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Twin Touches

Categories Fantasy, Incest, Masturbation, Teen

Author: HornyForIncest

Published: 29 October 2018

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My brother Tyler was a typical guy. Hot but didn't know it, did gross things but I found them charming, and was always popping a boner. We shared a room and basically everything else including a birthday since we're twins.

One night I had heard him jerking off when he thought I was asleep. He kept glancing over at my bed across the room as he hurriedly pumped his hand up and down. In the dark he couldn't see that my eyes were slightly opened and I was staring straight at his 8 inch cock illuminated by the moonlight. My heart raced and I felt myself get moist. In his moment of ecstasy I shifted quickly to put my hand in my pants. I moaned in relief as my cold fingers touched my clit. I did my best not to make any sudden movements as I rubbed my pussy to the image of my brother jacking off. It felt so great that I got lost in thought and the feeling of being close to orgasm. When I reached the climax, I couldn't be as quiet as I had wanted. I let out an audible moan and sigh as well as my body going completely stiff. When my body loosened up I glanced over at my brother to see he was sleeping and cuddling a tissue box. Classy.

I slowly drifted off to sleep knowing that I was not caught. In the morning our mom came and woke us up and threw our lunch boxes on our beds. She left and Tyler and I went to our separate closets to get dressed. We had set up a system of getting dressed where we wouldn't look at each other and he'd make sure I was dressed before moving away from his closet. This morning I ended up glancing over my shoulder to look at his cute bum with his boxers down. I smiled to myself and continued to get dressed. He shouted "you decent?" A few moments later. I had my pants and a bra on so I said yeah. He turned around and I heard something fall. I looked

And spotted his lunch box open and the contents were scattered along the floor. I went and helped him pick up his stuff and put it back in the bag, but all he did was stare at my bra covered chest. I zipped up his bag and handed it to him. He continued to stare and gulp out of nervousness.

"What? Never seen a girl in a bra before?" I ask and wink as I walk to my closet and slip my shirt on.

I shuffled down the stairs and continued on with my morning. Nothing really happened all day. That is until we got home after school. I had stayed late to get help with math while Tyler headed straight home to play video games. I walked in, dropped my backpack, and strode over to the couch. I plopped down and put my feet on his lap. He didn't mind and adjusted his hands to be on top of my legs. I watched as he jacked cars, ran people over, and went to different stores. My interest wasn't piqued until I felt something very hard against my leg. I looked at the screen and he was in a strip club. Makes sense. Then it took me back to this morning.

"See, I knew you'd seen girls in their bras before." I point out.

"Not real girls."

"Well aren't the fake ones better? I mean they're bigger and rounder."

He was silent. I just laid there as he played for a moment. I got a phone call from my friend so I got up and started for the stairs. Before I had reached them, I heard him whisper "yours are better....way better". And I continued to talk and walk as if I hadn't heard anything.

An hour or so later I was laying on my bed scrolling through my various social medias when Tyler came in. He slid into my bed right next to me and took out his phone too. We laid there quietly for a while until I got a text that said "can we talk about last night?" My heart stopped. I closed out of my texts from Tyler and looked at him.

"What are you talking about?" I ask and slide further away from him.

"I know you were awake when I was... you know."

"It's normal. You can keep doing that. It just surprised me is all." I say quickly.

"But you probably don't know I was awake when you did the same thing." All color fled my face and I felt sick to my stomach. Or did I feel turned on? Both? Yeah, both. "And I hope you feel the same way that I do."

"What way is that?"

"Relieved. Curious. Maybe even turned on a little."

I just stared at him in disbelief. I could never tell him that I agreed with his statement. I just kept staring at his face. His dark blue eyes, perfect button nose, his luscious pink lips.... fuck.

Instead of doing what any horny teenager would do, I pushed him out of my bed. He looked at me shocked and then realized what he had said.

"I'm sorry I said those things." He said and hurried downstairs.

I didn't want him to be sorry. I wanted him to kiss me so I wouldn't do anything stupid like push him off my bed. To get my mind off of the situation at hand (pun intended), I worked on some homework until bed. I slid into my pajamas earlier than usual and dozed off before 9. When I woke up, I heard panting among other noises. I glanced over to Tyler and he was staring at me. I finally realized he wasn't making sure I was still asleep, he was getting off to my body. I was in just panties and a tank top. I was laying on top of my sheets and I was sleeping on my back so my silhouette was very prominent.

He quickly realized I was awake and covered himself and rolled over. My body was on fire as I sensed the passion between my legs. My mind was not fully on and my body was in control at this point. I sat up and started to walk over to him. I grabbed his hip and rolled him flat on his back. I pulled the sheet off his body and exposed his erection. He was staring at me shocked. I pulled my tank top off and gave him a full view of my boobs. His cock jumped. I got on my knees next to his ear and whispered "keep going". I kissed his neck, ran my hand over his chest, and watched as he jerked off. I then climbed on to his bed. I straddled his thigh and my body moved before I even knew what I was doing. I was rubbing my pussy on my brother as he jerked off to me. I got so lost in my own world that I didn't realize he had finished and it had landed on my stomach and tits. I was grabbed and repositioned so I was straddling his waist as he sucked and kissed my nipples. I was now grinding my pussy on his cock and he was living for it. Truth be told so was I, but he was enjoying it more. As I neared my climax I grabbed my brother's face and led his lips to mine. We made out and I orgasmed in seconds. As my body shivered and jolted around, he pulled me tight and softly touched me. As I came down from my orgasm I felt the energy leave my body and I fell asleep in his arms. We woke up naked and entangled in each other. I didn't want to move, but according to the clock, our mother was going to wake us up in two minutes. I shifted slightly and Tyler woke up too. He smiled at me and I smiled back then he kissed me and I didn't hate it. It felt so right to be laying here in my brothers arms this morning. I reluctantly got out of bed and gathered my pajamas from the floor. I glanced back at my brother staring at me and tossed my panties in his face. He grabbed them and said thanks. We got dressed for the day and ate breakfast like normal but when we got home, there was no stopping us from making out and masturbating together. He felt like the boyfriend I never had and we often slept in the same bed naked. I just wish we didn't have to hide our relationship in public.

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Twin Touches

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