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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 2

Categories Fiction, Bi-sexual, Body modification, Male / Female

Author: Eupatrid

Published: 29 October 2018

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James stared at the ceiling of his bedroom. "That was the weirdest dream yet," he muttered to himself, recalling the vivid colors of the beautiful temple and its lone occupant. Reaching across to his nightstand, he grabbed his phone and checked the time: 8:29, one minute before his alarm was set to go off. "Cruel fate," he scoffed, turning his alarm off and climbing out of bed.

Immediately, James knew something was different. The tightness in his shorts was nothing new, he had morning wood most days. No, that wasn't what was strange; what was strange was the shocking size of his erection. Pulling his boxers down to get a better look at the python in his pants, he was amazed to find that his cock had grown overnight, from an unremarkable 5 ½ inches to a formidable 8 ½. Wrapping a hand around his impressive girth, James found that his dick wasn't the only thing that had changed. His arms were slightly bigger, no mistaking it. Letting go of his dick, James stared at his arms, clenching and unclenching his fists. His forearms looked strong and vascular, and the muscles of his upper arms swelled powerfully beneath tight skin.

"Holy shit," James spoke aloud, "that was no dream…" Nearly tripping, his boxers still around his ankles, James stumbled hurriedly toward the bathroom that connected to his room. Standing before the mirror, James found himself staring at the reflection of an Adonis. Even when he had worked out regularly, James had never looked this good. Strong shoulders, muscular pecs, and defined abs… James barely recognized his own body. The legs his new and improved member hung between were also more muscular. Moreover, he seemed to have grown several inches in height; he would have towered over his old self. As he was now, James guessed he was at least 6'3". Moving up to his face, he found that any trace of fat in his neck or cheeks was gone. His face was still his, just more chiseled, more handsome. His strong nose and defined jaw gave him a more rugged look when paired with his three-day stubble. For a split-second, he thought he saw a flash of red in his eyes, but when he blinked it was gone.

Admiring his attractive new body, James thought to himself, "Thanks, Lilith." He nearly jumped out of his skin when a sensuous voice answered back in his head "You're very welcome."

Surprise painted on his face, he spoke out loud, "M-mistress?"

"Think, don't speak, James." Lilith's voice echoed through his mind again.

James gulped then focused his thoughts, directing them toward his unseen mistress, "Right… you surprised me. I guess last night's dream was real, then?"

"Oh my, yes. Quite real," Lilith responded, "Why? Do you regret our pact already?"

The serious tone in the demoness' voice (thoughts?) was not lost on James. "No! Not at all. I'm just a little taken aback… So, uh, you can read my mind?"

"Not quite," answered the feminine voice, "I can hear your thoughts when they are directed toward me, and vice versa. Though, telepathy does put strain on the mind, so let's not make a habit of it. Contact me in this way only to report on matters of importance, or in an emergency. Understood?"

"Yes, mistress." James responded dutifully.

"Good. Now, how do you like the changes I made?" asked Lilith.

James turned to look himself over in the mirror again. "It's amazing; I look incredible. You did all this?"

A light chuckle rang out in James' head. He could imagine Lilith's gorgeous smile. "Don't be so humble. The potential was all there, I just brought it out. You are very handsome, James." said Lilith, emphasizing the word 'very.' "Consider the equipment upgrade a gift, though. I trust you'll put it to good use."

James felt himself blush a bit. He was astonished by the effect this woman had on him, and he wondered if that would ever change. "Thank you, mistress. Won't my new appearance be hard to explain to people who know me, though?"

"Don't worry about that," the demoness responded, "I've made sure that your appearance will be perceived as normal to others."

"Oh, well alright then," said James, "What now?"

"Now you live your life. Go through the day as you would otherwise; we'll speak again later, in your dreams." No sooner had Lilith spoken the last word, then James felt the psychic connection break. Alone with his thoughts again, James immediately felt the mental strain his mistress had spoken of, and he had to brace himself on the countertop as a painful headache began to throb in his skull.

Recomposing himself and shaking off his fatigue, James stepped into the shower. As the water soothed him, his mind lingered on his mistress, the lascivious Lilith. What more did she have planned for him? While he was now bound to her as her agent, and he had no intention of betraying her, he wondered what exactly was to be the nature of their relationship. He resolved himself to ask her directly when they met next.

As he considered the demoness, James could not help but conjure an image of her in his mind… her shimmering eyes, her full lips and mischievous smile, her perfect skin and sensual curves. James' hand moved down to his rapidly growing cock, to which he now gave his full attention. He ran his fingers slowly up and down his length, delighting in the feeling of his new tool in his hand, before running his thumb over the head in a slow circular motion. James gasped at the pleasure, amazed by the improved sensitivity. He grasped his shaft, now fully erect, firmly in his hand. He began to stroke himself, slowly at first, while his other hand cupped and massaged his large balls.

He imagined it was Lilith's hands that were pleasuring him, his own hands occupied with her aching sex, rubbing her tender folds, toying with her sensitive clit, and pressuring her in all the right places. He imagined her soft breasts pressed against him as she fondled him, her hard nipples rubbing against his strong, broad chest. He imagined their lips locked, their tongues dancing, as they moaned into each other's mouths.

James groaned as his pleasure grew and he picked up the pace, jacking himself off faster and faster. The hot water from overhead massaged his neck and shoulders as he continued to stroke himself. His ecstasy mounting, he let go of his balls and used that hand to support himself, leaning against the shower wall, lest he collapse from sheer pleasure. Focusing entirely on his cock, James stroked himself vigorously; long and slow, then quick pumps, all while picturing his beautiful mistress and the things he would do to her. "Fuuuck," he moaned, as the pressure built, and he pushed himself over the edge. James threw his head back and groaned in bliss as he came, shooting his powerful load against the tiled shower wall. It was all he could do to remain standing in the aftermath of such earth-shattering pleasure.

If this was only a taste of the joys that Lilith could offer him, then James could not wait to see what else she had in store. He cleaned himself off and finished his shower before eating a hasty breakfast, preparing for class, and heading out the door. This took longer than usual, as he had to stop to admire his reflection quite often. Due to his busy and exciting morning, James found himself arriving a few minutes late to his only class of the day.

He tried to sneak into Speech class as quietly as possible, hoping the professor wouldn't have noticed his tardiness. But Professor Lopez caught him in the act. The scrawny old woman called out to James, "You're late, Mr. Marshall. In my gradebook, tardiness is the same as absence," the crone's eyes roamed over James' muscular body as she paused, "But I'll make an exception just this once; come see me after class. Now, please take your seat."

"R-right, thanks…" James stammered quietly as he moved along the perimeter of the class, all eyes on him, before taking his regular seat in the back corner. Lindsay, the cute freshman with whom James shared a table, straightened as he sat down next to her, tucking her glossy brown hair behind her ear. Normally the two had very little interaction, but this morning Lindsay whispered to James, "Did you get a new bodywash or something?"

James was taken aback by the brunette's forwardness. He responded quietly, "Uh, no. Why?"

The freshman fidgeted a bit in her seat, "No reason," she answered, keeping her eyes forward, but turning slightly to meet James' gaze when she spoke again, blushing as she did, "You just smell nice."

James was shocked, and Lindsay turned back toward the professor and the lecture before he could respond. The two didn't talk for the remainder of the class, but James occasionally caught the cute coed sneaking glances in his direction, all while playing with her hair or straightening her blouse. When class ended, Lindsay offered him a shy "Well, see you later, James," before hurrying off. James was so distracted with his thoughts that he forgot entirely about Professor Lopez. He was nearly out the door when her quiet "Ahem," brought him out of his daydream. "Oh, right," James mumbled as he turned and made his way over to the old woman's desk. "Look, professor, I'm really sorry about being late. It won't happen again."

Professor Lopez was probably one of the least attractive women on the planet in James' mind. She was the kind of woman you would imagine naked just to kill an unwanted boner. The old hag was also unnecessarily cruel, both in her grading and in her attitude toward students. So James was both shocked and a bit disgusted when the crone laid a bony hand on his shoulder and spoke in a manner that was uncharacteristically kind, "Oh, don't worry about it, James. I just wanted to catch up with you… see how you're doing." As she talked, Professor Lopez began to softly rub James' shoulder, "You know you can talk to me if you need to, right?"

James was fighting his gag reflex, and his proximity to the old woman was uncomfortable to the extreme, so he answered quickly, backing away as he did, "Yeah, of course. I'm good though, professor, thanks. See you later." He was already at the door by the time he heard her reply, "Oh, alright. If you change your mind, you know where to find me, Mr. Marshall." The way she spoke his name sent shivers down his spine – and not in the good way.

James ducked into the first bathroom he saw, splashing his face with water as he whispered to himself, "That… was weird." Grateful that he had no other classes, James made his way out of the building and across campus back toward his car. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched as he walked, and he was right. Every person he passed seem to stare at him just a little too long. "I thought Lilith said no one would think anything was strange about my appearance… what's going on?" James thought to himself. He was so focused on his thoughts that he walked straight into someone.

With quicker reflexes that he thought he had, James caught the girl before she fell, pulling her smoothly back onto her feet. "Sorry, I-" James stopped his apology short when he realized who he had nearly ran over, "Jessica, hey. Sorry."

His long-time friend brushed her blonde hair out of her angelic face and took a moment to pull her eyes away from her friend's muscular body before addressing him, "James, you big lug, watch where you're going." The lightness of her tone gave away that she wasn't really angry. "Where are you running off to in such a hurry anyway?"

"Going back to my car, thought I might head home or drive around for a bit to clear my head before I gotta go to work. Been a weird morning." James answered her honestly, he saw no need to lie to his oldest friend; she usually saw right through him anyway.

"If you've got time to kill, why don't you take a walk with me before my next class? You owe me that much after almost flattening me." said the petite blonde.

James shrugged and answered, "Sure, why not." Maybe it would be better to talk to his friend, rather than sit in solitude. He'd done enough of that lately.

Jessica looped her arm through James' playfully, pulling him down a bit as she did. "Goddamn, I forget how tall you are. I have gotta get myself some inserts or something." She marched on, dragging James along with her.

Jessica was a year younger than James. The two had met over a decade earlier when Jessica moved into James' neighborhood and began attending the same school as him. He had been her first friend at school, sitting with her at lunch when she was the shy new girl. They'd remained friends ever since, even if their roles had reversed over the years – Jess becoming more social and outgoing while James became more introverted.

The two friends walked across campus, making small talk and lame jokes as they did. James was thankful for Jessica's friendship, as their chat kept his mind off his surroundings and whether or not other people were watching him. At least until she brought it up. "So what's up? You're having a weird morning?"

"Uh… yeah, sorta." James replied awkwardly, casting his gaze sideways checking to see if anyone was staring at him. He was becoming a bit paranoid. "I've got some personal stuff going on I don't really wanna get into right now, but I've felt like I'm being watched all day. Like people are acting weird around me."

Jessica regarded James quietly for a moment before letting out a light-hearted "Pfft. What are you talking about? You telling me you've never been ogled before? C'mon, muscles," she said as she squeezed his bicep jokingly, "people stare at you all the time, you never noticed?"

James was silent as he considered Jessica's words. 'All the time?' Maybe Lilith's magic had worked, and people weren't reacting to his change in appearance, but just checking him out in a way he was not accustomed to. James played it off, "Ha, I guess not. I feel better knowing it's not because there's toilet paper stuck to me or something though. Thanks, Jess."

The two stopped in front of one of the college's many large brick buildings. "You got it, big guy," Jess answered with a friendly smile, putting an arm around James' torso and giving him a quick hug, "This is my stop, wouldn't wanna be late. I'll see you tomorrow in Physics, James." She gave a little wave before jogging into the building. James' watched as she went, unable to tear his gaze away from her cute little ass.

James shook his head and mumbled under his breath, "What am I thinking?" He turned and made his way back the way he came, toward the parking garage. He was more aware than ever that he was being 'ogled,' as Jessica put it. James tried to think about it in a positive way. He looked good. The sexiest creature on the planet had made him look good, and now he was getting the attention he deserved, even some attention he didn't want… James pushed the earlier encounter with Professor Lopez to the back of his mind, locked it up, and threw away the key.

James had never been one for vanity; truthfully, he had never before had a reason to be vain, but he decided he'd allow himself a little pride in his appearance. The next time he caught a passing coed checking him out, he gave her a quick wink. The girl blushed and averted her gaze, but this only made James feel more confident about the way he looked. Lilith turned him from a 6 to a 10, what was wrong with enjoying it?

An hour later, James was standing behind the counter of the coffee shop he worked at. After accepting his appearance and the attention it brought, interacting with customers became a lot easier, and he even began to enjoy his job for the first time. He continued to be on the receiving end of some lustful looks, and even some light flirting from the more daring patrons. James reciprocated at times, offering one particularly attractive business woman the option of 'extra cream' on her frappe. When she licked her lips and said "Yes, please." it was James who blushed first. After she left him a generous tip and her phone number, James decided he was more than happy with the liberty Lilith had taken in changing his body, and he looked forward to using it. Thoughts of Lilith brought with them a desire that James had suppressed since his morning shower, and he had to force himself to concentrate on work before he made an obvious tent in his green apron.

The store's manager, Sam, was having trouble keeping his eyes to himself as well. Sam was an openly gay man, and while James considered his lecherous looks a compliment, he wasn't really interested. So he did his best to keep their interactions professional and ignored any flirtatious comments. James wrapped up his shift and closed up for the night, walking away with more tips than he'd made in the last three months combined. When he arrived home, he saw a light on in his backyard and went to investigate.

He found his two roommates, Mark and David, sitting on the deck and drinking beer. Mark greeted James first, as he slid the glass door shut behind him and took a seat next to them. "What's up, my dude! We were just talkin' about you. Want a beer?"

James had been enjoying his new life for the last several hours, but a bit of normalcy was appealing as well, so he accepted. "Hell yeah, what were you talking 'bout me for?" he asked as Mark handed him a cold brew, their hands touching briefly.

David spoke before Mark could, slurring his words a bit, "This son of a bitch thinks he could take me in a wrestling match!" James took a big swig of beer before raising an eyebrow in David's direction. "And?" he asked.

Mark finished for David, "And he thinks I'm full of shit! We need a ref."

James nearly choked on his drink. After getting it all down, he laughed, "And that's me?"

"Right!" the other two replied in unison. They'd definitely had more than a few drinks before James had gotten home. He was grateful that some things would never change. James decided to humor them, "Alright then, let's do this."

Mark and David jumped up and staggered clumsily onto the grass of their small back yard. Mark was tall, a little shorter than James' new height, and though he was skinny, he had a wiry strength to him. David was much shorter, but he was stocky and strong. If James could, he'd bet on David. Though drunkenness would certainly be a factor.

The two squared off against each other, doing their best to intimidate the other. David growled at Mark like a beast, but his hiccupping was anything but terrifying, so the two just sort of giggled while they awaited James' signal.

"Ready?" James spoke aloud, "ONE. TWO. RASSLE!" Both of them went before the signal. Both of them stumbled drunkenly into each other, laughing loudly. And both of them fell to the ground flailing awkwardly. James was doubled over himself, laughing harder than he had in a while. He had a duty to officiate the match though, so he pulled himself together and looked on as David pinned Mark. The latter quickly wiggled free and rolled around, still holding onto the former. James watched intently, ready to announce a victor, but also just enjoying the spectacle. He finished off his beer while David broke away and tackled Mark again. Mark couldn't get out this time, and James proclaimed David the rasslin' world champion of their back yard while David got off of Mark's chest and helped him stand up.

The two laughed as James went to grab another round of beers, at which point he realized that he was sporting a growing erection. "What is wrong with me?" James thought. He quickly sat two beers down for his roommates and shouted a rushed "Goodnight, guys!" over his shoulder as he walked back inside and went straight to his bedroom, ignoring Mark and David's jeers.

James got ready for bed quickly, and although he tried, he was unable to settle his mind or relax his body. He tossed and turned as he thought about the day. He lay awake for close to an hour before finally drifting off to sleep. Consciousness gave way to darkness, which in turn gave way to a hazy waking dream. Prepared this time for what was to come, James watched as the Temple of Venus, the beautiful realm that he could visit only in his sleep, constructed itself around him. As golden columns rose from the ground and climbed into the sky and out of sight, the sweet-smell of incense that pervaded Lilith's domain greeted him, and James found himself standing naked before Lilith's throne.

The elegant demoness was absent, and James called out, "Mistress?"

"I'm here, little one," a soothing feminine voice spoke behind him. James turned and saw Lilith lounging on a pile of opulent embroidered cushions of purple and gold. She was as naked as he was; James took the opportunity to take in her incredible beauty. Her flawless body and perfect curves put all mortal women to shame. "Come to me," she sang. Not wanting to disappoint his mistress, James walked forward and reclined next to her on the comfortable pile of pillows. Lilith reached out and lightly brushed his face with the back of her hand, speaking as she did, "How was your first day as my mortal ambassador? Tell me, James, what's on your mind?"

Lilith was what was on his mind, and lying naked next to her was having no small effect on his body. But James tried to focus; he had questions for the demoness. "I'm confused, mistress," he spoke softly, "I'm grateful for the body you've given me, but my effect on people – and their effect on me – is worrying. In some ways, I feel less in control than ever."

"Shh, my sweet," cooed Lilith, "this will take some getting used to. You are right, you now have a profound effect on humans; your aura of lust is potent. You will learn to control it over time, and as your power grows. Soon enough you will be able to decide who is affected by your power and when."

James considered her words, "I hope so… I don't want to ruin my relationships with those close to me. Today I thought about my friends and roommates in ways I never had before."

Lilith smiled and raised a skeptical eyebrow, "Never?" James could feel her eyes boring into him, compelling him to answer honestly, not that he could ever lie to her.

"Well, maybe once or twice before…"

The demoness rested her hand on her servant's chest, feeling his heartbeat. "It's important that we be honest with ourselves. There is power in the truth."

Her touch sent a shiver down his spine, and heat rushed to his groin. "Focus," James thought to himself. Speaking aloud, he asked his mistress, "You've still not told me what it is you need me to do on Earth that you cannot. How am I meant to serve you?"

Lilith's piercing blue eyes met James' and she answered, "You're curious, and rightfully so. I think you've earned answers to your questions. As I told you last night, I am bound to this realm and it to me. Energy is required to sustain it, and me with it. What I require from you is energy, sexual energy."

James stared blankly as he processed. "Wait, what? So I'm to be your sexual errand boy? Your incubus?"

"Not quite," Lilith responded, "You may use whatever terms you like, but as I've said: forget whatever stories and myths you've heard about demons. As my agent, you will serve me by gathering sexual energy from humans; this can be done only through sexual acts, as I'm sure you've guessed. That energy will empower you and sustain me. As your sexual prowess grows, so will your influence over mortals. Your sexual conquests can be as slaves to you, should you wish it."

"This is… a lot," spoke James, trying to come to terms with being a demon's prostitute, "I don't have to… kill, do I?"

His mistress smiled warmly and shook her head, "Only if you wish. You will hold great power over humans when they are most vulnerable. When you draw their sexual energy from them, you draw out their very essence. If you desire it, you could drain them completely. This is rarely necessary, and hardly beneficial. Husks serve little purpose to us."

James let out a long, deep breath. He felt overwhelmed by the power and influence being given to him. He knew he agreed to this, but now he was beginning to question his resolve. "What if I can't do it, Lilith?" he addressed his mistress evenly, "What if I don't have what it takes? I don't know that I can take advantage of people like this…"

The succubus leveled her gaze at James, compelling him to meet it. "Do not doubt me, and do not doubt the potential I have seen in you. You can do this. Trust me, little one."

Her words, while stern, and her gaze, while fierce, calmed James and quieted the doubts in his mind. He knew he could not disappoint this woman to whom he pledged his soul and servitude. He regarded her fondly, "Yes, mistress. I trust you."

Lilith graced her agent with a loving smile that melted his heart and awakened his lust. "Good. Now, I think you've earned a reward for your loyalty. Afterall, you have been so patient…" The demoness' hand traced down James' abdomen and gripped his hard cock with her long fingers. James gasped at her touched and she sealed his mouth with her own.

As the two kissed, their tongues dancing, Lilith's fingers danced over James' erection, teasing him. She held her lover's head with one hand while the other toyed with his lower head. She dragged her fingernails slowly down his length, rubbed her thumb over his slit, and played with his heavy balls.

Separating briefly, she whispered, "Don't be shy, lover. Touch me. Give me a taste of what's to come." As their lips reunited and their tongues resumed their wrestling match, Lilith continued her masterful teasing of her servant's cock. James, not one to be outdone, brought one hand up to hold his mistress' head and play with her hair, while the other grasped, at long last, one of her magnificent breasts. Caressing her gently and tweaking her nipple playfully, he elicited a quiet moan from the demoness, who herself was getting a pleasant reaction from James as she stroked his member slowly.

James continued to play with Lilith's perfect tits, but he lowered his other hand to her waiting pussy. He was surprised to find her soaking wet, and when his fingers brushed against her swollen lips, she purred with bliss. He wasted no time in exploring her glorious treasure, feeling her folds, rubbing her slit, and lightly teasing her clit with the softest of touches. She hummed in euphoric joy as she moved her hips in rhythm with James' gentle fingers. As impressed as she was with James' ability to please her, and as much as she was enjoying his surprisingly skillful fingers, no one beat Lilith, queen of sex and stewardess of the Temple of Venus, when it came to the pleasures of the flesh. She broke off their kiss.

In one swift motion, Lilith brushed aside her servant's hand, threw a long, hoofed leg over James, straddled him, and sank slowly onto his cock, all while staring into James' deep brown eyes. James' couldn't handle it, and his eyes rolled back in his head as he gripped Lilith's waist tightly. His cock convulsed as he moaned in ecstasy. His whole body shook as he came hard inside his mistress' loving embrace.

When at last he could breathe again, James opened his eyes. Lilith sat on top of him still, impaled on his dick, smiling down at her servant victoriously, her ample chest puffed up proudly. "Let me guess," she said, "you swear that never happens." James laughed, and Lilith joined him. He looked up at her longingly, smiled, said, "You win round one," and flipped his mistress onto her back while still joined with her, "but I'm not done yet."

Stunned by his forcefulness, Lilith didn't react until James was already thrusting inside of her again. She wrapped her arms around his neck, brought her lips back to his, and moaned deep into his mouth. With each motion, James' cock rubbed against all of Lilith's most sensitive places, and she was soon climbing toward an orgasm of her own. Lilith had forgotten what it was like to not be in control during sex, to be at the mercy of her lover, and James was reminding her just how incredible that could feel. But ever the playful one, she couldn't let him have everything his way.

James felt his mistress' hips rise to meet him with each thrust. Their bodies were totally in sync, and he had never felt closer to anyone in his life. They held each other as they fucked, an embrace charged with passion and need, and he could feel the orgasm building within Lilith's body, as well as within his own. Suddenly and without warning, James felt something tickling his asshole. He froze, buried to the hilt within the demoness' sheathe, as her tail moved playfully over his anus. Lilith smiled mischievously into James' mouth, unwilling to break their kiss. She pushed on. With a low groan, James' closed his eyes and accepted her tail. Any pain was mild and short-lived, and soon he was moaning with pleasure. He resumed thrusting into his mistress, as she did some thrusting of her own.

Their fucking was now wild and desperate, the lovers pushing each other frantically toward their building climax. Simultaneously, the two shook with ecstasy as powerful orgasms washed over them. Connected as they were, body and soul, they felt everything the other felt, and after a full minute of overwhelming euphoria, the two pulled apart. James and Lilith lay side by side on their mountain of pillows, drenched in sweat and love juices, panting heavily. As he calmed, and his senses returned to him, James bolted straight upright.

He turned to Lilith, "Mistress, please forgive me. I should never have been so forward, and I-" James was cut short by a quick kiss from the succubus.

"Do not apologize, my sweet. When you have done something for which you should apologize, you will know. Trust me." Lilith stood, striding confidently toward her throne. James stared in awe and adoration at the woman who had captivated him so, before standing and following. Naked, sweaty, and dripping cum, Lilith looked no less regal atop her throne, the Temple of Venus glowing around her. She held out her hand to James.

Her agent joined her, seated at her right hand, as she had promised. Lilith held him to her breast and the two rested in this way until it was time for James to go. "Until next time, James," said the demoness, holding her servant and her lover.

"Until next time, my mistress." answered James, and the dream dissolved around him.

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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 2

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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 13

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James lay alone in his house, stretched out on the sofa in the living room. Waiting patiently for his guest to arrive, he stared at the ceiling, trying to keep his mind off his inevitable face-off with Ishtar. "One thing at a time," he told himself. After leaving Tina's office a...


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