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  1. — Brother enjoys his unwitting sis
  2. — Brother offers up sister to visiting

— Brother offers up sister to visiting

Categories Diary, Incest, Teen

Author: Andrejp2018

Published: 29 October 2018

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As anyone with siblings of the opposite sex will admit, there comes a point in time when a sister/brother/cousin ceases being just that, and enters the realm of woman or manhood. Raging hormones tend to take care of the rest. My older sister and I had always gotten along especially well, so, as her body filled out into that of a perfectly-shaped woman, I took much notice. She noticed my notice, and, played along with my ogling, comments, and cheap thrills derived from quick ass-grabs. We eventually reached the point of regular sex together, keeping it our little fucking secret for quite a while. That is, until I managed to get a visiting cousin involved.

My somewhat distant cousin, Gary, had lived in Arizona ever since I was really young, so, I never got to know him all that well. Upon hearing of his impending visit for a few weeks, I wanted to meet him, maybe have some drinks, and just hang out. Deb, my older sister (who had become a workout fiend, and sculpted her body to a hardened sex rock), echoed the same sentiment, since Gary's mom had been her godmother. While in her apartment about a week before Gary's arrival, I asked my sister if she'd be interested in joining me, meeting him at The Crock, a new, local bar. She agreed, and joked with me that "we couldn't have any touchy stuff," as we had been known to do when having a beer alone together. "I don't want to give him the wrong idea," Deb said. Arrangements were made, and, the following Friday evening, we went to meet Gary at The Crock. Deb wore a tight pair of jeans and crop-type top, that exposed part of her flat abs and highlighted her tits. With just a touch of makeup on her face, she looked incredibly hot.

Scanning the room, we spot a guy sitting alone in a booth, and gingerly ask "Gary?"

"That's me...JAY! I haven't seen you since we were little kids!" We shake hands, and, Deb saunters up to the table, silent. "Whoa!" Gary said, "And, WHO is this honey?"

A little embarrassed, she says "I'm Debbie...Your cousin! I don't think you remember me..." Turning a shade red, Gary looks at her and joked that "Guess not...I'd have remembered someone as sexy as you!" followed by a playful pat on her ass. We sit down and laugh this off, and the drinks flow. I was on the same side as Deb was, and it didn't take long to break our no-touch rule. As we all talked and caught up, I moved my hand underneath the table, sliding it upwards on her leg towards her tight-jeaned crotch.

Deb giggled a bit, trying to shy my hand away. Excusing herself to go to the ladies room, Gary and I had a chance to do some man-talk, notably about my hot sister. "God-Damn!" he exclaimed, "You do NOT want to know the things going thru my head about her! Look at the ass on her!" Looking him straight in the eye, I prodded him "I know...and, may be able to help...See, Gar, I've been doing her for years...It might be time to involve others in this."

Absolutely stunned at my admission, he repeatedly asked me "How long?? You? HER? Fucking and all??" Chuckling, I told all to him, and, before Deb returned to the table, Gary wanted in...Side her. Knowing my sister's affinity for white wine, and, more importantly, what it did to her, I ordered up a round of white wine for a toast. "To family," Deb proposes (even as my left hand rode up into her crotch, making her giggle again). "Cheers!"

This would repeat most of the evening, until we decided to get up to leave. Deb went to stand up, then sat back down "Uh-Oh...heee!!" she laughs, "Somefuddy better hold me upf." Reaching to grasp each side of her waist, Gary and I support her to the car, the whole time non-verbally communicating what should be next. As I drove, my sister engaged in a laughing fit, my hands virtually diving into her mountainous tits. "Ahhh!! Stop, you...Now my titties are hangin' out!" but, she was in hysterics laughing at it, so, I knew it was ok. Deb instructed me to take her back to the apartment, so she could "try to get right." I complied, still fooling with her tits and crotch as I drove. She was feeling playful, and, loved it.

What she didn't know was that Gary was following behind me in his car, right to Deb's door. I stumble her upstairs, stealing some feels and a brief little makeout session along the way, and get her into her place. Minutes later, Gary knocks on the door, as I am working Debbie into a corner of her kitchen. The doorbell rings, and, Gary enters. "Well, lo and behold, it's Gary!" I said, acting surprised. "Heyy...How'd you find my apartment, man?"

Debbie laughingly said, as my hands were about to cover her body. "Wait...Stop...Jay...There's people here...Stop it...C'Mon, handsouttamytop." I let her go, and she heads down the hallway, to the bathroom. "Hey, Gare," I said to him, "Feel like gettin' some of that tonight?" Perplexed, but, very interested, he asked me how. "Easy," I replied, "She's already in a mood to fuck, so, I'll simply propose a, shall we say, "double dip on Deb." My sister came out of the bathroom, jeans snap undone, so her bellybutton and a smidge of panties were visible. The smell of cunt wafted in the air, and both of us picked up on it.

We sit on the couch, Deb in the middle, followed by myself and Gary on each side. "Oooo...I've never had TWO guys on my couch before" she jokes, flailing her arms over our shoulders, leaving her upper body unprotected. I reached over and grabbed her left tit, giving it a good, hard squeeze. Gary tried the same, reaching for her right tit. "Heyy, guys..." she says, "Those are attached, you know!" By this time, my sister had to be aware that we were flanking her on that couch for a reason, and it involved her hot, wine-buzzed body. Reaching into her shirt, I snuggle up closer to her and whisper "c'mon, Debs...whaddya say to 2 of us tonight?" A little daring, Gary went for her pants, placing his hand over her abdomen, sliding down very slowly towards her pussy. Briefly, her hand stopped him, but, he kept going. "Jay," she tells me, "you want to 2 on 1 me, is that it?"

"Yes, Debs...Please, let us both pleasure you, fill you up, give you a good fucking." Meanwhile, my hands were flipping her shirt over her tits, and Gary and I were both working at her bra straps and gently nibbling on her neck. I loved it when my sister was in a horny mood, and, still on a wine buzz. She was ours for the taking.

Gary yanked her jeans down further, now exposing more panties and pussy bulge. We were both hard for my sister, and, directed her hands to our hardened cocks. "Debs...start here...do it to us...Then decide if we can team fuck you tonight." My sister's hands stroked our steel-stiff rods, sliding up and down, massaging the tip with her long nails, digging into our shafts, causing our veins to throb. My sister was great at dick play and jerking me off; a lesson I learned years earlier in her car. Watching her head move up and downward, it was like she couldn't decide if she wanted to suck our cocks. I made that choice easy for her, directing/lightly pushing her head down to my lap, making her suck my hard cock. My hips pushed ahead, forcing my tree trunk-like penis down her throat, spewing into her mouth. All the while, my sister continued to tease and jerk Gary off, and now had a handful of cum to deal with on that side. "Ohh, Debs..." I sighed to her, "take it all in...throat it all." Moving her head back and forth faster now, my sister went at my dick with reckless abandon, her tongue and lips just devouring my risen cock. She was using her teeth to massage it as well, further driving up my cumming.

Following my third spew in her mouth, I guided Debbie's head over towards Gary, who had waited long enough. If there was any doubt he was family, well, one look at his huge cock proved he was. Lightly grasping her hair, Gary directed my sister's head to his pulsating item, forcing her to take it all in, all at once. She gagged a few times, but, stayed on task. I watched as she plunged up and down our across the nation cousin's dick, taking in his cum along with mine, and enabling herself to be USED by us like this. She was becoming our whore, and, we had every intention to keep it that way. A deep gag almost made her stop, but again, Gary's hand lightly pushed Debbie's head downward, non-verbally telling her that her job was not done. My sister ate this guy's cock like it was a July 4th hot dog, sinking her perfect, sexy teeth into him as she did me. We had some fun with her, switching her off between us while keeping her busy on the couch. Sexy Debbie took in our huge, cum-sticked cocks a total of 6 times. Her mouth had been spewed with our juices, and she tried to wipe it off of her face with varying results.

Lifting her head with a groan, Deb looked a little tired, and sat silent as we essentially molested her to the point of near-total nudity. The night's half-shirt, which had been flipped over her now open tits, was now successfully on the floor, with her tugged and stretched bra. Gary had held up my sister's legs as I worked her jeans down to her ankles, to her approval. "Uhhh...mm...J...Did...Was...yeah...Enough?" she muttered, trying to gauge our interest in following through with the proposed double-entry of her wet cunt hole. I leaned down, gave her navel and pussy some light kisses, and told her that "we're going to finish this up all the way." Gary supported her back, and we stood her on her feet. "Wait...guys...I tired...Can't fuck wait?"

"Nah, Debs...you cocked us off well, so, we have to do it to you while we're this up...You'll see." Mumbling and babbling due to the first experience with us, my sister allowed us to lay her down on her bed and totally disrobe her.Photos Photos http://uii.io/ssNrvT We then removed our clothing, leaving our hard, throbbing, and cum-shined dicks in mid-air. "C'mon, sis...DO US DO US" I chanted. "Yeah," said Gary, "Open up and say ahhhh!" Being so tired from the night, and, with both of us there to overpower her if necessary, there wasn't much she could do, anyway.

Grasping for the pillow, Debbie spread her legs in anticipation of taking me on first. "C'mere little brother" she said as I mounted her and got in position to stuff her pussy. Thrusting forward, I make initial contact, and she sighs and jumps a bit. Cheerleader Gary chimes in with "DO HER, MAN, DOOO HER!!" I have to admit, having someone watch me fuck my sister kinda turned me on. Raising her arms over her head, I force-feed my cock into her sweating, soaked pussy, causing her to gently scream and heave. Moving faster and faster into her hole, my sister's body begins to shake and tremble, and I aim to have her let out a loud, hard scream. I wanted my sister Debbie to be taken to such cunt limits by me, then, passed on to Gary, thus completing the whore cycle. Debbie HAD to be used, whored out, utterly given up to two family members.

Proceeding to fuck away at my hot, older sister, I seemed to get a burst of energy while inside her. At one point, Deb slightly tapped me, as if to say "let me rest," but, my cock was too busy violating that where it wasn't meant to be. Again, I spewed, this time leaving my cum mess on her thighs and belly. With her eyes half-closed, I rolled over, paving the way for Gary to pounce on her. I could only hope he wouldn't be very rough with her, as she was already partially passed out. Her inside thighs were reddening from such intense fucking action. Placing himself directly on top of my sister, Gary entered her over and again, with each time being slightly more forceful than the previous. The bed frame rocked and squealed like never before. Debbie's sighs and screams reverberated throughout the apartment. Gary was fucking her good and hard, and he was only just starting.

"UGH!!OHH!" I heard from her sexy, but, limp voice. Her breathing heaves were quick, short attempts at grasping some new air for her tired lungs as Gary literally leaped up and down on her, driving his cock into the far reaches of her cunt as her body indented the mattress. "OhhOhhhOhhhOhhAAAAAA!!" she exclaims, now in mid-stream of being hard-fucked by this long lost cousin. Strangely into it, myself, I began to talk to her like a coach "C'mon Deb...MORE...MORE...PUSH UP HARDER!! TAKE HIM IN!" It was a trance-like thing, where she was allowing us both full, free reign on her used body. This wasn't a rape by any means; It was my hot, sweet, sexy sister, giving it all up for two male family members. No rules. No guidelines. Just pure, man-woman FUCKING. My sister Debbie always knew how to use her god-given body talents to her advantage (it got her many a job in the employment world). Now, she was giving it all up to us, letting us plow her field, rough if desired. Deb became, fully that night, our whore and personal fuck toy. We had her physically and mentally, and that made all the difference.

In future year's visits, Gary and I would repeat this activity with my sister Deb, including after all of us were married. To this day, Delicious Deb remains the best fuck I ever, ever had. Gary, too.

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— Brother offers up sister to visiting

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