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Scooping up Lady jaye

Categories Fantasy, BDSM, Blowjob, Domination/submission

Author: deniss

Published: 22 October 2018

  • Font:

Leonard Michaels was just given the codename, Scoop. It was given to him by Stalker. The man rescued him earlier from an Alley Viper before the caverns flooded. But now, he was swimming against the rushing water since the canoe capsized. After treading water for some time, he came upon a rock. He gripped the rock and was able to make it to dry land. However, the water almost pulled him back in, but the Alley Viper grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the shore. Scoop gasped for breath as the Alley Viper hovered over with two Laser Vipers standing behind him. “You’re lucky,” the Alley Viper laughed as he helped Scoop to his feet.

“Get down, Scoop!” a female voice shouted as two laser blasts exploded against the rocks.

“What the?” the Alley Viper shouted as he turned Scoop around.

“It’s Lady Jaye. Take me prisoner and she will come out.” Scoop whispered.

The Alley Viper, who was Scoop’s friend, quickly spun Scoop around and pressed a knife at the man’s throat. “Hold your fire or I’ll kill him!” he shouted as the shots stopped.

“Let him go!” Lady Jaye shouted back.

“Toss the gun over here, come out, and surrender. If you don’t, you can watch him bleed to death,” the Alley Viper shouted. Several long seconds passed and there wasn’t a reply so he pressed the knife even closer. Then before he said another word, a gun was tossed at his feet, and Lady Jaye stepped out of a passageway with her hands over head.

“Sir?” one of the Laser Vipers asked.

“You two take this Joe back to the control room. If I don’t come back in one hour, kill him,” the Alley Viper spoke as he released Scoop while the two Laser Vipers nodded. One of them escorted Scoop while the other collected Lady Jaye’s gun as well as the Alley Viper’s equipment.

“Let him go,” Lady Jaye demanded.

“What happens to Scoop totally depends on you,” the Alley Viper spoke as he tugged on zipper of Lady Jaye’s shirt.

“Don’t touch me!” Lady Jaye growled as she slapped Alley Viper’s hand.

“I guess you can say goodbye to Scoop then. In fact, strike my hand and I’ll make sure he dies,” the Alley Viper spoke as he grabbed Lady Jaye’s zipper and slowly pulled it down. The woman gritted her teeth as she tried very hard not to strike the man. It didn’t take long for the Alley Viper to unzip the shirt and toss it to the ground while Lady Jaye’s large round breasts were completely exposed. The brunette’s face turned red as the cold tunnel air caused her nipples to become completely erect. “Now strip and hand me your belt. Remember, Scoop’s life hangs in the balance and don’t cover up,” the Alley Viper ordered as Lady Jaye nodded her head and complied. Within seconds, Lady Jaye was naked as the Alley Viper used her own belt to tie her arms behind her back.

“Bastard,” Lady Jaye growled as she saw the man strip.

The Alley Viper said nothing as he squeezed the woman’s large tits. He kissed and licked the woman’s breasts while Lady Jaye tried not to barf. The man even started biting her tits and nipples as Lady Jaye groaned in misery even though she tried to stop herself. Before long, the woman found herself on her back. Her legs were spread as the Alley Viper laid on top of her and thrust his large hard cock into her pussy. The woman gasped right before the man closed his lips around hers. Lady Jaye gasped into the man’s mouth while her tits were squashed against his chest.

“Oh shit,” Lady groaned as she wiggled underneath the man.

The Alley Viper eventually broke the kiss and pulled his cock out of the woman’s pussy. He gave her a short respite as he got to his knees. He then rammed his dick back into her pussy as he gripped her hips. The Alley Viper fucked the Joe woman for all that he was worth. The sound of flesh slapping together filled the underground tunnels. His hands were like iron as he held the woman’s hips and fucked her until he blew his load into the woman’s pussy.

“No,” Lady Jaye panted as she shook her head and tears poured out of her eyes.

The Alley Viper then pulled out of her pussy and straddled her chest. Lady Jaye groaned as she saw the man place his cock between her breasts. The man then grabbed the sides of her head and pulled it up. “Press your tits around my cock,” the Alley Viper ordered as Lady Jaye complied. The man’s slick dick pumped back and forth as it mashed against Lady Jaye’s lips and

spunk repeatedly splattered all over her face and tits. The man kept fucking her tits like he was fucking her pussy and it didn’t take long for him to cum all over her face.

“Ack,” the Joe woman groaned miserably as his hot seed splattered against her face and then pulled on her throat.

The Alley Viper wasn’t done though. He quickly returned his attention to her pussy and like before, he was fucking her for all her was worth. The man gripped her hips and rolled to the side before he rolled again. Then he was on his back as Lady Jaye bounced up and down on top of him. The Alley Viper was now also fingering her clit.

“NOOOO!” Lady Jaye screamed repeatedly as her own fingernails dug into her tits. The brunette was unable to stop as a dark sensation started to build inside of her. It grew slowly, but gained momentum until Lady Jaye realized what was happening. She shook her head, hoping to deny it, but it proved futile. The woman was soon overwhelmed by an orgasm as she squeezed her tits so hard that red lines were clearly visible. Her body quaked violently before she fell on top of the man in a heap. Her ragged breathing kept the man hard as he gripped the woman’s ass and continued to fuck the exhausted Joe as she laid on top of him.


“Serpentor reported that the Joes were able to destroy the Dragon Fire Control Room,” one of the Laser Vipers spoke as he saw Alley Viper, who was fully dressed, entered the room.

“In addition, we’re locked inside these caves until someone blasts a hole for us.,” the other Laser Viper added.

“How long?” the Alley Viper asked.

“Maybe three hours.”

“Is Scoop secured?” the Alley Viper asked right before he tossed Lady Jaye’s stuff onto the floor.

“We locked him in cell,” the other Laser Viper added.

“He better be okay,” a naked Lady Jaye growled as she slowly entered the room, her hands trying to cover herself up.

“Do the Joes have anything that can blast a hole?” the Alley Viper asked.

“Why should I tell you?” Lady Jaye snarled.

“Did one of you secure the special watch on Scoop’s wrist?” the Alley Viper asked the Laser Vipers.

“Yes sir.”

“Watch? What watch?” Lady Jaye asked.

“A special watch. It’s secured around Scoop’s wrist. He can’t take it off and it has an explosive. We can detonate it at any time. And even if the man buried his watch into cement, the explosion will still kill him. By the way, it’s also tamper proof. Try it and boom,” the Alley Viper spoke calmly while he closed his fists and then opened them quickly as if they were an explosion.

“You wouldn’t!?!” Lady Jaye gasped.

“I would, but I won’t if you agree to my terms.”

“And just what are your terms?” Lady Jaye asked as the Alley Viper walked behind her and whispered into her ear. The woman’s facial expressions went concern to disbelief and the shock. “I . . . couldn’t . . .” she uttered softly as the Alley Viper continued to whisper into her ear. Then he finished and took a step back. The brunette shook her head a few more times as tears rolled down her face.

“I can blow him up now,” the Alley Viper spoke as he walked away from Lady Jaye and stood next to the two Laser Vipers.

“NOO!!” Lady Jaye shouted when she saw the man turn away from her and make his way toward a control panel.

“So you agree to my terms?”

“I . . .”

“You have five seconds. Five. Four. Three,” the Alley Viper spoke as he hovered his finger over the button.

Lady Jaye watched the man’s finger and she thought about what he had told her earlier. Scoop was new to the team. She didn’t know everything about him, but she knew that he had risked his life to save Sgt. Slaughter’s life. The man ran into a burning building, used a beam to wedge and lift Slaughter’s own vehicle, which had flipped and trapped the man underneath. Scoop then used all his strength and was able to lift it high enough and long enough for Sgt. Slaughter to free himself. Then both of them fled the building right before the vehicle exploded. The man risked his life to save another. He was willing to risk it all even though he wasn’t a member of G.I. Joe. But now he was and she had the chance to save his life.

“TWO. ONE. ZER . . .”

“STOP!! I AGREE!!” Lady Jaye shouted as she moved her hands and revealed her tits and pussy. The female Joe wiped away her tears as she made her way toward the trio. She then took the Alley Viper’s hands and placed them on her tits.

“Laser Viper! Radio Serpentor and tell him I have great news. He may want to free us before the G.I. Joe team does. In the meantime, Lady Jaye and I will go to the other room and hammer out the details.”

“Yes sir,” the first Laser Viper spoke as the Alley Viper released Lady Jaye’s tits. He then walked to the other room with Lady Jaye. Both men stayed silent and didn’t move a muscle until they heard a zipper being unzipped.


Two Hours Later

Lady Jaye was fully dressed as she stood between two Laser Vipers. Earlier, she had sucked them off and allowed them to fuck her tits with their cocks. However, that wasn’t as bad as what she allowed the Alley Viper to do with her. But the worst thing that happened was that she had joined Cobra. She was now a Crimson Guardsman. The woman joined Cobra to save Scoop’s life and the Alley Viper was her commanding officer now. The only bright spot was that Scoop was still alive and that she was allowed to clean herself up.

“Get in there, Scoop!” the Alley Viper snarled as he pushed Scoop into the room.

“Lady Jaye! Are you okay?!?” Scoop asked.

“I’m okay,” Lady Jaye replied.

Scoop glanced at the two Laser Vippers, who stood behind clutched Lady Jaye’s shoulders. He then looked at the entrance to the room and saw his camera and Lady Jaye’s javelins just inches from the doorway. As one Laser Viper left Lady Jaye and approached Scoop and the Alley Viper, Scoop formulated a plan. When the Laser Viper grabbed his shoulder, Scoop leapt into action. He grabbed the Laser Viper’s wrist and pulled him towards him. Scoop moved at the last second, and the Laser Viper plowed into the Alley Viper. The other Laser Viper was a bit stunned by what he just saw, which allowed Scoop to punch him in the gut. The man’s heavy backpack then caused the Laser Viper to crumble to the ground. “Come on! Let’s go!” the man yelled as he grabbed Lady Jaye’s wrist.

“Get them!” the Alley Viper yelled as the Cobras scrambled for their weapons.

Within minutes, Scoop and Lady Jaye were running through the dimly lit caverns as an Alley Viper and two Laser Vipers chased them. Their shots were off, but it was enough to keep the Joes moving. Eventually, the pair came to a dead end. The Cobras chuckled as they slowly approached. “Out of places to run and that camera isn’t much of a weapon,” the Alley Viper mocked.

“Come over here and I will beat you with my fists!” Scoop yelled angrily.

“I got a better idea. I’ll come over and beat you senseless,” the Alley Viper laughed, but stopped short of moving when the wall behind the Joes opened up.

“Yo Joe!” Stalker yelled as he started firing, forcing the Cobras to hid behind some rock.

“Scoop! Let’s go!” Lady Jaye shouted as she turned and ran toward Stalker.

“LADY JAYE!!” Scoop shouted as he saw the Alley Viper aim his weapon and fire. Within seconds, Scoop’s camera broke into pieces as a bullet ripped through it. Scoop then bumped into Lady Jaye’s back by the force of the bullet.

“Scoop!” Lady Jaye yelled as she saw blood on the rocks beneath Scoop.

“Get him out of there!” Stalker yelled as Low-Light joined him and fired at the Cobras. They were soon joined by Sgt. Slaughter and the rest of the Joes.

“Let’s get out of here!” the Alley Viper yelled as he and the Laser Vipers retreated.

“Scoop,” Lady Jaye spoke, trying to choke back her tears.

“I’m okay,” Scoop reassured her.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Stretcher spoke as he ran up to Scoop.


Hours Later

“So how is he, Stretcher?” Lady Jaye asked as Stretcher exited the room. The brunette had stood outside the room as the medic examined Scoop.

“He’s fine. The bullet went through clean,” Stretcher spoke as Lady Jaye sighed in relief. “You can go in if you want. He’s not spending the night in there.”

“Thanks Stretcher,” Lady Jaye spoke as she opened the door and stepped inside the room. The brunette saw Scoop with a heavily bandaged arm, just inches away from the door.

“Lady Jaye,” a surprised Scoop uttered.

“So how does it feel to be a full member of G.I. Joe?” the woman asked.

“It feel different than what I thought it would be,” Scoop replied with a smile as he pointed at his bandaged arm.

“I know what you did, Scoop. That bullet was meant for me.”

“Nah. It was meant for my camera. I’m sure Cobra didn’t want the footage to get out,” the man joked.

“Do you need a place to stay tonight?”

“I . . .”

“Shhh,” Lady Jaye spoke as she placed her finger on the man’s lips. The brunette then held the man’s wrist. Lady Jaye then turned around and kissed Scoop passionately on the lips. “You’re free to stay at my place.” the woman spoke when she finally broke the kiss and Scoop could only nod dumbly.


Scoop couldn’t believe it. He was lying on his back on top of Lady Jaye’s own bed. The brunette was impaled on his dick as she slowly oscillated back and forth. Her arms pressed against the sides of her breasts as she slowly slid them up and down on his lipstick covered chest. Scoop’s hands were placed on the woman’s ample breasts and stayed there since every time he tried to remove them, Lady Jaye would put them back on her breasts. The man was in heaven as he listened to the woman’s light moans while the woman titled her head back.

“So good. Feels so good,” Lady Jaye panted as she increased her speed.

“Oh . . . oh yes,” Scoop panted in response as he released Lady Jaye’s breasts and held her hips. This time, the woman didn’t object. Instead, she increased her speed while Scoop met her thrusts. Soon, the Joe woman was going as fast as she could and Scoop enjoyed every second of it.

Eventually, the pair climaxed. Scoop filled Lady Jaye’s pussy with his sperm as Lady Jaye fell on top of him. The brunette was breathing hard as she gripped the man’s cheeks and kissed long and passionately. Scoop kissed her back and his cock hardened yet again. The woman reluctantly broke the kiss and slid off of the man’s body. She then laid next to him while her head remained on his chest.

“Lady Jaye . . . I heard that you may be dating someone,” Scoop spoke nervously.

“If you’re referring to Flint, we broke a while ago when he was transferred. In fact, it’s been over a year. With that being said, I wouldn’t mind dating again,” Lady Jaye replied.

“Any prospects?”


“Do I know the guy?”

“You’re silly,” Lady Jaye spoke as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Holy shit! You mean . . .” a stunned Scoop uttered.

“I wouldn’t mind if you stayed here either.”

“I . . .”

“Too fast?”

“No. I would love to stay here.”

“Good. I also bought you something. It’s in the night stand. Consider it a house warming gift.”

Scoop opened the drawer and saw a camera with a red bow around it. “A new camera,” Scoop smiled.

“You lost your old one while trying to save me so I thought I get you a new one,” Lady Jaye spoke as she kissed him again before snuggling up to him.

“You didn’t need to get me a new camera and I would save you again and again whenever needed,” Scoop spoke as Lady Jaye gave him another kiss before she closed her eyes and fell asleep. Scoop pulled up the blanket in order to cover both of their naked bodies. He then rubbed Lady Jaye’s shoulder and gently kissed her forehead while thanking his lucky stars.


Two Weeks Later

“I wonder if Cobra knows about this place,” Scoop spoke as his eyes darted back and forth at the lines of tree.

“I bet they do. Luckily this is just a forward base. The real one is still far away from here,” Lady Jaye replied.

“That’s a lovely flower,” Scoop spoke as he pulled out his camera and started recording a colorful butterfly that had landed on a equally colorful flower. The man recorded for several minutes, totally engrossed by the moment.

“That’s so cute,” Lady Jaye spoke as she hugged him from behind and rested her head on his right shoulder. The brunette then turned Scoop toward the entrance of the base, where he got a shot of two light tanks and a small bunker dug into the ground.

“Hey,” Scoop laughed as he pulled his eye away from the camera and saw the butterfly fly away.

“Come on. I saw more flowers in the back,” Lady Jaye spoke as she pulled away from Scoop, who instantly followed. The pair didn’t get very far as explosions rocked the ground.

“Cobra!” Scoop shouted as she secured the camera’s strap and pulled out his pistol.

“They’ve overrun the defense at the gate!” Lady Jaye shouted as she saw Ambush, Salvo, and Downtown running toward them. Those three Joes were the ones inside the tanks and bunkers.

“Go get your weapons!” Scoop shouted as he saw the Cobra HISS Tank coming toward them.

“I’ve got this!” Captain Gridiron spoke as he fired a bazooka that destroyed the treads of the tank.

“The Cobras are retreating! Let’s go after them!” Ambush shouted as he picked up a new rifle.

“Downtown and Salvo stay here. Lady Jaye and Scoop, you two take the tree line. Ambush and myself will take the road. Let’s make sure there aren’t any Cobras hanging around,” Captain Gridiron shouted as everyone agreed.


An Hour Later

Scoop and Lady Jaye had their guns drawn as they made their way deeper and deeper into the forest. Lady Jaye was leading the way with Scoop following her lovely ass. They came upon a hill that overlooked several miles of trees and plains. Scoop moved ahead and used the zoom on his camera to scan the environment. He spent several minutes just concentrating on his camera and the images that it provided. When he stopped, he returned to Lady Jaye only to find that an Alley Viper had a gun pointed at the back of her head as she knelt on the ground with her hands placed solidly on her knees.

“Lady Jaye!” Scoop shouted.

“You two ruined my plans last time and got away! Now I have you and I can promise you that you will not escape this time!” the Alley Viper shouted.

“Don’t do anything rash,” Scoop spoke as he tossed his gun to the ground and kicked it to the Alley Viper.

“Scoop,” Lady Jaye uttered softly.

“Take my gun and let her go. If you need a hostage, take me instead. Just let Lady Jaye go,” Scoop spoke as he raised both his hands over his head.

“You’re the Joe that saved Sgt. Slaughter, aren’t you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I saved in the past, I just want to save Lady Jaye right now.”

“Because she’s a Joe?”

“Because she’s a friend,” Scoop spoke as Lady Jaye raised her head and locked eyes with him.

“How disgusting. I should kill her now!” the Alley Viper spoke as he pressed the gun against the woman’s head and was prepared to pull the trigger.

“STOP! DON’T DO IT!” Scoop begged as he fell to his knees.

“What the hell?” the Alley Viper asked.

“She’s more than a friend . . . I love her,” Scoop admitted as Lady Jaye mouthed her response to him and gave him a smile even though she was in danger.


“Just tell me what you want and I’ll do it. Just don’t hurt her,” Scoop begged.

“Would you join Cobra and become a spy within the ranks of G.I. Joe?”

Scoop looked at Lady Jaye and saw the tears in her eyes. The man was conflicted, but he didn’t hesitate when he replied. “Yes,” he agreed.

“Fine. Take this phone. I’ll contact you with instructions later,” the Alley Viper spoke as he pulled a phone from his pack and tossed it to Scoop. The man then pulled his arm back and ran off into the woods.

“Lady Jaye!” Scoop gasped as he ran toward the woman and hugged her.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Lady Jaye sobbed.

“I would do it again if needed. I promise to keep you safe no matter what . . . even if it means I have to betray G.I. Joe and join Cobra. I just hope you won’t think less of me,” Scoop lied since he was already a Cobra agent and had concocted this scheme with the Alley Viper. However, he averted his eyes from the woman for effect. Scoop then felt Lady Jaye hug him even tighter as she pressed her cheek against his add pushed it back to the center. The woman then moved her face slightly backwards and looked Scoop dead in the eyes before she kissed him passionately.


Later that Night

Scoop was once again naked and on his back as he laid on Lady Jaye’s bed. He spent a good two weeks having sex with Lady Jaye, but tonight was different. Their hands were locked with each other as she slowly rocked back and forth on his cock. They exchanged kisses from time to time as Lady Jaye’s face hovered over his. Of course, Scoop would kiss and suck on her breasts from time to time. The pair was no longer just having sex, they were making love and their eyes locked with each other the entire time.

As time passed, Lady Jaye plastered her body against Scoop’s. Her hands were wrapped around the man’s head as she locked her lips around his and stuck her tongue in his mouth. Scoop on the other hand wrapped his arm around her back and flipped her. Now, the man was on top. Lady Jaye immediately wrapped her legs around his body as Scoop increased his speed while Lady Jaye met his thrusts. Within minutes, the pair climaxed together as they moaned in each other’s mouth.

“I love you,” Lady Jaye replied as she recovered from her climax.

“I love . . .” Scoop spoke, but was interrupted by the ringing phone.

“Don’t pick it up.”

“I have to,” Scoop spoke as he picked up the phone and answered. The man listened for a few minutes and finally hung up the phone. “I have to go,” a dejected Scoop spoke.


“I have to rendevous with the Alley Viper. He wants to talk to me.”

“You’re his informant now, aren’t you?”

“Yea. I hope you didn’t think ill of me.”

“Ill of you?”

“I’m betraying the Joes and betraying you at the same time. You deserve better.”

“No Scoop. I love you. You only did it to save me,” Lady Jaye sobbed as she kissed him yet again.

“I’m sorry,” Scoop replied when Lady Jaye broker the kiss.

“Did he say that you have to go alone?”

“He said that I shouldn’t tell the Joes.”

“Then take me with you.”

“Lady Jaye?”

“I’m joining Cobra too. I’m not letting my man get rid of me so easily.”

“You can’t join Cobra.”

“I can too. Cobra isn’t going to split us up,” Lady Jaye smiled back at Scoop even though she was already a Cobra spy.

“I don’ have a ring, but will you marry me?” Scoop asked.

Lady Jaye was stunned. When she joined Cobra, her orders were to keep an eye on Scoop and give him the new camera that would send images instantly to Cobra. She thanked him for taking the bullet because she wanted to. The rest of the sex was just a way to burn off stress. Tonight, she made love to the man. Now, he was throwing everything away because he agreed to do whatever it took to save her life. The brunette wiped a tear from her eye and nodded her head. “Yes, Scoop. I’ll marry you,” she spoke and instantly kissed him.

Hours Later

“Oh yes!” Lady Jaye moaned. The woman was wearing white thigh-high stockings with two white straps that connected to her white garter-belt. She also wore white elbow-length gloves as well as a pair of white heels. The woman’s right leg was lifted up and wrapped around Scoop’s butt while his dick thrust in and out of her pussy. The pair were standing up as Lady Jaye wrapped her arms around the back of Scoop’s neck while his right hand held her right thigh and his left hand was pressed against her back, pushing her toward him.

“Lady Jaye!” Scoop panted as he increased the speed of his thrusts.

“Scoop!” the brunette moaned loudly as she squashed her large tits against his sweaty chest.

Scoop was in heaven as he eyed the bed in the five star hotel’s honeymoon bed. Lady Jaye saw his eyes dart toward the bed so she slowly moved her left leg up the man’s thigh until he grabbed her thigh with his other hand. Scoop was now lifting his bride off the floor and holding onto her thighs while fucking her pussy with his dick. He then slowly made his way to the bed by backing up toward it while Lady Jaye wrapped her legs around him and kissed his neck in between moans.

Within seconds, the pair found themselves on the bed. Scoop laid on top of Lady Jaye as he continued thrust in and out of her pussy. The man kissed the woman’s neck repeatedly as the woman’s hands roamed all over his back. Scoop could feel the woman arch her back as her hands gripped the sides of his face and move him toward her breasts. The man’s face was soon sandwiched between her breasts. Her jugs slapped his face repeatedly as a huge smile appeared on his face.

“Oh yes, Scoop! I love you!” Lady Jaye moaned.

The woman’s louds moans were enough to snap Scoop back to reality. The man picked up his head and planted his hands on the sheets. His fingers gripped the sheets and thrust harder and faster into Lady Jaye, causing the woman to arch her back even more while she wailed in pleasure. “I love you too, Lady Jaye!” Scoop grunted as he increased his speed and felt Lady Jaye’s hands gripping his shoulders.

“Oh yes! Oh yes!” Lady Jaye moaned as she dug her fingernails into her husband’s shoulders while her legs were tightly wrapped the man’s body.

Lady Jaye and Scoop’s body were still entwined as Scoop laid on top of Lady Jaye. The man’s dick pumped in and out of the woman’s pussy as Lady Jaye met his thrusts. Both of them were covered in sweat. In fact, the bed sheets were also soaked.

“Oh yes!” Lady Jaye moaned.

“I love you, Alison!” Scoop yelled.

“I love you too, Leonard!” Lady Jaye shrieked as her body was hit by a tremor. Scoop sensed what was happening and he increased his speed. The man held onto the woman tightly as she did the same. Lady Jaye’s legs and arms were wrapped tightly around the man’s body while Scoop slid his hands from her back to her chest, up her neck, and to her cheeks. The pair looked eyes as they continued to pump. Several more seconds passed as both of them neared the apex. Then without warning, the pair kissed.

“Love you,” Scoop moaned into Lady Jaye’s mouth as he gave six quick thrusts.

“Mmmmmhhhhpppp!” Lady Jaye moaned into Scoop’s mouth as the two climaxed together. Her body shook like a violent earthquake as Scoop’s dick filled her pussy with his hot spunk. The woman’s sex clamped down on his dick causing Scoop to climax again and shoot another load.

“I LOVE YOU!!” Scoop yelled as the pair broke the kiss. The man’s body quivered yet again as the muscles in the woman’s sex caused him to climax yet again.

It took Lady Jaye several seconds before she came down from her orgasm. “I love you too,” an exhausted Lady Jaye panted as both of them locked eyes and realized that they just shared something truly magical.

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Scooping up Lady jaye

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