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  1. Revenge of a D&D Nerd
  2. D&D Nerd Part 2: The Reverend's Revenge

Revenge of a D&D Nerd

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Drug, Non-consensual sex

Authror: The Great Tash

Published: 26 October 2018

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Jay Dart was the best athlete our school had ever seen. He was fast. He was hot. He was everything the girls wanted. He had two kids already by the time we even started Senior year. He was the stereotypical all the guys wanted to be him, and all the girls wanted to fuck him type.

He reveled in beating me up.

Jay was 6’3, I was 5’9” on a good day. Jay was big and strong, I was short, scrawny, and gangly. I had been made fun of my whole career at Huln-Dawson School District in rural Texas. I moved in when I was in fourth grade, so it started as picking on the new kid. Then, I was only average at sports, the only thing that mattered to the townies. When I was in Seventh grade, I got caught fooling around with a friend of mine. He got a blowjob and a move out of that hell hole out of the deal. I got called every homophobic slur in the book for the rest of High School.

Jay was the ring-leader of the group of jocks that, more or less, ran things. I had one saving grace: his brother Jeremy and I played D&D together. Fantasy was one of my few respites from the constant abuse I endured. Jeremy was all of the things Jay was not. Jeremy was a late bloomer, but was fairly good looking, but he liked Sci-Fi and Fantasy too much to be cool and was not very into sports. So, starting in Ninth grade, I finally stopped getting the beat down weekly. Instead, I was mostly ignored outside of the occasional pejorative homophobic slur aimed at me, things were not bad.

Jeremy and his younger sister Mandi and a couple of other friends of ours would meet every Thursday after school and play D&D. I was a monk and loved the role of keeping mobs in control I imagine I loved that so much because that was what I was lacking in my life, control. Mandi looked like a long-haired version of Jeremy; blond hair, blue eyes, slim build, dimples, a winning smile. The only difference was, she was a girl, and she was younger so therefore smaller.

Summertime was rough on our gameplay with vacations and camps and such. So, one hot June night found Mandi, Jeremy and I playing video games in the basement instead of D&D. I was a little bummed not to get to do our normal thing, but Dr. Pepper and video games were a fair trade. About that time, Jay walked in. He looked at me and said,

“Hey faggot.”

I replied, “My name is Thomas.”

He replied, “That is okay faggot, I know your name. Guess who I am taking out tonight? That is right, it is your sister, Kara. I can’t wait to fuck her like the bitch she is. I’m going in bareback, too, so you’ll have a little bastard running around that looks just like me.” He laughed.

I was seething. Anyone could have read it on my face, but I knew the futility of going up against Jay.

“See you, fag.” He threw out as he walked out of the house.

I didn’t particularly care for my older sister, but I was still pissed at Jay. The idea of her having his kid didn’t sit well with me either. I assuredly would get to share in the late nights involved in infant care. I prayed it wouldn’t take when Jay fucked my sister. Him getting laid was a foregone conclusion, because he’d either get what he wanted, or he’d take it. Either way, I knew my sister was getting fucked that night.

Jeremy and Mandi had stayed quiet while I was accosted. I couldn’t blame them, but afterwards they went on acting like nothing had even happened. I seethed more. How could my friends not stand up for me or even comfort me after their brother just savaged my soul right there in front of them. I remained quiet and took my leave after a half hour or so.

Come the end of July, we got the news. My sister told Mom she was pregnant with Jay’s baby. I cried for a whole night distraught and insulted. The rage began to build in me. I had to formulate a plan. I had to have my revenge finally and once for all against Jay. Dad was out of the picture, but my Dad’s father lived in town and was sort of a hermit, a mystery. Mom rarely took us to see him and he didn’t make it his business to see us. I knew he could help me.

“Grandpa, good to see you.” I said.

“What do you want, scamp?” he eyed me cautiously. “You wouldn’t come over for nothing, so talk.”

I spilled. I told him everything. The abuse, the name calling, how my friends wouldn’t stand up for me. How my sister got knocked up by my worst enemy.

“Son, you got a problem.” I thought to myself “obviously Gramps. Thanks.”

He arose and motioned for me to follow him down into his basement. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Every square inch of the basement was covered in pornography. Stuff I had never seen. Stuff I could never imagine. Stuff that I’m pretty sure was illegal. There was a bed, a wardrobe, and a chest of drawers. He pulled out a drawer and handed me a tin of mints.

I looked at him incredulously. He said to me, “Stow it, son, you’re practically an adult now. We’re going to get revenge the Walker way. I had four sons. Only your Daddy was from a loving marriage. The other three? Girls connected to people who tried to fuck me over, so I fucked their girlfriends or sisters. In fact, I’m the product of my Daddy revenge fucking the girlfriend of his best friend. You’re going to slip these pills into his sister’s drink and you’re going to fuck the shit out of her and bust a nut in her. That fucker will learn.”

I said, “Grandpa, won’t she just get an abortion?”

Grandpa said, “Use your damned head son, her Daddy is the Baptist minister. Jay’s already got 2 little bastards. They don’t get abortions, or they would’ve paid for one for Jay’s whores he fucked.”

I took my leave. I had an ethical dilemma on my hands. Jeremy and Mandi were my friends, but they hadn’t stood up for me against Jay. I was angry, but would it be right to take such a severe revenge? There was a second issue, I had only ever had sex with other boys. It wasn’t like I was purely gay, I thought I might be bi, but I had no experience with a vagina at all. No girl at the school would even begin to consider dating me. Third was logistics. I wasn’t sure how I could work things out. I kept the pills with me as I considered my plan.

August rolled around, and it was my turn to host D&D. Once again, it was just Mandi, Jeremy, and me again. We played video games again. After about twenty minutes, I asked them if they wanted anything to drink. I had decided to put my Grandpa’s plan in motion. I spiked both drinks, gave them to them, and waited for the effects to kick in.

Both Jeremy and Mandi were out after about fifteen minutes. Cold. I checked a couple of times, clapped my hands, got no response but a snore out of Jeremy. I grabbed the bottle of lube I took out of Mom’s bathroom. I had read that it might help if Mandi was a virgin or wasn’t wet. I took my clothes off. Mandi was wearing some short athletic shorts over her pink panties. They came off in no time. I rolled her over. I applied the lube to both of us. Her pussy was hairless, which I liked. From watching porn, I had expected the lips to be more pronounced, she was pretty flat. My dick isn’t huge, but it gets the job done, I’m not entirely unfortunate in that area. My heart was pounding. My cock was harder than I had ever been. I lined myself up to her gates and… I came. The head of my cock barely contacted her pussy and I came all over her. I was pissed. All of this set up and this was all I could manage? I pushed my cock in a bit, but it just kept shrinking. I thought I surely had gotten some of my seed in. I sat down on the couch to see if I could get it back up.

After jacking off for a bit, I got my camera and I went over to Jeremy. I had always wondered what it would be like to suck him off. I pulled his dick out of shorts. I put my mouth on him. He didn’t move. I sucked his dick to a semi. Then I got a good angle and got his dick and face in a picture. Then, I pulled his shorts down. I was beginning to get hard, so I lubed myself up and slipped into his ass. I used the tripod I had to make sure I got photos of Jeremy getting fucked that he couldn’t deny. I was getting close, so I decided to stop. I got my towel, wiped off my dick, re-lubed, and went over to Mandi.

Mandi looked beautiful. I almost felt bad for what I was about to do. I lined up and pushed in. I felt a slight resistance. I assume it was her hymen. I backed up, focused my pressure to my dick, and I pushed. It felt amazing. I was really in a girl for the first time! I shot a few pictures and then I focused on finishing. After a couple of minutes I could feel it building and then, boom! I had my orgasm. It was as large as the first one, but it was entirely inside her!

A couple of months later it became clear that something was going on with Mandi. Eventually, Jeremy and she figured out that the only place she could have been messed with was my house where they had inexplicably fallen asleep. Her Dad met with my Mom. He said he wanted to talk to us before he went to the cops.

“You’re going to be in a lot of trouble, son.” Reverend Dart said. “You raped my daughter.”

My Mom said, “Now, now, Reverend, how can we be sure.”

I stopped her. I threw an envelope on the table. Reverend Dart pulled the pictures out.

“Reverend, Jay tormented me for a long time. It stops now, and I’m not going to jail for anything. Because if anyone ever hears about it, these pictures will be plastered all over the internet.”

The Reverend rose, tipped his hat to my Mom, glared at me, and walked out. Mandi named our son Thomas. He is now six and in First Grade.

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Revenge of a D&D Nerd

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Comments (1)
The Great Tash27 October 2018 14:43
If you vote negative please, please leave constructive feedback. I’m trying to get better!
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