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Mom's sister comes to stay

Categories Diary, Incest, Mature

Author: JoeSmith1090

Published: 29 October 2018

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Something new and wonderful has happened in my life. You're probably wondering what could possibly happen that has not already taken place. This began a whole new episode in my life.

Mom and I still had our regular fucking sessions that we both enjoyed. I never tired of making Mom happy and along with Adam fucking her as often as possible, Mom was never short of being fulfilled. Angela had gone back to school so I missed her and our lovemaking and fucking. We both agreed that maybe sometime we might marry but for now we should enjoy sex wherever it took us. Once in a while I would slip next door for some passionate fucking with her mom, Betty and, it seemed, I could never get my fill of Helen. Something about her kept me coming back over and over. Maybe it was the fact that much of what I know I owe to her. Still I love the way we can let go together. Nothing is taboo between her and I.

One day as Mom and I was having breakfast after an incredible night of sex she told me that her sister Ruth might be coming to stay with us for a short time. Ruth is Mom's older sister, somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty-seven or so. It seems that Ruth and her husband were splitting up and she had nowhere to go for the time being. Mom must have noticed the disappointed look on my face because she was quick to reassure me that we would still have our time but that we must be careful.

We made the most of the day and the following night before Ruth arrived. It had been a while since Ruth had visited us so I was quite surprised when she showed up. She surely didn't scrimp when it came to clothes or accessories for herself. Having learned from Mom and Helen the finer points of women's clothing I knew that Ruth was a definite "expensive to keep" woman.

I must have looked surprised at her outfit because she pirouetted giving me a good look at her incredible body. She had on loose fitting shorts and blouse that did little to conceal her fantastic shape. Her tanned legs perched on summery sandals supported a great ass and beautiful tits. Perfect make up and hairdo completed the picture.

"Well what do you think?" she asked.

"It sure looks like you are not sitting around moping about your problems," Mom said.

"Why should I," replied Ruth. "He's the one having the problems. I just had to get away from him. Let's not worry or discuss him, OK?"

"No problem, Ruth," I said.

I helped carry her bags into the house and get her settled into the spare bedroom. Maybe it was my imagination but it seemed like every time that we were close together she would bump into or rub against me.

"Jimmy, I am amazed that you have grown into such a handsome young man," she commented. "The last time I saw you, you were a skinny pre-teenager."

"Has it been that long?" I answered as I went about my chores.

"It sure has. Maybe you can show me around later when we have some free time."

"I will be glad too," I said.

Ruth and I seemed to miss each other the rest of the week, what with me working and her running around town. Mom mentioned that she and Adam would be gone most of the weekend. She asked if I would make myself available to Ruth in case she needed anything. I was somewhat disappointed but tried not to show it. I hadn't had any sex for three days, which for me is a long time, and I had hoped to visit with Helen over Saturday night. Oh well! So much for that.

When I got home from work on Friday night Mom had already left and Ruth was sitting in the family room watching TV. I slipped into a T-shirt and boxers before joining her. Ruth was dressed in a robe and as I was about to find out later, nothing else. Evidently she had been into the wine bottle because her speech was somewhat loose. We sat there chatting about this and that when suddenly she directed the subject to sex.

"Jimmy, I know I am quite a bit older than you so maybe you can answer some questions for me. What do you think of my appearance?"

"Ruth, even though you're my Mom's older sister I think you are one sexy woman."

"Do guys your age ever get the hots for women my age? I know that whenever I see some young stud like you my pussy starts running like a faucet. Why do you think I keep myself like this. I don't want to be an old hag. I got a tit job so the damn things don't hang down to my knees."

"Ruth, you are far from an old hag. Any guy would be happy to have you."

"How about you? Have you lost your cherry? I can't imagine a good looking guy like you hasn't had his share of women."

"To be honest with you, the first sex I had was with an older woman who taught me an awful lot. I love sex with older women."

By this time my cock was hard. As usual all this talk and my lack of sex had the effect on me that it always does. I want to fuck. I looked over at Ruth and noticed the smile on her face as her gaze was fixed on my crotch. My cockhead was poking out the bottom of my boxers. You would have thought I might be embarrassed. By now, after my experiences with the other women, I was well aware of their fascination with young cock.

"You know we have the house to ourselves for two days don't you?" I said. "Would you like to see for yourself what I know?"

"Jesus Christ Jimmy, you are all I have been thinking about since I saw you. You won't tell your mom will you?"

I didn't think she was ready to know about Mom and I just yet or for that matter about all the stuff that had been going on. I assured her that Mom would not find out from me as long as she wanted me to keep it a secret.

"Can I touch that beautiful hunk of manmeat, Jimmy?"

"Of course. Do whatever you want. I am yours and I hope you will let me show you what I know about pleasing a woman."

I hardly had the words out of mouth when she was on me. Her soft lips locked onto mine and her tongue slipped into my partially open mouth. Her tongue was hotter than any I had ever tasted. While we were kissing her hand wrapped around my cock. It too was as hot as her tongue. My hand was busy also. I undid the sash around her waist and slipped my hand onto her tit. Her nipple was hard as a rock. Her tit was harder than normal for a woman her age from, as I found later, her tit job. We continued to tongue fuck each other's mouth and grope each other's body for almost a half an hour. My cock was leaking precum into Ruth's hand and was about to explode.

"If you're not careful", I told her, "I'm gonna blow a load all over you."

"Don't do that," she replied, "Let me take what you have in my mouth then we can work on making you hard again so we can fuck. You have such a beautiful cock and I want to taste you."

Quicker than a wink her head was in my lap and my cock was in her mouth. I thought her tongue was hot in my mouth but it couldn't compare with the feeling of it around my cock. She took the whole thing in damn near one swallow. I've had my prick sucked enough times to know when a woman enjoys it and trust me this woman loved the feel of a nice size piece of meat filling her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down a few times when I felt my cock slide into her throat. The second time it went down there I knew I wasn't going to last long. When I started to groan I saw her look up my body as our eyes met. She backed off my cock just enough to allow my cum to blast into her mouth. And blast I did. I had saved this up for three or four days and there was no stopping now. I held her head in my hands as my cock exploded. The look in her eyes told me she was enjoying this as much as I was. I watched as she swallowed gulp after gulp of my white hot jism. Jolt after jolt of electric like shocks ripped through my body as she licked round and round on the sensitive head.

With a big grin on her face and some of my juice running down her chin Ruth asked, "Well how am I in the cocksucking department?"

Breathlessly I replied, "You have one of the most talented mouths I have ever experienced. And that tongue of yours! It's so hot I can't get over it. Can I return the favor by eating your pussy?"

"Jesus Christ, you mean you like eating pussy? I didn't think guys your age cared about anything but themselves. That's why I sucked you off, so you would last longer."

"Ruth, don't prejudge me or put me in a category with other young guys. I love making love and fucking a woman until she is completely satisfied. We have at least two days for me to show you what I am talking about. Now take that robe off while I finish undressing and I will take you places I hope you have never been."

I had been feeling her body while we kissed but I don't think I was ready for what I saw when she took off her robe. Ruth Had the largest nipples I had ever seen. They must have been five inches in diameter and so dark brown they were almost black. They were so large that they covered the whole front of her titties. Her tits stood straight out from her fantastic body. I took in the total picture from her head to her carefully painted toes. Ruth's pussy was covered sparsely with hair beautifully trimmed to barely cover her slit.

"Why don't we go into my room and use the bed where we will have more room?" I asked.

"Fine with me. I want to feel your tongue in me and that gorgeous cock buried in my cunt."

As we walked down the hall I got the chance to examine her ass. It fit in with the rest of her perfectly shaped body. I had thoughts running through my mind about how I was going to take that ass too. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her back against me until I felt my cock slide into the crack of her butt. Ruth spread her legs just a little to let the head split them. Juice was running out of her onto my cock. My hands were all over those incredible nipples. I was having a hard time figuring where to start. Suddenly an idea struck me. I laid her down face first on the bed with two pillows under her belly. Now her asscheeks were the focal point of my attention. I grabbed a bottle of lotion off the stand and squirted a large dollop into my hands. My creamy hands went to work on the globes of her butt, massaging the cream into every nook and cranny. I took my time making sure she enjoyed every stroke. My thumb worked the cream down her butt crack and over her beautiful asshole until my thumb eased into her asshole. Ruth pushed back against my thumb answering the question I had not asked. Later she would feel first my tongue and then my cock up her ass.

I climbed up over the top of Ruth covering the whole backside of her body with mine. My cock was laying in the crack of her greased ass as my mouth was against her ear. I started by telling her in very explicit terms what I was going to do to her. Her body began moving under me so I starting sliding my hard cock up and down the crack. Slowly I worked my way down her body to her ass where my tongue went to work on those beautiful globes. While massaging them I touched her hole with the tip of my tongue. She pressed back against it until I felt it slip into her. I tongue fucked her ass for about fifteen minutes as my finger played with her clit.

The thought struck me that I would try on Ruth what Helen had taught and I had tried on Mom. I knelt next to her as my thumb slipped into her sopping wet cunt. Slowly I massaged the inside of her pussy until I detected her G-spot. Once I touched it and felt her jump I went to work in earnest massaging it. Little by little I felt it grow into a nubbin that I rubbed until I could barely hold her down.

"OH JESUS CHRIST, JIMMY!!!," she screamed. "My god I'm cummmmmmmmmming. OH FUUUUUUUUUCK, OH FUUUUUUUUUUCK."

With that she exploded into one massive orgasm. I rolled her onto her back and locked my mouth onto her sopping wet pussy slit. With her butt perched on the pillows her legs were straight up in the air and her pussy was spread wide open. My tongue dove into her hole lapping at her well of juices like a dog at a waterbowl. The feeling of hair against my mouth was something I had not felt for a long time, matter of fact, Mom was the last one I had experienced. My lips locked onto her hard clit. My tongue flicked the end of her love button helping her to continue the orgasm I started with her G-spot.

"MY GOOOOOOOD!!! GGGGGGOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNN," Ruth yelled as climax after climax washed over her body. I kept eating her until she pushed me away. "Jimmy, I can't cum anymore, please give me time to rest."

I took her in my arms and held her as she slowly calmed down. Her breath was coming in short gasps as she said to me, "Jimmy, I can't remember ever having my pussy eaten that well. Oh baby, you are a real keeper. It's gonna take me all weekend to to recover just from this."

"I haven't even fucked you yet. I suppose now you don't want me to do that."

"Of course I want you to fuck me. I told you I want that hunk of meat in my pussy. There is no need to hurry is there? I want us to take our time fucking, sucking, eating and licking," she said.

" God Aunt Ruth, I love your nipples. I've never seen any like them or any that big. I can't wait to fondle and suck them."

"I'm glad you like them. Sometime I feel so self concious about them. I know that they are larger than normal but there is nothing I can do about it. I have to tell you they are ultra sensitive after they have been sucked for a while."

"I'll do my best to satisfy you, trust me I will."

"No doubt baby."

My cock was rock hard again, ready, willing and able for her. "Can I ride you, baby?" she asked.

"You see that it's ready for you, don't you? I would love to have you on top of me. That way I can suck those nipples while you ride my cock."

Aunt Ruth straddled my body as she took my rod in her hand and guided it into her cunt slit. I was surprised how tight her pussy felt even as wet as it had become. Slowly it disappeared into her belly. Little by little she screwed my prick inside her cunt until our bellies were joined together. Photos http://uii.io/D0ymyQ Her pussy sheath was like a tight glove wrapped around my dick. I really wanted to blow another load but she sat still on me. I could feel her inner muscles massage my cock like her mouth did earlier. She leaned over putting one of those nipples at my lips. I almost inhaled it as I sucked her tit deep into my mouth. I took the nipple nub between my teeth and rolled it back and forth until she started squirming.

She ground her cunt down onto my cock with such a vengence that I didn't know how long I could hang on. With the combination of her hot, tight, slippery gash sliding up and down on my pole and my sucking those fabulous nipples I could feel my cock start to throb.

Ruth leaned down next to my ear and in a throaty voice said to me, "Come on Jimmy, give me a load of your hot juice. I wanna feel it splash against the back of my cunt. Come on lover...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me. Shoot it in me."

That's all it took. My prick exploded. Gush after gush of jism shot into her hole. When she felt the first blast she skewered herself don onto me. Aunt Ruth was not about to loose a drop of this precious cream. I rolled her over onto her back as I finished shooting the last of the load. I had a surprise for her. As my spent cock slid out her open cunt I replaced it with my mouth. I sucked my own cum out of her hot pussy. I lapped it out of her body and into my mouth. When I had a sufficient amount I moved up to her mouth and locked my lips onto hers. I don't think she was ready for what I brought her. She looked amazed that I had moved our mixed juices to her mouth. Our tongues shared the mixture until we divided it between the two of us.

"Christ Jimmy, you are something," Aunt Ruth commented. "Where have you learned all of this...Shit, I don't care where you learned this, I just so happy right now I can't believe it. Are you sure we can do this some more?"

"Of course we can," I answered. "Let's rest a bit and then we can do whatever we want."

So we showered together, and yes I got to shave her pussy bare also. After she had seen my naked pubic area she want to try it also. Aunt Ruth and I fucked like two newlyweds for the whole weekend. I never have had a woman so eager to try it all. She even took it up the ass as I was blessed with taking her 59 year old butt cherry. More about that later...

Some other things happened too...How about we save that for the next chapter, OK??

To Be Continued...

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Mom's sister comes to stay

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