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The Rocker Part 5

Categories Fiction, Asian, Interracial, Teen

Author: DBuck

Published: 29 October 2018

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The Rocker


Part 5

I am released Tuesday morning after the charges were dropped, with the agreement I pay for the damages to the car. Apparently, the car belongs to Ryan's Mom, who is a single parent. Bryan was arrested for beating Brook and is still in jail, since his Mom cannot afford bail and what I have heard would rather he stay in jail. Mom arranged for me to take my finals on Monday since she did not know when I was getting out, so I opted to stay home the rest of the week and not let anyone know I am out yet. In addition, I could use the rest, it is allot of work sitting in jail.

The rest of the week is spent resting and writing songs. Friday after dinner, I get a call from Sam.

"Way to go Ddub! Now you are a true ROCK STAR," Sam says.

"What," I ask.

"All true rock stars are arrested at least once in their lifetime," Sam says laughing.

"Is that why you called," I ask shaking my head and laughing.

"No, I called to tell you that you and your band are sold out for thirty days at venues across Japan and your band is headlining all of them," he says.

"Ddub...Ddub..."What," I, say wondering, what the fuck.

"I need you here next Saturday and by the way, I am leaving it up to you and your band mates to get a band crew of roadies for the trip," he says.

"Wow, I am speechless," I say.

"Well do not be too speechless, because Rachael wants to talk to you," Sam says.

I brace myself for the teasing, when I hear, "hey jailbird, smash any cars lately," Rachael asks.

"Hey, at least I can drive them," I say laughing. We laugh and I tell her what happened and she tells me she is proud of me. We chat for a while and she says she cannot wait to see me and we say the I love yous and end the call.

I wake up Saturday morning and decide to head over to Katy's house and take her out for the day and break the bad news to her. As I pull up to her house, I notice Wayne's car parked across the street. I think nothing of it as I get out of my car and knock on the door. The door opens and I see a surprised Katy in her bathrobe.

"DW, what are you doing here? I thought you were in jail," she asks. "I came to see my sexy girlfriend and take her out for the day," I say. All of the sudden she starts bawling as I see Wayne come walking out of the kitchen wearing nothing but a smile. He looks at me and starts laughing as I turn and walk away leaving a crying Katy. I drive home, go to the basement, and write songs. I have to remind myself that I will never cry over a girl.

After an hour of sitting in the basement, I hear the doorbell ring. I ignore it as I go back to writing a song. After a while, I hear a tap on the window and look up to see Brook. I go upstairs and let her in. She gives me a long hug and we sit on the couch. I look at her and see that her eye is still swollen and black and blue. Her nose is swollen and looks like it was broken and put back into place. She says that she cannot stay long, because her Mom is keeping tabs on her and not even letting her go to school. She is finishing her schoolwork at home. She looks at me and tries to speak as tears start coming out of her eyes. I put my arms around her and hold her tight.

We sit in silence for a bit when she says, "DW, I am so sorry for everything." "Brook, you did nothing wrong, I would forgive you even if you did," I say. Brook says, "that is the problem, everyone treats you like shit and you forgive them and they still treat you like shit," she says. I think about what happened this morning with Katy. WOW, she is right about that one I think to myself. I am still holding her when she says, "my brother was right I should have hooked up with someone like you. Too bad, you are going with Katy." "Well Katy and I are not together anymore and I just want to clear my head," I say. "She looks up at me with her beautiful eyes and asks, "what happened." "It does not matter," I say. I hold her a little tighter, and then she says that she has to go before her Mom worries. She gives me a kiss and a long hug then goes home.

Mom and Dad are out and will not return until morning. The phone has been ringing all day and I have not answered it. It is 11pm and I hear a knock on the door, after about 30 minutes of constant knocking, I hear tapping on my window and someone crying. I get up, grab a blanket, and go to the basement to get some sleep.

Monday morning I head to school, which ends on Wednesday for the summer. I do not have to go to first period, because I have to go make up the two final tests I missed. I finish at lunchtime and decide to skip school for the rest of the day since I am pretty much done. The only thing going on in school is clean up and sports activities. I will clean out my locker tomorrow. I am halfway across the parking lot when I hear her. "DW, please," I here Katy say. I get in my car and Katy gets into the passenger side. Fuck! My dumbass forgot to lock it. I speed off with Katy in the car.

I park at my favorite diner, get out, and go inside. I do not wait for Katy, but I can hear her following me. I get in and sit in a booth and Katy sits across from me. I grab a menu and nod for her to do the same. We order and wait for our food. Katy says, "DW," I cut her off and say, "do not say one word to me. This is our last meal together and I would like to enjoy it so please, shut the fuck up." Our food comes as she stares at her salad and says, "I am not going to shut the fuck up. I love you and very proud of you for what you did for Brook, Wayne came over Friday night and said he wanted to be friends and started kissing on me and telling me how much he still loved me and...I fucked up again ok...I do not know what the fuck is wrong with me. I am sorry. I want to make it up to you. Wayne means nothing to me," she says. I say nothing as I finish my meal, as Katy has not eaten and staring at her food. I pay the waiter and we get up and leave. On our way out, I hear someone yell in the back, "damn it Carl, you broke another dish you are fired. Get the fuck out!"

I get a crying Katy loaded in the car, as I glance over to the side of the diner and see none other than Carl, my five-year bully. The one who left me for dead and wanted to stab me. I am looking at him and see that he does not look happy and he starts to get into his car as I start walking over. He is glaring at me as I walk over and stand on the other side of the car. He is now staring at the ground as if he is ashamed of something and says, "what do you want you ugly fuck." "I wanted to see how you are doing," I say.

"Other than you fucking up my life, I am fine," he says. I have the biggest 'what the fuck look' on my face as I ask, "how did I fuck up YOUR life." "My parents kicked me out of the house, saying it was the last straw. I have no money and no job, because I have no diploma," he says still looking down. "Where are you staying," I ask. "At a friend's house," he says. "Give me your contact information," I say. "Why," he asks. "I might have a summer job for you maybe longer if things work out," I say. He reaches into his car, grabs a paper, writes a number on it, and hands it to me. I start to walk away when Carl asks, "why are you doing this for me."

"Because, I am the nice guy," I say.

I get into my car and drive. Katy asks, "what were you and Carl talking about." I drive in silence as I turn the radio up. I pull up in front of Katy's house. She does not get out and turns the radio down. "You are going to have to talk to me sometime. Yes, I fucked up...again. I do not know what happened Friday night when Wayne came over he started his sweet-talking and one thing led to another. I guess I still have feelings for him, but it is nothing...NOTHING as I feel for you. I love you with all my heart and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me," she says. She starts bawling as she gets out of the car and I drive away.

I get home and call Ben.

"Hey Ben, how are things going," I say.

"Hey DW, I cannot wait to see you again man," he says.

We talk for a while and he says, they have some people to run the lights and set-up and teardown equipment. I tell him that I have someone to move the equipment, set it up, and manage the day-to-day operations. "I will have to train him, but he should work out fine," I say. We say our goodbyes and end the call. I pull a piece a paper from my pocket and call the number written on it and ask for Carl. I tell Carl to meet me at the diner tomorrow for lunch and he accepts.

Tuesday morning I am sitting in first period. Katy is sitting on my left and Emily on my right. Apparently, no one knows about the situation between me and Katy and Katy is not telling anyone out of shame. Five minutes before class ends, Katy slips me a folded up piece of paper. Emily sees and grins at me. I am guessing she thinks we are passing love notes. I wait about fifteen seconds before the bell rings and hand the note to Emily. Katy puts her head in her hands and starts crying as the bell rings.

It is lunchtime and I head out to my car and see Katy sitting in the passenger seat. "FUCK, I need to learn to lock my car," I say to myself. I get in my car and say, "I have a business lunch I need to go to." "Then go," she says not looking at me. "Fuck it," I say to myself as I drive out of the parking lot.

We get to the diner and sit in a booth as I give Katy the window seat and I sit beside her. I see Carl walk in the door, but stops at the front of the table when he sees Katy. "What is she doing here? Are you setting me up for something," he asks. "No Carl, this is business and I need to talk to you. Please sit down and order lunch," I say. We order and I start talking.

My band and I are going on tour for the summer and we need a Band Manager, someone to set up the sound equipment, keep the band members on track and manage our dailey schedule. A band manager," I say. "I do not know how to do all of that," he says. "Do not worry, Sam will train you," I counter. "Who is Sam," he asks. "Do you want the job or not," I ask. Carl says, "yes" without any hesitation. I tell him that we leave Saturday morning for California. When I said that, Katy starts bawling. Carl gives me a confused look as our food arrives.

Carl and I eat lunch as Katy picks at her food and sulks. I pay the waiter and we leave. Carl actually thanks me and says that he will be the best band manger ever. I get a crying Katy into the car and head out. I pull in front of her house when she asks, "when were you going to tell me you were leaving Saturday," she asks. "Last Saturday when I wanted to spend the day with you now get out," I say. "What happened to that sweet guy I fell in love with," she asks. "He keeps getting hurt, now please get the fuck out," I say. As she is crying she gets out of the car and says, "I know you still love me and we are not over, I love you." I pull away without looking back.

Thursday night, I am looking in the mirror after my shower. My long dark brown hair is now down past my shoulders and still parted down the middle and unruly. My hair lip still there and my teeth still have not matured and a few have not come back. Holy fuck, no wonder I am teased and beat-up. I am an ugly motherfucker. If I do become a rock star, how do I know someone really loves me or just wants my money? How do I know if someone truly loves me, I go to bed and do not sleep well.

I wake up Friday morning with a warm body spooned against my back with an arm around me. "Mom and Dad let you in again," I ask. "Yes, why are you so scared," Katy asks. Then it happens, I start crying, "I am ugly and I do not know who to trust anymore. I have been teased, bullied and beat all my life. Now everyone wants to be my friend," I say still crying. "DW, they found out you are a sweet and nice person. You go do your rock and roll stuff and fuck the girls who want to fuck a rock and roll star. I fucked up and have allot of growing up to do. I will be here for you, because I love you and I will never hurt you again even if you do not want me," she says.

"I do love you, but you hurt me again. I looked at myself in the mirror last night, which I never do. Do you know what I saw? An ugly motherfucker. I understand now why I was teased and beat. I do not know if I can face this heartache and pain anymore," I say. "I never cared about anything, but myself until I met you," she says as she starts crying. I turn to face her and hug her as both of us are crying, we both fall into a peaceful sleep, holding each other tight.

We get up about mid-morning, get dressed, and eat some cereal. Instead of driving her home, I grab her hand and we start walking. We pass Wayne's house as he is washing his car and he looks at me and is smiling. Katy turns her head not wanting to look at him. We walk into a 7-11 and buy an ICEE and sit in the park not talking. We then start walking thru the park. I push her on the swings and I take her home. Nothing was said since we woke up as I walk her to her front door and give her a kiss and a long hug. Then I turn and walk away.


Carl and I get off the plane and Carl asks, "DW, are you ok? You look like you are going to barf." "I am fine. I hate riding in airplanes," I say. We get out front to our waiting limo, load our bags, and are driven to my second home. When we get to the house Carl's mouth drops open as we get out of the limo. I get a long hug form Stephanie and I introduce Carl. We get inside and Stephanie tells me to go get settled in my room and she will get Carl set up in the guest bedroom. I shower and relax for a bit then head down to dinner.

I get to the dining room and see Carl and Sam sitting at the table talking. I do not bother them as Sam is giving Carl instructions. Stephanie tells me that Rachael is at a birthday party and will be home later. We start eating as Sam starts talking to me. You guys fly out on Saturday and will meet up with the other two acts. I will take Carl with me all week and teach him everything he needs to know about being a band manager. All the equipment and transportation will be waiting for you. I will give Carl the itinerary and everything he needs to keep the band on track. Carl will be with me all week, so Rachael volunteered to drive you around to wrap up things with the band. We finish dinner and I hand Sam two notebooks with songs I wrote. He starts going through them as I see a huge grin on his face. Around 10pm, I head upstairs to bed as Carl and Sam are still in his den going over what he will be doing. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I am asleep.

I wake up to the smell of strawberries and a warm body spooned up against me. "Why Carl," Rachael asks. I give her the story, starting with Katy and Wayne and me seeing Carl at the diner. She says, you are the good guy and a sweet person." "Yes, that is me the nice guy," I say. "What are you going to do about Katy," she asks. "I do not know," I say. "I cannot explain why Katy slept with Wayne, but she still loves you. I do not condone what she did, but I honestly believe she is regretting it and is ready to make the relationship work," she says.

She turns to face me and says, "I love you." I grab her face and ram my tongue into her mouth as we are now playing sword fight with our tongues. She has her hands tangled in my hair as my hands are tangled in her ass. She rolls on top of me, we are on fire as I roll on top of her. She wraps her legs around me with her hands still running through my hair. I start kissing down her neck as she says, "YES." She moves her hand down and starts rubbing my cock through my boxers. I am still kissing down her neck, as she says, "no...Yes...I do not know."

I stop and roll off her and she spoons up against me and puts my hand around her and says, "DW, I am sorry, I do not want a rock n roll star." "Rachael, tell me when you want ME," I say. We lay in silence for a bit..."Cock tease," I say.,,"Pussy tease," she counters. We both lay there for a minute, realizing what we just said as we both break down into hysterical laughter. Then we lay in silence enjoying each other's company.

The week goes by quick. We go over the six songs that we will be performing. Apparently our song "Bully" is very popular in Japan. Our first album is going to be released during our Japan tour. Sam said that I made a great choice as band manager. Carl is a natural and is excited about his job, Sam said. I have seen a change in him. He is happy, not like he was in school where he was the school bully. I am actually beginning to like him,

Saturday morning, I wake up with Rachael spooned against me when the door slams open, "DW! GET UP, it is time to go. Rachael, if you are driving us then get up now, and stop wearing out my lead guitarist," Carl yells. "WHAT THE FUCK, Dad/Sam created a monster," Rachael and I say in unison.

I am dressed and down stairs with my bag and guitar. Steph gives me a long hug, She gives me a big blue pill and says, "DW, I know how you are afraid of flying. Take this when you get on the plane and I love you and you be good." I get a handshake and pep talk from Sam and me and Carl get into Rachael's car. We get to the airport and Carl is trying to get out as fast as he can as I chuckle. I lean over to give Rachael a kiss on the cheek, when she turns, grabs the back of my head, and slams her tongue in my mouth. After the kiss, I ask, "is that appropriate for a big sister to do to her little brother." "You make sure you wear protection when you do the nasty with the groupies," she says as she smirks. I shake my head as she pulls out in traffic without looking. Carl asks, "where the fuck did she get her license."

" I love that girl," I say out loud.


We get off the plane early in the morning, wait didn't we leave early in the morning? I am feeling great and ready to take on the world, thanks to Momma Stephanie for giving me whatever that pill was. I slept and was groggy the whole flight. We get our bags, go through customs, and wait out front for our ride. As we are waiting Chad says, "damn look at all of this Japanese pussy." We all shake our head except for Carl who agrees.

Everyone looks tired as we pile into a weird looking bus with "Menace" written in English and I am assuming Japanese on the sides. Our driver, who is also going to be our translator for the next thirty days, drops us off at a very large hotel where the other bands of the show are staying. The driver tells us he will be back tonight at 5pm to have dinner with the Mayor and other dignitaries. We get our keys and head to our rooms. I ask everyone if they want to go walk around the town. Everyone says, fuck you DW, you slept the who flight. I shrug, go into my room, unpack, shower, and head out for a walk.

The hotel is in a very populated part of town. It is around noon when I realized I walked farther than I should have, and am walking down an alleyway trying to find my way back as I am grabbed by a very attractive Japanese women probably in her mid 20s and dragged inside a building where the windows are covered in black paint, I am pulled into what looks like a large waiting area. I see a room full of women between 30 and 50. When I enter, their eyes light up. Then I am grabbed by a woman that looks older than my Grandmother. She says, "you come get free message." I am pulled into the back, told to strip and put into a large tub. The sexy woman that pulled me in washes me. I am laid on a table, where my arms and legs are strapped down. The woman starts jacking my dick, which takes no time to get hard enough to cut diamonds as she gasps and says something in Japanese. She then strokes me until I am fully erect and puts something around the base of my cock then blind folds me.

I then hear more people enter the room and women talking in Japanese as I feel someone mount me and something hot, tight and slippery sliding down my cock as I hear a female voice moan and rocking back and forth and up and down. I feel her pinching my nipples. Then after a while of this, her pussy clamps up as she screams and collapses on me. She is pulled off and I am mounted again. This pussy is not as tight as the last one, but is hot and wet. After a while, her pussy tightens up as she screams. I am ready to cum, but whatever is tied around my cock is holding it back. After the fourth girl, my cock is ready to fall off my nuts are aching. I am actually getting into this bondage shit (do not judge me).Then I feel a hand start beating me off fast and hard, as the blind fold is removed. I see the woman that is beating me off and four naked Japanese woman ranging in age from my mother to my grandmother standing there grinning at me. Then the woman releases whatever was around my dick as a geyser of cum shoots from my cock rope after rope of cum goes everywhere. I hear clapping as I am totally spent, laying there out of breath.

Everyone leaves the room except the woman who brought me here. I am helped to a large tub, as my legs are wobbly. As she is washing me, I am brought some food that looks like raw fish and rice that actually tastes pretty good. I lay back as one woman is washing me and the other is feeding me. After I finish eating and am bathed, I am dried and helped back into my clothes. As I leave the woman walks me back out to the main street, says something in Japanese, hands me a wad of paper and walks away. I look at the what she gave me and realize it is Japanese money. Wow, I was whored out on my first day in Japan.

I get about fifty feet in front of the large concrete stairway heading up to the hotel, when I see an old man in baggy dirty clothes sitting in front of a pot with a small amount of coins in it. I pull out the wad of cash and give it to the old man, as there is a flash of light coming from the stairs. The old man is now standing and is bowing and talking excitedly in Japanese. The person with the camera snaps another picture and says in English with a very heavy Japanese accent, "it is customary to bow." I then bow to the old man who is still talking to me, but I do not understand. The person with the camera tells me that the old man is saying thank you and that his family is very poor and are getting ready to be evicted, but the large amount of money I gave him, his family will be able to stay. The man with the camera bows to me and says his name is Hiroshi and asks if I am one of the band members that are here to tour. I tell him my name and the band name. Hiroshi says, "Ah yes, the song 'Bully' is very popular among the young generation here in Japan." He hands me a business card and tells me that I did a very noble thing. As he is walking away he says, "By the way do not walk in this town by yourself. There are some very bad alleyways you could get in trouble in."

"Now he fucking tells me," I say to myself.

It is about 5pm when I get in the hotel and everyone is asking where I have been. I tell them do not ask and start heading to my room, when Carl says, "we are suppose to be at the restaurant now to eat dinner with the Mayor and his guests." All of us get into an elevator and head to the top floor restaurant. We get to the top floor and are surprise by a huge restaurant. We are led to the far end and into another huge room. The ceiling to floor windows gives us a beautiful view of the city. We are greeted by a very short Japanese man, who bows to us. We bow back as he is talking to us in Japanese. We look to our interpreter who explains that he is welcoming us to his country and that his daughters love our songs and will be attending our first concert tomorrow night. We are then introduced to two groups that are touring with us. The first one is a country rock band that consists of five band members, that look to be in their mid 20s and three very beautiful African American girls that sing pop and look to be in their late teens to early twenties.

We do the meet and greet as we are seated at a large table. I use the seated loosely as we are on the floor as the table is only two feet tall. The servers wearing weird looking dresses bringing out food in bowls and start serving everyone. The Americans are given forks; I am the only one brave enough to try the chopsticks, which gets me a chuckle from the Americans and a nod from the Japanese sitting at the table. One of the African American girls, who is sitting beside me says, "you are going to die a skinny white boy if you keep trying to eat with those." "It does not hurt to try," I say chuckling. She says, "I am Terry." "I am DW," I say back. We talk for a bit about where we are from and how we are looking forward to touring. At the end of the meal, we are given a shot glass with liquid in it. I try to explain that I do not drink and the interpreter says, "it is customary and you will insult the host if you do not drink," "Stop being a pussy," Chad says as everyone starts laughing. Everyone holds the glass up in toast as we drink. My eyes are watering as the fluid is burning my throat I cannot breathe as Terry is hitting my back and everyone is howling in laughter.


The next day at 2pm in the afternoon, we are taken to the auditorium. We meet Carl, who has been there all day leading the set up crew. The auditorium is already packed for a sold out show. Carl comes in and gives us the standard briefing. I can hear the crowd when the first band starts. I walk out behind the stage and listen. They are not bad for a country rock style band. They end their 45-minute set and I give them a thumbs up and say, you guys are great. They are clearing the stage as I see Terry and the other two girls walking down the hall. They all dressed the same, tight black dresses with glitter on them. Terry is about 5'5" 150 pounds, is curvy and built for fun, with big bouncy C cups. The other two look like twins about 5'10" 175 pounds, both have a big juicy ass with D cups. My mouth is hanging open as they are walking towards me. One of the twins walks by me, turns, shakes her ass, and says, "you like that shit don't you. You skinny little white boy." "Leave him alone Tina," Terry says. I wish them luck as they walk on stage to a screaming crowd. They are a pop group that sing in harmony and dance. I love the sound of their voices when they harmonize. I leave to get geared up and wait with the band.

We get on stage to a screaming crowd, as Ben yells in the microphone are you ready to ROCK as we get a deafening answer of screams. We start playing to an electrifying crowd and when we play our last song "Bully" security has a hard time keeping people off the stage. At the end of our song set, I walk to the end of the stage and throw my guitar pick into the crowd. We stand on the edge of the stage, bow, wave and walk off the stage. The back stage party is just like last time. We are signing everything from ticket stubs, t-shirts, and body parts.

The next morning we are up at 5am to Carl pounding on our doors telling us to get our asses up. We are loaded on busses for a four hour ride to our next concert. We finish another outstanding concert and are checked into another hotel.

It is one in the morning and I am almost asleep when the phone rings and I answer.

"DW, you making a name for yourself out there," Sam says.

"What are you talking about," I ask.

"There is an article in a Japanese newspaper about the concert tour and a picture of you giving a poor beggar money. The article says that you gave him a good sum of money that kept his family from being homeless. You are there less than eight hours and already doing good things. Keep it up and Rach wants to talk to you," Sam says.

"DW, how are you," Rachael says.

"I am good Rach," I say back.

Rachael says, "I have a question for you. How did you get Japanese money and you are in Japan for less than four hours?"

"Why do you have to be so fucking smart," I ask.

"DW, answer the question," Rachael demands.

I break down and give her the whole story of my walk through town and being used as a human dildo. I am waiting for the teasing to start, but Rachael is laughing so hard she cannot talk, which I do not know if that is a good thing or not. I can hear her mother in the background asking if she is ok.

"That is not funny, Rachael and you had better not tell anyone," I demand.

She finally calms down and says, "DW, only you can get into a situation like that and you know I will not tell anyone."

I let her tease me and call me a nasty pervert a little longer before we end the call.


We are two and a half weeks into our tour. After about the third concert we noticed that people were starting to dress like us at our performances. The country rock band is not as popular as Kelly's threesome act. The last concert there was a mix of people dressed in black dresses with glitter, sweat shirts shorts with combat boots, tuxedos with the sleeves cut off, cowboy boots with blue jeans and a big buckle and oversized black t-shirts with blue jeans and converse tennis shoes. We have been moving around allot, playing almost every day, when we finally get a two day break.

I decide to get away from everyone and go for a walk. I end up in a large park and sit on the grass overlooking a pond. I close my eyes and breathe in the quiet, as the last two weeks have been hectic. I get a few people come and ask for my autograph in Japanese and asked to take pictures with them, but nothing like the last couple of weeks.

I am sitting there as I feel someone sit beside me. "I need some American food," Terry says. "A half-pound cheeseburger and a large order of fries." I say. "Fried chicken and mashed potatoes," Terry counters. We chuckle and sit in silence. I say, "you have an amazing voice." "I want to know how you make that guitar talk," she counters. I say thank you and do not answer.

The silence is broken when two couples around my age recognize us and ask for our autograph. One of the girls speaks broken English. I ask the girl, American food?" "Yes, yes." she says as they lead us on a 30-minute walk to a small restaurant. The girl points to the restaurant and says, "good food." They start to walk away, when I ask them to please join us. She tells the others what I asked as they are screaming and jumping up and down. We all go in and sit on the floor at a table. The girl says something to the owner. We are sitting there talking through the girl, which we found out her name is Airi.

An hour later, we are having a great time when the owner brings a plate full of burger patties, buns that do not look like regular American buns. Vegetables and French fries. We dig in and eat. I see Terry put everything on her hamburger, bite into it, and stare at the ceiling like she is praying as I see a flash through the restaurant window. We finish eating and I hand the owner a hundred dollar bill. I guess she knows American money as she screams. I ask Airi to thank her for making us feel at home. The owner gives me a hug and we leave. The girls hug us and we get bows from them as I see another flash in the distance.

We get back to the hotel and Terry says, "I guess I will go back in my room with the twin bitches." "Come on into my room and relax for a bit," I say. "Just as long as you keep your white boy hands off of me," she says with a smirk. "I do not need my hands, just my white cock," I counter as we both laugh. We get inside and sit on the Japanese mattress. We talk for a while and I learn that she is from the south where discrimination is bad. She tells me she is the only child to a single mother that is also an alcoholic, but provides.

"Wow, I will never complain about my life again," I say. I give her a rundown of my bullies and the beatings. She asks, "is that what inspired your song 'Bully'?" I nod and she says, "they gave you a money maker." "I ask her about her love life and she tells me she has an on-again off-again boyfriend that cheats on her." I chuckle and say, "I do know how those are." She lays her head on my shoulder and we sit in silence.

She breaks the silence and says, "you never answered my question," pointing at my guitar. I grab the guitar and a pick. I give her the guitar and I sit behind her and give her the pick and put my hands on hers. I show her the notes and tempos. "Your voice is a part of you. Pretend the guitar is a part of you. You know what chords to talk and the guitar knows how to say them. Just like your voice," I say. I show her a couple notes. When she leans her head on my shoulder and says, "I want to fuck you, but do not get attached, because Mom would kill me if I brought home white boy."

She puts the guitar down, turns and starts kissing me, Clothes are coming off as we are slamming our tongues down each other's throat. I start kissing down her neck and to those big luscious tits and get one nipple in my mouth and the other in my fingers. After a couple minutes I alternate. Then I start moving down as I swirl my tongue around her belly button. I reach her hairy triangle when I hear Terry say, "what are you doing?" I answer by sucking her clit into my mouth. I take a finger and start working it into her pussy while still lapping on her sweet clit. I work another finger in when I get the moan of approval from Terry. I am finger fucking her and sucking on her clit fast and furious , when her body tightens up and I am rewarded with sweet girl nectar. Terry is out of breath as I work my way back up.

Terry looks into my eyes, smiles and says, "you are one freaky white boy. No one has ever done that to me." We start kissing again as I place my man tool at her entrance. She gasps as I pop my head in. "OH FUCK," she says as I push the rest of me in. We are pelvis to pelvis and she is hot tight and wet. I start pushing in and out slowly as Terry says, "stop playing and fuck me." I need no further instruction as I place her meaty legs on my shoulders and start jack hammering her.

She is not screaming, but moaning loudly and I decide that is not enough for me. I pull out turn her over and with her meaty ass in the air, I ram my cock in her pussy in one thrust as I finally hear a scream. Now, I am on fire as I am pounding into her. Her meaty ass is slapping against me and it is vibrating. Her pussy feels so good and I am trying not to come, but that does not work when her pussy tightens and she screams, "FUCK YEAH. FUCK MY PUSSY with that BIG FAT WHITE COCK." That was all it took as I fill her up with what seemed like gallons. I fall to the side as she rolls over on my side, lays her head on my chest. We lay there holding each other still out of breath,

I do not how long we laid there cuddling, when she says, "that myth is wrong." I look at her confused. "That all black guys are bigger than white guys," she says as I just chuckle, not really getting it. We drift off to sleep in each other's arms.


Two days before the last concert and we are checked into our hotel and I decide to head out for a walk to relax. I walk outside of the hotel and see two security guards yelling at a Japanese lady who is crying and tying to get into the hotel. She sees me as I walk by. She grabs my hand and pulls me into a cab. "Fuck, I am going to die," I say to myself. As we drive, she is talking to the cab driver. Thank god, he speaks English, when he tells me what she said:

My 13-year-old daughter Soko, is your biggest fan and loves the song "Bully". She has a syndrome that makes her head not shaped like a normal person, that is why she is bullied in school and because of the syndrome, she only has days to live. I put my arm around her as we are driven to the hospital. She drags me to a room and I see a girl asleep in the hospital bed, tubes stuck to her. There is a guitar lying beside her. Her head is oddly shaped, which I am assuming why the fuckers tease her at school. I pick up her guitar and start playing it as she wakes up and smiles at me. A nurse hands me a marker and I sign her guitar. She points to her forehead with the hand that does not have tubes stuck to it. I sign her forehead then crawl into the bed with her, I hold her tight as we fall asleep.

I wake up in the morning and hear Soko's mother crying softly. There is a nurse standing beside the bed. I look down and see a smile on Soko's face. She is not breathing. I start crying and say, "nobody will ever bully you again" as the nurse translates what I said to Soko's Mother. I am crying hard as Soko's Mother hugs us.

When I get to the hotel, everyone is loading their gear on the bus to drive to our last concert, which is tomorrow. I am in my room grabbing my gear when Carl comes in and says, "where the fuck have you been?" I am still upset and angry as I get in Carl's face. "Do you want to know where the fuck I have been," I ask with venom in my voice. I do not wait for him to answer and say, "I was with a girl, who is a fan of the song "Bully". She was bullied in school, because she does not look like everyone else and is different," I shout with venom. I start crying as I say, "she died in my arms." I turn and finish packing my gear. Carl says, "DW, are you going to be ok?" "Just go. I will be down in a minute," I say still crying.

After a five hour drive, we get to the hotel. I drop my gear off in my room and head out for a walk. I find a small park and sit on a bench and watch the sunset. I feel someone sit beside me. "Are you stalking me," I ask. "Yeah, you are sexy and I want to fuck you in the ass," Carl says. I chuckle and say, "you are not my type and you, Chad and Gary better hope you do not get sued for child support in nine months," I say. We sit in silence for a while. Carl breaks the silence and says, "I know it is too late to say I am sorry. I do not know why I did what I did, I do know you changed my life after I fucked it up. I remember what you said that day when I asked you why you offered me the job. You said that you are the nice guy. You are the nice guy DW, and I am thankful that I met you and I want to learn how to be that nice guy," he says. "You already learned," I say as we sit in silence.

It is 4pm the next day and we are sitting in a small room in the stadium. Yes, an open-air sold out stadium. A picture of me holding Soko in my arms on the hospital bed made the front page in all Japanese newspapers. When it is time for our performance Chad hands me a pair of sunglasses as I look and see my band mates are all wearing sun glasses. I put them on as we walk on stage. I walk to the edge of the stage and throw my sunglasses out into the audience. I grab the microphone and hold my hand up for silence.

"I met a girl that was bullied in school, just like me, I fucking hate bullies. Soko died in my arms yesterday," I say, I am crying as the crowd is silent. "She just wanted to be accepted," I say as I raise my hand, point to the sky and say, "Soko, this concert is for you baby girl." I blow a kiss into the sky and we start rocking. I have never felt so alive as I feel Soko dancing and smiling down on me. We are on our last song and I jump off the stage and into the audience. I am rocking like never before as I am lifted back on stage. I am still playing my guitar solo as security is trying to keep everyone off the stage. I wave everyone to come on stage as security gives up, and in seconds the stage is full of screaming fans. We are still rocking as the crowd keeps coming on stage. We play two more songs as I scream into the sky, "I LOVE YOU SOKO!"

We get back to California for a one night's rest. We send Carl home to patch things up with his parents and to finish his GED. We talk before he leaves and I tell him he is a permanent member of the band and we will talk when I get back. The band is scheduled to go to Philadelphia to play on a show that airs new bands. Apparently, there is an article in a magazine about the Japan tour. Rachael hands it to me as she crawls into the bed with me. I look at the cover and say out loud, how did they get a picture of me holding Soko in my arms?

I turn to the page and read the article:

The newest band to watch for is "Menace". A band of four teenagers. Ben on lead vocals, Gary on drums, Chad on bass, keyboards, and Dana as the lead guitarist and songwriter for the band. They just finished their Japan tour and have already made a name for themselves with their song "Bully" written by Dana. Dana, the lead guitarist has been dubbed the sweetest guy in Rock-n-Roll for his kindness, such as; giving a poor Japanese man money to keep his family from being homeless, taking some Japanese teens to lunch and visiting a terminally ill girl and dedicating a concert to her...

I stop reading and hurl the magazine across the room as I am now pissed beyond belief. "The fuckers used my real name," I say with venom. "Oh now Dana, everything will be ok," Rachael says with her head on my chest and laughing. "Do not worry about it Dana," she says as I roll on top of her and pin her down. "What is my name," I demand. "Dana," she says giggling. I start tickling her as she screams, "stop Dana, you are going to make me pee myself." "What is my name," I demand again. "DW...it is DW," she screams still laughing and trying to catch her breath.

She spoons up against me and she asks, "how long are you gone for now?" "Just a couple days. Then your Dad wants us back to record another album," I say. "Josh had to stay in California for some ROTC thing that he is doing at his college and we have been dating," she says. "How is that working out," I ask. "He is a nice guy and wants to be an officer in the Army, like his Dad; however he is always talking about himself," she says. I do not ask any more questions as we both drift off to sleep.

The next day we are in Philadelphia and we are on TV. We are interviewed on the show and Ben and Chad do all the talking. For some reason I am scared to be on TV and when I am asked a question, it takes me so long to answer that Chad or Ben answers for me. After the interview, we play our song "Bully" on TV. After the show, I get teased by Chad and Ben for being so scared to talk. "You are such a pussy," Chad says as everyone laughs and I shake my head.

The next week is spent in the recording studio spending 12 to 15 hours a day there, Every morning when we arrive there is always a group of teens asking for our autographs. By the next week, I am burned out, tired and grouchy. After Mondays recording, Sam says we are done for a while or until Christmas break when we are scheduled to play as openers for some major bands. I sleep in Tuesday till late morning and head downstairs. Everyone is gone except for Rosa, who is getting things ready for Rachael's and my birthday party. She tells me that Rachael is out with Josh, Sam had to go out of town, and Stephanie has to work late. She tells me that they are having a birthday party for Rachael and me since my birthday is tomorrow. I try to help and Rosa kicks me out. I decide to go back upstairs and go to bed.

I lay in bed, dozing in and out of sleep, when I finally look at the clock and see that it is 6pm. I walk down the stairs not really wanting to be around people. I hear the party outside and I grimace at the thought of having to deal with people. I get into the dining room and see Rachael and Josh in a lip-lock. I turn around and head back upstairs. I pack me a bag and write a note that says:

Happy Birthday.


I lay Rachael's birthday present (a Japanese Kimono that I bought while in Japan) and the note on her bed, grab my bag and guitar and head out the door. I get to main street and grab the first cab I see. I get to the bus terminal and start to buy a ticket home and think to myself, I still have two more weeks till school. Why go home and face bullshit. I need to go someplace quiet where I have someone I can talk to.

The next thing I know I am on a bus heading to Reno to visit Uncle John and Aunt Kris.

No one will find me there...

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The Rocker Part 5

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ScrapDawg32 — 22 March 2019 20:08
Great job. Keep them going.
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