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Categories True Story, Consensual Sex, Male / Female, Oral Sex

Author: Akeelah Merin

Published: 22 October 2018

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The day sucked – it always sucked. It’s not like this was some kind of revelation. By the time I pulled my crap backpack into my POS 2001 Toyota Corolla I was done. I put my head back against the seat and sat there. It had gone as expected – everyone had asked the same fucking questions as if it somehow it meant they cared. They didn’t know what it was like. They didn’t know jack fucking shit. I should have been in college - but death tried its best to claim me. Beat his ass back with six months of shit. Eighteen and back in Highschool. Fuck me.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Mr. Morison. Fucking hell, the History teacher. He was at my window, his suit clinging to his sweat covered body. It sure was hot here in the great state of Texas, his armpits were drenched, and his hair glistened with oil. As I looked at him, I realized he looked awful. Bags hung under his eyes that could store a small animal, and his glasses were cracked. A bruise had swelled up in his left eye, but it hadn’t blackened – not yet. I rolled down the window.

“Get in a fight with Bigfoot?” I asked.

“What?” His hand touched the side of his face and winced, “Oh that. Yeah – bigfoot and three kangaroos.”

“Shit man, they say crap about your mother?”

“Language Akeelah.”

“Sorry, Mr. Morrison.”

Don’t you dare think I’d say sorry to anybody – not a damn soul except Morrison. He had given a shit when nobody else did. When I was shooting shit into my veins with razor blades this man turned my life around – only to have my left tit try and kill me. Fuck tits.

“I just want to say how proud I am of you for beating cancer and coming back. Thanks for not giving up.”

‘Can’t give up when I have you to please,” I shot him a smile, “How’s the fam?”

“Could be better,” He gave me a smile, “If you can beat the scariest thing known to the human race I can handle my problems too.”

“I’ll take your word for it, you have a ride, right?”

He shook his head, “I’ll be okay. The bus runs every hour.”

‘It 4:05, you have an hour wait.”

He shrugged as the wind picked up tugging on some papers clenched in his right hand, “I have papers to grade. You have a good day now. And I’m so proud.”

He beamed for a moment sending a petrifying sensation into my gut. There was nothing to be proud of. I had survived. There wasn’t anything more to it. With that, the bruised man turned from the car and headed for the green box that housed bus passengers. His wife and kids were obviously not on the same page as him and where the hell did the bruise come from. I through the car into reverse and powered it out into the parking lot, gunning it into drive. I rolled up next to Morrison, who was now wrestling with his suitcase as he desperately attempted to push papers into its compartment.

I rolled down the passenger window, “Get in, I’ll take you home.”

“School regs, kiddo,” He said.

“Morrison get in my car – tell them I kidnapped you.”

The history teacher waited a moment before giving in. The endurance on his face wasted away as he opened my car door and slipped in, clunking the old metal thing closed behind him. After battling his papers, a bit longer, he managed to make them disappear into his suitcase and then pulled his seatbelt closed. The clutter of cups, napkins and other material hanging about my car suddenly leaped out at me. Fuck. I looked like the world’s largest slob.

“Thanks.” He said at length.

“Any time.”

I peddled the gas and pulled out of the school parking lot easing onto the highway, more carefully than usual. Morrison was a nice man, but I could see his knuckles turning white on his kneecaps as I gunned my engine. I chuckled. He was so cute when he was scared – I hadn’t noticed that before.

“So, I’ll need you to navigate,” I said.

“Of course, go down twenty-eight eighteen, and turn left on college street.”

I followed his direction until we were skimming down Polo Road. The trees bared down around us, threatening to overtake the road and the leaves coated the grown, in a dead brown color. It was a beautiful area. I turned to look at Morrison who sat, his head in his hands stroking his temples. Whatever shit that went down with him and his family was serious. Did he cheat? I hope not – but maybe he just slipped up.

He pointed out a driveway, which I pulled into, and stopped the car. My gas gage hadn’t dipped too much, so I wasn’t too concerned. I’d be fine gifting him this ride. I threw the car into the park but left the engine running. He didn’t seem enticed to leave.

“You okay Mr. Morrison.”

“Not really,” a tear rolled from his eyes, “It's not your burden to bear.”

With that, he opened the passenger car door and stepped out. He smiled at me and waved a thank you before closing the door. I waited – something felt off about leaving him here, as he sauntered to the door, and rang the doorbell. The door swung open in seconds, and there she stood – his wife I presumed. She had her hair pinned back with a pencil, wore a white shirt and stood with her hands on her hips.

The immediately began speaking. Morrison gestured frantically. She stomped her foot. I heard a shriek through the insolation of my car. Then her hand swiped across his face. His head jerked to the side. She swung again bashing his nose with an open palm as Morrison dove to the ground. Fuck. My heart stopped. What the hell was I to do? I could leave – I should leave. Whatever this was it wasn’t my business.

Fuck that though. I stepped out of the car. I wasn’t sure what I would do but I was determined to do something. She swung a third time but stopped upon seeing me approach. She apparently hadn’t noticed the strange car in her driveway. I realized how I must look, green and purple hair, sweatshirt and ripped jeans. I looked more high school than the high school did. I rolled my eyes as she glanced over me.

‘Who the hell are you.”

“A fucking witness,” I snapped.

“Language,” Morrison spoke through a bloody nose.

“Who the hell do you think you are,” she turned her gaze to her fallen husband, “what are you doing with a high school girl, you disgusting a perv!”

‘First, off I gave him a ride because your sorry bitch ass couldn’t” I snapped my fingers over her head, “Second if he has any self-respect he’s going to the cops for fucking abuse.”

‘He’s a weasel,” She snapped, “he won’t do a thing. Who taught you to speak like that? You’re a veritable fountain of profanity.”

“And you’re a fountain of worthless shit, so fuck off.’ I grabbed Morrison's arm and hoisting him up.

“Akeelah, language,” Morrison pleaded.

The woman, whose name I had not bothered to answer, rolled her eyes, as I lead Morrison back to my car, “Going somewhere?”

“Anywhere but here,” I snapped.

“Akeelah, this is my home.”

“All due respect Mr. Morrison this isn’t shit.”

I piled him into my car and pulled a roll of toilet paper from the back. I used them instead of tissues because money sucks. I closed the door and hopped in the drive side, throwing the woman the bird as I ground the car backward, and threw it into a drive, gunning it away. I swore under my breath. His wife was a colossal bitch, he deserved shit tons better.

“That’s your wife,” I said as we trundled away.

He nodded, “yeah, she’s a tough woman.”

“She’s a bitch.”


“No, she is. Wake up and smell the bullshit. She’s awful. There is no way you are in love with that monster.”

He sighed, “She’s not always like that.”

“That’s why you are covered in bruises.”

“This was an accident.”


My engine hummed as I passed sixty. Anger seethed inside of me. I was ready to turn around and just lop the bitches tongue out and leave her choking. Fuck me. What a horrific experience – and Morrison was gonna go right back to her when I dropped him off. He was gonna take her shit because – because why? He was tall, his hair peppered, but he wasn’t ugly. Sure, he didn’t have a ton of courage, but he was kind and caring. He had enough empathy to fill the Olympic swimming pool in the back of South Knoll gym.

Fuck. “You can’t go back to her – you aren’t are you.”

“She’s all I have.”

“No, she’s not. You have way more.”


“Look at me! You have me, you have your students, you have people who care.”

He sighed, “Okay.”

Where are we going? I needed to get us somewhere. I turned back onto college – home it was. My father was away on business for the next few days anyway so he could stay with me for a few anyway.

“You can stay with me for a couple of days till my dad gets back from Japan,” I said.

“Okay,” he was still taking it all in, he nodded slowly as the recognition of what was happening hit him, “Thank you for caring.”

“Consider it a favor returned.”

We got to my house about some ten minutes later. He came up the stairs and I laid him on my fathers’ bed and dabbed at his still bleeding nose. Night had fallen by the time I saw him again. He walked out of my fathers’ room in his t-shirt and shorts. His papers lay on the table ready to grade and crumpled only a little. I had flattened them out for him while he cleaned up. It was a pop quiz he threw at the beginning of the year – he did it every year. The whole point was to show kids how much they could grow in a year. It had warmed me to see them again – to know the good heart still beat in there.

I had a sports bra and shorts on – I had just been jogging around the neighborhood. Around me I had wrapped a blanket that hung behind the couch, covered in native American patterns and colors. My family had always liked those colors. He sat down and began to grade, without looking up at me. Being ignored was like ice going through my veins.

“Hey, you okay?” I asked.

He looked up, “I guess. Its been a rough day – and one of my former students is now housing me. I feel pretty wiped out.”

“I’m sorry – I didn’t know what else to do.”

“You did the right thing,” He smiled at me, “I feel relief for the first time in a while.”

I smiled and returned my attention to the NCIS episode on TV. Mr. Gibbs was after some clue which he chased through the streets, looking sexy in his old age. How did he do that? I glanced back at Mr. Morrison. He kinda did it too. Damn was I attracted to Mr. Morrison. Fuck – I didn’t even know the bastards first name.

I stood up and through the blanket onto the couch and walked to the kitchen grabbing some crackers. As I pulled the tin down I saw him behind me, his eyes glued to my bare midriff. My father’s gym shorts he wore had begun to T-pee. What was happening? I pulled the crackers from the Tin and pushed them back, sitting down opposite Morrison.

“What?” I asked as he stared at me.

He shook his head, “You aren’t wearing much.”

I shrugged, “Like what you see?”

“Akeelah,” He exclaimed, “That’s inappropriate.”

I shrugged, “sorry.”

“I don’t mean to suggest its unpleasant,’ he stumbled his words as if he had suddenly developed a stutter.

I stood up and walked around behind him and put my hands on his shoulder and began to squeeze gently. What the fuck was I doing? I glanced down. The T-shirt hung loosely enough that I cough ta glimpse of his pecks. Nothing spectacular, but not bad either. I closed my eyes trying to empty my mind of my thoughts. Then a hand touched my arm. Morrison rose to his feet and looked at me holding my arm away from him. His eyes glared down at me.

“Was just trying to fucking help,” I said.

He looked and I looked back. I thought he was going to scold me. Then he slid his hands around my back and bent over. His lips touched mine. Then his tongue slipped across my lips. I opened inviting him in and we locked. Our embrace began as he touched my bar back, cupping my ass with his other hand, pulling me into his crotch. I could feel his manhood press against me. Its rounded head poked into my abdomen. The world fell away as we kissed. A warmth boiled inside me and bled down to my nether region. Heating it like a hot spring. Then it was over.

“What the hell,” He snapped breaking away, “No I didn’t mean that.”

“Yes, you did – and Mr. Morrison: language.”

He shook his head, “Sorry.”



I stepped towards him and put a hand on his hip and leaned forward. He kept his distance for a moment – but he slowly moved in and kissed my lips again, only once. His hand slipped behind my head, sliding through my hair: my purple green hair. My free hand moved forward, grabbing at the front of his pants. My hand slid onto a bulbous, thick rod that was reaching out to me. My hand squeezed, and he stumbled forward, letting out a gasp.

“This is wrong,’ He breathed and then kissed me again.

“it’s okay,” I pushed him back against the table.

“Akeelah,” He whispered as his hands slid down my body.

It was like a waterfall in the Amazon, pouring over my body, tracing my curves and my body with a perfect gentleness I had never felt before. Every man I had been with had been rough – but not this one. No, he was soft and kind and beautiful. I wanted more.

I grabbed my sports bra and pulled it over my head, exposing my breasts. He paused – and so did I. I looked down at the small mountains that rose from my chest, my nipples twisting themselves into hardened points fit to spar at the Coliseum. On breast had a scar on a flatter side of it. I hadn’t gotten any of the implants, a portion of it was missing – not a large portion, but I felt my subconscious tumble over itself.

But the look on Morrison's face was unstoppable. His just gazed at my chest as if my tits had practiced hypnosis. I moved towards him again – and his hands came up, gripping at my breasts. I felt him squeeze gently. The sensation rolled through me, triggering a tremor inside me. I felt liquid pool in my thing, as my body heated up. The hots spring began to boil. Shit, this was good.

I pressed him against the wall and pulled his T-shirt off, admiring his body. His belly bulged ever so slightly, but his skin was soft and milky white beneath his shirt. Soft like him. I pressed against him, feeling his cock like a giant rope beneath his pants as I pressed my skin against his.

“What are we doing?”

“I don’t know Mr. Morrison – something you want I think?”

“Daniel,” He replied, “My first name is Daniel – and yes I have wanted this. I’m so sick. I’m so sorry.”

“No,” I replied running and between his pecks, “your perfect and I like it.”

“Its been a while since a woman called me perfect.”

“Screw her and fuck me,” I whispered.

“I’m not rich or anything? Why would you do this?” He asked.

“Because I like you, genius.”

Before he could say another word, I slid down and pulled his gym shorts down along with his underwear. A seven- and half-inch beauty fell out before me, its tip glinting with precum. His ball sack hung down, swollen as if stung by a bee. I looked up at him, as he gazed down at me. With our eyes locked I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his cock. He jolted. Then I slipped my mouth over it. The salty taste erupted over my tongue, as his head slid down into the back of my throat.

I caressed his cock with my tongue as I slid his head to the point of gaging at the back of my throat. My hand came up and gripped his cock. I slid up and down. He gasped and sputtered above me. His hand fell onto my shoulder, caressing my neck, as his cock thrust forward, causing my throat to clench around his head. The vocal oscillation that erupted sent a wave of desire pouring into me.

I slid my free hand around his testicles. The wrinkled skin was rough in my hand as I gently separated his testicles with my thumb and forefinger, and gently massaged one of the swollen football shaped jewels between my fingers. He grumbled and sputtered as his hand slid onto my head.

“Oh my god,” He gasped out loud.

I sucked on his cock, it was warm and hot in my mouth, it filled me. I wanted the salty surprise at the end, I wanted his batter inside me. I wanted to drink the fluids of his fountain. I sped up my hand, stroking his cock and slid his head down my throat, gaging in the swollen helm of his mighty night. Fuck this was amazing!

“Wait!” He gasped, “Wait!”

I slid my mouth off him, “Yeah.” I said through breaths.

“You’re so beautiful,” He said looking down on me, “I don’t want you to be surprised – and I was close.”

“Its okay,” I stood up.

His hands touched me, running down my spine, tickling my skin. It found its place around my rear, cupping my cheek gently, pulling me towards him. I felt his member, moist with the liquid precum I had drawn from its tip, touch my stomach. A hand slipped through my hair as I was pulled into an embrace, feeling his rock-hard member throbbing against my skin, a hot wet tube threatening to explode between us.

“I have terrible fantasies,” He whispered as he pushed his nose into the top of my head, sliding a hand down my back, “I wanted this so much – but I hated myself for it.”

“Don’t, it’s all right.”

“We can’t undo this.” I felt his hand touch my breast, his thumb tracing my scar.

“I would never want to.”

I pulled his hand from my rear and stepped back, pulling my buttons apart. My pants fell to the ground exposing me, entirely to his site. My stomach already glinted in the light, as his precum reflected the light from it. He stepped towards me and I towards him. He grabbed my leg and lifted me from the ground.

His cock tantalized my entrance, as I wrapped my legs around him. His head pushed at the moist lips that dripped with juices of my soul. I let out a gasp. We spun around, my back pressed against the wall, the clock hanging above tipped off and clattered to the ground. Neither of us cared. Then he entered me.

Like a pulsating lion, his cock penetrated me, pushing my pussy aside to make way for his girth, filling me with hot, thick flesh and blood. I let out a cry. Fuck! The helm his cock sucked on my insides with every withdrawal and plunged into me with every thrust. His lips caressed my nipples – stimulating them. The ached with rigid tension, as his mouth closed around one, my back plastered against the wall. I screamed. Every sensation in my body opened. Every thrust brought waves of pleasure, warmth filling me like a kettle filling a cup.

I open my mouth to swear to the lord, but only a cry escaped. My moans hasten his pace – oh please don’t stop! FUCK! God! The curses spilled from my lips between the moans his cock forced from my lips. Every moment he was in me was one of bliss. I pushed my hand against the wall, while my other clung to his shoulder, his hands were wrapped around my back, holding me above his thrusting member.

His paced quickened again. He began to grunt. I could feel the tip of his cock swell inside me, filling my pussy as the sound of my juice slurping his cock echoed. Fuck yes! I thought as he pounded away harder, groaning.

“Shit!” He gasped.

Then his cock erupted inside me. Cum exploded into my vagina, filling me with warmth. He thrust again, crying out, [pressing me against the wall. I screamed as his cock exploded again, jumping about inside me. Each rope of cum ejected into me. He gasped again and thrust. I could feel the mix of his semen and my juice drip down my leg, as he pushed his shrinking head into me one more time. There, against that wall, in the living room, he filled me to the brim. Cum dripping from my pussy like honey from a beehive.

“Fuck!,” He whispered.

“Language,” I replied.

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