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  1. — Brother enjoys his unwitting sis
  2. — Brother offers up sister to visiting

— Brother enjoys his unwitting sis

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen

Author: Andrejp2018

Published: 25 October 2018

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“I’m cumming baby… I’m cumming!! Oh, God.. yes… that feels so fucking good!!” she screamed as the pounding of the thick cock in her pussy drove her to the point of no return… “Fill my pussy with cum.. Cum with me… Oh shit yeah.. That feels so good…”

Frankly, Tom was bored with the whole thing. He had heard moans like this a hundred times. He knew they were sincere… She wasn’t faking… But he didn’t care. He just wanted to get his rocks off and sleep or leave… He continued grinding into her dripping hole… He had to admit, this chick was an energetic fuck with a very tight pussy…

As he lay there after they had both cum too many times to count, he thought “Coming into town a few days early wasn’t such a bad idea… There’s always some ‘studious’ chick who needs to get it and they were generally good in the sack…”

You see, Tom had come into Iowa for a few days to hear his sisters recital. He figured he would wander into town a day or two early without telling any of his family he was going to be early and just see what kind of trouble (and pussy) he could get in to. None of his family was from Iowa, so he didn’t have to worry about people talking and it getting back to his family… Besides, he was 25, had been living on his own for 5 years, and could do whatever he pleased.

This night, he had wandered into a bar. His boyish good looks had been a god-send… He was 25, but could pass for a 18-20 college student with no problem. Standing at just over 6 feet tall, weighing 180 with an athletic build, short hair and sparkling blue eyes always helped him attract attention from the women… This night was no exception.

“Hi… I’m Amanda…”

“Hi, Amanda… I’m Tom… How’re you?”

“Great… I was wondering if you’d like to dance…”

Truth be told, Tom wasn’t a very good dancer… And he hated doing it… But… Girl had potential… She wasn’t a gorgeous covergirl type by any means. 5’9 long brown hair, dark eyes, probably 130 pounds… Great figure… He’d take his chances…

“Sure… Lead the way!”

As they danced and talked, he had ample opportunity to really size her up and grind against her… Dancing is erotic if it’s done right.. Lots of bumping and grinding… To make a long story short, they ended up at her apartment, in bed, naked… And he wasn’t disappointed…He really didn’t know anything about her, other than she had an incredible pair of tits… 34DD’s, which she carried well.. They were perfect on her… And she was WILD in bed…

After their marathon, as they sat in bed, Amanda trying to figure out how to keep him for a while and Tom trying to get out without hurting her feelings, Amanda said something that piqued his interest…

“I have a friend. An older woman… She’s married, has kids, but lives in Iowa by herself while she finishes her degree… Her husband is a real jerk, doesn’t trust her, always thinks she’s screwing around, which she isn’t… Anyway… Since he’s so suspicious, she’s been thinking about hooking up with someone… I mean.. She hasn’t had sex for almost 3 years… Even when her husband comes, it’s always with the kids… Or she doesn’t feel like it… ANYWAY…” She droned on and on… This woman could talk for hours and not say anything…. “She’s been asking me to keep my eyes open… See if I could find her someone who wouldn’t want a relationship, but would just hook up for a day…”

So there it was… This hot chick wants me to fuck some old woman… Great…

“She’s very concerned about having anyone recognize her… So she wants to do it here in my apartment.. But she wants to be blindfolded, and she wants the guy to be too… That way she’ll never know who it was and he won’t either…”

“This could be a nightmare” thought Tom… “But it is a pussy… Probably a tight one if it hasn’t been used for such a long time…”

“OK… I’m in…But it has to be tomorrow sometime because I’ll be meeting some friends and leaving in a couple days…”

They agreed to meet back at her apartment at 1 the next afternoon… When he knocked on the door there was some muffled voices before the door actually opened up… There was Amanda, in a robe, looking hot as ever…

“Come in.. She’s here, in the bathroom… Let me help you get naked then I’ll help you with your blindfold…”

Into the bedroom we went… Amanda was my “fluffer”… She helped me out of my clothes, and took her sweet time working around my pants and cock… Getting it all ready for action… Big and hard…

“God.. I hope I get some more of this later… It’s so big and hard…” She whispered in my ear…

With that the blindfold went on, I was positioned on the bed and told to wait… I heard some footsteps, then Amanda say “He’s here… He’s incredible… His cock is huge.. You’re going to love it…” and she giggled… The mystery woman said nothing…

I felt the two of them sit on the bed. Then felt a hand on my cock… It was nervous.. Tentative… “See?? It’s huge… I didn’t measure.. But damn.. It’s got to be at least 8 inches… have you ever had anything that big before??”

Again silence.. But the hand was moving around now… Exploring, I suppose… Rubbing the length of my cock… I felt a mouth on my cock now.. The breath warm and sexy… Tongue all over the entire cock… I had never been blindfolded before… The sensation was incredible… Amazing how when you can’t see anything everything else becomes more aware… You hear everything, feel everything… I imagined this woman, deep throating my cock and loving every inch of it… Working it in and out of her mouth… Rubbing it with her hand, swirling her tongue all over it… Sucking gently while moving her head up and down on it…

“Tom.. Sit up a second… She’s going to lay down…” With that, Amanda helped me up, and got me into position… “She wants you to play with her tits a little…” Amanda pushed my head and I felt a tit right on my face… I moved around a little to find the other with my free hand while I played gently with the one in my mouth… I sucked on the nipple.. Felt it swell up… The tits were small… I guessed maybe a 36B or so… Just enough to fit in my hand.. I sucked the nipple and flicked it with my tongue while manipulating the other breast with my hand…

I felt Amanda pull me down again and guessed I was going muff diving… There was no telling what I was going to find… What I did was nice… Hairy.. Which generally I don’t like.. But I expected it in an older woman… It tasted great and was very wet… This chick was horny! I probed her pussy gently with my tongue, sucked on her clit… Wiggled my fingers all around her pussy, slipping them in, sliding them in and out, and assaulting her pussy with my tongue…

This broad was definitely into it… She was moaning and wiggling… When she came there was no hiding it… Her pussy twitched and her body shook.. The whole time I continued to lick her snatch… Then the real prize was coming… Amanda positioned me on my knees, wrapped her hand around my prick and pushed me right into the tightest cunt I have ever had…

I worked slowly at first.. If this woman hadn’t been fucked in years, she needed to adjust to my invasion… I slipped a little at a time into her hot tight pussy… Pushing inch by inch very slowly…When I was all the way into this tight box, I started humping… She was very nervous at first… Photos http://uii.io/225e9S Just laying there letting me hump away… When I found a steady pace she got wound up though. This woman had so much pent up sexual tension she was wild… I fucked her harder and harder, making her cum almost immediately and continuously…

“Maybe she would like to ride that big love pole…” Amanda said…

Again silence.. But I pulled out, was positioned on my back again, and felt the body lower down on me… It started out slowly. I’m not sure if she had to get comfy, or just get a rhythm or what, but once she got going she went wild… Up and down on my long cock… Her pussy was clamping down on my in one long orgasm after another… I felt her lean down and was smothered by the little tits… I moved my head a little to get the nipple in my mouth… She just kept on grinding and fucking me… I finally shot a hot load into her juicy pussy… She just kept fucking me.. My cock twitching in her pussy, shooting a huge load of cum in her dripping hole… Her pussy in one last series of spasms squeezing the last drops of cum out of me…

She must have been completely worn out. As soon as she stopped grinding, she was sleeping on the bed… I rolled her over, and sat up… I wanted one last roll in the hay with Amanda… And I told her so…

She started to suck and rub my still throbbing cock…

“Come on, baby.. I want to watch you work me over…” with that, I took off the blindfold…

When I looked on the bed, I was completely shocked… I had just fucked my sister… Just dumped what seemed like a gallon of cum in her pussy… My cock went immediately limp and I had to get out of there…Amanda just figured that I had enough for one day so she wasn’t too upset that I had to get dressed and get out in a hurry…

Linda and I have remained close… The same as before our tryst… She has no idea that I was her mystery fuck… That’s a secret I’ll be taking to the grave with me…

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— Brother enjoys his unwitting sis

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