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The Rocker Part 3

Categories Fiction, Latina, Teen

Author: DBuck

Published: 29 October 2018

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The Rocker

Part 3

I open my eyes and see long straight strawberry red hair wrapped around a pale white heavenly face, emerald eyes that shine like heaven. I ask, "how did I make it to heaven. Are you my guardian angel?" "Stop joking around DW, we almost lost you," I hear Rachael say. I see tears in her eyes as she kisses me on the forehead. I hear Mom crying and I hear Dad say, "we missed you son." I see a nurse walk in. "Welcome back," the nurse says.

The nurse gives me water for my dry throat. The doctor comes in and explains that due to the severe concussion to the back of my head, I have been in a coma for seven days. He says I can go home in a few days. I am not registering anything that is said.

I get a visit from a detective. He tells me that a young woman identified the four assailants who followed me into the woods and all four confessed to beating me. The detective asks me if I want to press charges. I immediately say no. I tell the detective to let them go. My dad says, "that is not a good idea. Burn their asses."

"Dad please, ever since I started being bullied and beat on Junior High, YOU are the one that told me I needed to defend myself and stop being scared. Dad, this is me not being scared, Let them go so that I can face my demons," I say. I hear Rachael say, "Mr. Burke, your son has a point; please respect his wishes" as I hear my mother agree. My Dad pats me on the shoulder and says, "you are amazing and I am proud of you."

The next morning I am laying there eating something. I think it is eggs and oatmeal. Mom comes in with my little sister and Rachael. Mom says, "your little sister wants to see you before I take her off to Aunt Kim's." "NO, Mom I want to stay with Rachael," Lois says. Mom asks Rachael to take Lois outside for a minute. Lois and Rachael leave the room.

Mom grabs my hand and says, "DW, I am so sorry for neglecting you...I try to cut her off, but she holds her hand up. I never realized how much pain you were in. I should have stepped in. I just wanted you to be strong and be independent. As I see you now I am proud of you, and now I will support you. You want to be a musician. Then you have my support. I love you and do not want to lose you again." She hugs me as tears are coming out of her eyes.

Then I have to ask, "how did Rachael find out?" She tells me how she called Sam to let him know what happened and that I would not be there. She then explains that Sam called her the next day saying his daughter is missing from school and might be there soon as he had told her what happened. Sure enough, she was on our doorstep and has been staying here and in your room.

"Mom says, there is something special about her and she really likes you." "I like her to Mom, but trust me we are just friends," I say. "Mhm, I saw the way she looked at you." Drop it Mom," " I say. "Ok," she coubters.

Mom leaves and tells Rachael she will pick her up after work. I tell Rachael, that I am glad she came. "I got on the first plane when my Dad told me," she said. "So your Dad let you come," I ask. She gives me a smirk. "Let us just say I will probably be grounded when I get home," she says.

"Wow, I have never had anyone do that for me," I say. "Ddub, the first time I saw you I knew you where special and I am your friend forever," she says. "Rachael, I have never been able to talk about my feelings to anyone, especially a girl. I am glad I am your friend. I consider you my best friend. I wish we could be more, but I will always love you," I say. "I love too Ddub, but brothers and sisters cannot do that," she says as she gives me a smirk. "You know what I mean," I say, as we start laughing.

She asks what happened and I tell her the whole story since I returned from spring break. "I do not think Katy had anything to do with it," she says. "Why is that Sherlock," I joke. "Elementary Watson," she says as I smirk.

"Brook, Lisa, and Emily are jealous. That is why they were telling you to stop seeing her. All three of those girls want you, but do not want their own lives. That is why Emily and Lisa want to have sex with you, but do not want anyone else to know. I think Brook wants you too," she says. "Ok Miss Sherlock, then why did Katy spend the night with Wayne," I ask. "That I do not know, but I think she does like you and wants to change herself for you and I am sure she is the one that identified the bullies that followed you into the woods since she was waiting for you for lunch," she says. "I still do not trust Katy,".. You give my life direction," I say as she lays her head on my chest. "She is special,"I say to myself.

The nurse comes in and asks Rachael to help me walk up and down the hall to get my strength up. They give me some pajama pants to slip on under my ass out hospital top and some slippers. I really do not need help walking. I feel great, however Rachael holds on to my arm anyway. We walk up and down the hallway for about 30 minutes and are heading back down to my room when Josh, Brook, and Emily round the corner. I see Josh staring at Rachael with lust in his eyes and the girls are staring at her with daggers in their eyes. I walk in the room and lay back down in the bed as Rachael sits in the chair beside me.

Brook and Emily say to me in unison, "who is she." "I am Rachael, who are you," she asks. "I am Brook and this is Emily," Brook says. "OH, DW has told me ALL about you two," Rachael says. "What has he told you," Brook asks. Rachael says, "let us just say DW tells me EVERYTHING," as she tilts her head and smirks at Emily. Have you ever seen a girls face go from white to red, of embarrassment in a matter of seconds. That was Emily.

With all of that said and done. Josh asks how I am feeling and everyone said how worried they were. They sit and chat for a while. They ask what I am doing for the summer. I tell them that I am going to be out of town for a summer job, without giving up details. They try to ask, but Rachael changes the subject. All this time I, am wondering why no one asks what happened? I get my answer when Brook says, "DW, Lisa could not come, but she wanted to say thank you for not pressing charges on her boyfriend." "Wait her boyfriend was one of them," I ask. I look at Rachael as she looks at me. Then we both look at Brook. "Wait, you do not know who did this to you," Brook asks. "NO he does NOT know and it is time for you to go," Rachael says standing now and very angry. They all leave telling me to get better soon.

"Lisa's boyfriend," Rachael says. "I did not know he was friends with the goon squad," I say. "But you did the nasty with her," Rachael says laughing. "She jumped me," I say. "Well you got back at the boyfriend first. Did you see the look on Emily's face when I told her that you told me the nasty freaky stuff you two did," Rachael says. "Oh, as if you do not do freaky stuff," I say. Then she starts laughing and I start laughing hard as my beaten ribs start hurting as I grab then and as a nurse comes in. "Ok, Dana," she says. Rachael corrects her as the nurse apologizes.

I lay there wishing I could go home tonight. Then I get another surprise visitor. "Who the fuck is she," Katy asks pointing at Rachael. Rachael chuckles and says, "I will let you get this one Ddub, because I am tired." "She is my best friend and what do you want Katy," I ask. "I wanted to see how you are doing," she says. "I am fine now," I say back. "Can I talk to you in private," Katy asks. "No, you say what you have to say in front of both of us," I counter.

"Ok, I will. I was a mess before I met you. I was giving sex to anyone that gave me attention. No one treated me like a person. I saw you in Junior High and this year getting beat up. I always had a crush on you, but you always seemed so mean. Then I finally got the guts to talk to you. Then I decided you are the one for me. I told you I wanted to take it slow, because I did not want our relationship to be like the others. The day you got beat up, I made us a picnic basket and was going to ask you to go steady with me and be my boyfriend," she says.

"Then she asks, "will you be my boyfriend?" With no hesitation, I say "no. I saw you come out of Wayne's house with an overnight bag after I asked you to spend the night with me." She starts crying and says, "I told him I found someone else and that we were done. He asked for one more night. Oh My God, DW, if I knew he was going to be one of the guys that beat you, I would have said No." "If you loved him it would have been no in the first place. I guess we know the fourth person," Rachael says.

"Please go," I ask. Then Katy says, "I will go, but I love you and I am your girlfriend no matter what you say. Go work at your summer job and when you get back, I will be here waiting for you. I promise." She is still crying when she leaves the room. "You should give her a chance," Rachael says. "I will think about it over the summer," I say.

The next day I am, home feeling great and ready to take over the world. My Mom and Dad are behind me on what I want to do with my life. I have a best friend (Rachael), who I can talk to. Bullies that may or may not fuck with me next year, but if they do I am ready for them. It is Friday and I cannot fly until Monday, doctor's orders. We are sitting at the dinner table. Apparently Rachael helped cook dinner. She made some chicken, rice with other vegetables mixed in that she, and Mom bought today. Rachael said, she wanted to give me a nice dinner my first day back from the hospital, Mom and Dad love the meal, and even Lois is eating it, though she is a meticulous eater. I am hungry and I put a huge helping of rice in my mouth, when Dad, asks "Rachael, when you and DW get married are you going to come cook for us all the time?" Have you ever seen a mouthful of rice spray out of a person's mouth? I have not, but I have seen the reactions on people's faces as Mom and Rachael are banging on my back. When I finally catch my breath as everyone is laughing. Dad says, "Son, do not let her get away, she is pretty and can cook." Then I get to see Rachael's face turn red, which is hard to do. She tells my Dad, anything is possible as she gives me a punch on the arm.

After dinner, Rachael and I are washing dishes. "I really like the normal family lifestyle," she says. "Normal," I ask. Looking confused, she explains how she is growing up in a rich family and has had everything given to her. She is sent to private school, because her family is mostly at work and when she is home is taken care of by the housekeepers.

"So you do not like your life," I ask. "I love my Mom and Dad. I want a normal life. Go to college and have a regular job and if I do decide to settle down and start a family, I want my family to live a normal life, like you and your family," she says. "If you consider this normal," I say as I splash dishwater on her. "YOU BUTT," she screams.

I wake up in the morning to the smell of strawberries and something warm spooned up against me. "Sorry Ddub, your sister sleeps wild," Rachael says. "Well you need to move away from me a little bit," I say. "Why? It is so warm and cozy," she says. Ok, so you guys know what I am talking about. I have the dreaded morning wood and a hot warm girl with her tight ass pressed against me. I am afraid to move.

"Rachael, please scoot over," I beg. "Come on Ddub, five more minutes, she pleads. "Five minutes is too late," I say. "Too late for what," she counters.

I am trying so hard to keep the man bone back. Think ugly thoughts...think ugly thoughts...Think of the ugliest woman you can think of...Please work.

Then I hear Rachael start giggling. "OH...MY...GOD, You nasty pervert, getting a boner for your big sister," she says still laughing. "It is not my fault," I counter getting out of bed, grabbing a pillow to cover my crotch. Then Rachael jumps up and starts a pillow fight with me. We are pillow fighting for a couple minutes before I tell her to get out before Mom and Dad catch her in my room.

I am doing my Saturday morning ritual of yard work as Rachael sits on the porch playing a game with Lois, When I see Brook walking across the street and walks up to Rachael. "Rachael right," Brook asks. Rachael nods. "My brother wants to know if you want to go to dinner and a movie with him tonight," Brook asks. "Why doesn't he ask me himself," Rachael asks. "He is shy," Brook says. Rachael looks like she is thinking about it. Then says, "only if it is a double date with you and DW as the other couple." "No, I have a boyfriend," Brook says. Rachael sighs and says, "then it is a no." "Ok, my boyfriend is busy tonight anyway," Brook says. Then walks across the street back home.

I am looking at Rachael with the biggest 'what the fuck' look I can give. She smirks and says, "come on it will be fun." "I cannot believe you set me up with her," I say. "I am your big sister and we will have fun," she says. I walk away saying under my breath that sisters can be traded in, as I hear Rachael say "WHAT?" "Nothing," I grumble.

I am getting ready for my pre made date with Brook the bitch. I am dressed in my normal jeans and black t-shirt. Why dress up. I hear the doorbell ring as I head across the hall to get Rachael. I open the door and I am breathless, as if someone punched me in my chest, Rachael is standing there wearing the exact same thing I am, Black shirt wrapped around her tight body and tight jeans highlighting her beautiful ass. I am drooling as I hear arguing in the living room.

I hear Mom, Dad, and Wayne's parent's saying they have been friends for so long and not to let what their son did break their friendship. I rush into the living room and stand in the middle of them and blabber shit. I am mad and cussing, asking what the fuck, why are you guys arguing, I am blabbering shit like I have always been beat on saying I can take care of myself and not worry about me. Do not let what happened to me or what someone else did break up a friendship. Everyone is quiet as, I say, "fuck I got a song." I run into my room and write the words down jn my songbook. I did not notice Rachael looking over my shoulder. "Ddub that is amazing, she says. We leave and walk by Mom, Dad and Wayne's parents as they are hugging and apologizing to each other.

We rush out and see Brook and Josh waiting in his car. Rachael gets in the front with Josh and me in the back with Brook and we drive out. Josh asks, where we want to go and Rachael says, she wants pizza. "Pizza it is," Josh says. We get into the pizzeria and sit in a booth. Brook and Rachael sit across from each other, I sit beside Brook and Josh beside Rachael. Brook has not said one word the entire time. I guess she is upset that she had to be my date. As if I really wanted to go on a date with her stuck up snobby ass. I did this for Rachael not her.

We order sodas and pizza. Josh orders a medium for him and Rachael, letting her pick the toppings, I order a medium pizza for Brook and me. I ask what she wants on it as she waves me off not saying a word so I pick the toppings. The pizzas come and we start talking and eating. Brook will not open her mouth to talk, however she will open it to feed her greedy face.

The three of us talk while we eat. Josh asks about me and Rachael's relationship and I say we are close friends. Rachael explains that we met during summer break when I went to stay with them to interview with her father. Josh asks what I am going to be doing for her father's company. "Odd jobs around the company," Rachael says. I am glad Rachael is like me and divulges very little information. The rest of the conversation is about school and what everyone is doing during the summer.

We finish our meal, Josh and I pay our bill, and we head out to the drive-in movie. We get to the drive-in and get everything set up with Rachael and Josh in the front with me and Brook in the back, Josh asks, Rachael what she wants from the concession stand, she gives him her order. I follow suit and ask Brook the same thing. Brook says, popcorn and a soda without even looking at me.

Josh and I are walking up to the concession stand when Josh starts talking to me. "Hey man, I am sorry about the way Brook is acting. I know Rachael made the deal that it would be a double date and I am sorry. She has been acting strange lately. She has a new boyfriend that she has been keeping a secret from the family for the past month," he says. I tell him that he does not need to apologies. We get the snacks and head back. I get back in the car and see Brook's face is red and looks like she was getting ready to cry. I look up and see Rachael staring at me through the rearview mirror and I give her a mean face as she smirks. I give Brook her popcorn and soda and we sit and wait for the movie. We are parked towards the back and there is not allot of cars back here. There are only two cars on this row one is parked two spaces too our right.

Thirty minutes into the movie, Rachael starts laughing. "Those guys are really going at it," Rachael says pointing to the car on our right. I look over and sure enough, the couple had crawled into the back seat making out. The girl was straddling the guy and it looked like clothes were coming off. Brook is sitting on my left and looks over at the car. All of the sudden I hear Brook. scream, "MOTHER FUCKER!" She throws down her popcorn and drink, gets out of the car, marches over to the other car and starts pounding on the window. "I thought you said you were grounded," Brook screams. Then I see none other than Carl get out of the car as the girl is trying to get her top back on. Brook and Carl are yelling at each other. Josh gets out and starts running over with Rachael right behind him. I am outside of the car waiting for the situation to unfold. After that, everything happened so fast.

Josh gets in between Brook and Carl with Rachael behind Josh. Now Carl is in Joshs face telling him to mind his own business. Then Carl shoves Josh into Rachael as they both go down with Rachael flat on her back and Josh on top. I rush over and bend down to see if Rachael is ok. Then Carl moves behind me as he screams at Josh to get his sister and his bitch (referring to Rachael) the fuck out of here. As I heard that, I clinch my fist. I then swing to my left that gives me momentum of lightning and as much force that I can get from my body. I plant my fist in the middle of Carl's face as I feel his nose crunch under my fist. Carl goes down hard grabbing his nose as I am now in his face screaming. I cannot remember what I said, but it was along the line of do not ever shove my friends or call Rachael a bitch.

Then I feel Rachael and Josh pulling me back and trying to get me to calm down. By that time, two movie employees tell us we need to leave before they call the cops. We hop in the car quickly and head off. We drive in silence for a minute until Josh speaks. "So you are back with Carl now. I wish you would stop letting them pass you around like a piece of meat. Why can't you find someone like DW? In fact, why don't you hook up with DW instead of being an easy piece of ass for the bullies and the football team? You know what? Fuck that, stay away from DW. You had your chance with him and he is too good for you." He finishes his rant. Then silence again. Then I hear Rachael laughing as she repeats what Josh said. "An easy piece of ass". "Sorry Rachael, I did not know any other way to put it," he says. We all start laughing except for Brook, who is still sulking.

Then Rachael says, "wait a fucking minute!" I know she is mad about something, because she hardly ever cusses. "How long have you been back with Carl?" Rachael asks. Brook's face goes from sulking to scared. Brook does not answer. "You and that other chick what is her name? Lisa? Are dating the guys that almost killed Ddub. You two knew what they were planning didn't you and you did not do anything to stop it," Rachael shouts and is fuming mad. I am sitting back confused. "NO! Honest I knew nothing about it honest. Please believe me," Brook says as she starts crying. "What about Lisa or Katy, did they know," Rachael asks. "I do not know. Everybody was mad about him calling the cops when me and Lisa had our party, but I did not know if Lisa and Katy knew. Katy and Wayne was not at the party. I do not know why Wayne was a part of the beating. DW has never done anything to him," Brook explains. "Rach, can we just drop it," I ask.

Josh says, "well it is still early, since DW felt the need to kick some ass and get us thrown out of the drive-in. Where else can we go?" I say, "hey I had nothing" ...I am cut off by Rachael. "Is there an arcade close by," she asks. "Arcade it is," Josh says.

We park in the arcade parking lot. Everyone gets out except for Brook. I open her door, grab her hand, and pull her out. "You are still my date and you WILL have a good time," I tell her as I hold her hand and we go into the arcade. Josh and I go to the counter and buy game tokens. I buy ten dollars worth and take two dollars for myself. I follow Brook around for a while to make sure she is having a good time. She starts playing a pinball machine as I walk over to the roller ball game. Which I am good at.

Thirty minutes later and I have enough tickets to buy something from the counter. I buy a teddy bear and look around to see Brook playing a pinball machine beside Rachael and Josh, who are playing air hockey and I hear Josh cussing as Rachael is apparently kicking his ass. I walk up to Brook and hand her the teddy bear. I hear Rachael say, "aww." Brook takes it and starts crying. I hug her and ask "what is wrong." Brook says, "nobody has ever done this for me." Then Josh says, "because you give your ass to those bullies, who do not give a fuck about you." I hear him say, "OUCH." I think Rachael punch him for being vulgar again. I take Brook and I keep her company while she plays the games. We finish and head home. Josh pulls into his driveway and we get out. Brook hugs me and starts crying again. I hold her so she can finish crying. I hear Josh ask Rachael if he can take her out again, since his college is two hours from her home and school. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and says sure.

We walk across the street to my house. "Do you know why I love you," she asks. I look at her confused. "DW, you are the most forgiving and sweetest person that ever lived. I love you and I am glad that we are best friends," she says. "I love you too Rach," I say back.


Monday morning and we are sitting in the airport. I dread another plane ride. The last time I was nauseous and scared the whole time. It must be obvious to Rachael as she asks, "I take it you do not like riding planes," she says. "Not at all," I say.

Early afternoon and we are getting off the plane and I am feeling light headed and nauseous. "Are you all right Ddub," Rachael asks. "Aside from you teasing me the whole flight I am fine," I say. "I am sorry Ddub you looked so cute on the plane. You did not move much, and hardly said a word and you was holding on to the armrest like you was going to fall," she says still laughing. I love her, but she is really being a pain in my ass right now. We get our bags, get in the limo that is waiting for us and head out to my summer residence. We get inside her house and Stephanie is waiting in the foyer, as she runs to Rachael and they hug. She tells Rachael she is upset that she left without telling anyone, but she understood. Then she gives me a hug and tells me she was worried about me and glad that I am ok. She says, that I am staying in the spare bedroom that is upstairs for the summer.

I grab mine and Rachael's bag and follow Stephanie and Rachael upstairs. I ask Rachael where would you like your bags Miss with my butler accent. "Oh, I would like them in my room masseur," she says mocking me. As I drop her bags in her room. I say under my breath, "you are lucky I do not put them somewhere else." "WHAT," Rachael asks. "Nothing," I say. I hear Stephanie chuckle, and asks Rachael why I am grumpy and she explains the plane ride and the teasing. They laugh and I am shown my room.

Wow, the room is huge and I have my own bathroom again. I unpack, sit, and relax. Rachael gets me for dinner and we head downstairs. We find Sam home as he gives Rachael a hug and tells her you are grounded. "DAD, I was worried about Ddub," she says. "Ddub, what do you think," he asks. "Sam, it was amazing coming out of the coma to see her standing there, however she set me up on a date with someone I did not like, teased me on the plane ride and got on my nerves. Ground her," I say. "DDUB," Rachael shouts. Sam says, "I would like to, but I am glad she was getting on your nerves and not mine, so no grounding." "DAD," she says pouting. We all laugh except for Rachael as she flips a spoonful of peas that hits me in the face as now all four of us are laughing.

The next two weeks is a blur with me meeting some of the people that Sam works with. I get set up with an older guy named Bob, a British guy who is supposed to help me hone my guitar skills, stage presence and some vocal skills. Sam also asked for my songbooks to go over with a professional songwriter. Sam told me he met a young band that plays for local schools and practice in their garage, All three are around my age the lead singer plays guitar fairly well, but would like a lead guitarist, song writer to be the leader for the band. They have no songs of their own and copy songs from famous bands at gigs, Sam saaid, that the lead singer is on board, however the drummer and bassist is not. I want you and Ben to meet tomorrow, talk and go over a couple of your songs. I have seen them play and I think with you leading the band all four of you guys will go places.

Friday late morning I am in Sam's reception when I see a guy around my age about 6'. 240 pounds, no fat just big. His hair is the same color as mine, as mine is wavy down to my shoulders and parted down the middle. His is curly down to his mid neck it actually looks like he had a perm. Sam walks out of his office and says, "Ben, welcome back, this is DW." We shake hands and Sam hands me a fifty dollar bill and tells us there are nice restaurants near by, go eat and get to know each other, he says.

We end up at a burger joint down the street, sit down at a window seat and order our food. For a big guy he did not order much. A small hamburger with no fries where I ordered a half pound cheeseburger with large fries. He chuckles and says, "the hamburger you just ordered weighs more than you do.} as we laugh trying to break the ice a little. We start talking and I find out he is 17 and will be a senior. He has a girlfriend and they plan on getting married after high school. I tell him my age and grade and we start hitting it off. Our meal comes and we eat. Ben shakes his head as I finish. "Where do you put it," he asks laughing. "I like to eat," I say back.

He tells me a little about himself. His parents are barely home with his Dad being a long haul truck driver and his Mom a nurse, which leaves his uncontrollable younger sister to get into trouble. I go over my life, leaving out my girl problems and beatings, but including my bullies. He tells me he does not have the bully problem, but keeps to himself. "That is why I like to sing. I can express myself and be me," he says. "We have that in common. I express myself in the songs I write and my guitar," I say.

He tells me about the rest of his band members. Gary 16 will be a junior and is another shy guy at school, but when he gets behind the drum set, he is loud and on target. Chad 17 will be a junior for the second time. Is a bully at school and is loud and obnoxious, however he can play the bass and keyboards like a professional.

We finish talking and head back to Sam's office. "Here is the deal. The two other members are not on board and your band is doing a gig at a party tonight. Take DW along and let him play with the band and let them decide," Sam says. Ben agrees and even offers to let me spend the night at his house. Ben gives me the address and heads home.

Back at Sam's house I grab my guitar and an overnight bag. Rachael offers to drop me off and pick me up in the morning since she is going overnight with some friends. We hop in her Mom's car and head down the road. As we are driving, I am wondering how the hell Rachael got her license. Barely stopping at stop signs, running yellow lights and on the freeway tailgating other cars weaving in and out of traffic. Her mouth is going faster than the car, talking and not paying attention to the road. I am not paying attention to what she is saying, because I am in total fear. "Ddub...Ddub! Are you listening to me," she asks. "No, I am actually trying to decide what I want on my tomb stone...After you kill me with your crazy driving," I tell her. "My driving is not that bad," she says. Just keep your eyes on the road," I beg. She smirks and says, "I was telling you Imelda has been asking about you and wants to know if you are coming to the beach party this Sunday. Dad will not be back until Tuesday, so we can stay out late," she says. "Sure if you do not kill me first," I say as she veers from the far left lane to catch the exit on the right at the last second. I grab my heart and hear cars honking at her.

I get a kiss on the cheek and I grab my overnight bag and guitar. I shake my head as I watch Rachael speed away and drive through a stop sign.

I am standing in a modest neighborhood looking at a two-story house. The driveway curves around the front of the house and into the back yard where I see a big garage with music coming out of it. I knock on the front door to the house and no one answers. I follow the driveway to the garage and knock on the side door. the music stops as Ben answers the door. "Hey DW glad you made it," Ben says. I walk in and hear someone ask, "who the fuck is this ugly motherfucker." "Chad, this is the guitarist and songwriter that Sam wants us to play with tonight," Ben says. "Well he aint getting none of the cut," Chad says. "I do not want money," I say. I look at Chad, he is about 6'2" 200 pounds with curly dirty blonde hair down to his shoulders. I look at the drummer and it must be the salt air, because he also has long blond curly hair. Gary is about 6'0" and about 175. He wears black glasses that give him a nerdy look, but who am I to judge. Chad says, "he does not even look like he can play."

I walk over to the AMP, plug my guitar in, and turn the volume up. When I was walking up, I heard them playing a Led Zeppelin song, so I started playing Jimi Page's guitar solo to the song. I knew the song, because I played it many times in my basement. I see Chad's mouth drop open and after about three minutes, Gary joins me with drums. Then the rest of the band joins in and we play about four song sets together. They are actually good. Ben has a voice like a lion, Gary is loud and boisterous not missing a beat and Chad is right in there bringing it up.

After we finish, Chad and I shake hands and he compliments me on my playing. We start talking, I find out they teamed up about six months ago, and they copy songs from all the popular bands, but have no material of their own. Ben opens up the garage door and we start loading up the equipment on to a trailer hooked to an old pickup truck. As we are loading, a girl comes from around the house. She looks about my age about 5'10", 150 pounds brown hair with C cups. She is not fat and has curves in all the right places. She tells Ben that she is going to a party and will be home by 12. "Hey Cindy when am I going to get some of that pussy," Chad asks. "When hell freezes over," Cindy says. "Come on Cindy, you fuck everybody but me," Chad says. "Leave my sister alone," Ben says as Cindy walks away.

The gig we played was good. Nothing amazing like playing for a mass crowd, just a birthday party for about a hundred people. I even amazed the band with some back-up vocals and got applause from the crowd for my guitar solos. We are packing up as an older man approaches me and says,"ou are an awesome player." He hands me his card and tells me to give him a call.

We get back and get the equipment offloaded. We sit on the front porch and Chad brings a six-pack of beer from his car. I decline and everyone else grabs one. Chad asks me who taught me to play, I tell them I am self-taught and explain how I ended up signed with Sam and the gig I played with the Haters. "Wow, what is it like on stage with all those people," Ben asks. "The adrenaline rush is awesome," I say. "Shawn Davies really gave you that guitar," Gary says not really asking.

Ben explains that I am looking for a band and I write my own music. "What kind of music do you write, Gary asks. "Hard rock and heavy metal," I say. "Fuck yeah," Chad says. Ben says, "I am in, but you need to be the leader and songwriter." "One of you guys need to be the leader, because you three started the band," I say. Chad asks, "who wants DW in the band as our leader." Everyone raises their hand. "FINE, but do not expect miracles," I say. We break for the night with my promise to call them and get us set up with Sam when he gets back.

It is one in the morning and Ben sets me up on the couch in the living room explaining his Dad is on the road and his Mom will not be home until noon. I am getting ready to lay down when Cindy comes in the front door storming past me. "FUCKIG GUYS," she says as Ben comes back down stairs. "What the fuck Cindy, you have been drinking again. You do not remember Mom telling you she will send you off to boarding school if you go out drinking again," he says. "I only had two beers...wait who is he," she says. "I am DW," I say. Ben says, "and you leave him alone and go upstairs to your room." She winks at me and goes upstairs. Ben says, "I am sorry I do not have a room that you can lock. She is such a nymph;" Ben says. "I will be fine," I say chuckling.

I hate having wet dreams. They make you wake up with sticky shit in your underwear. I try to wake up before it happens. Wait,,, I am awake. Something wet is going up and down on me. I look down and see the blanket going up and down, only this time it is not my hand. I pull the covers off. "Oh my god this thing is fucking huge," Cindy says as she licks from my sack to the head. "Cindy stop your brother," I say. "Do you really want me to stop," she asks. "Yes...No...Damn it this is wrong," I say as I now have lips with tongue in my mouth. I suddenly get mad. "You want to fuck me," I ask. I push her off me and push her face down on the end of the couch. I get behind her. Damn she has a big sexy bubble butt. I have her bent over with her beautiful ass in my face. I reach around and find her clit and I hear her moan. Then I start licking her pussy as my finger speeds up on her clit. As her body tightens up I pull my tongue out of her pussy and ram it into her asshole as I hear her scream in ectasy.

Without letting her catch her breath, I put my hands on her hips and place my cock at her entrance. "Do you want this," I ask. "Yes," she says."What do you want tell me or I stop," I demand. "I want you to fuck me," she says. As I push four inches into her. She screams, "OH FUCK YES." I then ram the rest in. I am getting into this as I slap her ass and hear her yelp. I am only pounding her for a couple minutes when her body tenses up as I hear her scream. I do not let her rest as I grab a fist full of hair and start pounding into her harder. She is screaming, "give it to me fuck me." That is what drove me over the edge as her pussy tightens then I get the idea and slip my thumb in her ass as I explode inside of her. We are grinding against each other, as we are lost in lust. I pull out and lay back breathing hard. She kisses me on the lips and is gone.

It is morning and I am dressed. Ben comes down stairs and gives me a smirk. "Sorry, about my sister man," he says. "It is ok. She is a sweet girl," I say. "For a nymphomaniac" he says. We chuckle and he offers me breakfast. I decline, saying my ride should be here in a bit. There is a knock on the door, Ben answers it, and a very attractive girl walks in. 5'5" 150 pounds, long blonde hair C cups on a very curvy body. "DW, this my girlfriend and Cindy's best friend Betty," Ben says. We shake hands as I feel hands wrap around my waist and a warm body on my back. "Is this the guitarist that you was talking about, and I am guessing Cindy already jumped his bones," Betty says. "Yes and yes," Ben says. "God Cindy can't you keep your legs closed," Betty asks. I hear a car honk and I say, that is my ride as I grab my guitar and overnight bag. "Awe honey, you are not going to spend the day with me," Cindy asks. "HONEY," all three of us say in unison. "Well we can hang out when you come back," Cindy says. I tell everyone bye and leave the awkward situation.

I get in the car as Rachael speeds off running the same stop sign she did yesterday. We are on the freeway when I finally break the ice. "How was your evening," I ask. "You did the nasty last night didn't you," she says giving me a smirk. "I wish you could drive as good as you can read minds," I say. "I can only get into your mind and I am a good driver," she says as she abruptly changes lanes cutting a driver off. "Keep telling yourself that," I say. "Who was she," she asks. "Ben's sister," I say. "You nasty pervert. You did the nasty with Ben' s sister and he is not mad at you," she asks. "He actually warned me about her and now she is calling me 'honey' and wants me to come back," I say with a grumpy look on my face. Rachael shakes her head as we speed down the freeway.

The rest of the day is uneventful and the next morning we eat breakfast and go out front to wait for Hector. Hector arrives and we are off to the beach. We exchange pleasantries and Hector tells me Imelda is at the beach and is excited to see me again as Rachael gives me an elbow to the ribs and a smirk.

We get to the beach, Rachael heads over to her friends, and I head over to help unload the truck. I get many welcome backs and meet a few new people. I walk over to the beach, sit, and watch the ocean. It is peaceful. I feel someone sit beside me. "What is wrong," Rach, I ask. "Gloria, she is not hear yet. I have been back three weeks and she has not called. I have been by her house twice and her mother said she was out with a friend," she says. "Tell me about her, I know you have a girlfriend, but you never talked about her with me," I ask. "She is 20 years old and works for Hector's Dad as a mechanic. We met last year at a beach party and we have been seeing each other ever since, Racael explains.

Then someone straddles my back and I have hands over my eyes. "Guess who," my mysterious intruder asks. MMM Becky..No,,Tina..No..Linda. "You asshole," Imelda yells as me and Rachael laugh. "Hector wants you to help him with the cooking. Rachael and I are going to play volleyball and you are mine when the sun goes down," Imelda orders.

Time flies when you are having a good time. The sun is setting and I start looking for Rachael, because I have not seen her most of the day. I look up the hill towards the parking lot and see her arguing with some girl. I start to walk to her to make sure she is ok when I am grabbed. "Come with me. Rachael will be fine. They are just having a lovers spat," Imelda says, dragging me off to our hideout.

We get to our hideout and the clothes come off. Imelda pushes me down on the sand and starts sucking my cock. I grab Imelda’s tits with my hands causing her to moan on my cock. I can see down Imelda’s whole body in the low light as she works my cock and I scoot around to get my face in position and start to tongue her clit slowly. Imelda’s pussy tastes like heaven. I can feel her pause for a second before resuming as we get into a groove with our sixty-nine. Imelda sits up, turns around, and straddle my face with her pussy. I am going to fuck your face raw, Imelda tells me pulling my mouth to her clit. I grab her hips with my hands and bury my tongue in Imelda’s love hole. I can feel her tense up but I hold tight as she starts to grab at my hands for something to hold onto, then grabs a handful of my hair. I hear her moaning and with her accent is really sexy and I bring one hand all the way around Imelda’s hip and start rubbing her clit speeding up my tongue lapping at her pussy. The new sensation get’s Imelda talking to me in Spanish. I speed up until she starts thrashing and bucking against my face. It takes about a minute but I feel her pussy contract a little on my tongue as Imelda’s entire body locks up with her first orgasm.

I roll her onto her side and get my face out of Imelda’s pussy as she starts to catch her breath. I can see she is relaxing but I do not let her catch her breath. I turn her over on her stomach, take her hips in my hands, and slam the length of my cock deep into her pussy getting a moan from both of us. Imelda’s pussy is slick and soaked in her cum making my next thrust even easier than the first. I hit bottom and I am balls deep in her pussy and start working my cock in and out in long hard strokes. I can see she likes it but she looks back at me almost asking if I am getting tired. I get the idea and after backing my cock a few inches out of Imelda’s pussy reach my left hand up and take a handful of her black hair in my fist pull her head back while slamming my cock inside. She grunts at the first thrust but I go hard, fast and deep. I can see her face is all contorted in pleasure. I can feel myself getting closer to orgasm as she starts screaming something in Spanish, I shake my hand with her hair in it and feel her start to gush onto my cock which sends me over the edge and I fall forward with the last thrust burying my cock deep inside Imelda’s pussy, collapsing her body onto the sand and lying down on top of her back still grunting and shooting into her pussy. I manage to roll my body off her back, trying to catch my breath. I finally look over at Imelda to see she is looking at me lazily and smiling.

She mutters something jn Spanish, which I do not understand. "I do not know what you said, but it sounded sexy," I say. Imelda starts laughing hysterically as I am giving her the 'what the fuck look'. When she finally calms down she says, "I said we need to get cleaned up and get back." We wash off in the ocean, get dressed, and head back hand in hand.

As we approach, Hector runs up to us. "DW, come quick. Rachael is crying and is looking for you," Hector says out of breath. I start running back to the party and see Rachael sitting on an ice chest away from everyone else with a few friends around her talking to her. Rachael sees me as I approach, jumps up and staggers over to me and falls into my arms. She is bawling and blabbering stuff that I barley understand. "Sh-sh-sheeee left meeee," she cries. Her head is on my shoulders and she reeks of alcohol. She is still babbling, "Sh-sh-sheee left me for some bisssshh." I take her back to the cooler and sit her down. She is wobbly and crying. "How much did she have to drink," I ask one of her friends. "Just two beers and three shots of tequila," she says. "Oh is that all I mock, She is 90 pounds," I growl.

I ask Hector to get his truck ready and I go find Rachael's bag. When I return Rachael has a Tequila bottle upside down in her mouth. I grab the bottle, throw it down, and carry a crying drunk Rachael to Hector's truck. Hector got us home and, even though Rachael was crying and babbling all the way. I thank Hector and he wishes me luck as we laugh.

We get in the front yard and she plops down on the grass and starts giggling. I grab her hands to pull her up and carry her to the front door. Where is your key, I ask trying to keep my voice down and Rachael is not helping by laughing. I search Rachael's bag, find the house key, and unlock the door. I put Rachael down, put my hands on her shoulders to steady her and say, "Rachael, we have to be quiet. If your Mom finds out you have been drinking, we are both dead meat." "Dead meat ", she repeats. Then she puts her index finger across her lips, and says, "SSSHHH," Then starts laughing again. I give it up as a lost cause and throw her over my shoulder. I get in the house, close the door, and go quickly up the stairs to Rachael's room. I close the door and sit her on the bed and she starts crying again. I put my arms around her and let her cry on my shoulder. "It is not fair DW," she says. "I know Rach," I say as I remember crying over Brook.

We sit in silence. "Why can't I find someone like you," she says. "I am right here," I tell her. "No not you," she says. I look at her confused. "Ddub you are going to be a big rock and roll star and I want a simple life," she says. "I would give all that up for you," I say. "I know, but you can't and I will never keep you from your dreams. I love you," she says.

"I love you too Rachael, with all my heart and soul I love you. You are my guardian angel" (mental reminder write that down for song lyrics). She stares into my eyes and puts her lips on mine. She parts her lips as I part mine and then I am tasting everything she ate and drank in the last twelve hours. No...Literally, I am tasting everything as she belched and starts barfing in my mouth. I pick her up and rush her to her bathroom and get her leaned over the toilet and she is letting it all out. I have to lean over the sink as I am dry heaving.

I rinse my mouth out, grab a washcloth, and wipe her down. I pick her up and put her in the bed. I sit and watch her sleep. I wonder if she meant what she said or was it the alcohol talking. All I know is that I do love her and I would give up anything for her. Even if she does not want me in that way then I understand. I give her a kiss on the lips and say, "I love you my guardian angel."

The next morning I am awake at nine. I shower get dressed and check on Rachael. She is asleep. I head down to the kitchen. "Good morning Miss Rosa," I say. "Good morning DW, is Rachael coming down," she asks as she hands me a plate of food. "She is tired. I can take her breakfast if it is ok with you," I say, "Ok DW I will put her breakfast on a tray," she says. I finish eating and bring the breakfast up to Rachael's room. Rosa added a cup of coffee, as if she knew what Rachael's condition is. I enter her room, sit the tray on her lap, and sit beside her. I take a spoonful of food and place it under her nose as she wakes up, grabs the fork and starts eating like she has not ate in weeks. She does not even notice me until she finishes. I place her tray on the nightstand and Rachael snuggles next to me.

"I am sorry about last night," she says. "Do not be sorry, I am glad I was there to take care of you," I say. "DW, you are a good friend," she says. "Look, we have an amazing friendship, you ran away from home to make sure I was ok. I would do anything to protect you and I know you would do the same for me. We are best friends. I wish it was more, but I understand what you said last night, I am glad of what we have now," I say. "Yes, I do remember last night and want to keep what we have and I hope we last forever," she says. Then I say, "yeah, but if you ever barf in my mouth again"..."OH MY GOD DW, I am so sorry about that," Rachael says laughing. She pulls me on my side and spoons up against me.

We lay there and she starts to cry softly. "Will I ever find anyone," Rachael asks. I reply, "Rach, we are young and have our whole life ahead of us. The person meant for you will come along and sweep you off your feet. I mean look at you, you have a great personality, you care about people, you have a great ass"..."I am sorry you are right...wait did you just say I have a great ass," she interrupts. "I need to go," I say. "No lay here a little longer" she says..."You asked for it," I counter..."OH MY GOD you are getting a boner for your big sister you nasty pervert," she says laughing.


The summer went by quick. Sam had the band practice every day. Sam picked four of our best songs and we made a demo record and four singles. We were coached by Bob on stage presence and enhance our skills.

Sam set us up for a gig at a local teen club that features local bands that are trying to make a name. They feature two on weeknights and four on weekends. Sam knew the owner and we did not have to audition. We were set up as the last band on Saturday night. The weekend before me and Rachael's birthday and I was to head back home.

We get there about 8 pm with our equipment and get in the back. Sam gives us a pep talk. "I am proud of what you guys have done go out there and ROCK!.he says. I get a hug from Stephanie and a kiss on the cheek from Rachael. I even get an unexpected visit from Cindy, who jumps in my arms and gives me a sloppy kiss,. "Good luck honey," she says as she turns and runs out. I give Ben a crazy look as Chad says, "she fucks everyone, but me." We all laugh except Chad.

The band before us was booed off the stage, so we are on earlier than we thought. We are plugged in and the announcer asks us the band name. Wow, we never thought of that. Then I walk to the front of the stage and here booing. I raise my right hand with the guitar pick and slam it down on my guitar and turn to the band as we start playing. We are loud, the booing turns to screams. We finish our last song as the audience is screaming...ONE MORE.! ONE MORE! ONE MORE! Do we give them one more? Fuck yeah. At the end of the last song I throw my guitar pick into the crowd and watch as everyone scrambles to get it. Finally I see a cute blonde girl scream, hold the pick to her chest while jumping up and down.

The club is closing as the owner comes back and tells Sam, you got yourself some moneymakers. Then he says, "and get a name for the band." All four of us look at each other with no ideas. Rachael says. "you guys are loud, obnoxious and tell everyone what they do not say they want to hear. You guys are a MENACE." We look at each other as I walk over and give Rachael a hug. That is how the band got its name.

It is Rachael's birthday. Sam and Stephanie decided to make it a double birthday party since my birthday is tomorrow and I will be flying home. The back yard is set up with decorations around their huge swimming pool. It is around five in the afternoon when people start showing up. It is all Rachael's friends and friends of the family.

I invited my band mates. We became close friends over the summer, sharing our innermost secrets and desires. I even told them about my bullies. Chad told me that if they fucked with me again he would kick their asses. Chad told me the only one that could fuck with me was him. We actually feel more like brothers than band mates.

I decide to go into the kitchen and help Rosa get everything into serving trays and dishes. Rosa tries to kick me out, saying it is my party too and I should not be helping. She tells me I am a sweet young man, gives me a hug and scoots me out of the kitchen. I decide to head upstairs and finish packing, since I have to get up early and I know the party is going to go until late.

I finish my packing, only one bag of clothes and my guitar in its case. I hear the door open then close. I turn and see Rachael standing there wearing a white two-piece swimsuit with a black see through wrap. "Why are you up here and not at the party," she asks sitting on my bed. "I am just packing," I say sitting beside her. She leans her head on my shoulder. "I am going to miss you," she says. "I will miss you too and your Dad wants me here on extended weekend and as much as possible to practice with the band," I say. We sit in silence for a while holding on to each other. "We better get downstairs before they miss us," Rachael says.

We head down stairs and are walking through the hallway towards the dining room and the back, when Rachael swings her hips hitting mine, Then I repeat by swinging my hips into hers. She swings her hips hard knocking me into the wall. I swing my hand around and slap her ass, getting a yelp from Rachael and laughter from behind. I turn and see Rachael's Mom and Dad walking behind us laughing. "Give her 16 more of those Ddub," Sam says as I give Rachael another slap to her ass getting another yelp. Staphanie says, "Rach you have a hand print on your butt." Rachael turns her head like she can really turn her head far enough to see her ass, as we all start laughing except for Rachael, who gives me a smirk.

Out in the backyard I see that my band mates made it to the party. I walk over to them and I am introduced to Gary's and Chad's dates who are two very hot blondes. Then I hear it. HONEY! I look at Ben and say, "no you did not bring her." "Hey, man she begged me," Ben says as I get arms around my neck and C cups pressed against my back. Then I hear a familiar voice, "hey! He is mine tonight as Imelda gives me kiss and grabs my arm." "You two share him for tonight." I hear Ben's girlfriend Betty say. I am led off towards the pool by Imelda and Cindy as I hear Chad say, "I fucking love rock n Roll."

At around 7pm we are told it is time to open gifts. We all head over to the big table on the other side of the yard as Sam grabs my arm and tells me to sit Rachael at the table with her back towards the other side of the yard. I do as I am told and sit across from Rachael. Rachael starts unwrapping presents as I see Sam and a couple other guys push a brand new 1978 BMW with a pink ribbon on it into the backyard. Rachael is unwrapping her presents as Chad hands me a box and says it is from the band. I open it up and it is a box of extra small condoms everyone starts laughing. Imelda says, "those will not fit him." "How do you know," Rachael asks tilting her head and smirking. Everyone is howling in laughter as Imelda's face turns beat red.

There are two each gifts left for us to open. I open the one from Sam and Stephanie. It is a gold picture frame and Sam had put my original written copy of the song Bully in it. Sam says, "that song is going to be number one someday." I am speechless as I squeeze out a thank you. Rachael opens the one from me. It is a gold heart necklace. The necklace opens up and has a clasp on the side. She opens it up and there is a picture of me. Her eyes are tearing up as she asks, "what is this clasp for." "That clasp connects to only one other heart," I say. "Where is it," she asks. I pull the chain from around my neck and connect the heart to hers. She opens my heart and it has a picture of her as she starts crying. There is not a dry eye at the table as Rachael hands me back my heart and puts her heart around her neck. I open Rachael's gift to me and now it is my turn to tear up. It is a gold necklace with a solid gold guitar pick that is engraved with, "Love always Rachael". I say, "Thank you" and put it around my neck.

Then Rachael opens her last gift from her Mom and Dad. It is a set of car keys. I look at them and grimace as Rachael gives me a smirk. She turns and screams, runs over to her Mom and Dad and gives them a hug, then runs over to the car. I walk over and stand by Sam and Stephanie. I say, "Sam, the streets would be allot safer if you would have given her lifetime bus pass." as Sam and Stephanie both start laughing.

At 9pm, the party is still going strong as I am pulled away by Imelda. "Follow me it is time for your birthday present," she says leading me up to my room. We get inside, Imelda locks the door and turns on the lights. I see Cindy lying naked on the bed and they say in unison, "HAPPY BITHDAY!" Imelda starts taking off her clothes as Cindy starts stripping me out of mine. I am pushed on the bed and I scoot up to the headboard. Cindy and Imelda kneel on the bed facing each other across from me and they start kissing and fondling each other. I do not know what it is about two girls kissing, but my cock turns from semi erect to a diamond cutter.

Imelda gets between my legs and Cindy kneels to my right. Imelda grabs the base of my cock and holds it up for Cindy as she starts licking it like a Popsicle. Then she wraps her lips around it and goes down as far as she can until I hear her gag as she comes back up. "Oh my god, it is so big," Cindy tells Imelda like I am not there. Cindy goes down again as Imelda starts licking my ball bag, and takes each nut one at a time.

Cindy grabs the base of my cock and tells Imelda to climb aboard. Imelda mounts up and Cindy places the head of my cock at her entrance as Imelda gets the head inside and slowly goes down. Once I am all the way in, she waits to adjust to the size as Cindy straddles my face. As Imelda is riding my cock, Cindy rides my face. I reach up with each hands and rub Imelda's and Cindy's clit as my tongue goes from pussy hole to asshole. Then Imelda speeds up her pace as she starts screaming something in Spanish. Both girls grunt and tightens up and I feel girl juice running down my balls as I am rewarded with girl juice in my mouth.

Imelda rolls off me and lies beside me. Cindy gets in between her legs and dives face first into Imelda's pussy. I get behind Cindy and push half of my cock inside. Cindy is wet and slippery pussy as I pull two inches out and ram the whole length in as Cindy grunts. I am jackhammering Cindy from behind as she is moaning into Imelda's pussy. I know Imelda is getting ready to cum, because she is screaming in Spanish. Then Cindy's pussy tightens around my cock as she screams, "OH FUCH YES FUCK ME with that big fat cock," Cindy screams. I ram her a couple more times as I pull out and Imelda jumps up and grabs the base of my cock as the first burst goes into her mouth then Cindy puts her mouth on my cock as she gets the rest. I am out of breath as both girls lick me clean. I lay on the bed as the girls cuddle on each side of me. We lay there for a bit as Imelda asks, "did you like your birthday present." "I can now die a happy man," I say as both girls giggle.

We get dressed and head back down to the party. It is 1130pm and all the adults have left it is just the teenagers. I walk to the pool, as there are many people splashing around. I see Rachael holding her hand out to me and says, "Ddub, help me out of the pool." I bend over holding out my right hand as Rachael grabs it and pulls me in face first. As I come up gasping for air and coughing up water, I see Rachael. "What the hell was that for," I ask. "You pervert. You did the nasty with Imelda and Cindy at the same time," she says laughing. "How the hell do you know these things," I ask with a confused look on my face. "They asked me where your room was," she says still laughing. The party finally ended at one in the morning and we head off to bed.

I am up early, showered and dressed. I head down to the foyer with my bags. Miss Rosa comes out, gives a hug and says, "I am going to miss you, DW. I made you some sandwiches in case you get hungry. I know how you like to eat."

Staphanie has tears in her eyes as she gives me a long hug and says, "DW, you know this is your second home and we all love you." "Thank you Steph and I love you ahd love coming here," I say. Sam shakes my hand and tells me he will keep in touch with further orders. I ask if Rachael is coming down to say goodbye. "She is driving you to the airport in her new car," Sam says. "NOOO," I scream. "I heard that DW," Rachael says as she is coming down the stairs, "I am sorry Rach, but there are two things I hate riding in, one is an airplane and two is a car with YOU driving," I say as everyone laughs except Rachael who gives me a smirk.

We get to the airport in one piece and Rachael drops me off in the passenger drop-off zone. I lean over to kiss her on the cheek as he turns and kisses me on the lips.

"You are very special to me. Take care of yourself and I love you," I say. Tears are coming out of her eyes as she says, "take care DW, and I love you with all my heart."

I grab my bag and guitar, close the door and watch her drive off. I shake my head as she pulls out without looking, cuts off another driver and I hear him honk and cuss at her.

As I am sitting in the terminal waiting for my flight, I am thinkjng about how my life has changed over the past year. I am finally satisfied at where my life is heading and I have friends who love me. I wonder what is waiting for me.

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The Rocker Part 3

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Comments (1)
ScrapDawg32 — 22 March 2019 20:05
Great story. Keep them going.
albertofatto — 07 January 2019 07:06
Well well well. Look who it is. the man that falsely accused me of using alt accounts to give negatives to all his stories. Here's a positive for a good story mate. Next time keep your baseless accusations in check, and try growing a spine.
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