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Mom completely falls for son

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: Andrejp2018

Published: 26 October 2018

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It was nearing the end of the summer holidays and Jimmy was bored. He was shooting hoops in the back yard alone. All his friends were on vacation with parents or off to camp and the rest he had seen too much of already! His mom had been divorced from his dad for 5 years and she worked as a hairdresser in town. They didn't have much money and couldn't afford vacations. He had just turned 18 and had begun to look for part-time work that he could carry on with when he went to college. He wasn't having much luck though. He had spent the last couple of days very productively, namely, jacking off to nearly all the pictures in the July 1960 issue of 'Playful Bunnies'. Ok it was a couple of years out of date but who cared about that – dolls were dolls! His friend, Larry had lent it to him, and he was very glad he had! Now, however, it was the weekend which meant his mom was at home and he didn't want her catching him with his pecker out. Or did he?

He had been having weird feelings lately which he put down to being 'a growing boy'. This was his mom's answer to all of his problems. He had broken up with the girl he had been going out with a few weeks ago. She had been a bit prudish about screwing him and he hadn't really enjoyed it. He wanted something wild and dirty. He had thought that she and her friends were childish and stupid and he found more and more that it was the housewives around the neighbourhood with their matronly curves that were attracting his attention. He bet they knew how to screw!

In fact it was his mom more than anyone else recently that had been turning him on. He kept stealing glimpses of her from his bedroom as she wandered from the bathroom to her room, in the mornings and at night, when she wore nothing but her white cotton bra and her panty girdle. Her breasts were full and soft and he longed to squeeze them in his hands. Her stomach and ass were curved and rounded, despite the girdle and he dreamt about rolling it of her hips and over her thighs. Watching her always got him hard and he imagined what it would be like to touch her. The sound of his mom's voice interrupted his daydreaming.

'Jimmy? Jimmy! Get in here and give me a hand will ya?

'Ok, Mom, Just a minute!'

Jimmy sighed, lobbed the ball to the back of the yard and adjusted his pants to hide his hard on.

Sally was in the living room putting dust sheets over the furniture. The room badly needed painted and this weekend she planned to at least begin it. She wished she could afford to get someone in to do it but money was too tight. She was glad she had gotten rid of that creep her husband, but she sure did miss having a man around the house to help with the odd jobs and such. There were other things she missed about having a man in her life but she tried not to let herself think about that. At night she often lay in bed, a hand between her legs, rubbing herself to climax and wishing that something warm and hard was thrusting inside her. But apart from a couple of guys she had dated briefly, she hadn't had proper sex for years.

She had changed into an old shirt that she had ripped the sleeves out off and a pair of cut off shorts – it was a warm day and decorating was warm work. As she climbed the ladder to dust the corners she wished she had left her girdle off too but some habits are difficult to break, she wouldn't have been seen dead without it, not like some of these young floozies you saw walking around. She was 41 and had worn a panty girdle all her adult life, she would probably die with it on too, she laughed to herself.

As Jimmy entered the living room he saw his mom's shapely ass make its way up the old wooden ladder. He felt his cock twitch in his pants and began to regret the abuse he had given himself lately – he seemed to have a permanent boner.

'What do you want me to do, mom?' he asked.

'Oh there you are! Hold this ladder steady while I dust round these corners, hon.'

Jimmy stood at the bottom of the ladders and put a foot on the bottom rung and his hands at each side. He tried to keep his eyes down because whenever he looked up he was greeted by that vision of his mom's ass and every now and again as she moved her shorts rode up and he could see her underwear. It made him wish once more that he could take her underwear off and see what was in there! When they had worked they're way around the room his mom began to climb back down the ladder for the last time.

'Thanks, Sweetie! That was great. You can go back outside now if you want.'

Jimmy was just about to answer an ok when his mom missed her footing and she started to slip off the ladder. He instinctively put his arms up and around her to break her fall. They landed on the floor, Jimmy on his back with his mom on her back on top of him and both his hands were clamped around her breasts. They lay stunned for a second then Sally realised the position they had landed in and made to move off her son. Jimmy couldn't believe his luck! He gripped her breasts tighter.

'Jimmy! I'm ok! I must be hurting you let me up!'

But Jimmy just squeezed her breasts harder. The feeling of his hands on her breasts was having an unwanted effect on her – she could feel her nipples harden at the touch. Her tits hadn't been squeezed like that in a long time.

'Jimmy...?' she began

'Oh, mom. Your tits feel so nice – all squishy and soft,' Jimmy whispered.

'Jimmy let me up this minute! Just what do you think you are doing?' Sally struggled with all her might to be free – she hadn't realised just how strong Jimmy had grown. As she struggled, the buttons on the old worn shirt ripped open and she freed herself by slipping the shirt off. She crossed her arms over her bra covered breasts and looked down at her son as he lay on the floor giggling, with her shirt in his hands. Sally found the sight so funny that she started laughing too. She knelt down beside him and started tickling him.

'What the hell happened there, Jimmy?' she asked.

'I dunno, mom,' Jimmy said in between laughs, 'but is sure was funny!'

'Ok, young man, give me my shirt. I have work to do.'

Jimmy sat up but held on to the shirt. He started picking at the fraying edges at the armholes.

'Mom, I want to touch your breasts again.'

He dropped the shirt and cupped both of his mom's breasts in his hands. Sally gasped in surprise. Without the shirt he could feel her hard nipples even better.

'Jimmy! Stop it!' Sally shouted but it only made him grab her tits tighter. Oh god, she thought. She loved it when a man squeezed her tits hard. 'Oh, Jimmy you shouldn't be doing that!'

'But, mom, I want to. Here feel.' Jimmy removed one of his hands from her breasts and took one of her hands and placed it over the bulge in the crotch of his pants. He was rock hard – she could feel his hardness clearly. She gave a groan.

'Oh, Sweetie, stop it! You have no idea what you are doing to me!'

'Let me play with your tits, mom. Just let me do that please?' He said as he began squeezing them again.

Sally was flooded with all sorts of different emotions. She felt the heat in her nipples and the desire growing between her legs but she was also burning with the shame of what she was doing. She felt Jimmy's hand go inside her bra and lift one breast out of it cotton cup and he did the same with the other. He gently stroked her large breasts and pulled on her erect nipples, marvelling at the warm, pliable flesh and the hard, rosy buds puckered at the tip of each soft globe. Sally could not resist and she moaned and arched her back. He leant forward and began suckling one of her nipples, rolling his tongue around it. He did the same to her other one. His cock was throbbing and he wondered what was going on beneath his mom's shorts and underwear. He moved one of his hands to his mom's thigh and began inching his way up it. He was inside the leg of her shorts and could feel the tight elastic of her girdle when she suddenly broke away from him, stood up and ran upstairs.

Sally went into her room and sat on the bed with her head in her hands. What am I doing? she asked herself. But the memory of Jimmy's mouth on her nipples, sucking and pulling, brought a flood of wetness oozing from her pussy. Just then Jimmy came in and knelt in front of her and put his arms around her.

'Its ok, mom.' He said, 'We aren't doing anything wrong. You are beautiful; I can't help but want you. I am so horny for you, mom.' He unzipped his fly and pulled down his pants and boxers revealing his not unsubstantial erect manhood, 'Look what you have done to me!'

Sally stared at his blood engorged penis. It wasn't much bigger than his fathers but it was thicker, more ridged. Oh, how her pussy ached to feel a man inside her again.

'Let me fuck you mom!'

His words were like a slap in the face and she shook her head.

'No, Jimmy. I can't allow it!'

'Do something, mom! Look at me – I need your touch.'

She could see how aroused he was; the fact that it was her that had caused it gave her a strange thrill.

'Ok, Jimmy I will stroke you till you cum but that's all!'

'Ok, mom but let me see you naked – please let me see your pussy as I cum!'

Before Sally could answer, Jimmy had shrugged his clothes from his feet and pushed her back on the bed. She felt his hands at the fastening of her shorts and he pulled them off. Her tits were still exposed and Jimmy pulled the straps of her bra down to loosen them more. Then he began to pull at her panty girdle. It was tight and un-giving and he struggled to move it an inch. Sally had her eyes closed and was gripping the bed clothes tightly with both hands.

'Mom, please take it off!' Jimmy pleaded.

Sally lifted her ass off the bed and began to roll the girdle over her hips then pulled it down over her thighs. Jimmy grabbed it and pulled it all the way off – he also grabbed her panties and threw them to the floor too.

'Let me see, mom! Let me see your pussy!'

Sally opened her legs and Jimmy drank in the sight of her pussy with its dark, curly hairs glistening with her wetness. He saw her pink inner lips and hard clit also glistening and peeping through the hairs. Seeing her like that spread a fire from his belly deep into his balls. He grabbed his mom's legs and moved her onto the bed fully and straddled her stomach.

'Jimmy!' Sally shouted.

'Its ok, mom! Just stroke me. Let me cum on you!'

Sally grabbed Jimmy's cock in her hand and began to slowly wank him, hoping that by making him cum they would both calm down and get over this situation. Jimmy's cock head was wet and gleaming with pre cum and he groaned as his mom's experienced hand worked him. Photos http://uii.io/s3pi8U He couldn't believe it – he had his mom naked, lying underneath him and jerking him off! Oh but he wanted more! He wanted to feel his dick push into her hairy pussy, wanted to fuck her till they both came! He leant back and with a hand found his mom's slit. It was warm and swollen and his fingers slithered in its delicious wetness. He moved his fingers around her pussy, rubbing her clit and eventually thrusting two fingers inside his mom's juicy cunt, thrusting in and out.

'No Jimmy! Don't do that, please!' Sally moaned.

Sally was afraid that she was going to cum. Years of sexual frustrations were making her weak and Jimmy was driving her wild. He was so hot and eager. Her son's fingers inside her were bringing her close to climax and she felt the need to cum but the shame of her desire was holding her back.

'Jimmy we have to stop!' Sally whimpered.

But Jimmy was not about to stop now. He had his mom wet and squirming for him and he was going to fuck her.

'Mom, I want to fuck you. Want to fuck a real woman not some prissy girl!'

Jimmy moved himself between his mom's legs and began to rub the end of his cock up and down her slit.

'Jimmy! No! No!'

He rubbed her clit with his dick and brought the tip of it to her soaking wet hole.

'Yes, mom! Yes! I want you!'

He pushed the first inch of his cock inside her and they both groaned.

'Oh, Jimmy! Stop! Oh, God! We need a condom, Jimmy! Oooooooh!'

Jimmy thrust his full, thick 6" cock deep into his mom's cunt. He stayed still for a moment feeling her pussy walls enclose his dick, feeling her squirm on it.

'I don't care about a condom mom! I'm gonna fuck you now!'

He began to move his cock in and out of her. His young, athletic body pumped her with all the vigour he could muster. He grabbed her tits as he fucked her hard, pushing her hips into the bed. The bed creaked and rocked with the force. Sally completely surrendered to him.

'Oh that's it baby! Yes! Oh fuck mommy, baby! Yeeeeeeeessssssssssss!'

She could feel her orgasm building, getting closer and closer. His shaft was rubbing her clit and his cock was pounding inside her. He could feel his balls tense and knew he was going to shoot inside her any minute. As her climax shook her, she screamed with the pleasure and her body shook and quivered around his cock. He let himself go then and came harder than he ever had and shot spurt after sticky spurt of his cum inside his mom. He fell on top of her and they lay there for a minute, panting.

'Let me up, Jimmy.'

He didn't answer.

'Let me up now!' Sally pushed him up and he was too weak from his orgasm to argue.

Sally went into the bathroom and closed the door. Jimmy lay with a huge smile on his face! His mom was hot! He wanted to fuck her again! After a while Sally did not emerge from the bathroom so Jimmy went to find her. He opened the door and saw her standing naked in the bath holding a bag of fluid above her head. There was a tube attached to the bag and Jimmy saw that it was inserted in her pussy. Fluid was gushing out her pussy and down her legs, over her feet and into the bath.

'Mom? What are you doing?' Jimmy asked, confused.

'I have to flush all your cum out baby. We didn't use a condom. You don't want me to get pregnant do you?'

Jimmy supposed not so he shook his head and just carried on watching. He was intrigued by the apparatus she was using. He began playing with her tits as she administered the douche. His cock began to harden again. A strange feeling gripped his ass. He felt his ass hole pucker and relax at the thought of that tube up there and all that water gushing out! Mmmmm! When she had finished he was going to ask her to do something for him and he was sure she would say yes.

'Jimmy you are getting us all excited again!'

'I know mom.'

Sally looked his growing penis and knew she wanted to take it in her mouth feel it inside her, feel her son pounding her again.

'Well go get some condoms and we'll do it all over!' Sally said.

'Yes, Mom!' and Jimmy ran all the way to the store.

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Mom completely falls for son

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