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  1. Agent of Lilith: Chapter 1
  2. Agent of Lilith: Chapter 2
  3. Agent of Lilith: Chapter 3
  4. Agent of Lilith: Chapter 4

Agent of Lilith: Chapter 1

Categories Fiction, Body modification, Male / Female

Authror: Eupatrid

Published: 26 October 2018

  • Font:

"Oh god, yes! Fuck me, James!" the nameless woman cried out, "I'm so close! Ohhh fuck yes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming for you!" The ebony beauty riding James' cock closed her eyes as she was overcome with glorious ecstasy. James' bed squeaked beneath the couple as the woman continued to bounce on his dick. The walls of her tight pussy clamped down hard on her lover, pushing him over the edge as well. James groaned as he felt his own orgasm growing within him. "Ahh fuck," he said, "I'm gonna-"


James Marshall awoke with a jolt. Reaching for his phone, he fumbled with it a bit before managing to turn off the alarm. Narrow beams of light cascaded into his bedroom from behind the window blinds. Fully awake now, James let out a deep sigh before sitting up in bed. He looked over at the empty space next to him; he was alone. He hadn't expected anything different, but he had hoped nonetheless that one of the beautiful seductresses who had visited him in his dreams would be there in his bed when he woke up.

James adjusted his stiff erection within his boxers, threw the covers off him, and rolled out of bed. As he did, he reflected on that night's dream, the details of which were already being forgotten – as is so often the case with dreams. It felt so real… she felt so real. The dark-skinned vixen was only the most recent woman with whom James had shared his dream bed. The first dream occurred about a week before, in which he made sensual love with a busty blonde. Then it was the timid redhead, followed by the petite Asian, then finally James' most recent companion – his mysterious ebony lover.

James shook his head and stretched before grabbing a towel from the pile of clean laundry that cluttered the floor of his bedroom. As he shuffled groggily toward the bathroom, his thoughts continued to dwell on his nocturnal fantasies. James had had sex dreams before, but none so vivid as this, and never so frequent. What really frustrated him was that he always awoke before climaxing, leaving him unsatisfied and usually forcing him to jerk off in the shower. It had been about a year since James' messy break-up with his long-time girlfriend, Rachel, and while he was certainly getting lonely and horny, he didn't understand why that resulted in the mental torture of repeated nocturnal stimulation and denial.

James entered his bathroom and started the hot water running before turning to the mirror and staring at himself. Tired brown eyes stared back. His complexion was fair, his brown hair short and messy. Like the day before and the day before, James didn't have the energy or motivation to shave, so dark stubble continued to dominate his jawline. James used to take pride in his appearance, but he hadn't worked out in some time and had put on a few pounds, developing what women refer to as "the dad bod." As the glass began to fog up, James peeled off his boxers and stepped into the shower. Reveling in the warm spray, James relieved the morning's frustrations while conjuring images in his head of the beautiful maidens that his more sexually active dream-self had bedded.

Ten minutes later, James was scarfing down a light breakfast as he packed his backpack for the day's classes. His roommates were nowhere to be seen, so he completed his morning ritual in silent solitude before heading out the door. James was in his second year at college. After living in the dorms his first year, he and a couple friends decided to rent a house off-campus. It was more affordable, and he enjoyed the additional freedom it allowed. The commute wasn't too long either, and less than an hour after waking up, James was seated in his first class of the day: History.

While the subject was interesting, and he normally enjoyed learning about ancient civilizations and cultures, he was in a bad mood this morning and couldn't get out of his own head-space long enough to learn anything. This didn't particularly worry James though; his grades were good, and he knew his professors liked him. James' next two classes – Sociology and Physics – were mind-numbingly boring and he only managed to stay awake in the latter thanks to his friend and lab partner, Jessica. After a trip to the campus cafeteria, where he ate alone, James headed to his last class, Composition. He had an easier time staying awake in this class, partially because he needed to focus on the paper he was peer-reviewing, but mostly because of his professor, Dr. Sharp. What a fox. Katherine Sharp was an auburn-haired goddess with a killer body, and James struggled to keep his eyes on his paper and off her long legs.

Eventually class wrapped up and James went to the library to study for a few hours before heading to his part-time job at the coffee shop around the corner. His shift was long and grueling, and by the time he arrived home that evening, James was exhausted and ready to crawl in bed. He had survived work only by looking forward to a good night's sleep and a potential visit from the women of his dreams. It wasn't long after his head touched the pillow that James drifted off to sleep, and to a dream unlike any other.

James stood in a vast throne room. He was wearing only the boxers he had worn to bed. Looking around at the room, it seemed to go on forever in every direction, with no visible walls. Around him, enormous golden pillars rose from the ground, towering over James and piercing the clouds overhead. Beneath his bare feet an enormous tile mosaic stretched out, depicting images of human sexuality, covering the entirety of the floor of this strange dimension. Before James was a great throne atop a dais, made of marble and gold, and flanked by two tall golden braziers, from which sweet-smelling smoke wafted. The throne was nearly as impressive as the woman who lounged upon it.

Her bronze skin was utterly flawless, and it was all on display; the woman was completely naked. James was enraptured by her beauty, unable to take his eyes off her perfect form. The woman watched James with keen and intelligent eyes, piercing blue staring into his own wide, brown eyes. Her angular face could have been carved from stone, but James knew of no human artist who could create such a work of art. The woman's face was framed by long, voluptuous, black hair. Rising from her hair were two horns, the same color as her skin, that curved forward slightly. Her large breasts defied gravity, jutting out proudly from her chest. A pair of wings furled close behind her could be seen over her shoulders. Her flat stomach led down to wide hips. Her shapely legs were crossed, concealing the treasure between them. Those long legs ended in cloven hooves, and from behind her back a thin pointed tail protruded, flicking lazily in the air.

James was frozen, his gaze affixed to the woman's body. Despite the bizarre situation, his body reacted to the beauty before him. His cock stirred. Goosebumps covered his skin. His throat felt dry and he gulped audibly. James knew he must be dreaming, so he forced himself to relax, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, the woman had risen from her throne and began making her way down the steps of the dais, toward James. She said nothing, but approached him slowly, sauntering seductively. Her hips swayed rhythmically as she walked, her head held high, her stunning eyes never leaving his.

James knew this woman was dangerous. He knew, even if this was all a dream, that a reasonable person would not wait to be greeted by the mortal peril this inhuman beauty represented. He knew all that. But even still, he could not make himself back away, he could not take his eyes off hers, and he could not escape. So James stood, bracing himself, as the woman stopped in front of him, leaving only a foot of space between them. At this distance, James could truly appreciate her otherworldly allure, and her height; the woman was around a foot taller than James. A charming smile formed on her full lips, and James felt himself drawn inexorably toward her. His body responded to her silent call against his will. His cock harder than he ever imagined possible, his hands shaking involuntarily, he raised one foot and began to step closer to the enchantress.

"NO!" James suddenly shouted, exercising a force of will he was unaware he possessed. He slammed his foot back down and even managed to take a shaky step away from the demoness. The woman raised a single perfectly-shaped eyebrow in surprised amusement, before stretching out a hand toward James, beckoning him to her. Her lips parted, and a voice like a thousand songs rang out: "Come." James felt like he was on fire, it hurt so much to resist her. But he would not lose his soul to this villain so easily. He took another step back, and spoke firmly through clenched teeth, "No."

The woman dropped her hand, and a look of legitimate shock flickered momentarily across her alluring visage. "Hahaha!" she laughed, a melodic and attractive sound that echoed through the endless hall. James felt the painful compulsion to go to her end and he relaxed ever so slightly, though remaining on his guard. The woman wiped a single tear away from her eye with a delicate finger. She smiled at James with genuine mirth. "Very well, James Marshall. We shall do this the hard way." With that, she turned and walked back to the dais, climbing the steps and reclining again on her throne. As she walked, James couldn't help but stare at her round ass and hairless pussy.

"Come now," the woman said, "I won't bite. I just want to talk." Despite the danger he knew he was in just moments before, James couldn't help but believe the woman's words; he took a few steps toward her as he spoke, trying to sound braver than he felt, "Who are you? What is this place?"

The woman flashed her smile again, and James felt his knees weaken. She spoke with an air of authority and regality, proudly proclaiming, "I am Lilith, and you are a guest in my realm, the Temple of Venus."

"What is it that you want with me?" James replied.

Lilith shifted on her throne as she spoke, crossing her legs and flashing James all in one fluid motion. "I wish to extend to you, James Marshal, an offer. Serve me. Become my agent."

James stared incredulously, processing her words. "…Your what?"

Lilith smiled and stood, "My agent." The demoness descended from the dais and moved again toward James. "You've impressed me with your mind, your will, and your lust. A man like you would serve me well. What say you?" As she spoke these last words, she stopped before James. This time however, James felt no supernatural compulsion to move toward her or answer her; she was giving him a choice.

"Why would I want to be your servant?" the college student asked. "Why would I willingly enter into an agreement with a demon? I'm in no rush to lose my eternal soul."

"It's not your soul I desire, but your services," replied Lilith, " Forget any stories or myths you've heard about demons, James. Because they don't apply to me. I need you because you can go places I cannot, interact with mortals in ways I cannot. Become my agent, and you will be rewarded."

James took a small step back. "I don't get it… why me?"

Lilith took a small step forward. "Because you have the potential to become my right hand. And as I said, you've impressed me."

James stared up into the woman's captivating gaze, considering her words before responding. "What 'services' would you require? And what rewards would I receive?"

Lilith grinned. "I'm so glad you asked." Lilith gestured around her as she spoke, "This temple is beautiful, but it is insignificant compared to the grandeur of Earth. You see, I'm unable to leave this realm. If you agree to become my agent, you would be my representative on Earth, carrying out my will among the mortals." At this, James furrowed his brow, imaging cities burning, and bodies piled high. "Oh, don't worry, child; I'm not interested in whatever dark deeds you think me capable of. I merely require energy to sustain myself and this realm, energy you will gather in my stead."

James wasn't sure how he felt about being a demon's errand boy, but his interest was piqued. "And in exchange?"

"Haha!" Lilith laughed, the sound sending shivers through James' body, "I can see I have your attention now. Don't worry, you will be rewarded generously. With power and influence, should you desire it. With wealth and glory, should you need it. And with immortality, should you earn it." Lilith took a step closer, eliminating the distance between the two. "What say you?" She was so close now, James could smell her intoxicating scent. He could feel the power in her words, and he sensed she spoke the truth. His head spun as he contemplated Lilith's offer, weighing the pros and cons of literally selling his soul.

Lilith must have sensed his confliction and unease, for she spoke again soothingly, "Come now, James. I know what you've been through. I know you have lived without purpose, without joy. It doesn't have to be that way. Those women in your dreams can be real. You can have them… and so much more." She said the last four words slowly as she inched closer and closer to James, until he could feel her breath on his ear.

This snapped James out of his reverie. He turned his head toward the demoness, locking eyes, their faces a hair's breadth apart. He spoke softly and with certainty. "Deal."

The temple darkened, as if the sun beyond the clouds had been extinguished. Lilith's wings spread to their full width, the ensuing gust of wind snuffing out the remaining light from the braziers and blowing away the sweet-smelling smoke. Lilith's eyes turned blood red. Still, James did not back down. The two continued their silent, motionless dance, gazing into each other's eyes – into each other's souls. The moment seemed to stretch into a lifetime. Finally, Lilith pushed forward, thrusting her lips onto James'. He accepted her, and she him. Lips locked, the world dark and motionless around them, the two sealed their pact in a passionate kiss.

When at last they drew apart, Lilith's eyes had turned back to blue, and the great throne room was once again filled with golden light. Drawing her wings back to her, she spoke. "It is done, our fates are now intertwined. Mistress and servant are one."

James caught his breath before he spoke, "That's it? That wasn't so bad. You said this was 'the hard way.'"

Lilith smiled mischievously, putting a hand to James' cheek, "That was the hard way. Far less entertaining. I had planned to just fuck you into submission before sealing the pact. But you wanted to talk it out first." Her hand fell, caressing James' chest and moving farther down his body.

James thought his head might explode. "Wait, what? Is that still on the table?"

Lilith chuckled lightly before tracing one finger along the outline of his hard cock, still restrained by boxers. "Perhaps another time… for now, you had better get to class."

"Class? Wait! Oh, no. God da-" James was cut off as the golden realm disappeared around him and he was forced into consciousness, his mistress' smile the last thing he saw before waking up.

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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 1

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Comments (8)
forester57 — 26 October 2018 16:50
Really enjoyed the story. Interesting to see where this goes. Looking forward to chapter 2.
Eupatrid27 October 2018 23:48
Thanks for the support. Chapter 2 should be up shortly.
Raul Watkins — 27 October 2018 22:14
Great story! More
BashfulScribe — 28 October 2018 04:54
A little short for my tastes, but the criticism begins and ends there for your first story. Great work with building atmosphere, making unique characters, drawing me in to want more... I'm looking forward to more writing from you.
bisara — 28 October 2018 02:05
Most enjoyable. looking forward to the next episode.
PABLO DIABLO — 28 October 2018 05:42
Nice introduction to your story. Looking forward to the next chapter.
DBuck — 28 October 2018 10:08
Great start. Can't wait for the next chapter.
syeed913 — 29 October 2018 22:44
OK you got me, please don't make me wait toooo long. Very nice build up, your deion of the characters and places are vivid and I can see them in my minds eye. A mark of good writing.
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