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The Rocker Part 4

Categories Fiction, Romance, Teen

Author: DBuck

Published: 29 October 2018

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The Rocker

Part 4

Early afternoon and I am standing out in front of the airport feeling nauseous. There has to be a better way to get around than flying. I see my Dad's pick-up truck waiting in the pick-up lane. I put my bag and guitar in the back and get in. "Hey Dad," I say. "Hey, son how did everything go," he asks. I tell him everything minus the dirty details (if you know what I mean). "Your Mom is home cooking you a birthday dinner. Anything you want to do before we go home," he asks. "Actually Dad, can you help me pick out a car." I ask. Dad says, "I will even pay for half," "Dad I love you, but I really want to do this on my own," I say. "That is why I am proud of you," Dad says.

We visit a couple dealerships. We are at one dealership and I see a 1976 used Plymouth Duster, tan with vinyl seats and mag wheels. Dad asks, "I thought you have enough money for a new car." "Why pay for a new car when used is just as good," I say. Dad nods in agreement. We take it out for a test drive and Dad looks under the hood. Dad talks to the salesman and he gives us a price. "That will not do it. My son is paying cash" Dad tells the salesman, My Dad actually gets him to knock 500 dollars off the original price, because I am paying cash. Dad takes me to the bank and I get a cashier's check.

It feels amazing to drive your first car. I pull into the driveway and Dad pulls up beside me. We clear out the side of the garage so that I can park my car there. We go inside and I drop my bags off in my room. Lois follows me into my room and asks me if I got her something. I pull out a box that is wrapped as she grabs it and runs off. We are sitting at the table ready to eat as Lois is looking at her seashell. "What does it do," she asks. "Hold it to your ear you can hear the ocean," I say. She holds it to her ear as her eyes widen. "Oh, some pretty girl left you a present yesterday. I cannot remember her name, but she had red hair and is very pretty," Mom says. "Was it Brook," I ask. "No, it was not her," Mom says. Then Dad has to put his two cents in. "DW has so many girls chasing after him he does not know which one is which." Mom laughs and I shake my head.

I am lying in my bed staring at the box. I know three redheads. Rachael, who is in California, Brook and Mom said it was not her. One left, Katy. I open the box and pull out the note first. It reads:


I am sorry for sleeping with Wayne while we were dating. I am in love with you and I do not know what came over me. I am changing and I am changing for you. Your sweet personality changed me. If you do not come and see me, I will see you at school. I have my ring around my neck. I am your girlfriend even if you do not feel the same way.

Love always.


I look into the box again and see the dreaded ring on a chain. I put it back in the box, put it on my nightstand and drift off to sleep.


First day of school and I am up early. The last two weeks that I got back, I spent in the basement, writing music and thinking about my life. I always wanted a girlfriend, but now that I have a girl that wants to be my girlfriend, I wonder if I should trust her. There is only one girl that I trust with my heart and she does not want me in that way. I smile as I think of Rachael. I get dressed and say fuck it. I am going to be the sweet person everyone says I am, Yes, she hurt me, but that does not mean that I should hurt her (more song lyrics). I grab the ring on a chain and head out.

It is about an hour and a half before school as I drive to Katy's house. I knock on her door and she answers in a robe and is shocked when she sees me. "DW, what are you doing here," she asks. "I came to take my girlfriend to breakfast before the first day of school," I say. She starts freaking out, "but I have to put my makeup on and the pep rally, I have to put my uniform on." she says. I grab her and kiss her hard and deep. "Babe you do not need make up. Calm down and get your beautiful ass dressed. I am hungry and I will be in my car waiting for you."

Fifteen minutes later, Katy runs out of her house, gets in my car and stares, and does not look at me as I stare at her. "What," she asks. "You look beautiful, you do not need make up, and you did not give your boyfriend his morning kiss," I say. All of the sudden I have lips and tongue in my mouth. She sits down, smiles, and says, "I love you and missed you." "I missed you too Kat," I coumter. "AWE, is that my nickname," she asks as she smiles. I take her to a restaurant and we eat a nice breakfast. I love to see her smile. She seems so happy.

We get to school with fifteen minutes to spare, We walk in hand in hand and see that her locker is next to mine and we have first period together again. We are getting "what the fuck" looks from everyone. I see Lisa, Brook and Emily staring at us. Brook is looking at me with an "I hate you look" on her face.

I walk Katy to class and she sits beside me. I take her to lunch and I sit in the front row at the pep rally. I have never seen her so happy. After the pep rally, I take her home. She scoots over to me and starts crying. "This is what a true boyfriend does," she says. I give her a kiss and say, "get used to it babe. I will pick you up tomorrow," I say. "I love you," she says,

It is Saturday morning after the first week of school and I am laying in bed thinking over the last week. It seems that the people that never talked to me are now saying hi and acting friendlier. Is it because of my brutal beating or because of Katy. Even Lisa and Emily are saying hi to me and welcomed Katy back into their cheerleading clique. Brook still gives me the evil eye and looks away when I see her staring at me. Bryan and Carl are still looking at me as if they want to kill me, but try to avoid me, especially when Katy is with me, which is pretty much most of the time.

Brook is still with Carl for reasons unknown to me. Emily and Lisa are free agents as Lisa's ex-boyfriend dropped her after he went off to college. From what Katy told me, Wayne and Lisa have been on a few dates, but nothing serious yet.

I pick up Katy that night to take her to a drive-in movie. We are cuddled up watching the movie when Katy asks, "will you take me to the home coming dance." I think for a minute and say, "I do not know Kat. I cannot dance and I do not have anything to wear." "Well I do not have anything fancy to wear either...wait you are a guitar player on stage and you do not know how to dance," she says chuckling. "That is totally different," I say. "How," she says. "Ok I will take you to the dance," I say trying to get her to drop it.

She looks up at me as we are watching the movie. "What," I ask. The next thing I know I have a tongue in my mouth. She is kissing me with passion. Our hands are going all over each other. We finally break when Katy says, "do you mind if we wait. I love you, but I want it to be the right time. I do not want our relationship to be like my past relationships," she says. "I understand," I say. We finish the movie and I take her home.

It is Friday a day before the homecoming dance and as usual I pick up Katy and we head to school. I get to my locker as Katy heads over to talk to her friends. I open my locker and a note falls out as I grab it and stuff it in my pocket. The day goes by uneventful and I am taking Katy home after school, when she asks, "what are you wearing tomorrow." "I do not know, a shirt and tie," I say. "What about you," I ask. "I cannot afford anything new, so I will wear one of my old dresses," she says. I drop her off and head home.

Saturday morning I get up, do my Saturday chores, and head to the bank then to Katy's house. I knock on the door and Katy answers wearing a robe. "DW, what are you doing here," she asks. "Get dressed and I will be waiting in my car," I say. Fifteen minutes later, she is in the car with a confused look on her face. I drive to the local strip mall and we get out of the car. I hand her a hundred dollars. "Go get yourself some clothes to wear tonight and I will be in the music store," I say as I turn and walk away.

I am in the music store for about an hour checking out the electric guitars as Katy walks in with two large bags and a cute smile on her face. "What did you buy," I ask. "You will see tonight," she says giving me a kiss. I buy some guitar picks and we head out. I pull up to Katy's house and she straddles my lap and starts kissing me. Her lips feel so soft and I can taste her lip-gloss. We stay that way for a while twirling our tongues around savoring the moment. She looks in my eyes and says. "I love you DW, you are so good to me. See you tonight." She grabs her bags and gets out. I stare at her ass as she walks towards her house. I think she knows I am staring, because she is putting more sway to her hips as she turns her head and winks at me.

I am all dressed for the dance. I am sitting there nervous. I have never been to a dance before. How should I act? I am sitting there worried when I remember the note. I open it and read:

I need to talk to you before you go to the dance with your gold digging girlfriend.


It is too late to talk to her I say to myself as I grab my keys and head out the door. I get to Katy's house and knock on the door and Katy answers. My jaw drops open as she is wearing a black sleeveless dress that stops at her mid thigh that accentuates her body. She grabs my hand and we walk out the door. "Your Mom does not want to take pictures," I ask. "No," she says. "Do you mind if I take you back to my house. My Mom wants pictures," I ask. "Sure," she says.

I head home and the introductions are made. As Mom is taking pictures Dad says, "time to break in that back seat son." "DAD what the hell," I say as Katy's face turns red. Mom chuckles and says, you two have a good time and me and your father will be home late tonight.

We finish and head to the dance. Katy seems quiet and uneasy about something. "Are you all right," I ask. "I am fine," she says. We get to the school I give the ticket taker our tickets and we walk in. The school gym is decorated nice. Tables are set up so that two couples sit at one table. I see Lisa, her new boyfriend, some guy from the basketball team with Brook and Carl at one table. Next to their table are Emily and some guy I do not recognize. Bryan and Wayne are at a table next to theirs with their dates. The goon squad and some of the football players are sitting around them. Katy has not talked the whole way here and seems uneasy about something. I immediately smell something fishy as Katy looks at me with a scared look in her eyes. She grabs my hand and pulls me over to the other side of the gym and we sit with a couple we both do not know. I look at Katy and ask, "what is going on." "We need to talk after the dance and stay close to me at all times," Katy says.

The school class president gets up and makes some announcements as food is served. We are eating when Lisa comes over and says, "Katy, we had you and DW a seat saved at Emily's table. Why didn't you sit there?" "Oh, I did not see you," Katy says. "Katy you looked right at us when you came in," Lisa counters, "I will talk to you about it later," Katy says. I give her a "what the fuck" look and see her eyes watering. "Kat, I do not know what is going on, but I am going to the bathroom and when I get back, we are going to dance and have a good time," I say.

I get up walk out of the gym and down the hallway. There are a few adult chaperones and students in the hallway. I go in the nearest restroom and drain myself. I wash my hands and start to leave as the door opens and there stands Carl. With something shiny in his hand. "I am so tired of your ugly fucking ass," he says. "That makes two of us. You and Bryan chose to fuck with me, beat me and for what? Because I am different, the way I look and that I am a better person than you are. You chose me I did not choose you," I say with venom (mental note, if I live through this write that down for song lyrics).

"You should have never dropped the charges," he says. He swings the knife towards my head, as I duck under and now I am next to the door. The momentum of his swing and missing me knocked him off balance, which gave me enough time to slip out the door. Coming out the door, I run into one of his goons. He pushes me against the lockers and says, "where are you going you ugly fuck." Then all of the sudden he walks away as if nothing happened. I look down the hallway and find the reason. The principle and coach Thomas had rounded the corner coming towards us. Then Carl storms out of the restroom, runs into the coach falling down as his knife goes sliding across the floor. I turn and walk down the hallway back to the dance, with a fuck you Carl grin on my face.

I get to the dance and see Katy in a heated conversation with Wayne. When she sees me she runs to me grabs my arm and she leads me out to my car and she says, "drive." I drive away obeying her orders. Then she breaks down crying hysterically. I am thinking that I was set up somehow as I am going down the road. Is this what Emily wanted to warn me about? Was I being set up? Was Katy in on it the whole time?

It is still early as I pull up to Katy's house and say, "get out" as I give her back the ring on a chain. She is still bawling and says, "DW, please forgive me I am sorry I am falling in love with you." She gets out and I drive off.

I am lying in bed thinking my life over. Why do those guys hate me? I have never done anything to Bryan or Carl. They hated me from the first day they saw me. I know the goons are just following Bryan and Carl, why does Wayne hate me. We used to be best friends in elementary school, and then our friendship was gone just like that for no reason. What did Katy mean by "I am FALLING in love with you", when before she said she WAS in love with me? Was she their pawn to get me where they wanted me? I finally drift off to sleep.

Sunday morning I am sitting in the kitchen eating cereal as Mom and Dad are out. The phone rings and I answer.

"DW," I hear Rachael say as I get a big smile on my face.

"Hey, Rach I am so glad you called and I miss you," I say.

"What is going on," she asks.

"Nothing, just school," I say.

"DW, tell me what is going on. Something happened I know it," she says.

"What the hell Rach. How do you know these things," I ask.

"Just tell me," she says.

I tell her the whole story. I hear her thinking when she says, "give her a second chance."

"WHAT," I say.

"DW, those bullies coerced her into dating you. When she realized that, you ARE a nice guy and not like anyone else. You buying her new clothes only sealed the deal, and she fell in love with you," she says.

"I cannot trust her now," I say.

"DW, she is going to need you now. The bullies she just betrayed are going to be after her now. You do not want her hurt do you," she says.

"Why are you always right," I ask.

"That is my job as your big sister," she says as I hear her smirk. The I love yous are said and we end the call.

It is still awhile before Mom and Dad get home, so I decide to head downstairs as I hear a knock on the door. I answer it and see Brook standing there. "I need to talk to you," she says. "I am going to my music room in the basement. You can talk to me down there," I say seeing a mad look on her face.

We get downstairs and I sit on the couch as Brook stands in front of me. "Why did you tell the principal and the coach that Carl had a knife," Brook asks. I give her my famous 'what the fuck look'. "What did he tell you," I ask. "Carl said that he followed you into the restroom to apologize. Then you freaked out and ran out, then got the principle and the coach, who searched him and found the knife," she says. I am laughing hard. "You believed him," I ask still laughing. I give her the whole story and how they coerced Katy to get my trust and lure me too them.

"That is bullshit. Carl would never do that," she says. "Just like he would never cheat on you. I will never know why you like Carl and the others," I say. "Fuck you," she says. "Fuck you, I say back as I am now standing and pissed.

Brook is staring me down and then I have all hundred plus pounds of angry cheerleader in my arms and kissing me hard. I hold her up by her ass and kiss her back. I get her to lighten up on my lips a little bit. I lay her down on the couch and put my weight on her and we continue the sword fight with our tongues. We are fumbling at each other’s clothes as if we have never done this before. I finally get her shirt off when she pushes me back up off her for a second to finish the job herself and I discover she is not wearing a bra, her nipples are big and her breasts are firm as I attack them with my lips and tongue. Brook does not moan, she giggles as I lick and suck on her tits. "Pants now," Brook demands as she begins pulling off her jeans.

Stripping is now frantic and when I get my underwear down that is where Brook actually pauses at me since I am hard and pointing right at her. Brook looks unsure, why now is my question but she pulls me to her and kisses me again still passionate but this time her hand is playing with me to make sure I get hard enough. Granted that was not needed. I am surprised by Brook as her legs wrap around my body. Brook’s eyes are closed and her face shows some concern but she is pushing against me more than a little bit when I finally get my head inside and it all stops. Brook is tense, way too tense for this and I try to back out when she stops me. Brook shakes her head no to me and keeps my face over her own so I cannot back out of her. Gently I push back inside and I get a moan. "Stop playing and fuck me," she says. I am glad to do as ordered as I put her legs over my shoulders and start jack hammering into her as her nails are digging into my back. Is that all you have? Fuck me, she says. Our pubic bones are slamming together as I am following orders. I want to give her the best fucking of her life as her body tightens, her back arches and she screams, "FUUUUUCK." I pull out and turn her over. Her face is in the armrest, as she does not have time to catch her breath. With her ass in the air I ram my cock back in as I get a squeal from Brook.

We are going at it for another 10 minutes, as I am not tiring or ready to cum yet. When her back arches and her pussy clamps up, I put my thumb in her asshole all the way past the first knuckle. Brook screams and I feel her cum splashing my balls and onto the couch. I then turn her back over onto her back. I put her legs on my shoulder and fold her up so that her ass is in the air and start jack hammering her with everything I have. I am hitting bottom as her head is hitting the armrest. Brook is screaming, "fuck yes give me that BIG FAT COCK YOU ASSHOLE." Her pussy tightens up for the third time as she screams, "give me that cum make a baby in me." "You do not deserve my cum inside you," I growl as I pull out. The first shot splatters on her face, with the second and third on her tits and the rest on her stomach. I fall back to the other side of the couch. Both of us are panting and out of breath.

"Holy fuck that was amazing," Brook says. I get up without saying a word, grab my underwear, and toss them to Brook so that she can clean herself up. We get dressed as Brook says, "Can we keep this a se..."Do not worry I will not tell anyone," I growl cutting her off. She gives me a confused look as I show her out without saying anything else.

Monday morning and I am at school 30 minutes early. I take everything out of my locker and put it in the trunk of my car. No more lockers for me. I am sitting in first period before the bell rings. There is someone sitting behind me as Katy tries to sit beside me. Brook cuts her off and sits in the seat. Emily sits in front of me and Lisa on the other side. Katy sits in a seat in the back of the class. Class starts and the teacher explains that all first period teachers have to talk about bulling and weapons in school. He gives the speech to treat everyone equally. Then he says that one person has been expelled for bulling and bringing weapons to school. When he says that, Katy starts crying and runs out of the class.

I raise my hand and ask the teacher if I can go check on her. I go into the hallway and see her, leaned up against her locker crying. I walk up to her and say, "hi, my name is DW," I know your name. What do you want DW," she asks. "I want to start over. My name is DW," I say. "My name is Katy," she says still crying. "Would you like to go out with me Saturday night," I ask. "Sure," she says still crying. "I will pick you up at 6pm," I say as I walk away.

The rest of the week goes by uneventful, I am not picking Katy up for school, taking her home, or walking her to class. I am staying away from her. Lisa, Brook, and Emily have ousted her from their clique again. I am trying to feel sorry for her, but I am more worried about her safety. Bryan, Wayne, and the goon squad are giving me an "I want to kill you" looks and I catch them giving Katy "I hate you" looks. Even with Carl expelled from school, Bryan and the goon squad are still in full force as Wayne has taken Carl's place.

Saturday night I pick Katy up at 6pm. I am not planning anything special, dinner, the arcade, and then home. I do not want to spend allot of time with her. I take her to a cozy restaurant as she sits in silence. She has not said anything since I picked her up. We order our food and as we are waiting she says, "DW, I am so sor"...I cut her off and say, "Katy, I do not want to talk about the past. If you want a relationship, then we start over and leave the past out. I do need to take you to school and bring you home, because I am worried about your safety; however, we WILL take it slow," I say.

I take her to the arcade after dinner and we spend an hour there. We play pinball, air hockey and I win enough tickets to buy her a teddy bear. I give it to her and she starts crying, what is it about teddy bears and girls? She gives me a hug and tells me I am so sweet. I take her home, walk her to her door, kiss her on the cheek, and tell her I will pick her up Monday for school.


The first day of school after the Thanksgiving week and I am feeling great, everything has been good. Bryan, Wayne and the goon squad have been keeping their distance. I have been staying close to Katy to make sure she is safe as Bryan and Wayne are still giving her dirty looks after the Carl incident.

As for me and Katy's relationship? I am keeping it slow. Our last date was the previous Friday night. We are in my car at the drive-in making out. Things are getting hot and heavy. When Katy says, "I am ready." "I am sorry Kat, but I am not. Not here not now. I am sorry, but I am not feeling it and I want our first time to be special for both of us," I say. I get a grumpy look as she scoots away from me, folds her arms and we finish watching the movie.

Saturday I received a large yellow envelope from Janet Morris. I open it and see eight tickets and back stage passes to the last concert of the Winter Rocking Out Tour. An eight-hour concert featuring five bands and one of them is Janet's band. I was actually going to buy tickets, but they were sold out months ago. I got three envelopes, put two tickets and backstage passes into each envelope, and wrote a name on each.

Monday morning we pull into the school parking lot and I ask Katy to wait a minute, because she still seems upset about my rejection Friday night. "Kat, would you like to go to the Winter Rocking out Concert with me," I ask. "The tickets are sold out," she says still grumpy. I hold up the two tickets and back stage passes. All of the sudden I hear a deafening scream and I have a 100 pound redheaded cheerleader in my lap shoving her tongue down my throat. After she calms down, I walk into school with a happy Katy on my arm.

We get to her locker and I see Lisa, Brook and Emily gathered at their usual spot. I walk over to them and give each of them an envelope. "Merry Christmas. I can take one couple in my car," I say as I turn and walk away. I figure they deserve it since they have been nice to me the past couple months and I have no other friends to give them to. Me and Katy are walking away as I hear three screaming happy girls.

It is Wednesday, Christmas break and two days before Friday's concert. The four girls have everything planned out. I will drive my car with Katy, Emily and her boyfriend. Lisa's boyfriend will drive his car with Lisa, Brook and her new boyfriend. We will leave at twelve before the concert starts at two and we will grab something to eat there between band performances.

Katy asked me to take her to finish her Christmas shopping, so we made a day of it having lunch together. I get home around 4pm and Mom says that Sam has been calling all day saying it was urgent that I call as soon as I get in. She gives me the number and I call.

"Hello Sam," I say.

"DW, I am glad you called. You are going to the Winter Rocking out Concert Friday at the Lakeview Stadium," he says.

"I know. Janet sent me tickets and backstage passes for me and my friends," I say.

"DW, sit down and brace yourself. I will start from the beginning. The promoters for the tour held auditions to pick two bands that were up and coming and new back in September. They picked two to play in the last concert of the tour as a chance at being recognized. Yesterday one of the bands dropped out. The promoters were just going to let it go when Janet told them about you and your band. They called me this morning and Menace is on the books to play five songs, you are second to go on," he says.

I am freaking out. "What the hell Sam, we have not practiced that much," I say.

"DW, I never would have said yes if I did not have confidence in you guys. You guys are ready and this is a chance of a lifetime I need you at the stadium at noon Friday," he says.

"What am I suppose to tell my friends," I ask.

"Bring them. I will have Rachael meet you out front. You give mer your ticket and backstage pass to Rachael and you come in to the back and show your ID to security," he says.

"Wow, you have everything planned out," I say.

"That is my job DW. All the equipment is provided all you need is your guitar and I will see you Friday," he says. We end the call and I am sitting there with a shocked look on my face. What is wrong DW, Mom asks. I tell her and now she has the shocked look. I call Katy and ask her to tell everyone that we need to leave at 11 to be there by noon. She says, she will and I am glad she does not ask why.

Thursday midnight, I lay in bed, as I cannot sleep thinking about the concert. Thinking of what five songs we can perform. We know 12 of the songs I wrote and have really only practiced five. I finally nod off to sleep.

I wake up in the morning to the smell of cinnamon and raspberries. I feel something wet nibbling my ear and a naked warm body snuggled against me. "How did you get in here," I ask. "Your Mom and Dad let me in before they went to work. I thought I would come early and make a day of it with you," Katy says as she starts kissing me. "Come on we need to get up and get ready," I say, Katy pulls me back down and says, "it is only 8am we have plenty of time" as she presses her lips to mine.

I wrap her in my arms and we kiss with a heated passion. Her lips taste like cinnamon. Her body is hot pressed up against mine as our bodies are intertwined. She reaches down and helps me out of my boxers. I am at full mast as she reaches down and rubs my cock and I hear her gasp. I have never felt passion like this before as I roll her on her back. I start kissing her neck and lightly biting and I move to her shoulders kissing, every inch of her body as she is running her fingers through my long hair. I get to her beautiful tits. I suck one nipple into my mouth as I pinch the other with my hand. Katy is moaning as I switch.

With her hands still tangled in my hair, I move down kissing her body. I stop at her belly button and swirl my tongue in it then I move down pulling the covers down with me. I surprise her by going around her pussy kissing and licking her right thigh I am on my knees as I bend her leg kissing down to her foot. I take each toe in my mouth and licking the bottoms of her foot (yes I have a foot fetish that I blame on Emily). I work my way back down and up the other leg and repeat the process. By the time I get to her pussy, she is hot and wet. I flick her clit with my tongue as her back arches and she puts her legs on my back and moans. Her hands are back in my hair as I start licking her pussy she tastes so good. I reach around, start rubbing her clit as I move down to her asshole, swirl my tongue around then move back up to her clit, and start sucking hard. She screams, her body tightens, and she is pulling my hair as I am rewarded with her sweet nectar. She is trying to catch her breath as I move back up repeating the process by swirling my tongue in her belly button and sucking her beautiful nipples again. I move up to her lips, lay on top of her as we kiss.

I feel her smile under my kiss as my cock is at her entrance. She wraps her legs around me pushing the head of my cock into her. She is wet, hot, and tight. It seems like it took forever to get inside her. When our pubic bones meet, I feel her pussy tighten and she moans. I look at her and see tears in her eyes. "Are you ok," I ask. "I love you. I am glad what I did before, because if I didn't I would never have known you. I Love you so much," she says. "I love you too," I say. She grabs my face and we stare into each other's eyes as I start pushing in and out of her. I am pounding in and out of her as our pubic bones are slamming together. We are lost lust as she is thrusting her hips up against me to match my pounding. "Oh my god, you feel so good inside me. Make me your dirty little girl. FUUUUUUCK," Katy screams. Then her pussy tightens and I unload into her, our eyes still gazing into each other as I collapse with both of us out of breath.

I finally roll off as she lays her head on my shoulder and says, "WOW, I do not think I am going to be able to walk for a week. That was like, WOW!" "You are amazing," I say. Katy says, "I am sorry about"...I cut her off with a kiss. "Did we just throw out the love bomb in the heat of passion," she asks. "Yes and I meant it," I say. "I do too with all my heart," she says back.

"Fuck the concert. I want to lay with you all day," she says snuggling up to me. I look at the clock and it is 10:15. "OH shit babe. We have to get ready. Get your sexy ass up and get in the shower," I say. I drag a grumpy Katy out of the bed and into the shower. We take a shower together as she tries to prolong it and I say not now, later. We get dressed and I look at her. She is wearing a flannel shirt wrapped tight around her body and tight blue jeans. I am wearing my black oversized t-shirt, blue jeans and my converse tennis shoes. Katy goes into the bathroom to put on her makeup and I sneak my guitar out and put it in the trunk of my car.

We get to the stadium and I park my car in the VIP parking and motion Lisa's boyfriend to park next to me, like Sam said. Everyone is looking at me confused as I get my guitar out of the trunk and we start walking towards the stadium. We get to the security entrance when a 90-pound redhead engulfs me. I let her down after a long hug and I say, "I missed you."

"I missed you too. Am I going to have to kick her ass," Rachael says. "Who," I ask. "The girl who is walking funny and has her hands on her hips glaring at me," Rachael says. "That is Katy, the one YOU told me to give a second chance," I say. Rachael says. "and she is walking funny, because you guys did the nas"....I cut her off. "Here is my ticket and backstage pass. Take my friends and go. Please be easy on Katy when you cuss her ass out," I say. She smirks and walks to my friends and I turn, show my ID, and enter the security gate.

I am walking down a long wide corridor, I see people walking up and down carrying equipment. A big tall guy walks up to me and asks, "band." "Menace," I say. He points down another corridor. It is another wide hallway with doors on each side with band names on them. I get to the one that says, "MENACE". Tears come to my eyes as I smile, open the door, and walk in.

I am standing in a huge dressing room. Sam shakes my hand, but my mouth drops open as I look at my band mates. All three have their hair looking like they got a perm. but what really has my attention is what they are wearing. Gary is wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt, shorts, and combat boots. Chad is wearing a black tuxedo and tie with the sleeves cut off and black sneakers. Ben is wearing blue jeans with a huge silver belt buckle, cowboy boots, no shirt and a cowboy hat perched on top of his fluffy head of hair. I am speechless.

Chad asks, "what are you wearing," I look down at what I have on. "You are wearing that," Chad says in a non-question tone. "Well at least I am not dressed like I am going to the beach, or playing in an opera, or a damn county music star," I blurt out. "Hey, I have to dress light, because I am the one in the back working out," Gary says. "Fuck you," Chad says. "I fucking missed you guys," I say as we get into a group hug.

"You guys remember, what you wear today your fans are going to expect you to wear it every time you perform. Now pick your five songs and what order," Sam says. "Bully." Ben says. "No, we have not practiced that one enough," I say. Chad says, "we play it like we did in the demo." "I am not ready," I argue back as everyone gives in. We settle on our five songs, sit back, and relax.

We are getting a pep talk from Sam when there is a loud knock on the door. Sam answers it and the band "Metal Gear" comes barging in they shake our hands and Kent the lead singer says, the stadium is packed and the audience is amped up and that they will see us at the after show party backstage when the bands sign autographs for the people with backstage passes, Shawn hands me a marker, holds out his guitar and says, "I am not going to have time to get your autograph after the show so I want it now," Shawn says. I have the biggest grin on my face as I sign his guitar "DW Burk". They shake our hands again and Kent says, "give us a good show guys" as they leave.

It is 2pm when the door opens and we can hear a deafening roar of the audience. A short man walks in and closes the door. He takes his earphones off and sets his clipboard down. He starts to explain what to do and giving us the ground rules. Each band has a total of 45 minutes. There is 15 to 30 minutes between performances. There is a director in the back of the stage and will let us know if we are going too long. After your performance, you guys will come back and wait until the back stage party. The band's tables will be set up in the main hallway you came in. The tables have plenty of markers to sign autographs. There are over 500 people with back stage passes. You will not leave until everyone is gone. I will give you a fifteen-minute warning before I send you to the director. He leaves as we sit back more nervous now than when he came in.

I do not know how long we are sitting there, when the door crashes open. "YOU ARE ON IN FIFTEEN GET YOUR ASSES MOVING," someone screams. We grab our gear and head out to the director. He gets us plugged in and gets our microphones positioned. The stage is dark. We can see out, but they cannot see in. I look out at the huge stadium two high rows in a half circle around the stage and the large open area in front has at least 5,000 people.

Then we hear over the speaker. "IS EVERYONE READY ROCK!. We are deafened by the crowd's response. This band is going to rock your pants off. Give it up for MEEENAAAAACCEEE." Pyrotechnics go off on the corners of the stage as it lights up. When Gary starts pounding the drums I can tell everything is turned up full blast as Chad comes in with bass and me with my guitar and then Ben with his lion's voice. The crowd is going wild as I am bouncing around with adrenaline, to the front of the stage, back to the microphone when I need to sing back up. Then over to Chad. When it is time for my guitar solo, Ben points out to the crowd and then points to me, bowing to me as he jesters me to the front of the stage. I am up front grinding out my solo. The crowd below me is going wild. There are people trying to climb on the stage as security is pulling them down. A girl actually made it on the stage and runs to me jumping up and down as I start dancing with her while grinding out my solo, until she is dragged off kicking screaming by security.

We finish our five-song set as the audience is screaming, ONE MORE! ONE MORE! ONE MORE! Ben and I look back at the director who gives us two thumbs up with a huge grin on his face. I walk over to the microphone and say, "do you really want one more!" The crowd is screaming. As the screaming dies down I say into the microphone, "our next song I wrote for all those people out there that are tired of being judged for being the odd-ball out. Be proud of who you are and do not let anyone tell you to be anything different. The song is called 'Bully'." We start the song as the crowd goes wild. Security has their hands full as they are trying to keep people off the stage. It is almost the end of the song and we are on fire. I walk out to the edge of the stage grinding out my solo as people are jumping up trying to touch me. I am on the edge of the stage; I swing my right leg around when I suddenly feel light as a feather. I am now seeing my short career flash before my eyes. I have hands groping me as I am now in the crowd. Good thing for long cords as I am still pounding out my solo as security is trying to pull everyone off me. The song ends as the crowd lifts me back on stage. I have hands on my legs and my ass as I am lifted back on stage, I think I felt a couple hands grope my man meat. I get back on stage, face the audience, lift my right hand up with my pick, and throw it into the audience as everyone scrambles to get it.

We all walk to the edge, put our hands on each other's shoulders, bow and wave to the crowd as we walk off the stage. The audience is still cheering and screaming. We get two thumbs up from the director as we walk back to our dressing room on cloud-9.

After the concert, the bands are in the hall. We are signing everything from t-shirts, ticket stubs to body parts. A girl actually bent over in front of us, then pulled down her pants and we signed her bare ass. Another girl took off her shirt and we signed her bra. Then I get Rachael and Katy, who both bought a concert t-shirt, which they are wearing and have already got autographs from all the other bands. I ask Rachael, where wants my autograph. Rachael points to her heart and says, "right there and do not touch my boob you nasty pervert," she says. I reach my left arm around her neck holding her head as I sign her forehead then sign her t-shirt where she pointed to. Then Katy wants an autograph on her forehead. Then I have a line of girls that want an autograph on their foreheads.

When the crowd starts dwindling down, I finally get a chance to walk over to talk with Janet. I walk to her and give her a long hug. I tell her thank you. "Face you demons yet," she asks. "One down two to go," I say. "Good," she says.

The party ends at two in the morning and my adrenaline is still going. I say goodbye to Rachael, Sam and the band, who are heading to the airport for an early morning flight. I get a long hug from Rachael as I tell her I love her.

We head out and I am not tired and very hungry. I tell everyone we are going to eat breakfast and that I am buying. We get to a 24-hour diner and the waitress scoots two tables together so that all of us can sit together. We order our food and that is when all the questions start. Why didn't you tell us you had a band? Why didn't you tell us you where playing tonight? I give them the story without allot of details only about the tickets from Janet and the other band dropping out at the last minute. After we eat, I take Emily and her boyfriend home. Katy has fallen asleep so I decide to take her to my house. I carry her into the house and into my room and shut the door. She is half-asleep and half-awake as I get us both stripped down to our underwear and in the bed. She spoons up against me and I am out just like that.


The first day of school after the holidays. I pick up Katy for school. She is wearing her cheerleader uniform and a huge grin on her face. Her hair is pulled back in a high ponytail showing off the earrings I bought her for Christmas. "Hey babe," she says getting in the car and leaning over to give me a long wet kiss. "Hey sexy," I say back. We head off to school with her head on my shoulder.

I walk Katy to her locker and I notice a big difference in people's attitude towards me. People are actually saying hi to me. Even some of the jocks are saying hi and patting me on the back. Lisa, Brook and Emily have moved the morning hangout to mine and Katy's locker as Katy is loving the attention as she is hanging all over me.

After school, I head over to the gym to watch the basketball game and Katy as she is cheerleading. During the game, I am sitting on the front row as I get a visitor. "This is not over you ugly fuck. I still owe you an ass kicking," Ryan says. Still watching the game I say, "how do you owe me more ass kickings, when you and your goons have been bullying and beating me for the past six years." Bryan slams his fists down on the bench and says, "you just watch your back you ugly fuck" as he stands up and walks away.

It is a week before Spring Break. There have been no incidents other than Bryan, Wayne and the goon squad harassing me and Katy with idle threats. I get a call from Sam. He wants us to record our first single album during spring break and to release it immediately. "I want to see how it goes and get the band on tour during the summer if the album gets good reviews. I have you scheduled to fly out next Saturday," he says.

I give the news to Katy, which she does not take well and I am told that I have to spend all my time with her until I leave.

The week in California was a blur. Most of the time was in the studio with my band mates. We would arrive at 7am and leave at 10pm. Playing the same song over and over again until it was what they wanted to hear. By the end of the week, we had one single album to be released immediately and one full album to be released some time during the summer, if the single was a hit. Both albums featured my song "Bully"

We had our picture taken for the album covers, with all of us wearing the same thing we did at the concert. I was on one knee with my guitar and the rest of the band behind me folding their arms with their famous fluffy curly hair.

I was so busy that week that I did not get to see Rachael until Saturday night at 10pm, when I got back from the studio. I was in my room packing my bag when Rachael comes in wearing old Barbie Doll pajamas. I chuckle as she says, "hey, I did not laugh at your hot wheels pajamas" as she gives me a smirk.

She crawls into my bed, I turn out the lights, strip down to my boxers and crawl in bed beside her. She lays her head on my chest and we catch up on each other's lives. Apparently, she and Josh have been on a couple dates, since he goes to college a couple hours from here. "Is it serious," I ask. "No, and I am really not looking. I just want to concentrate on my life right now," she says. "What about Katy," Rachael asks. "It is nothing serious. I think she is just along for the ride," I say. "Well do not be hurt when she is done riding," Rachael says. I am thinking about what she said, when Rachael says, "I am driving you to the airport tomorrow on my way back to school." "NO," I scream. "OUCH," I say as she pinches my nipple. "That hurt," I say. "Good," she says as she spoons up against me and we drift off to sleep.


Two weeks after spring break and I am driving to school with Katy talking up a storm, as usual, when she stops talking, stares at the radio, and screams. I have the radio on, but I could not hear it with Katy's mouth going 90 miles a minute. Katy turns up the radio and is bouncing up and down screaming as I finally hear it. The song I wrote "Bully" on the radio. I pull into the school and park. Katy is still bouncing up down as I hear me and my band mates on the radio.

We walk into school and things are crazy as people are surrounding me and Katy. I finally get to my locker when a couple teachers have to come out and break it up. The principal, Mrs. Baker screams, "DW in my office NOW!" "Shit," I say to myself. I get to the front office and I am directed to the principal's office. I go in as Mrs. Baker closes the door and tells me to sit. She says, "while we are waiting for the crowd to disperse and get to class I need you to sign this. My daughter has been playing this constantly for the past two days." She hands me the record, which I did not even know was out in stores yet. I ask her what her daughter's name is and sign it. After the bell rings, I am given a pass and sent to class.

The rest of the day is peaceful until after school when there is about ten girls, most of them Sophomores, with a copy of "Bully" wanting my autograph. Katy shakes her head, gets in the car and waits.

It is Saturday and the last two weeks of school and I am at the drive-in with Katy and we are snuggled up watching the movie. "What are you going to be doing this summer," she asks. "I do not know yet. Sam said our single made number one in Japan, top twenty in the UK and top fifty in the US, so we might be sent out on some concerts." I say. "I want to go with you," she says. "I will have to see what happens," I say as she leans her head on my shoulder and we finish the movie.

I get Katy home and walk her to her door and we kiss. She grabs my head with both hands, stares into my eyes, and says, "I love you." I am frozen in place as I look into her eyes and see that she means it. I say, "and I love you." I hold her in my arms for a while before turning and heading home.

I park my car and as I am walking to the door, I see Bryan's car pull up in front of Brook's house. I can hear yelling from inside the car as the passenger side opens, Brook steps out and I can hear Bryan say, "you fucking bitch" from inside the car as it peels away. The lights go on in Brook's house as her mother comes out, looks at Brook, and screams. "Oh my god what did he do to you" as Brook runs to her mother. By this time, I am freaking out and running to their house.

By the time, I get to their house they are already inside. I barge in and see Brook's Mom on the couch holding her daughter. Brook's Dad is standing there looking like he wants to kill someone. I look at Brook's face. Her left eye is swollen shut and there is blood coming out of her nose. "Did that fucking asshole do this to you," I yell. She does not answer.

I turn to her Dad. "Sir, do you have a baseball bat I can borrow," I ask. "Metal or wood," he asks as he is walking down the hallway. "You choose," I say. He comes back and tosses me an aluminum bat. "Metal is better it will not break over his fucking head," he says. I can hear Brook and her Mom pleading with me not to do anything as I walk out the door.

As I am walking the three houses down and across the street. The car is in his driveway as I walk in the driveway he sees me in his rearview mirror. He gets out, sees the bat in my hand, and gets back in.

I walk up to the driver's side, I am pissed and the adrenaline is like I am on stage grinding out my anger with a guitar solo, only this time it is a bat. I swing the bat to my right as it smashes into the driver's side window. "Do you like beating on innocent people." I yell SMASH as I bring the bat down on top of the car's roof. "I do not care if you beat on me," I yell. SMASH bringing the bat down on the windshield. "You do not beat my friends," I yell. SMASH as I bring the bat down on the hood of the car. "You do not beat a lady." I yell with more venom in my voice. SMASH...SMASH as I swing the bat into each of the headlights as I am working my way around the car. I am on fire grinding out my guitar solo after years of abuse. I say, "You are a little pussy when your goons are not here." SMASH as I swing the bat down on the passenger side window. There is a crowd gathered in the street. as I bring the bat down on the roof. I hear sirens coming down the street. "You will never beat another person again you worthless piece of shit," I yell. SMASH as I swing the bat down on the rear window.

I finish my guitar solo as the crowd is going wild. I lay the bat down as I am tackled by the police. cuffed and taken to jail. By the time, I am booked into jail and get my one phone call, it is two in the morning. I get a cell to myself, since I am only 17. The adrenalin has worn off as I lay there. My mind is blank as I drift off to sleep.


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The Rocker Part 4

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ScrapDawg32 — 22 March 2019 20:07
Keep them coming. I like this story.
albertofatto — 07 January 2019 07:06
Well well well. Look who it is. the man that falsely accused me of using alt accounts to give negatives to all his stories. Here's a positive for a good story mate. Next time keep your baseless accusations in check, and try growing a spine.
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