for a few minutes before he got there. While I was waiting I couldn't stop thinking "what if I knew this guy" And "is he going to be a mean/scary guy?" It felt like a longer wait than it was.

Dave finally pulled up in his SUV and got out. He was a 6'1 180lbs toned guy with salt and pepper hair with stubble on his face (quite nice looking if you ask me). He greeted me and confirmed I was the person he was meeting. We walked up and down the main strip for about 30 minutes and we did seem to have a connection. He said he had an appointment to get to so he couldn't stay long. I walked him back to his SUV and asked me if I wanted to go to grab a coffee before he leaves. I agree and hopped in his SUV (it was midday so I wasn't overly nervous to get into a vehicle with a stranger). As we were driving to the coffee shop he asked me if I wanted to "sample the goods". A little confused as to what he meant, he started rubbing his crotch and looked at me intently watching him do this. It really tuned me on. He reached over and grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. I could feel his huge cock through his jeans. "Let me see your cock" he demanded. I was slightly prepared for this occasion as I had on very loose PJ pants. He leaned over and pulled them down exposing my fully hard 6inch cut cock. he just looked at my cock and smiled as I continued to rub his cock through his jeans until we reached the coffee shop. We grabbed a coffee quick and he dropped me off back at the bus stop. There wasn't any fondling on the ride back. When I got out of his SUV he said he'd be in touch and we'd set up another day to meet.

A couple days went by and I didn't think I was gonna hear from him again, as sad as that was. But one day when I was at school I got a message from him. He apologized for the long wait and we started talking about a meet where we would actually get some action. We agreed to meet on a Friday at a Motel in the same town I live. I was so excited! So the Friday came along and I was hyping myself up for this meet. I prepared the best I could. I shaved my asshole, cleaned it, shaved all of what pubes I had. So finally it was time. He said he was at the motel so I started walking (about a 15 minute walk), the whole walk there is was so nervous. When I got there I stood outside the door ad texted him that I was there. Dave opened the door and guided me inside. i brought a gym bag that had a few pairs of panties inside in case he wanted me to wear them for him. He told me to relax and got me a shot of fireball (alcohol). After taking the shot I told him I brought panties if he wanted. "Yes" he said. "Put on your favourite pair and come to the washroom" I did as I was told.

I stripped naked and put on my black silk panties. As I wasted into the washroom I saw him completely naked with towels. "We're going to shower first, get my girl all cleaned up" he said. I didn't argue (even though I just showered) he got in first and then called for me to enter. He told me to keep my panties on. I slid the shower curtain open just enough to get in and I could see him soaking wet with his huge cock out! it was about 8 inch cut and completely smooth. I couldn't help but stare at his cock. "Want to touch it? Go ahead" he said. I reached out and started stroking his cock, it felt huge in my hands in comparison to mine. I got to my knees in the shower with the water now completely hitting me. "Suck on it baby" Dave commanded. I started sucking it. It was so big in my mouth that I could only fit about half of it in my mouth before gagging. I sucked his cock for about 5 minutes while he was moaning in pleasure and tilting his head back. The odd time he would put his hands on the back of my head so I prepared myself to have it go deep, but he didn't force any of it inside my mouth. After the 5 minutes we continued to shower. After the shower he poured me another shot and told me to change into another pair of panties.

I dried myself off, changed into some blue tiger print panties and climbed onto the bed. Dave came walking over to the bed fully naked still after drying himself off. His dick was still hard. "What do you want to do?" Dave asked. "Anything you want" I say while still staring at his cock. The then grabbed me by the arms and threw me onto my stomach. He peeled back my panties slowly and started eating my ass (I've never had this done to me before this so it was a new interesting feeling). He ate my ass for a few minutes then he went to his bag and grabbed out a bottle of lube. He walked back over while applying be to his cock and positioned himself behind me. I tried my best to pop my ass up so it would be easier access for him. When I felt his finger slide side my ass. He was also applying lube to my insides. His finger inside my ass felt amazing. After a few minutes of him probing/luring my ass his fingers retracted. I could feel his cock slapping off my tight hole, he smacked my asshole 3 or 4 times.

This felty amazing and it was building anticipation. He found the perfect position and I could feel the head of his cock press against my hole as I stride to relax. I was super tight so he used more force and eventually he "popped" inside me. He waited there for a few seconds before he started slowly pushing deeper inside me, he was doing mini thrusts until he eventually got balls deep. it felt like is cock was literally hitting my stomach it Was so deep. "You like it when I'm balls deep inside you baby?" he said. I could only let out a small moan of pleasure and pain. He slowly pulled out of me and started to fuck me harder. He was fucking me slowly for a few minutes then the gradually increased his pace and began pushing hard enough for his pelvis to be smacking my ass, he would also smack my ass hard with his hands. He continued fucking my ass hard and fast for what felt like an hour while calling me his bitch, his pig, and faggot. "On your back bitch" he demanded. I rolled my body over for him to use. He grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulders he slowly entered me again with ease. The pain was still there but it was more pleasure as time went on. Dave continued to fuck me harder and harder.

Forcing me to slide all around the bed. "Get back here bitch" he said after having to move with me all over. He got off the bed, grabbed my anchors and pulled me to the edge of the bed. Now with his feet planted I wasn't going anywhere. He threw my legs to one side and continued his assault on my ass. At one point he grabbed and locked my arm around my back and held onto my thigh tightly and continued smashing away. I caught myself drooling over his ruthless assault on me. "Are you ready for daddies cum bitch?" He yelled into my ear while pulling my hair. I said YES as he kept up his rhythm. He threw my legs around his neck again to force his seed deeper and with a few more hard thrusts he started unloading his alpha seed deep inside my sissy ass. I felt like what seemed 10-12 large shots of cum shoot inside me. I felt so full. Both out of breath we sat there with his cock still inside me looking at eachother. At that moment I knew I was his beta bitch that he could call on whenever he wanted. He eventually pulled out, cleaned up and instructed me to put on another pair of panties for bed. I obeyed his command and called into bed beside him after. I laced with my back to him the whole night Bailey sleeping just hoping he'd roll over and take what he wanted again. However, he didn't. When he woke up in the morning we agreed to get breakfast and after that I never saw him again. I tried calling, texting and emailing him but he wouldn't respond. Dave took and got what he wanted from me and never looked back. I still really wish he would respond but I'm not over worked over it. There will be more out there.

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The third guy I met online

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